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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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4103 - 4111 Atomic layer deposition of iridium(III) acetylacetonate on alumina, silica-alumina, and silica supports
Silvennoinen RJ, Jylha OJT, Lindblad M, Sainio JP, Puurunen RL, Krause AOI
4112 - 4118 Quantitative analysis of surface amine groups on plasma-polymerized ethylenediamine films using UV-visible spectroscopy compared to chemical derivatization with FT-IR spectroscopy, XPS and TOF-SIMS
Kim J, Jung DG, Park Y, Kim Y, Moon DW, Lee TG
4119 - 4122 Preparation and microwave absorption properties of electroless Co-Ni-P coated strontium ferrite powder
Pan XF, Mu GH, Shen HG, Gu MY
4123 - 4131 Molecular engineered silica surfaces with an assembled anthracene monolayer as a fluorescent sensor for organic copper(II) salts
Lu FT, Gao LN, Li HH, Ding LP, Fang Y
4132 - 4136 Auger electron spectroscopy depth profiling of Fe-oxide layers on electromagnetic sheets prepared by low temperature oxidation
Kovac J, Bizjak M, Pracek B, Zalar A
4137 - 4141 Imperviousness of the hydrophobic silica aerogels against various solvents and acids
Rao AV, Hegde ND, Shewale PM
4142 - 4149 Laser-induced desorption of overlayer films off a heated metal substrate
Gu X, Urbassek HM
4150 - 4155 Surface chemical functionalized single-walled carbon nanotube with anchored phenol structures: Physical and chemical characterization
Bae JH, Shanmugharaj AM, Noh WH, Choi WS, Ryu SH
4156 - 4160 Oxidizing agent concentration effect on metal-assisted electroless etching mechanism in HF-oxidizing agent-H2O solutions
Hadjersi T
4161 - 4165 Synthesis and properties of aligned ZnO microtube arrays
Li MK, Wang DZ, Ding S, Ding YW, Liu J, Liu ZB
4166 - 4175 Understanding deviations in lithographic patterns near interfaces: Characterization of bottom anti-reflective coatings (BARC) and the BARC-resist interface
Lenhart JL, Fischer D, Sambasivan S, Lin EK, Wu WL, Guerrero DJ, Wang YB, Puligadda R
4176 - 4181 Molecular recognition of chromophore molecules to amine terminated surfaces
Flores-Perez R, Ivanisevic A
4182 - 4187 The different self-assembled way of n- and t-dodecyl mercaptan on the surface of copper
Li DG, Yu XJ, Dong YH
4188 - 4196 Structural changes of diamond-like carbon films due to atomic hydrogen exposure during annealing
Nakazawa H, Kawabata T, Kudo M, Mashita M
4197 - 4207 Characterization of AZ91 magnesium alloy and organosilane adsorption on its surface
Kim J, Wong KC, Wong PC, Kulinich SA, Metson JB, Mitchell KAR
4208 - 4214 Surface morphology of cellulose films prepared by spin coating on silicon oxide substrates pretreated with cationic polyelectrolyte
Yokota S, Kitaoka T, Wariishi H
4215 - 4219 Ordered nano-scale domains in lithium niobate single crystals via phase-mask assisted all-optical poling
Wellington IT, Valdivia CE, Sono TJ, Sones CL, Mailis S, Eason RW
4220 - 4225 Mechanics of plasma exposed spin-on-glass (SOG) and polydimethyl siloxane (PDMS) surfaces and their impact on bond strength
Bhattacharya S, Gao YF, Korampally V, Othman MT, Grant SA, Gangopadhyay K, Gangopadhyay S
4226 - 4231 Investigation of a biofunctional polymeric coating deposited onto silicon microcantilevers
Bergese P, Bontempi E, Chiari M, Colombi P, Damin F, Depero LE, Oliviero G, Pirri G, Zucca M
4232 - 4241 Experimental constants, characterizing the process of a plasma polymer modification
Svirachev DM, Tabaliov NA
4242 - 4248 Plasma-chemical model, describing the surface treatment of polymers in RF-discharge
Tabaliov NA, Svirachev DM
4249 - 4253 Ca/Ag bilayer cathode for transparent white organic light-emitting devices
Lee CJ, Pode RB, Han JI, Moon DG
4254 - 4259 Conformal coverage for two-dimensional arrays of microcavites with quasi-three dimensional confinement by distributed Bragg reflectors
Chen S, Qian B, Chen KJ, Li W, Han PG, Xu J, Ma ZY, Li W, Huang XF
4260 - 4266 First-principles study of oxygenated diamond (001) surfaces with and without hydrogen
Yang HX, Xu LF, Gu CZ, Zhang SB
4267 - 4272 Growth characteristics of micro-plasma oxidation ceramic coatings on Ti alloy by inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometer technique
Yao ZP, Jiang ZH, Wang FP, Xue W
4273 - 4282 Electrodeposited metals at conducting polymer electrodes I- Effect of particle size and film thickness on electrochemical response
Atta NF, Galal A, Khalifa F
4283 - 4288 Formation of the Si/Ti interface
Palacio C, Arranz A
4289 - 4294 Thin film stress measurement by instrumented optical fibre displacement sensor
Chowdhury S, Laugier MT
4295 - 4299 Laser induced modification of surface structures
Sartinska LL, Barchikovski S, Wagenda N, Rud BM, Timofeeva II
4300 - 4306 Nanoscale imaging of surface piezoresponse on GaN epitaxial layers
Stoica T, Calarco R, Meijers R, Luth H
4307 - 4310 The periodicity in translation of Ag (001) and (110) twist grain boundary
Wei XM, Zhang JM, Xu KW
4311 - 4316 Electrostatic assembly of protein lysozyme on DNA visualized by atomic force microscopy
Yang T, Wei G, Li Z
4317 - 4321 Implanted ZnO thin films: Microstructure, electrical and electronic properties
Lee J, Metson J, Evans PJ, Kinsey R, Bhattacharyya D
4322 - 4329 Characterization of the "native" surface thin film on pure polycrystalline iron: A high resolution XPS and TEM study
Bhargava G, Gouzman I, Chun CM, Ramanarayanan TA, Bernasek SL
4330 - 4334 Properties of NiO thin films deposited by intermittent spray pyrolysis process
Reguig BA, Khelil A, Cattin L, Morsli M, Bernede JC
4335 - 4337 Preparation and characterization of ZnTe thin films by SILAR method
Kale SS, Mane RS, Pathan HM, Shaikh AV, Joo OS, Han SH
4338 - 4343 Influence of coupling agent chain lengths on interfacial performances of polyarylacetylene resin and silica glass composites
Jiang ZX, Meng LH, Huang YD, Liu L, Lu C
4344 - 4347 Enhanced luminescence of GdTaO4 : Eu3+ thin-film phosphors by K doping
Liu XL, Xui X, Gu M, Xiao LH, Han K, Zhang R
4348 - 4355 Preparation and characterisation of electrodeposited amorphous Sn-Co-Fe ternary alloys
Chisholm C, Kumann E, El-Sharif M, Doyle O, Stichleutner S, Solymos K, Homonnay Z, Vertes A
4356 - 4360 Thermochemical process in preparation of ZnO film by TFA-MOD method
Zou YM, Wang YX, Zhang HJ, Chen Z, Wang JW, Li Y
4361 - 4366 Electron beam-physical vapor deposition of SiC/SiO2 high emissivity thin film
Yi J, He XD, Sun Y, Li Y
4367 - 4373 RF-CF4 plasma surface modification of paper: Chemical evaluation of two sidedness with XPS/ATR-FTIR
Sahin HT
4374 - 4376 A novel hole-blocking layer NaF between the alpha-naphthylphenyliphenyl diamine and ITO
Zhan S, Xie YG, Xia L, Tao Y
4377 - 4385 Tribological properties of rare earth oxide added Cr3C2-NiCr coatings
Zhang ZY, Lu XC, Luo HB
4386 - 4389 Fabrication of self-lubricating coating on aluminum and its frictional behaviour
Wang H, Wang HW
4390 - 4395 Study on the mechanisms of photoinduced carriers separation and recombination for Fe3+-TiO2 photocatalysts
Xin BF, Ren ZY, Wang P, Liu J, Jing LQ, Fu HG
4396 - 4403 Stress-induced leakage currents of the RF sputtered Ta2O5 on N-implanted silicon
Novkovski N, Atanassova E, Paskaleva A
4404 - 4408 Laser etching of Thoria pellets for microstructural investigations
Sinha S, Ramadasan E, Jathar VP, Dasgupta K, Sahoo KC, Gantayet LM
4409 - 4414 Microstructure evolution of WC/steel composite by laser surface re-melting
You XQ, Zhang CJ, Song XF, Huang MP, Ma JG
4415 - 4419 The effect of bias voltage and working pressure on S/Mo ratio at MoS2-Ti composite films
Bulbul F, Efeoglu I, Arslan E
4420 - 4426 Effect of a small increase in the Ni content on the properties of a laser surface clad Fe-based alloy
Yang XY, Peng XA, Chen J, Wang FH
4427 - 4437 Theoretical and experimental study of methane steam reforming reactions over nickel catalyst
Pistonesi C, Juan A, Irigoyen B, Amadeo N
4438 - 4444 Light induced adsorption of Si nano-composites in LiF crystals at 157 nm
Sarantopoulou E, Kollia Z, Cefalas AC, Kobe S
4445 - 4449 Combined EELS, LEED and SR-XPS study of ultra-thin crystalline layers of indium nitride on InP(100) - Effect of annealing at 450 degrees C
Robert-Goumet C, Petit M, Bideux L, Gruzza B, Monier G, Matolin V, Skala T, Tsud N, Prince KC
4450 - 4455 An investigation of the surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) effect from laser irradiation of Ag nanoparticles prepared by trisodium citrate reduction method
Ding LP, Fang Y
4456 - 4461 Speciation of functional groups formed on the surface of ammoxidised carbonaceous materials by XPS method
Wachowski L, Sobczak JW, Hofman M