Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.253, No.6 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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2993 - 2998 Fcc solid solution alloy films formed in immiscible Fe-Ag system and their mechanical behaviors
Zong RL, Wen SP, Zeng F, Gao Y, Song C, He B, Pan F
2999 - 3003 Effects of hydrogen flux on the properties of Al-doped ZnO films sputtered in Ar+H-2 ambient at low temperature
Liu WF, Du GT, Sun YF, Bian JM, Cheng Y, Yang TP, Chang YC, Xu YB
3004 - 3008 The effect of diffusion and overhangs/vacancies on the microstructure of zig-zag thin film
Qi HJ, Shao JD, Zhang DP, Yi K, Fan ZX
3009 - 3021 The effect of covalent functionalization of carbon nanotube reinforcements on the atomic-level mechanical properties of poly-vinyl-ester-epoxy
Grujicic M, Sun YP, Koudela KL
3022 - 3028 A photoelectron spectroscopic study of the carburization of MoO3
Koos A, Oszko A, Solymosi F
3029 - 3033 Preparation of ZnO-doped Al films by spray pyrolysis technique
Kaid MA, Ashour A
3034 - 3040 Formation of Ge, islands from a Ge layer on Si substrate during post-growth annealing
Kovacevic I, Pivac B, Dubcek P, Zorc H, Radic N, Bernstorff S, Campione M, Sassella A
3041 - 3052 Smooth Nb surfaces fabricated by buffered electropolishing
Wu AT, Mammosser J, Phillips L, Delayen J, Reece C, Wilkerson A, Smith D, Ike R
3053 - 3056 Cobalt-induced polycrystalline silicon film growth
Kim J, Piwowar AM, Nowak R, Gradella JA, Anderson WA
3057 - 3061 Low-temperature CO gas sensors based on Au/SnO2 thick film
Wang SR, Zhao YQ, Huang J, Wang Y, Ren HX, Wu SH, Zhang SM, Huang WP
3062 - 3065 Permeability of C-60 films deposited on polycarbonatesyloxane to N-2, O-2, CH4, and He gases
Karachevtsev VA, Plokhotnichenko AM, Pashynska VA, Glamazda AY, Vovk OM, Rao AM
3066 - 3071 Adsorption and decomposition of triethylsilane on Si(100)
Lozano J, Brickman A, Yeninas S, Early D, Craig JH
3072 - 3076 Non-contact AFM observation of the (root 3x root 3) to (3x3) phase transition on Sn/Ge(111) and Sn/Si(111) surfaces
Yi I, Nishi R, Sugimoto Y, Morita S
3077 - 3082 The preparation of nitrogen-doped TiO2-xNx photocatalyst coated on hollow glass microbeads
Chen SF, Liu XQ, Liu YZ, Cao GY
3083 - 3092 Effect of fluence on the discoloration of marble cleaned with UV lasers
Zhang J, Birnbaum AJ, Yao YL, Xu F, Lombardi JR
3093 - 3097 Investigation of metal nanoparticles produced by laser ablation and their catalytic activity
Song RG, Yamaguchi M, Nishimura O, Suzuki M
3098 - 3102 Deformation and motion by gravity and magnetic field of a droplet of water-based magnetic fluid on a hydrophobic surface
Asakura H, Nakajima A, Sakai M, Suzuki S, Kameshima Y, Okada K
3103 - 3108 Effect of pulse parameters on the passive layer formation on pulse plated Ni-Co alloys
Tury B, Lakatos-Varsanyi M, Roy S
3109 - 3112 Cd0.5Zn0.5Se wide range composite thin films for solar cell buffer layer application
Kale RB, Lokhande CD, Mane RS, Han SH
3113 - 3121 Anisotropic emission in laser-produced aluminum plasma in ambient nitrogen
Sharma AK, Thareja RK
3122 - 3126 Analysis by using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy for polymethyl methacrylate and polytetrafluoroethylene etched by KrF excimer laser
Zhu XL, Liu SB, Man BY, Xie CQ, Chen DP, Wang DQ, Ye TC, Liu M
3127 - 3132 Silanization and antibody immobilization on SU-8
Joshi M, Pinto R, Rao VR, Mukherji S
3133 - 3143 Adsorption of BTSE and gamma-GPS organosilanes on different microstructural regions of 7075-T6 aluminum alloy
Kim J, Wong PC, Wong KC, Sodhi RNS, Mitchell KAR
3144 - 3153 On the growth of conversion chromate coatings on 2024-Al alloy
Kulinich SA, Akhtar AS, Susac D, Wong PC, Wong KC, Mitchell KAR
3154 - 3159 Effects of water plasma immersion ion implantation on surface electrochemical behavior of NiTi shape memory alloys in simulated body fluids
Liu XM, Wu SL, Chu PK, Chung CY, Chu CL, Yeung KWK, Lu WW, Cheung KMC, Luk KDK
3160 - 3167 Thermal spreading of WO3 onto zirconia support
da Cruz JS, Fraga MA, Braun S, Appel LG
3168 - 3173 Humidity sensing properties of Pd2+-doped ZnO nanotetrapods
Wang XH, Zhang J, Zhu ZQ, Zhu JZ
3174 - 3180 Auger electron spectroscopy of Au/NiOx contacts on p-GaN annealed in N-2 and O-2+N-2 ambients
Liday J, Hotovy I, Sitter H, Schmidegg K, Vogrincic P, Bonnani A, Breza J, Ecke G, Vavra I
3181 - 3183 The role of Laplace pressure in the formation of the structure of thin layers based on silicon dioxide
Dultsev FN, Mikhailovskii IP
3184 - 3189 Si growth effects on the formation of Er silicide nanostructures
Ji T, Song JQ, Zhou W, Cai Q
3190 - 3195 Nanosized multilayer films with concurrent photochromism and electrochromism based on Dawson-type polyoxometalate
Xu BB, Xu L, Gao GG, Jin YN
3196 - 3200 Control of nucleation site density of GaN nanowires
Chang CY, Pearton SJ, Huang PJ, Chi GC, Wang HT, Chen JJ, Ren F, Chen KH, Chen LC
3201 - 3207 SO2 adsorption capacity of K2CO3-impregnated activated carbon as a function of K2CO3 content loaded by soaking and incipient wetness
Fortier H, Zelenietz C, Dahn TR, Westreich P, Stevens DA, Dahn JR
3208 - 3214 Study of magnesium and aluminum alloys absorption coefficient during Nd : YAG laser interaction
Pierron N, Sallamand P, Mattei S
3215 - 3230 Relationships between surface compositions and properties of surfaces of mixed fumed oxides
Gun'ko VM, Nychiporuk YM, Zarko VI, Goncharuk EV, Mishchuk OA, Leboda R, Skubiszewska-Zieba J, Skwarek E, Janusz W, Yurchenko GR, D Osovskii V, Ptushinskii YG, Turov VV, Gorbik PP, Blitz JP, Gude K
3231 - 3236 Rapid synthesis of water-glass based aerogels by in situ surface modification of the hydrogels
Bhagat SD, Kim YH, Ahn YS, Yeo JG
3237 - 3241 Adsorption and manipulation of carbon onions on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite studied with atomic force microscopy
Zhou JF, Shen ZY, Hou SM, Zhao XY, Xue ZQ, Shi ZJ, Gu ZN
3242 - 3246 Template preparation of Pt nanowire array electrode on Ti/Si substrate for methanol electro-oxidation
Zhao GY, Xu CL, Guo DJ, Li H, Li HL
3247 - 3253 Immobilization of poly(epsilon-caprolactone)-poly(ethylene oxide)-poly (epsilon-caprolactone) triblock copolymer on poly(lactide-co-glycolide) surface and dual biofunctional effects
Zhu AP, Lu P, Wu H
3254 - 3262 Using response surface methodology for optimizing deposited partially stabilized zirconia in plasma spraying
Lin BT, Jean MD, Chou JH
3263 - 3269 New concept to remove heavy metals from liquid waste based on electrochemical pH-switchable immobilized ligands
Pascal V, Laetitia D, Joel L, Marc S, Serge P
3270 - 3275 Influence of glyphosate on the copper dissolution in phosphate buffer
Coutinho CFB, Silva MO, Machado SAS, Mazo LH
3276 - 3283 Metal vapor vacuum-arc ion implantation effects on the adhesion and hardness of ion-beam deposited Cr/Cu films
Yu M, Zhang JZ, Li DX, Meng QL, Li WZ
3284 - 3291 Depth control of a silicon structure fabricated by 100q keV Ar ion beam lithography
Kawasegi N, Morita N, Yamada S, Takano N, Oyama T, Momota S, Taniguchi J, Miyamoto I
3292 - 3297 Improve the field emission uniformity of carbon nanotubes treated by ball-milling process
Zhang ZJ, Sun Z, Chen YW
3298 - 3302 Interfacial differences in enhanced schottky barrier height Au/n-GaAs diodes deposited at 77 K
Herrero AM, Gerger AM, Gila BP, Pearton SJ, Wang HT, Jang S, Anderson T, Chen JJ, Kang BS, Ren F, Shen H, LaRoche JR, Smith KV
3303 - 3310 Preparation of well-adhered gamma-Al2O3 washcoat on metallic wire mesh monoliths by electrophoretic deposition
Sun H, Quan X, Chen S, Zhao HM, Zhao YZ
3311 - 3316 Effects of organic modifiers on the size-controlled synthesis of hydroxyapatite nanorods
Wang AL, Yin HB, Liu D, Wu HX, Wada YJ, Ren M, Xu YQ, Jiang TS, Cheng XN
3317 - 3325 The influence of substrate temperature variation on tungsten oxide thin film growth in an HFCVD system
Pal S, Jacob C
3326 - 3333 Bioactivity of Mg-ion-implanted zirconia and titanium
Liang H, Wan YZ, He F, Huang Y, Xu JD, Li JM, Wang YL, Zhao ZG
3334 - 3344 Ce conversion and electrolysis surface treatments applied to A3xx.x alloys and A3xx.x/SiCp composites
Pardo A, Merino MC, Arrabal R, Viejo F, Munoz JA
3345 - 3348 Transparent conducting molybdenum-doped zinc oxide films deposited by RF magnetron sputtering
Xiu XW, Pang ZY, Lv MS, Dai Y, Ye LN, Han SH
3349 - 3359 XPS analyses of lanthanides phosphates
Glorieux B, Berjoan R, Matecki M, Kammouni A, Perarnau D
3360 - 3365 Electrodeposition of n-type Bi2Te3-Se-y(y) thermoelectric thin films on stainless steel and gold substrates
Bu LX, Wang W, Wang H