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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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3737 - 3745 Inorganic UV absorbers for the photostabilisation of wood-clearcoating systems: Comparison with organic UV absorbers
Aloui F, Ahajji A, Irmouli Y, George B, Charrier B, Merlin A
3746 - 3750 Minimizing silicone transfer during micro-contact printing
Hale PS, Kappen P, Prissanaroon W, Brack N, Pigram PJ, Liesegang J
3751 - 3756 Successive preparation of decorated zinc oxide organic sot by pulsed laser ablation and their luminescence characteristics
Chen QH, Zhang WG
3757 - 3760 A SiC whisker-toughened SiC-CrSi2 oxidation protective coating for carbon/carbon composites
Fu QG, Li HJ, Shi XH, Li KZ, Zhang W, Huang M
3761 - 3765 Photoemission studies of initial oxidation for ultra-thin zinc film on 6H-SiC(0001) surface with synchrotron radiation
Zou CW, Wu YY, Sun B, Xu PS, Pan HB, Xu FQ
3766 - 3772 Effect of cryogenic temperature deposition on Au contacts to bulk, single-crystal n-type ZnO
Wright JS, Khanna R, Voss LF, Stafford L, Gila BP, Norton DP, Pearton SJ, Wang HT, Jang S, Anderson T, Chen JJ, Kang BS, Ren F, Shen H, LaRoche JR, Ip K
3773 - 3778 Dry etching of zinc-oxide and indium-zinc-oxide in IBr and BI3 plasma chemistries
Lim WT, Stafford L, Song JI, Park JS, Heo YW, Lee JH, Kim JJ, Pearton SJ
3779 - 3784 Calculation of the formation energies of isolated vacancy and adatom-vacancy pair at low-index surfaces of fcc metals with MAEAM
Zhang JM, Wen YN, Xu KW
3785 - 3788 Atomistic simulation of the vacancy in Ni (110) surface
Zhang JM, Song XL, Xu KW
3789 - 3798 Electron stimulated desorption of H3O+ from 316L stainless steel
Cole CR, Outlaw RA, Champion RL, Holloway BC, Kelly MA
3799 - 3802 Silicidation in Ni/Si thin film system investigated by X-ray diffraction and Auger electron spectroscopy
Abhaya S, Amarendra G, Kalavathi S, Gopalan P, Kamruddin M, Tyagi AK, Sastry VS, Sundar CS
3803 - 3813 Atomic structure and electronic properties of Ta(112) and W(112) surfaces
Jurczyszyn L, Hadzel P, Radon T
3814 - 3824 Electrochemical deposition and tribological behaviour of Ni and Ni-Co metal matrix composites with SiC nano-particles
Srivastava M, Grips VKW, Rajam KS
3825 - 3827 Fabrication of high hole-carrier density p-type ZnO thin films by N-Al co-doping
Zhang XD, Fan HB, Zhao Y, Sun J, Wei CC, Zhang CS
3828 - 3833 Improved performance of organic light-emitting devices with plasma treated ITO surface and plasma polymerized methyl methacrylate buffer layer
Lim JS, Shin PK
3834 - 3842 The use of zinc and iron emission lines in the depth profile analysis of zinc-coated steel
Novotny K, Vaculovic T, Galiova M, Otruba V, Kanicky V, Kaiser J, Liska M, Samek O, Malina R, Palenikova K
3843 - 3848 Effect of nickel on the initial growth behavior of electroless Ni-Co-P alloy on silicon substrate
Liu WL, Chen WJ, Tsai TK, Hsieh SH, Chang SY
3849 - 3855 Control of Ti3+ surface defect on TiO2 nanocrystal using various calcination atmospheres as the first step for surface defect creation and its application in photocatalysis
Suriye K, Praserthdam P, Jongsomjit B
3856 - 3859 Chemical analysis of semiconducting and metallic SmS thin films by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Mori Y, Tanemura S
3860 - 3864 Preparation of the subnanometer thick epitaxial Al2O3(0001) layers on Fe(110) for magnetic tunnel junctions
Dedkov YS, Fonin M
3865 - 3871 Surface oxidation of a Melinex 800 PET polymer material modified by an atmospheric dielectric barrier discharge studied using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and contact angle measurement
Cui NY, Upadhyay DJ, Anderson CA, Meenan BJ, Brown NMD
3872 - 3876 Effect of annealing temperature on luminescence of Eu3+ ions doped nanocrystal zirconia
Liu HQ, Wang LL, Chen SG, Zou BS, Peng ZW
3877 - 3883 The surface modified composite layer formation with boron carbide particles on magnesium alloy surfaces through pulse gas tungsten arc treatment
Ding WB, Jiang HY, Zeng XQ, Li DH, Yao SS
3884 - 3887 Synthesis and surface characteristics of CeTbO3+delta induced by femtosecond laser irradiation
An WW, Miao JP, Zhang ZG, Lu Z, Su WH, Sjogren AA, Wahlstrom CG, Svanberg S
3888 - 3892 Effects of annealing temperature and method on structural and optical properties of TiO2 films prepared by RF magnetron sputtering at room temperature
Yoo D, Kim I, Kim S, Hahn CH, Lee C, Cho SJ
3893 - 3898 Study on the anodizing of AZ31 magnesium alloys in alkaline borate solutions
Wu CS, Zhang Z, Cao FH, Zhang LJ, Zhang JQ, Cao CN
3899 - 3905 Temperature-dependent optical absorption measurements and Schottky contact behavior in layered semiconductor n-type InSe(: Sn)
Duman S, Gurbulak B, Turut A
3906 - 3912 Vertical phase separation in spin-coated films of a low bandgap polyfluorene/PCBM blend - Effects of specific substrate interaction
Bjorstrom CM, Nilsson S, Bernasik A, Budkowski A, Andersson M, Magnusson KO, Moons E
3913 - 3921 Electrochemical and quantum chemical studies of some Schiff bases on the corrosion of steel in H2SO4 solution
Hasanov R, Sadikoglu M, Bilgic S
3922 - 3926 Photosensitization of nanocrystalline TiO2 film electrode with cadmium sulphoselenide
Mane RS, Lokhande CD, Todkar VV, Chung H, Yoon MY, Han SH
3927 - 3929 Field-effect transistor based on a combination of nanometer film and undoped semiconductor
Yang Q, Li DJ, Yao BL
3930 - 3932 Blocking of interfacial diffusion at Ag/Alq(3) by LiF
Wang XZ, Xie ZT, Wang XJ, Zhou YC, Zhang WH, Ding XM, Hou XY
3933 - 3936 Fabrication and annealing analysis of three-dimensional photonic crystals
Ma XY, Li BJ, Chaudhari BS
3937 - 3944 Compositional contrast in AlxGa1-xN/GaN heterostructures using scanning spreading resistance microscopy
Fraser IS, Oliver RA, Sumner J, McAleese C, Kappers MJ, Humphreys CJ
3945 - 3951 A calibrated atomic force microscope using an orthogonal scanner and a calibrated laser interferometer
Lee DY, Kim DM, Gweon DG, Park J
3952 - 3956 A non-thermal chemical synthesis of hydrophilic and amorphous cobalt oxide films for supercapacitor application
Kandalkar SG, Lokhande CD, Mane RS, Han SH
3957 - 3961 Effects of (NH4)(2)S-x treatment on surface work function and roughness of indium-tin-oxide
Lin YJ, You CF, Tsai CL
3962 - 3968 Electrical properties of thin yttria-stabilized zirconia overlayers produced by atomic layer deposition for solid oxide fuel cell applications
Brahim C, Ringuede A, Cassir M, Putkonen M, Niinisto L
3969 - 3976 GeSbTe deposition for the PRAM application
Lee J, Choi S, Lee C, Kang Y, Kim D
3977 - 3981 Characterization of iron oxide layers using Auger electron spectroscopy
Bizjak M, Zalar A, Panjan P, Zorko B, Pracek B
3982 - 3986 Multiple nano-TiO2 layers to prevent dye/nano-TiO2 from photodegradation under a UV-exposure environment
Liau LCK, Chiang PI
3987 - 3990 Self-assembled growth of MgO nanosheet arrays via a micro-arc oxidation technique
Qiu T, Wu XL, Jin FY, Huang AP, Chu PK
3991 - 3999 Atomic structure of CaF2/MnF2-Si(111) superlattices from X-ray diffraction
Alcock SG, Nicklin CL, Howes PB, Norris CA, Kyutt RN, Sokolov NS, Yakovlev NL
4000 - 4005 Research on the properties of ZnO thin films deposited by using filtered cathodic arc plasma technique on glass substrate under different flow rate of O-2
Li C, Li XC, Yan PX, Chong EM, Liu Y, Yue GH, Fan XY
4006 - 4009 Impact of the interaction with the positive charge in adsorption of benzene and other organic compounds from aqueous solutions on carbons
Terzyk AP, Cwiertnia MS, Wisniewski M, Gauden PA, Rychlicki G, Szymanski GS
4010 - 4015 A computational study on nanocrystalline SnO2: Adsorption of CO and O-2 onto defective nanograins
Mazzone AM, Morandi V
4016 - 4020 Microstructure of yttric calcium phosphate bioceramic coatings synthesized by laser cladding
Wang DG, Chen CZ, Ma J, Lei TQ
4021 - 4024 Preparation and field emission properties of carbon nanotubes cold cathode using melting Ag nano-particles as binder
Qin YX, Hu M, Li HY, Zhang ZS, Zou Q
4025 - 4028 The effect of electric field strength on electroplex emission at the interface of NPB/PBD organic light-emitting diodes
Zhao DW, Xu Z, Zhang FJ, Song SF, Zhao SL, Wang Y, Yuan GC, Zhang YF, Xu HH
4029 - 4035 Synthesis of amorphous boron carbide by single and multiple charged boron ions bombardment of fullerene thin films
Todorovi-Markovic B, Draganic I, Vasiljevic-Radovic D, Romcevic N, Romcevic M, Dramicanin M, Markovic Z
4036 - 4040 High temperature STM/STS investigations of resonant image states on Au(111)
Kowalczyk P
4041 - 4044 Effect of thermal annealing on microstructural properties of Ti/Ge2Sb2Te5/Ti thin films deposited on SiO2/Si substrates by a sputtering method
Kim SY, Lee HS, Chung IS, Park YJ, Lee JY, Kim TW
4045 - 4050 Growth of high-density Ru- and RuO2-composite nanodots on atomic-layer-deposited Al2O3 film
Chen W, Zhang M, Zhang DW, Ding SJ, Tan JJ, Xu M, Qu XP, Wang LK
4051 - 4059 An optical emission spectroscopy study of the plasma generated in the DC HFCVD nucleation of diamond
Larijani MM, Le Normand F, Cregut O
4060 - 4065 Seed layer-free synthesis and characterization of vertically grown ZnO nanorod array via the stepwise solution route
Gao XD, Li XM, Yu WD, Li L, Qiu JJ
4066 - 4071 Negative differential resistance of TEMPO molecules on Si(111)
Hallback AS, Poelsema B, Zandvliet HJW
4072 - 4078 Shape alterations of ZnO nanocrystal arrays fabricated from NH3 center dot H2O solutions
Yu K, Jin ZG, Liu XX, Zhao J, Feng JY
4079 - 4084 A simple model for high fluence ultra-short pulsed laser metal ablation
Wu BX, Shin YC
4085 - 4093 The oxidation of calcium implanted titanium in water: A depth profiling study
Armitage DA, Mihoc R, Tate TJ, McPhail DS, Chater R, Hobkirk JA, Shinawi L, Jones FH
4094 - 4098 Surface free energy of non-stick coatings deposited using closed field unbalanced magnetron sputter ion plating
Sun CC, Lee SC, Dai SB, Tien SL, Chang CC, Fu YS
4099 - 4102 Ripple surface generated on hydrogenated amorphous carbon nitride films
Wang CB, Yang SR, Zhang JY