Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.253, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1037 - 1045 Synthesis and characterization of corrosion protective poly(2,5-dimethylaniline) coatings on copper
Shinde V, Gaikwad AB, Patil PP
1046 - 1050 XPS studies of short pulse laser interaction with copper
Stefanov P, Minkovski N, Balchev I, Avramova I, Sabotinov N, Marinova T
1051 - 1054 Nanocrystalline Ni-B coating surface strengthening pure copper
Shi ZY, Wang DQ, Ding ZM
1055 - 1064 Characterization of Ohmic contacts on GaN/AlGaN heterostructures
Kaciulis S, Pandolfi L, Viticoli S, Peroni M, Passaseo A
1065 - 1070 Illumination dependence of I-V and C-V characterization of Au/InSb/InP(100) Schottky structure
Akkal B, Benamara Z, Bouiadjra NB, Tizi S, Gruzza B
1071 - 1080 Diffusion behaviour of Nb in yttria-stabilized zirconia single crystals: A SIMS, AFM and X-ray reflectometry investigations
Kuri G, Gupta M, Schelldorfer R, Gavillet D
1081 - 1089 Thermo-stimulated surface segregation in the ordering alloy Pt80Co20(111): Experiment and modeling
Vasylyev MA, Tinkov VA, Blaschuk AG, Luyten J, Creemers C
1090 - 1094 IR wavelength-selective laser desorption via O-H and C-H stretching modes
Mihesan C, Ziskind M, Chazallon B, Therssen E, Desgroux P, Gurlui S, Focsa C
1095 - 1100 Possibilities of C 1s XPS and N(E) CKVV Auger spectroscopy for identification of inherent peculiarities of diamond growth
Dementjev AP, Maslakov KI
1101 - 1106 A strategy for immunoassay signal amplification using clusters of immunogold nanoparticles
1107 - 1110 Synthesis of styrene-maleic anhydride copolymer esters and their surface enriched properties when blending with polyethylene
Chen GF, Zhang Y, Zhou X, Xu JR
1111 - 1115 Influence of negative ion element impurities on laser induced damage threshold of HfO2 thin film
Wu SG, Tian GL, Xia ZL, Shao JD, Fan ZX
1116 - 1121 Formation and shape transition of nanostructures on Si(100) surfaces after MeV Sb implantation
Dey S, Paramanik D, Ganesan V, Varma S
1122 - 1129 Effect of focus position on informational properties of acoustic emission generated by laser-material interactions
Bordatchev EV, Nikumb SK
1130 - 1134 Characterization of a Co-Se thin film by scanning Auger microscopy and Raman spectroscopy
Teo M, Wong PC, Zhu L, Susac D, Campbell SA, Mitchell KAR, Parsons RR, Bizzotto D
1135 - 1142 Surface nano-structural modifications and characteristics in nitrogen ion implanted W as a function of temperature and N+ energy
Savaloni H, Modiri F
1143 - 1149 Elaboration of (111)-oriented La-doped PZT thin films on platinized silicon substrates
Leclerc G, Domenges B, Poullain G, Bouregba R
1150 - 1153 H uptake kinetics of FeTi films coated with Ni
Heller EMB, Vredenberg AM, Boerma DO
1154 - 1159 Effect of an in-situ applied electric field on growth of Bi4Ti3O12 films by sol-gel
Li AD, Cheng JB, Ling HQ, Wu D, Ming NB
1160 - 1164 Behaviour of discontinuous gold films on SrTiO3 substrates under annealing
Beszeda I, Kocsis T, Imreh G, Weigl F, Boyen HG, Ziemann P, Beke DL
1165 - 1169 SHI induced silicide formation and surface morphology at Co/Si system
Agarwal G, Sharma P, Jain IP
1170 - 1177 Nanosecond pulse laser melting investigation by IR radiometry and reflection-based methods
Martan J, Cibulka O, Semmar N
1178 - 1184 Investigation of IrO2-SnO2 thin film evolution from aqueous media
Vazquez-Gomez L, Horvath E, Kristof J, Redey A, De Battisti A
1185 - 1189 Pulsed laser deposition of polyhydroxybutyrate biodegradable polymer thin films using ArF excimer laser
Kecskemeti G, Smausz T, Kresz N, Toth Z, Hopp B, Chrisey D, Berkesi O
1190 - 1193 Metal-CdZnTe contact and its annealing behaviors
Li Q, He WQ, Fu L, Wang XQ, Zhang XG
1194 - 1197 Corrosion-wear monitoring of TiN coated AISI 316 stainless steel by electrochemical noise measurements
Quan ZL, Wu PQ, Tang L, Celis JP
1198 - 1204 Structural and photo-luminescence properties of nanocrystalline silicon films deposited at low temperature by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Ali AM, Inokuma T, Hasegawa S
1205 - 1214 Study to improve the quality of a Mexican straight run gasoil over NiMo/gamma-Al2O3 catalysts
Dominguez-Crespo MA, Diaz-Garcia L, Arce-Estrada EM, Torres-Huerta AM, Cortez-De la Paz MT
1215 - 1221 Characteristics of sputtered Ta-B-N thin films as diffusion barriers between copper and silicon
Lin ST, Lee C
1222 - 1226 Stress driven phase transformation in ZrO2 film
Benali B, Ghysel MH, Gallet I, Huntz AM, Andrieux M
1227 - 1235 Catalytic growth of TiO2 nanowires from a TiN thin film
Dupuis AC, Jodin L, Rouviere E
1236 - 1242 Surface studies of niobium chemically polished under conditions for superconducting radio frequency (SRF) cavity production
Tian H, Reece CE, Kelley MJ, Wang SC, Plucinski L, Smith KE, Nowelle MM
1243 - 1246 Si layer transfer to InP substrate using low-temperature wafer bonding
Arokiaraj J, Tripathy S, Vicknesh S, Chua SJ
1247 - 1254 Laser synthesis of palladium-alumina composite membranes for production of high purity hydrogen from gasification
Singh B, Sheth AC, Dahotre NB
1255 - 1259 Use of TiB2 diffusion barriers for Ni/Au ohmic contacts on p-GaN
Voss L, Khanna R, Pearton SJ, Ren F, Kravchenko II
1260 - 1264 Effect of Al content on the properties of Cr1-xAlxC films prepared by RF reactive magnetron sputtering
Fu TC, Li GW
1265 - 1268 Characterization of conductance under finite bias for a self-assembled monolayer coated Au quantized point contact
Zheng T, Ha H, Wallace RM, Gnade BE
1269 - 1273 Comparison of CH4/H-2 and C2H6/H-2 inductively coupled plasma etching of ZnO
Lim W, Voss L, Khanna R, Gila BP, Norton DP, Pearton SJ, Ren F
1274 - 1281 Influence of surface energy and relative humidity on AFM nanomechanical contact stiffness
Hurley DC, Kopycinska-Muller A, Julthongpiput D, Fasolka MJ
1282 - 1286 Optimization of the surface texture for silicon carbide sliding in water
Wang XL, Adachi K, Otsuka K, Kato K
1287 - 1290 The effect of hydrogen as an additive in reactive ion etching of GaAs for obtaining polished surface
Dultsev FN, Nenasheva LA
1291 - 1298 Hydrocarbons imbibition for geometrical characterization of porous media through the effective radius approach
Labajos-Broncano L, Antequera-Barroso JA, Gonzalez-Martin ML, Bruque JM
1299 - 1303 The effect of femtosecond laser micromachining on the surface characteristics and subsurface microstructure of amorphous FeCuNbSiB alloy
Jia W, Peng ZN, Wang ZJ, Ni XC, Wang CY
1304 - 1309 The importance of the series resistance in calculating the characteristic parameters of the Schottky contacts
Aydin ME, Akkilic K, Kilicoglu T
1310 - 1322 Carbon monoxide oxidation over well-defined Pt/ZrO2 model catalysts: Bridging the material gap
Wootsch A, Descorme C, Rousselet S, Duprez D, Ternplier C
1323 - 1329 Physico-chemical and electrical properties of rapid thermal oxides on Ge-rich SiGe heterolayers
Das R, Bera MK, Chakraborty S, Saha S, Woitok JF, Maiti CK
1330 - 1342 Mechanical properties and the evolution of matrix molecules in PTFE upon irradiation with MeV alpha particles
Fisher GL, Lakis RE, Davis CC, Szakal C, Swadener JG, Wetteland CJ, Winograd N
1343 - 1348 Volatile corrosion inhibitor film formation on carbon steel surface and its inhibition effect on the atmospheric corrosion of carbon steel
Zhang DQ, An ZX, Pan QY, Gao LX, Zhou GD
1349 - 1355 Scale-dependent nature of the surface fractal dimension for bi- and multi-disperse porous solids by mercury porosimetry
Zhang BQ, Liu W, Liu XF
1356 - 1364 Structural and electrical analysis of S+ ion bombarded p-InP(100)
Zhao Q, Zhai GJ, Kwok RWM
1365 - 1370 Characterization of a thin CeO2-ZrO2-Y2O3 films electrochemical deposited on stainless steel
Avramova I, Stoychev D, Marinova T
1371 - 1378 2-mercapto-1-methylimidazole as corrosion inhibitor for copper in hydrochloric acid
Larabi L, Benali O, Mekelleche SM, Harek Y
1379 - 1386 Capacitance dispersion in electrochemical impedance spectroscopy measurements of iodide adsorption on Au(111)
Neves RS, De Robertis E, Motheo AJ
1387 - 1392 Novel luminescent RE/TiO2 (RE = Eu, Gd) catalysts prepared by in-situation sol-gel approach construction of multi-functional precursors and their photo or photocatalytic oxidation properties
Zhou W, Zheng YH, Wu GH
1393 - 1398 Oxidation and contact resistance of Sn-Ag coated superconducting strands for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)
Scheuerlein C, Taborelli M, Cantoni M
1399 - 1403 Electrodeposition and magnetic properties of Ni nanowire arrays on anodic aluminum oxide/Ti/Si substrate
Xu CL, Li H, Zhao GY, Li HL
1404 - 1410 Effect of temperature on the sliding wear behavior of laser surface alloyed Ni-base on Al-Mg-Si alloy
Chuang YC, Lee SC, Lin HC
1411 - 1416 Investigation on the direct laser metallic powder deposition process via temperature measurement
Bi GJ, Gasser A, Wissenbach K, Drenker A, Poprawe R
1417 - 1423 High-throughput concept for tailoring switchable mirrors
Borgschulte A, Gremaud R, de Man S, Westerwaal RJ, Rector JH, Dam B, Griessen R
1424 - 1430 Microstructure study of direct laser fabricated Ti alloys using powder and wire
Wang FD, Mei J, Wu XH
1431 - 1434 Cleaning with water decomposed products obtained by laser irradiation
Hidai H, Tokura H
1435 - 1442 XRD, XPS and AFM studies of the unknown phase formed on the surface during electrodeposition of Ni-W alloy
Juskenas R, Valsiunas I, Pakstas V, Selskis A, Jasulaitiene V, Karpaviciene V, Kapocius V
1443 - 1446 Morphology of femtosecond laser-induced structural changes in KTP crystal
Li YH, Lu PX, Dai NL, Long H, Wang Y, Yu BH
1447 - 1450 Wet oxidation behaviors of Hi-Nicalon fibers
Wu SJ, Cheng LF, Zhang LT, Xu YD, Zhang J, Mei H
1451 - 1458 Structural and electrical properties of fluorine doped tin oxide films prepared by spray-pyrolysis technique
Ramaiah KS, Raja VS
1459 - 1463 Effect of plasma treatment on interface property of BCN/GaN structure
Shimada Y, Chikamatsu K, Kimura C, Aoki H, Sugino T
1464 - 1468 Microtrench of oxynitride thin films in C2F6 inductively coupled plasma
Kim B, Lee BT
1469 - 1472 Kinetics of slow collapse process: Thermodynamic description of rate constants
Weis M
1473 - 1479 X-PEEM/NEXAFS and AFM of polypyrrole and copper micro-patterns on insulating fluoropolymer substrates
Kappen P, Hale PS, Brack N, Prissanaroon W, Pigram PJ
1480 - 1483 AFM investigation on surface evolution of amorphous carbon during ion-beam-assisted deposition
Zhu XD, Ding F, Naramoto H, Narumi K
1484 - 1488 Reactive sputtering: A method to modify the metallic ratio in the novel silver-copper oxides
Pierson JF, Wiederkehr D, Chappe JM, Martin N
1489 - 1493 La1-xCaxCoO3 perovskite-type oxides: Identification of the surface oxygen species by XPS
Merino NA, Barbero BP, Eloy P, Cadus LE
1494 - 1499 Study on the microstructure and wear resistance of the composite coatings fabricated on Ti-6Al-4V under different processing conditions
Tian YS, Chen CZ, Chen LB, Chen LX
1500 - 1505 Investigation the effects of the excess Pb content and annealing conditions on the microstructure and ferroelectric properties of PZT (52-48) films prepared by sol-gel method
Chen Z, Zeng Y, Yang CT, Yang BC
1506 - 1511 The effect of fluorine-based plasma treatment on morphology and chemical surface composition of biocompatible silicone elastomer
Szmigiel D, Domanski K, Prokaryn P, Grabiec P, Sobczak JW
1512 - 1516 Direct observation of dynamic shape transformation and coalescence in platinum nanosheets on graphite surface at room temperature by time-resolved AFM
Kawasaki H, Sakai G, Kijima T
1517 - 1521 Organic thin films based on a dicyanovinyl-quaterthiophene: Influence of electrode configuration on third-order nonlinear optical properties measured by electroabsorption spectroscopy
Videlot-Ackermann C, Isoshima T, Yassar A, Wada T, Sasabe H, Fichou D
1522 - 1527 Structure and properties of transparent conductive doped ZnO films by pulsed laser deposition
Park SM, Ikegami T, Ebihara K, Shin PK
1528 - 1533 Adsorption behaviors of V2O5 nanowires on binary mixed self-assembled monolayers
Koo JP, Kim YK, Ha JS
1534 - 1539 Graft and characterization of 9-vinylcarbazole conjugated molecule on hydrogen-terminated silicon surface
Yao HP, Dai YJ, Feng JC, Wei W, Huang W
1540 - 1543 Synthesis of MgB2 films by diffusion of magnesium into electrophoretically deposited boron films
Hyam RS, Subhedar KM, Pawar SH
1544 - 1550 Field emission from ZnS nanorods synthesized by radio frequency magnetron sputtering technique
Ghosh PK, Maiti UN, Jana S, Chattopadhyay KK
1551 - 1554 Improved performance and stability by an Al/Ni bilayer cathode in organic light-emitting diodes
Shi SW, Ma DG
1555 - 1560 Production of two-dimensional periodical structures by laser interference irradiation on bi-layered metallic thin films
Lasagni A, Holzapfel C, Mucklich F
1561 - 1565 Y2O3 stabilized ZrO2 thin films deposited by electron beam evaporation: Structural, morphological characterization and laser induced damage threshold
Wu SG, Zhang HY, Tian GL, Xia ZL, Shao HD, Fan ZX
1566 - 1572 Organic modification of TEOS based silica aerogels using hexadecyltrimethoxysilane as a hydrophobic reagent
Hegde ND, Rao AV
1573 - 1580 Laser-induced site-selective silver seeding on polyimide for electroless copper plating
Chen DS, Lu QH, Zhao Y
1581 - 1583 Silicon etching in Cl-2 environment
Knizikevicius R
1584 - 1589 Microstructure and wear properties of laser clad Cu-ss/Cr5Si3 metal silicide composite coatings
Yin YX, Wang HM
1590 - 1594 X-ray multiple diffraction in the characterization of TiNO and TiO2 thin films grown on Si(001)
Chiaramonte T, Abramof E, Fabreguette F, Sacilotti M, Cardoso LP
1595 - 1600 Enhancing the adhesive bonding strength of NiTi shape memory alloys by laser gas nitriding and selective etching
Man HC, Zhao NQ
1601 - 1605 Effect of carbon source on the carbothermal reduction for the fabrication of ZnO nanostructure
Lim YS, Park JW, Kim MS, Kim J
1606 - 1610 Study on structure change of carbon nanotubes depending on different reaction gases
Wang TZ, Wang BB
1611 - 1615 Nano-structured Fe thin film deposition using plasma focus device
Rawat RS, Zhang T, Gan KST, Lee P, Ramanujan RV
1616 - 1619 Parametric study on femtosecond laser pulse ablation of Au films
Ni XC, Wang CY, Yang L, Li JP, Chai L, Jia W, Zhang RB, Zhang ZG
1620 - 1625 Positive secondary Ion emission from Si1-xGex bombarded by O-2(+)
Mikami A, Okazawa T, Saito K, Kido Y
1626 - 1630 Pump-dependent luminescence in the Ag nanoparticles doped by Erbium
Ebothe J, Ozga K, Umar AA, Oyama M, Kityk IV
1631 - 1638 Nanostructured two-phase nc-TiN/a-(TiB2, BN) nanocomposite thin films
Lu YH, Shen YG, Li KY
1639 - 1643 The influence of different doping elements on microstructure, piezoelectric coefficient and resistivity of sputtered ZnO film
Wang XB, Song C, Li DM, Geng KW, Zeng F, Pan F
1644 - 1648 Incorporation of nano zinc oxide for improvement of electroless nickel plating
Shibli SMA, Jabeera B, Anupama RI
1649 - 1654 Effects of temperature and velocity of droplet ejection process of simulated nanojets onto a moving plate's surface
Fang TH, Chang WJ, Lin SL
1655 - 1659 Large well-aligned nanostructures of beta-Ga2O3 synthesized by microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition
Zhu F, Yang ZX, Zhou WM, Zhang YF
1660 - 1665 Deposition of Fe-Ni nanoparticles on Al2O3 for dechlorination of chloroform and trichloroethylene
Hsieh SH, Horng JJ
1666 - 1672 Superior thermal stability of Ta/TaN bi-layer structure for copper metallization
Xie Q, Qu XP, Tan JJ, Jiang YL, Zhou M, Chen T, Ru GP
1673 - 1676 Influence of substrate temperature on surface structure and electrical resistivity of the evaporated tin sulphide films
Devika M, Reddy NK, Ramesh K, Ganesan V, Gopal ESR, Reddy KTR
1677 - 1682 XPS depth profiling study of n/TCO interfaces for p-i-n amorphous silicon solar cells
Sheng SR, Hao HY, Diao HW, Zeng XB, Xu Y, Liao XB, Monchesky TL