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Applied Surface Science, Vol.253, No.5 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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2357 - 2361 Improving electroless Cu via filling with optimized Pd activation
Lau PP, Wong CC, Chan L
2362 - 2366 Study of corrosion-erosion behaviour of stainless alloys in industrial phosphoric acid medium
Guenbour A, Hajji MA, Jallouli EM, Ben Bachir A
2367 - 2372 Synergistic effect between 4-(2-pyridylazo) resorcin and chloride ion on the corrosion of cold rolled steel in 1.0 M phosphoric acid
Tang LB, Li XM, Mu GN, Li L, Liu GH
2373 - 2378 Fabrication of nanostructures on Si(100) and GaAs(100) by local anodic oxidation
Cervenka J, Kalousek R, Bartosik M, Skoda D, Tomanec O, Sikola T
2379 - 2385 Deposition conditions in tailoring the morphology of highly porous reticular films prepared by electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) technique
Shui JL, Yu Y, Chen CH
2386 - 2392 Steady-state mechanism for polymer ablation by a free-running Er : YAG laser
Bubb DM, Sezer AO, Harris D, Rezae F, Kelty SP
2393 - 2398 Fabricating tunable nanoparticle density gradients with the contact printing based approach
Song F, Cai YJ, Newby BMZ
2399 - 2408 Details of crystalline growth in co-deposited electroplated nickel films with hard (nano)particles
Lampke T, Wielage B, Dietrich D, Leopold A
2409 - 2415 Structural, electrical and optical properties of ZnS films deposited by close-spaced evaporation
Subbaiah YPV, Prathap P, Reddy KTR
2416 - 2420 Thermal oxidation temperature dependence of 4H-SiC MOS interface
Kurimoto H, Shibata K, Kimura C, Aoki H, Sugino T
2421 - 2424 Electrical property of HfOxNy-HfO2-HfOxNy sandwich-stack films
Jiang R, Xie EQ, Chen ZY, Zhang ZX
2425 - 2431 Ethanol and methanol induced changes in phospholipid monolayer
Weis M, Kopani M, Jakubovsky J, Danihel L
2432 - 2436 Dependence of the strain energies on grain orientations in HCP metal films
Zhang JM, Zhang Y, Xu KW, Ji V
2437 - 2442 Yttrium ion implantation on the surface properties of magnesium
Wang XM, Zeng XQ, Wu GS, Yao SS
2443 - 2451 Comparative studies of Zr-based MCM-41 and MCM-48 mesoporous molecular sieves: Synthesis and physicochemical properties
Chen LF, Zhou XL, Norena LE, Wang JA, Navarrete J, Salas P, Montoya A, Del Angel P, Llanos ME
2452 - 2455 Effect of Al incorporation on the AlGaN growth by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Zhao DG, Liu ZS, Zhu JJ, Zhang SM, Jiang DS, Yang H, Liang JW, Li XY, Gong HM
2456 - 2459 Scanning tunneling microscopy investigation of leucine and asparagine adsorbed on Cu(111)
Ge SP, Lu C, Zhao RG, Chen Q
2460 - 2464 Selective growth of carbon nantoubes on SiO2/Si substrate
Cao JM
2465 - 2469 ZrB2/Pt/Au ohmic contacts on bulk, single-crystal ZnO
Wright JS, Khanna R, Ramani K, Cranciun V, Singh R, Norton DP, Pearton SJ, Ren F, Kravchenko II
2470 - 2473 The significance of carbon on the microstructure of TiAlN-C coatings deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering
Huang YZ, Stueber M, Hovsepian P
2474 - 2480 Electroless Ni-P coating preparation of conductive mica powder by a modified activation process
Dai HB, Li HX, Wang FH
2481 - 2486 Different effects of cerium ions doping on properties of anatase and rutile TiO2
Li GQ, Liu CY, Liu Y
2487 - 2492 Synthesis evaluation and adsorption studies of anionic copolymeric surfactants based on fatty acrylate ester
El-Dougdoug WIA, El-Mossalamy EH
2493 - 2497 Formation of periodic structures by surface treatments of polyamide fiber - Part II. Low temperature plasma treatment
Yip J, Chan K, Sin KM, Lau KS
2498 - 2501 Electric field dependence of topography in ferroelectric P(VDF/TrFE) films
Zhu GD, Xu J, Zeng ZG, Zhang L, Yan XJ, Li J
2502 - 2507 On 308 nm photofragmentation of the silver nanoparticles
Badr Y, Abd El Wahed MG, Mahmoud MA
2508 - 2514 Al-pillared clays supported rare earths and palladium catalysts for deep oxidation of low concentration of benzene
Zuo SF, Zhou RX
2515 - 2521 Study on the bonding state for carbon-boron nitrogen with different ball milling time
Xiong YH, Xiong CS, Wei SQ, Yang HW, Mai YT, Xu W, Yang S, Dai GH, Song SJ, Xiong J, Ren ZM, Zhang J, Pi HL, Xia ZC, Yuan SL
2522 - 2524 Effects of hole injection layer thickness on the luminescent properties of white organic light-emitting diodes
Li JF, Chen SF, Su SH, Hwang KS, Yokoyama M
2525 - 2539 Benzene adsorption on carbonaceous materials: The influence of pore structure on the state of the adsorbate
Gauden PA, Terzyk AP, Cwiertnia MS, Rychlicki G, Newcombe G, Kowalczyk P
2540 - 2546 Infrared reflection absorption study of carbon monoxide adsorption on Pd/Cu(111)
Wadayama T, Abe K, Osano H
2547 - 2550 Water electrolysis-induced optical degradation of aluminum-doped zinc oxide films
Fang LG, Fang GJ, Chen WP, Li C, Sheng S, Ma S, Zhao XZ
2551 - 2556 Surface modifications of a titanium implant by a picosecond Nd : YAG laser operating at 1064 and 532 nm
Trtica M, Gakovic B, Batani D, Desai T, Panjan P, Radak B
2557 - 2564 Droplets from the metal surfaces irradiated by a high-intensity pulsed ion beam
Dong ZH, Zhang Z, Liu C, Zhu XP, Lei MK
2565 - 2571 Degradation formula and working lifetime prediction for high-temperature coating
Zhou W, Zhao YG, Li W, Qin QD, Hu SW, Tian B
2572 - 2580 High temperature annealing effect on structural and magnetic properties of Ti/Ni multilayers
Bhatt P, Ganeshan V, Reddy VR, Chaudhari SM
2581 - 2588 Structure and composition of the segregated Cu inV(2)O(5)/Cu system
Ahadian MM, zad AI
2589 - 2596 Magnetic structure and collective Jahn-Teller distortions in nanostructured particles of CuFe2O4
Nedkov I, Vandenberghe RE, Marinova T, Thailhades P, Merodiiska T, Avramova I
2597 - 2602 Observation of metastable erbium trihydride
Tewell CR, King SH
2603 - 2610 Characterization and ion-induced degradation of cross-linked poly(methyl methacrylate) studied using time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometry
Wagner MS, Lenghaus K, Gillen G, Tarlov MJ
2611 - 2617 Oleic acid coating on the monodisperse magnetite nanoparticles
Zhang L, He R, Gu HC
2618 - 2624 The comparative study of thermal fatigue behavior of laser deep penetration spot cladding coating and brush plating Ni-W-Co coating
Xu J, Li ZY, Zhu WH, Liu ZL, Liu WJ
2625 - 2632 A crude protective film on historic stones and its artificial preparation through biomimetic synthesis
Liu Q, Zhang BJ, Shen ZY, Lu HM
2633 - 2636 Fabrication of an optically transparent super-hydrophobic surface via embedding nano-silica
Su CH, Li J, Geng HB, Wang QJ, Chen QM
2637 - 2643 Formation of periodic structures by surface treatments of polyamide fiber - Part I. UV excimer laser irradiation
Yip J, Chan K, Sin KM, Lau KS
2644 - 2651 XPS and bioactivity study of the bisphosphonate pamidronate adsorbed onto plasma sprayed hydroxyapatite coatings
McLeod K, Kumar S, Smart RSC, Dutta N, Voelcker NH, Anderson GI, Sekel R
2652 - 2656 Effects of in situ thermal annealing on the structural, optical, and electrical properties in Hg0.7Cd0.3Te epilayers grown on CdTe buffer layers
Ryu YS, Kang TW, Kim TW
2657 - 2661 Mechanical properties of InAs/InP semiconductor alloys
Navamathavan R, Arivuoli D, Attolini G, Pelosi C, Choi CK
2662 - 2670 Surface roughening and erosion rate change at low energy SIMS depth profiling of silicon during oblique O-2(+) bombardment
Fares B, Gautier B, Holliger P, Baboux N, Prudon G, Dupuy JC
2671 - 2673 Laser-induced thermoelectric voltage in normal state MgB2 thin films
Zhao SQ, Zhou YL, Zhao K, Wang SF, Chen ZH, Jin KJ, Lu HB, Cheng BL, Yang GZ
2674 - 2677 The optical properties of planar waveguides in LiB3O5 crystals formed by Cu+ implantation
Jiang Y, Jia CL, Wang L, Wang XL, Chen F, Wang KM, Lu QM, Ma HJ, Shen DY
2678 - 2684 Preparation and characterization of novel Pd/SiO2 and Ca-Pd/SiO2 egg-shell catalysts with porous hollow silica
Song JR, Wen LX, Shao L, Chen JF
2685 - 2689 Identification of ionic aggregates in PVDF-g-PSSA membrane by tapping mode AFM and HADDF STEM
Huang HS, Chen CY, Lo SC, Lin CJ, Chen SJ, Lin LJ
2690 - 2694 Control over the wettability of amorphous carbon films in a large range from hydrophilicity to super-hydrophobicity
Zhou Y, Wang B, Song X, Li E, Li G, Zhao S, Yan H
2695 - 2701 Surface modification of polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fiber and its interaction with imide
Xu B, Wang XS, Lu Y
2702 - 2707 Spray pyrolytic deposition of solid electrolyte Bi2V0.9Cu0.1O5.35 films
Nimat RK, Betty CA, Pawar SH
2708 - 2712 Effect of C layer on the structures and magnetic properties of (001)-oriented [C/CoPt]n/Ag films
Jin T, Xu XH, Jiang FX, Li XL, Wang F, Shen XH, Zhang RQ, Wu HS
2713 - 2717 Surface enhanced Raman scattering of organic sample powders spread over vacuum-evaporated silver thin film
Wadayama T, Oishi M, Hatta A
2718 - 2726 Correlation between optical properties and Si nanocrystal formation of Si-rich Si oxide films prepared by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Chen XY, Lu YF, Wu YH, Cho BJ, Tang LJ, Lu D, Dong JR
2727 - 2732 Modifier effects on chemical reduction synthesis of nanostructured copper
Cheng XN, Zhang XF, Yin HB, Wang AL, Xu YQ
2733 - 2738 Structure and mechanical properties of A1/AlN multilayer with different AlN layer thickness
Wu ZG, Zhang GA, Wang MX, Fan XY, Yan PX, Xu T
2739 - 2746 Effect of substrate temperature and annealing temperature on the structural, electrical and microstructural properties of thin Pt films by rf magnetron sputtering
Sreemany M, Sen S
2747 - 2751 The effect of thermal annealing and laser irradiation on the microstructure of vanadium oxide nanotubes
Liu XQ, Huang CM, Qiu JW, Wang YY
2752 - 2757 High-density plasma etching of indium-zinc oxide films in Ar/Cl-2 and Ar/CH4/H-2 chemistries
Lim WT, Stafford L, Song JI, Park JS, Heo YW, Lee JH, Kim JJ, Pearton SJ
2758 - 2764 Surface characteristics of PLA and PLGA films
Paragkumar NT, Dellacherie E, Six JL
2765 - 2769 Structure and properties of ZnO films grown on Si substrates with low temperature buffer layers
Zheng W, Liao Y, Li L, Yu QX, Wang GZ, Li YP, Fu ZX
2770 - 2775 X-ray photoernission and X-ray absorption studies of Hf-silicate dielectric layers
O'Connor R, Hughes G, Glans PA, Learmonth T, Smith KE
2776 - 2784 Influence of epitaxial strain on the terrace and inter-layer diffusions in metal epitaxy
Hong KH, Yoon JK, Cha PR
2785 - 2791 Preparation and characterization of C54TiSi(2) nanoislands on Si (111) by laser deposition of TiO2
Zhao FZ, Cui XF, Wang B, Hou JG
2792 - 2795 Microstructure of laser melted Al(18)B(4)O(33)w/2024Al composite
Hu J, Liu G, Zhang JX, Kong LC, Fei WD
2796 - 2800 Backside etching of fused silica with Nd : YAG laser
Zimmer K, Bohme R, Pissadakis S, Hartwig L, Reisse G, Rauschenbach B
2801 - 2811 Nanocomposites with fumed silica/poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) prepared at a low content of solvents
Gun'ko VM, Voronin EF, Nosach LV, Pakhlov EM, Voronina OE, Guzenko NV, Kazakova OA, Leboda R, Skubiszewska-Zieba J
2812 - 2819 Characterization of iron surface modified by 2-mercaptobenzothiazole self-assembled monolayers
Feng YY, Chen SH, Zhang HL, Li P, Wu L, Guo WJ
2820 - 2824 Chemical characterization of gallium droplets grown by LP-MOCVD
Imhoff L, Heintz O, Gauthier V, de Lucas CM, Bourgeois S
2825 - 2829 Native oxidation of ultra high purity Cu bulk and thin films
Iijima J, Lim JW, Hong SH, Suzuki S, Mimura K, Isshiki A
2830 - 2834 Surface characterization study of a Pd/Co3O4 methane oxidation catalyst
Hoflund GB, Li ZH
2835 - 2840 Vapor phase modific ation of sol-gel derived titania (TiO2) surfaces
Piwonski I, Ilik A
2841 - 2851 Composition of Ta2O5 stacked films on N2O- and NH3-nitrided Si
Atanassova E, Spassov D, Paskaleva A, Kostov K
2852 - 2862 On high velocity impact of micro-sized metallic particles in cold spraying
Li WY, Liao HL, Li CJ, Li G, Coddet C, Wang XF
2863 - 2869 Superconducting molybdenum nitride epitaxial thin films deposited on MgO and alpha-Al2O3 substrates by molecular beam epitaxy
Inumaru K, Baba K, Yamanaka S
2870 - 2874 Studies of the adsorption state of activated carbon by surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Li ZM, Zhang N, Li FT
2875 - 2884 Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and linear polarization applied to evaluation of porosity of phosphate conversion coatings on electrogalvanized steels
Lins VD, Reis GFD, de Araujo CR, Matencio T
2885 - 2892 Surface analysis of plasma grafted carbon fiber
Zhang XZ, Huang YD, Wang TY
2893 - 2898 Selective CO oxidation in hydrogen-rich gas over CuO/CeO2 catalysts
Zou HB, Dong XF, Lin WM
2899 - 2910 DRIFTS study of surface reactivity to NO2 by zinc nanoparticle aggregates and zinc hollow nanofibers
di Stasio S, Dal Santo V
2911 - 2914 Effect of substrate temperature on structure and electrical resistivity of laser-ablated IrO2 thin films
Wang CB, Gong YS, Shen Q, Zhang LM
2915 - 2923 Temperature and N+ energy dependence on nano-structural modifications and characteristics of Mo surface
Savaloni H, Motmaen-Dadgar M, Ghoranneviss M, Hantehzadeh MR
2924 - 2929 Electrochemical properties of electrosynthesized TiO2 thin films
Karuppuchamy S, Iwasaki M, Minoura H
2930 - 2932 ITON Schottky contacts for GaN based UV photodetectors
Vanhove N, John J, Lorenz A, Cheng K, Borghs G, Haverkort JEM
2933 - 2940 Attachment of gold nanoparticles onto indium tin oxide surfaces controlled by adding citrate ions in a seed-mediated growth method
Umar AA, Oyama M
2941 - 2946 XPS study of the deposited Ti layer in a magnetron-type sputter ion pump
Vesel A, Mozetic M, Kovac J, Zalar A
2947 - 2952 Characteristic of ceramic coatings on aluminum by plasma electrolytic oxidation in silicate and phosphate electrolyte
Lv GH, Gu WC, Chen HA, Feng WR, Khosa ML, Li L, Niu EW, Zhang GL, Yang SZ
2953 - 2957 Structure transition of single-texture CoSi2 nanolayer grown by refractory-interlayer-mediated epitaxy method
Akhavan O, Moshfegh AZ
2958 - 2963 Numerical study on surface acoustic wave method for determining Young's modulus of low-k films involved in multi-layered structures
Xiao X, You XY
2964 - 2968 Modulation of the magnetic properties of CoNi coatings by electrodeposition in the presence of a redox cationic surfactant
Pane S, Gomez E, Garcia-Amoros J, Velasco D, Valles E
2969 - 2972 Processing parameters and transport properties of vacuum evaporated CdSe thin films
Mahmoud SA, Ashour A, Badawi EA
2973 - 2977 Characterization of surface deformation around Vickers indentations in InGaAsP epilayers on InP substrate
Navamathavan R, Ganesan V, Arivuoli D, Attolini G, Pelosi C, Choi CK
2978 - 2983 Microphase separation behavior on the surfaces of PEG-MDI-PDMS multiblock copolymer coatings
Fang HX, Zhou SX, Wu LM
2984 - 2987 Oxidation and reduction of rough and flat Au surfaces
Lim DC, Kim YD
2988 - 2991 A novel process of electroless Ni-P plating with plasma electrolytic oxidation pretreatment
Liu ZM, Gao W