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1255 - 1255 Formation of photoresist-free patterned ZnO film containing nano-sized Ag by photochemical solution deposition (vol 252, pg 7739, 2006)
Hong CS, Park HH, Wang SJ, Moon J, Park HH, Hill RH
1683 - 1690 Study of TiN and ZrN thin films grown by cathodic arc technique
Arias DF, Arango YC, Devia A
1691 - 1708 Surface phenomena related to mirror degradation in extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography
Madey TE, Faradzhev NS, Yakshinskiy BV, Edwards NV
1709 - 1712 Oxygen adsorption on the surface of In2O3 and beta-(Ga0.8In0.2)(2)O-3 mixed oxides porous structure
Ivankiv LI, Ketsman IV, Savchyn VP, Balitskii OA
1713 - 1716 Electrochemical potential of intercalation phase: Li/V2O5 system
1717 - 1721 Etch front roughening in wrinkly metal
Aurongzeb D
1722 - 1728 Laser (a pulsed Nd : YAG) cladding of AZ91D magnesium alloy with Al and Al2O3 powders
Liu YH, Guo ZX, Yang Y, Wang HY, Hu JD, Li YX, Chumakov AN, Bosak NA
1729 - 1735 Tribological properties of chemically bonded polyimide films on silicon with polyglycidyl methacrylate brush as adhesive layer
Sun CF, Zhou F, Shi L, Yu B, Gao P, Zhang JY, Liu WM
1736 - 1740 Synthesis and structural properties of polypyrrole/nano-Y2O3 conducting composite
Cheng QL, Pavlinek V, Li CZ, Lengalova A, He Y, Saha P
1741 - 1744 Ta2Si short time thermal oxidized layers in N2O and O-2 to form high-k gate dielectric on SiC
Perez-Tomas A, Mestres N, Godignon P, Montserrat J, Millan J
1745 - 1747 Effects of sapphire substrate annealing on ZnO epitaxial films grown by MOCVD
Wang YZ, Wang SQ, Zhou SM, Xu J, Ye JD, Gu SL, Zhang R, Ren QS
1748 - 1752 Anisotropic diffusion of Cu adatoms on strained Cu (111) surface
Wang YX, Pan ZY, Liu TJ, Jiang XM, Zhou L, Zhu J
1753 - 1757 Electrochemical luminescence of n-type ZnO semiconductor electrodes doped with rare earth metals under the anodic polarization
Ohtake T, Hijii S, Sonoyama N, Sakata T
1758 - 1761 Sol-gel synthesis of sub-50 nm ZnO nanowires on pulse laser deposited ZnO thin films
Bae CH, Park SM, Ahn SE, Oh DJ, Kim GT, Ha JS
1762 - 1769 Synthesis of immunomagnetic nanoparticles and their application in the separation and purification of CD34(+) hematopoietic stem cells
Chen W, Shen HB, Li XY, Jia NQ, Xu JM
1770 - 1780 The role of hydrogen peroxide in the deposition of cerium-based conversion coatings
Scholes FH, Soste C, Hughes AE, Hardin SG, Curtis PR
1781 - 1786 Spray pyrolytic synthesis of large area NiOx thin films from aqueous nickel acetate solutions
Desai JD, Min SK, Jung KD, Joo OS
1787 - 1795 Analysis of codeposited Gd2O3/SiO2 composite thin films by phase modulated spectroscopic ellipsometric technique
Sahoo NK, Tokas RB, Thakur S
1796 - 1800 Step flow observed on top of oxidized CoAl(100) surface
Podgursky V, Rose V, Costina J, Franchy R
1801 - 1805 Effect of thickness on the structure, morphology and optical properties of sputter deposited Nb2O5 films
Lai FC, Lin LM, Huang ZG, Gai RQ, Qu Y
1806 - 1809 On the hydrogen etching mechanism in plasma nitriding of metals
Figueroa CA, Alvarez F
1810 - 1816 Synthesis, characterization, and corrosion protection properties of poly(N-(methacryloyloxymethyl) benzotriazole-co-methyl methacrylate) on mild steel
Srikanth AP, Lavanya A, Nanjundan S, Rajendran N
1817 - 1822 A nanogravimmetric investigation of the charging processes on ruthenium oxide thin films and their effect on methanol oxidation
Santos MC, Cogo L, Tanimoto ST, Calegaro ML, Bulhoes LOS
1823 - 1829 Physico-chemical, optical and electrochemical properties of iron oxide thin films prepared by spray pyrolysis
Dghoughi L, Elidrissi B, Bernede C, Addou A, Lamrani MA, Regragui A, Erguig H
1830 - 1835 Particle size reduction and enhanced diffusion of Fe and Pt atoms in FePt-C granular films by N addition
Mi WB, Jiang EY, Bai HL
1836 - 1842 Studies on fabrication of Ag/Tl2Ba2Ca2Cu3O10/CdSe hetero structures with electrochemical technique
Shirage PM, Shivagan DD, Kim YH, Pawar SH
1843 - 1848 Enhanced cleaning of photoresist film on a transparent substrate by backward irradiation of a Nd : YAG laser
Kim JH, Suh YJ, Kim SS
1849 - 1855 Structure and frictional properties of Langmuir-Blodgett films of Cu nanoparticles modified by dialkyldithiophosphate
Xu J, Dai SX, Cheng G, Jiang XH, Tao XJ, Zhang PY, Du ZL
1856 - 1860 Defect structure and dielectric properties of Bi-based pyrochlores probed by positron annihilation
Du HL, Yao X, Zhang XF, Weng HM
1861 - 1865 Formation of functional groups on graphite during oxygen plasma treatment
Cvelbar U, Markoli B, Poberaj I, Zalar A, Kosec L, Spaic S
1866 - 1872 Bulk periodic structures formation on monocrystalline silicon surface under the action of compression plasma flows
Astashynski VM, Ananin SI, Emelyarlenko AS, Kostyukevich EA, Kuzmitzky AM, Zhvavy SP, Uglov VV
1873 - 1881 Structural, morphological, wettability and thermal resistance properties of hydro-oleophobic thin films prepared by a wet chemical process
Phani AR
1882 - 1888 TEM monitoring of silver nanoparticles formation on the surface of lead crystal glass
Gil C, Villegas MA, Navarro JMF
1889 - 1897 Substrate effects on the oxygen gas sensing properties of SnO2/TiO2 thin films
Lee HC, Hwang WS
1898 - 1902 Mesoporous nanotube aggregates obtained from hydrothermally treating TiO2 with NaOH
Tsai CC, Nian JN, Teng HS
1903 - 1906 Synthesis and characterization of Al-N codoped p-type ZnO epitaxial films using high-temperature homo-buffer layer
Zhu QY, Ye ZZ, Yuan GD, Huang JY, Zhu LP, Zhao BH, Lu JG
1907 - 1911 The effect of temperature on the preparation of electrochromic nickel oxide by an electroless method
Chen WF, Wu SY
1912 - 1916 Photocatalytic oxidation of natural organic adsorbates on anatase TiO2 films observed by infrared adsorption spectroscopy with a multiple internal reflection geometry
Hirose F, Kurita M, Kimura Y, Niwano M
1917 - 1920 High work function of Al-doped zinc-oxide thin films as transparent conductive anodes in organic light-emitting devices
Kim TW, Choo DC, No YS, Choi WK, Choi EH
1921 - 1928 Segregation of silicone acrylate from acrylate mixture at resin-mold interface and its effect on UV embossing
Zhou WX, Chan-Park MB
1929 - 1933 Influence of dentin pre-treatment with NaOCI on the morphology of adhesive interface of self-etching adhesive systems
Delfino CS, Palma-Dibb RG
1934 - 1938 ZrB2-based Ohmic contacts to p-GaN
Voss L, Pearton SJ, Ren F, Kravchenko II
1939 - 1945 Segregation of H, C and B to Sigma=5 (013) alpha-Fe grain boundary: A theoretical study
Gesari S, Irigoyen B, Juan A
1946 - 1952 Studies on chelating adsorption properties of novel composite material polyethyleneimine/silica gel for heavy-metal ions
Gao BJ, An FQ, Liu KK
1953 - 1959 Work function of sol-gel indium tin oxide (ITO) films on glass
Biswas PK, De A, Dua LK, Chkoda L
1960 - 1963 Microstructure array on Si and SiOx generated by micro-contact printing, wet chemical etching and reactive ion etching
Zhang H, Amro NA, Disawal S, Elghanian R, Shile R, Fragala J
1964 - 1969 Deposition of sputtered iridium oxide - Influence of oxygen flow in the reactor on the film properties
Slavcheva E, Schnakenberg U, Mokwa W
1970 - 1977 The influence of UV irradiation on surface composition. of collagen/PVP blended films
Sionkowska A, Wisniewski M, Kaczmarek H, Skopinska J, Chevallier P, Mantovani D, Lazare S, Tokarev V
1978 - 1982 Thionin adsorption on silicon (100): Structural analysis
Miotto R, Cunha JFR, da Silva SW, Soler MAG, Morais PC, Ferraz AC, Tada DB, Petri DFS, Baptista MS
1983 - 1987 In situ preparation of hydrophobic CaCO3 in the presence of sodium oleate
Sheng Y, Zhou B, Wang CY, Zhao X, Deng YH, Wang ZC
1988 - 1994 IR and XPS investigation of visible-light photocatalysis -Nitrogen-carbon-doped TiO2 film
Yang J, Bai HZ, Tan XC, Lian JS
1995 - 1998 On the surface trapping parameters of polytetrafluoroethylene block
Zhang GJ, Yang K, Zhao WB, Yan Z
1999 - 2002 The effect of oxidation on physical properties of porous silicon layers for optical applications
Pirasteh P, Charrier J, Soltani A, Haesaert S, Haji L, Godon C, Errien N
2003 - 2010 Effect of TiO2 nanoparticle size on the performance of PVDF membrane
Cao XC, Ma J, Shi XH, Ren ZJ
2011 - 2017 Validation of fuzzy logic method for automated mass spectral classification for mineral imaging
Yan B, McJunkin TR, Stoner DL, Scott JR
2018 - 2024 Calculation of the surface energy of hcp metals by using the modified embedded atom method
Zhang JM, Wang DD, Xu KW
2025 - 2030 Adsorption structures of tetracene on the Ru(10(1)over-bar-0) surface
Lu YH, Zhang HJ, Xu YF, Song B, Li HY, Bao SN, He P
2031 - 2037 Studies on electrodeposition of Fe-W alloys for fuel cell applications
Tharamani CN, Beera P, Jayaram V, Begum NS, Mayanna SM
2038 - 2042 Preparation, structures and photoluminescent enhancement of CdWO4-TiO2 composite nanofilms
Ha RP, Zhang GX, Wu QS, Ding YP
2043 - 2049 Study of leading factors in formation of surface wavy structures on a rubber material
Shih TK, Chen CF, Ho JR, Liu CY, Chuang FT
2050 - 2055 Formation of diamond-like carbon (DLC) film on the NiTi alloys via plasma immersion ion implantation and deposition (PIIID) for improving corrosion resistance
Sui JH, Cai W
2056 - 2058 Field emission from nonaligned SiC nanowires
Zhou WM, Wu YJ, Kong ESW, Zhu F, Hou ZY, Zhang YF
2059 - 2065 Memory switching of germanium tellurium amorphous semiconductor
Abdel-Aziz MM
2066 - 2070 Influence of annealing atmosphere on ZnO thin films grown by MOCVD
Sun JC, Yang TP, Du GT, Liang HW, Bian JM, Hu LZ
2071 - 2077 Growth of size-tunable periodic Ni silicide nanodot arrays on silicon substrates
Cheng SL, Lu SW, Wong SL, Chen H
2078 - 2086 Stabilization of discotic liquid organic thin films by ITO surface treatment
Archambeau S, Seguy I, Jolinat P, Farenc J, Destruel P, Nguyen TP, Bock H, Grelet E
2087 - 2092 Annealing effects on the microstructure of amorphous carbon nitride films
Wang XC, Li ZQ, Wu P, Jiang EY, Bai HL
2093 - 2095 Influence of Cr interlayer on the structure and optical properties of Ag films on glass substrate by magnetron sputtering
Sun XL, Shao JD
2096 - 2101 Improving the hydrophilicity of poly(vinylidene fluoride) porous membranes by electron beam initiated surface grafting of AA/SSS binary monomers
Liu F, Zhu BK, Xu YY
2102 - 2107 Surface modifications of ITO electrodes for polymer light-emitting devices
You ZZ, Dong JY
2108 - 2112 Effect of post-annealing temperature on the microstructure and magnetic properties of Ce : YIG thin films deposited on Si substrates
Zhou XT, Cheng WJ, Lin FT, Ma XM, Shi WZ
2113 - 2117 Corrosion resistant properties of polyaniline-acrylic coating on magnesium alloy
Sathiyanarayanan S, Azim SS, Venkatachari G
2118 - 2122 The adsorption stability & inhibition by allyl-thiourea of bulk nanocrystalline ingot iron in dilute HCl solution
Shen CB, Wang SG, Yang HY, Long K, Wang FH
2123 - 2126 Chemical synthesis of p-type nanocrystalline copper selenide thin films for heterojunction solar cells
Ambade SB, Mane RS, Kale SS, Sonawane SH, Shaikh AV, Han SH
2127 - 2131 Use of the direct negative Cu ion beam deposition for the control of the properties of Cu thin film
Kim D
2132 - 2137 Microstructure and properties of Ni-Co/nano-Al2O3 composite coatings by pulse reversal current electrodeposition
Chang LM, An MZ, Guo HF, Shi SY
2138 - 2142 Synthesis of LECBD grown cluster assembled SeO2 thin films
Rath S, Das K, Sarangi SN, Dash AK, Ray SK, Sahu SN
2143 - 2147 Influence of charged particle bombardment and sputtering parameters on the properties of HfO2 films prepared by dc reactive magnetron sputtering
Liu X, Li DJ
2148 - 2153 Fabrication of material-independent morphology gradients for high-throughput applications
Kunzler TP, Drobek T, Sprecher CM, Schuler M, Spencer ND
2154 - 2157 Morphology and structure of gold-lithium niobate thin film: A laboratory source X-ray scattering study
Hazra S
2158 - 2164 The colloidal stability and core-shell structure of magnetite nanoparticles coated with alginate
Xu XQ, Shen H, Xu JR, Xie MQ, Li XJ
2165 - 2170 Ultra-precision machining induced phase decomposition at surface of Zn-Al based alloy
To S, Zhu YH, Lee WB
2171 - 2178 Phase transformation of Ni-B, Ni-P diffusion barrier deposited electrolessly on Cu interconnect
Choi JW, Hwang GH, Han WK, Kang SG
2179 - 2188 High resolution laser beam induced current focusing for photoactive surface characterization
Fernandez-Lorenzo C, Poce-Fatou JA, Alcantara R, Navas J, Martin J
2189 - 2195 ZrO2-reinforced Ni-P plate: An effective catalytic surface for hydrogen evolution
Shibli SMA, Dilimon VS, Deepthi T
2196 - 2202 A cast seed-mediated growth method for preparing gold nanoparticle-attached indium tin oxide surfaces
Umar AA, Oyama M
2203 - 2207 Microstructure and electrical properties of (Zr, Sn)TiO4 thin film deposited on Si(100) using a sol-gel process
Yang RY, Su YK, Weng MH, Ho YS
2208 - 2216 1064-nm laser fragmentation of thin Au and Ag flakes in acetone for highly productive pathway to stable metal nanoparticles
Kawasaki M, Nishimura N
2217 - 2221 Room temperature synthesis of water repellent silica coatings by the dip coat technique
Bhagat SD, Kim YH, Ahn YS
2222 - 2225 The effect of plating on magnetron sputtering: Residual stress and scratch behavior of Au/NiCr/Ta multi-layers
Tang W, Weng XL, Deng LJ, Xu KW
2226 - 2229 Photoluminescence study of ZnO nano-islands
Zhou X, Gu SL, Wu Z, Zhu SM, Ye JD, Liu SM, Zhang R, Shi Y, Zheng YD
2230 - 2236 On the incubation effect on two thermoplastics when irradiated with ultrashort laser pulses: Broadening effects when machining microchannels
Gomez D, Goenaga I
2237 - 2243 Friction and wear behaviour of cp Ti and Ti6A14V following nitric acid passivation
Masmoudi M, Assoul M, Wery M, Abdelhedi R, El Halouani F, Monteil G
2244 - 2250 Surface segregation in HAYNES 230 alloy
Pop D, Wolski K
2251 - 2256 Electrodeposition of amorphous Ni-P coatings onto Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet substrates
Ma CB, Cao FH, Zhang Z, Zhang JQ
2257 - 2263 Synthesis and characterization of the Pd/InVO4-TiO2 co-doped thin films with visible light photocatalytic activities
Ge L, Xu MX, Fang HB
2264 - 2267 Photoconductive ultraviolet detectors based on ZnO films
Zheng XG, Li QS, Zhao JP, Chen D, Zhao B, Yang YJ, Zhang LC
2268 - 2271 Growth of highly-oriented CaCu3Ti4O12 thin films on SrTiO3 (100) substrates by a chemical solution route
Feng LX, Wang YW, Yan YY, Cao GH, Hao ZK
2272 - 2277 Influence of preheating and hematite content of clay brick pavers on the characteristics of lines marked with a Nd : YAG laser
Restrepo JW, Fernandez-Pradas JM, Gomez MA, Serra P, Morenza JL
2278 - 2281 Microwave absorption properties of composite powders with low density
Mu GH, Shen HG, Qiu JX, Gu MY
2282 - 2288 Phosphonate electrochemical recognition by molecularly imprinted deposited film
Wang CH, Li CY, Wang F, Wang CF
2289 - 2295 Cathodic deposition of CdSe films from dimethyl formamide solution at optimized temperature
Datta J, Bhattacharya C, Bandyopadhyay S
2296 - 2303 Nature and thermal stability of adsorbed intermediates formed during the reaction of diesel soot with nitrogen dioxide
Azambre B, Collura S, Trichard JM, Weber JV
2304 - 2309 A novel waterborne polyurethane containing short fluoroalkyl chains: Synthesis, characterization and its application on cotton fabrics surface
Jiang WC, Huang YG, Gu GT, Meng WD, Qing FL
2310 - 2314 Human serum albumin (HSA) adsorption onto a-SiC : H thin films deposited by hot wire chemical vapor deposition
Swain BP
2315 - 2319 ZrB2 Schottky diode contacts on n-GaN
Khanna R, Ramani K, Cracium V, Singh R, Pearton SJ, Ren F, Kravchenko II
2320 - 2326 Scratch resistance anisotropy in biaxially oriented polypropylene and poly(ethylene terephthalate) films
Nie HY, Walzak MJ, McIntyre NS
2327 - 2335 Theoretical analysis for the heterogeneous decomposition of hydrogen sulfide to hydrogen on an iron-metallic plate in a laminar stagnation-point flow
Martinez JC, Mendez F, Trevino C
2336 - 2339 The growth of thin fluorescein films on Ag (110)
Qian HQ, Mao HY, Chen Q, Song F, Hu YW, Huang H, Zhang HJ, Li HY, He PM, Bao SN
2340 - 2344 Stability of Ti/Al/ZrB2/Ti/Au ohmic contacts on n-GaN
Khanna R, Pearton SJ, Ren F, Kravchenko II
2345 - 2347 Fabrication of p-type ZnMgO codoped with Al and N using dc reactive magnetron sputtering
Ye YM, Ye ZZ, Chen LL, Zhao BH, Zhu LP
2348 - 2354 The formation of supported monodisperse Au nanoparticles by UV/ozone oxidation process
Plante MC, Garrett J, Ghosh SC, Kruse P, Schriemer H, Hall T, LaPierre RR