Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.253, No.7 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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3367 - 3371 Characterization of In/Pd and Pd/In/Pd thin films by ellipsometric, XRD and AES methods
Wronkowska AA, Wronkowski A, Bukaluk A, Trzcinski M, Okulewicz K
3372 - 3377 Photoalignment of liquid crystals by cinnamate polyelectrolyte layer-by-layer ultrathin film
Zhang LL, Peng ZH, Yao LS, Fei CH, Lv FZ, Xuan L
3378 - 3381 Enhanced quantum efficiency in polymer electroluminescence devices by inserting an ultrathin PMMA layer
Xu DH, Deng ZB, Li XF, Chen Z, Liang CJ
3382 - 3386 Texture development and magnetic properties of [ZrO2/CoPt](n)/Ag nanocomposite films
Xu XH, Shen XH, Li XL, Wang F, Jiang FX, Wu HS
3387 - 3392 In situ SEM studies on strain sensing mechanisms of PPy-coated electrically conducting fabrics
Xue P, Tao XM, Tsang HY
3393 - 3396 The self-assembly of gallium oxide microribbons under the action of capillary forces
Yang ZX, Jin YS
3397 - 3401 Photocatalytic hydroxyapatite/titanium dioxide multilayer thin film deposited onto glass using an rf magnetron sputtering technique
Ozeki K, Janurudin JM, Aoki H, Fukui Y
3402 - 3407 Electrochemical synthesis and characterization of a new conducting polymer: Polyrhodanine
Kardas G, Solmaz R
3408 - 3412 A study of balancing the competing effects of ultrashort laser induced plasma for optimal laser machining
Zheng HY, Deng YZ, Vatsya SR, Nikumb SK
3413 - 3418 Optical and electrical properties of plasma-oxidation derived HfO2 gate dielectric films
He G, Zhu LQ, Liu M, Fang Q, Zhang LD
3419 - 3424 Electrochemical investigation of the surface energy: Effect of the HF concentration on electroless silver deposition onto p-Si (111)
Ye WC, Chang YL, Ma CL, Jia BY, Cao GY, Wang CM
3425 - 3431 Effect of an electrodeposited yttrium containing thin film on the high-temperature oxidation behaviour of TA6V alloy
Siab R, Bonnet G, Brossard JM, Balmain J, Dinhut JF
3432 - 3439 A novel method to fabricate water-soluble hydrophobic agent and super-hydrophobic film on pretreated metals
Zhu LQ, Jin Y
3440 - 3443 Study of porous silicon optical waveguides impregnated with organic dyes
Pirasteh P, Charrier J, Dumeige Y, Chaillou A, Guendouz M, Haji L
3444 - 3449 Functionalization of lamellar molybdenum disulphide nanocomposite with gold nanoparticles
Lavayen V, O'Dwyer C, Santa Ana MA, Mirabal N, Benavente E, Cardenas G, Gonzalez G, Torres CMS
3450 - 3454 Effect of SiO2 protective layer on the femtosecond laser-induced damage of HfO2/SiO2 multilayer high-reflective coatings
Yuan L, Zhao YN, Wang CJ, He HB, Fan ZX, Shao JD
3455 - 3463 Morphological, microstructural and optical properties supremacy of binary composite films - A study based on Gd2O3/SiO2 system
Sahoo NK, Thakur S, Tokas RB, Biswas A, Kamble NM
3464 - 3468 The conductance and capacitance-frequency characteristics of Au/pyronine-B/ptype Si/Al contacts
Cakar M, Yildirim N, Dogan H, Turut A
3469 - 3475 Evaluation of boron mobility on the phases FeB, Fe2B and diffusion zone in AISI 1045 and M2 steels
Campos I, Ramirez G, Figueroa U, Martinez J, Morales O
3476 - 3479 The surface leakage currents of CdZnTe wafers
Zha GQ, He WQ, Tan TT, Li PS
3480 - 3484 Adsorption mode of the chiral modifier cinchonidine on Au(111)
Behzadi B, Ferri D, Baiker A, Ernst KH
3485 - 3488 Protective silicon coating for nanodiamonds using atomic layer deposition
Lu J, Wang YH, Zang JB, Li YN
3489 - 3495 Formation of perpendicular to c texture of tungsten disulfide thin films with nickel
Sadale SB, Barman SR, Patil PS
3496 - 3502 Alloying of cold-sprayed Al-Ni composite coatings by post-annealing
Lee HY, Jung SH, Lee SY, Ko KH
3503 - 3507 Carrier confinement and interband transition properties of InAs/GaAs quantum dots grown by using atomic layer epitaxy
Kim JH, Park YJ, Park YM, Song JD, Lee JI, Kim TW
3508 - 3511 Band bending and band alignment at HfO2/HfSixOy/Si interfaces
Song WJ, Yoshitake M, Tan RQ, Kojima I
3512 - 3520 Effect of gas temperature on critical velocity and deposition characteristics in kinetic spraying
Lee J, Shin S, Kim H, Lee C
3521 - 3524 Growth and characterization of rocksalt MnS/GaAs epilayers by hot-wall epitaxy
Yu YM, Kim DJ, Choi YD, Kim CS
3525 - 3532 Experimental mathematical model of nanosecond laser interaction with material
Martan J, Kunes J, Semmar N
3533 - 3542 Synchrotron radiation induced X-ray standing waves analysis of layered structures
Kramer M, von Bohlen A, Sternemann C, Paulus M, Hergenroder R
3543 - 3546 ZnSe sintered films: Growth and characterization
Kumar V, Khan KLA, Singh G, Sharma TP, Hussain M
3547 - 3556 Chemical reactivity of PVD-coated WC-Co tools with steel
Gimenez S, Huang SG, Van der Biest O, Vleugels J
3557 - 3562 Significant influences of metal reactivity and oxide films at particle surfaces on coating microstructure in cold spraying
Li WY, Zhang C, Wang HT, Guo XP, Liao HL, Li CJ, Coddet C
3563 - 3570 Heterogeneity of activated carbons in adsorption of phenols from aqueous solutions - Comparison of experimental isotherm data and simulation predictions
Podkoscielny P, Nieszporek K
3571 - 3573 Effect of nanostructured AlN coatings on the oxidation-resistant properties of optical diamond films
Zhang H, Liu JM, Lu FX
3574 - 3580 Surface analysis and oxidation behavior of Y-ion implanted AZ31 magnesium alloys
Wang XM, Zeng XQ, Wu GS, Yao SS, Lai YJ
3581 - 3585 Morphological characterization of pentacene single crystals grown by physical vapor transport
Zeng XH, Qiu Y, Qiao J, Dong GF, Wang LD
3586 - 3588 Thickness dependent stripe structure stability of Ag films on Si(111)-(4 x 1)-In substrate
Liu D, Zhao M, Jiang Q
3589 - 3594 Characterization of optical planar waveguide in Ce : KNSBN crystal formed by triple-energy helium ion implantation
Chen F, Wang L, Jia CL, Lu QM, Wang XL, Wang KM
3595 - 3599 High-density-plasma (HDP)-CVD oxide to thermal oxide wafer bonding for strained silicon layer transfer applications
Singh R, Radu I, Reiche M, Himcinschi C, Kuck B, Tillack B, Gosele U, Christiansen SH
3600 - 3607 On the H-exchange of ammonia and silica hydroxyls in the presence of Rh nanoparticles
Leewis CM, Kessels WMM, van de Sanden MCM, Niemantsverdriet JW
3608 - 3614 A study of fused silica micro/nano patterning by focused-ion-beam
Li WX, Lalev G, Dimov S, Zhao H, Pham DT
3615 - 3626 C-AFM-based thickness determination of thin and ultra-thin SiO2 films by use of different conductive-coated probe tips
Frammelsberger W, Benstetter G, Kiely J, Stamp R
3627 - 3635 Atomic force microscopy characterization of the surface wettability of natural fibres
Pietak A, Korte S, Tan E, Downard A, Staiger MP
3636 - 3641 The influence of light intensity on surface recombination in GaS single crystals
Szalajko M, Nowak M
3642 - 3648 Optimization of thin-film design for multi-layer dielectric grating
Liu SJ, Ma JY, Shen ZC, Jin YX, Shao JD, Fan ZX
3649 - 3657 Synthesis of composite films of mixed Ag-Cu nanocrystallites embedded in DLC matrix and associated surface plasmon properties
Hussain S, Pal AK
3658 - 3663 Organic contaminants removal by oxygen ECR plasma
Lee C, Kim HW, Kim S
3664 - 3668 Helical nanostructures of SiOx synthesized through the heating of Co-coated substrates
Kim HW, Shim SH
3669 - 3673 Superhydrophobic cotton fabric coating based on a complex layer of silica nanoparticles and perfluorooctylated quaternary ammonium silane coupling agent
Yu M, Gu GT, Meng WD, Qing FL
3674 - 3677 Atomic force microscopy study on surface morphology of {001} faces of [MnHg(SCN)(4)(H2O)(2)]center dot 2C(4)H(9)NO crystals
Liu XJ, Xu D, Yu GW, Wang XQ, Zhu LY, Zhang GH, Yu G
3678 - 3682 Effect of nano-titanium hydride on formation of multi-nanoporous TiO2 film on Ti
Shih YH, Lin CT, Liu CM, Chen CC, Chen CS, Ou KL
3683 - 3689 Preparation, characterization and application of a nanostructured composite: Octakis(cyanopropyldimethylsiloxy)octasilsesquioxane
do Carmo DR, Paim LL, Dias NL, Stradiotto NR
3690 - 3695 Effect of irradiation history on the preparation of laser induced periodic microstructure on polyimide surface
Li X, Lu XM, Lu QH
3696 - 3704 Understanding the adsorption of 4H-1,2,4-triazole derivatives on mild steel surface in molar hydrochloric acid
Bentiss F, Bouanis A, Mernari B, Traisnel M, Vezin H, Lagrenee M
3705 - 3711 Investigation of Ti/TiN multilayered films in a reactive mid-frequency dual-magnetron sputtering
Xiang Y, Hua M, Cheng-Biao W, Zhi-Qiang F, Yang L
3712 - 3721 In situ QCM and TM-AFM investigations of the early stages of degradation of silver and copper surfaces
Kleber C, Hilfrich U, Schreiner M
3722 - 3726 The effect of applied negative bias voltage on the structure of Ti-doped a-C : H films deposited by FCVA
Wang P, Wang X, Chen YM, Zhang GG, Liu WM, Zhang JY
3727 - 3730 Optical and electrical properties of aluminum-doped ZnO thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Liu YD, Lian JS
3731 - 3735 Microstructure and dielectric properties of La2O3 doped amorphous SiO2 films as gate dielectric material
Shi L, Yuan Y, Liang XF, Xia YD, Yin J, Liu ZG