Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.253, No.23 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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9047 - 9053 Using a chemical concept for reactivity for the interpretation of STM images of physisorbed molecules
Gawronski H, Henzi J, Simic-Milosevic V, Morgenstern K
9054 - 9060 Stable highly hydrophobic and oleophilic meshes for oil-water separation
Wang QJ, Cui Z, Mao Y, Chen QM
9061 - 9066 Corrosion behavior of boride layers evaluated by the EIS technique
Campos I, Palomar-Pardave M, Amador A, VillaVelazquez C, Hadad J
9067 - 9072 Surface improvement and biocompatibility of TiAl24Nb10 intermetallic alloy using rf plasma nitriding
Ei-Rahman AMA, Maitz MF, Kassem MA, El-Hossary F, Prokert F, Reuther H, Pham MT, Richter E
9073 - 9076 Field emission from nano-patterned amorphous carbon
Wang ZM, Wang J, Li DJ
9077 - 9080 GaN films deposited by middle-frequency magnetron sputtering
Zou CW, Yin ML, Li M, Guo LP, Fu DJ
9081 - 9084 Modification of the organic/La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 interface by in situ gas treatment
Wang XZ, Ding XM, Li ZS, Zhan YQ, Bergenti I, Dediu VA, Taliani C, Xie ZT, Ding BF, Hou XY, Zhang WH, Xu FQ
9085 - 9090 Surface characterization and microstructure of ITO thin films at different annealing temperatures
Raoufi D, Kiasatpour A, Fallah HR, Rozatian ASH
9091 - 9098 Perovskite thin films grown by direct liquid injection MOCVD
Andrieux M, Gasqueres C, Legros C, Gallet I, Herbst-Ghysel M, Condat M, Kessler VG, Seisenbaeva GA, Heintz O, Poissonnet S
9099 - 9104 The influence of preparative parameters on the adhesion of alumina washcoats deposited on metallic supports
Jia JS, Zhou J, Zhang HU, Yuan ZS, Wang SD
9105 - 9111 Ferrite stabilization induced by molybdenum enrichment in the surface of unalloyed iron sintered in an abnormal glow discharge
Pavanati HC, Lourenco JM, Maliska AM, Klein AN, Muzart JLR
9112 - 9115 In situ measurement of the surface stress evolution during magnetron sputter-deposition of Ag thin film
Lee SH, Park JK
9116 - 9123 Layer uniformity in glucose oxidase immobilization on SiO2 surfaces
Libertino S, Scandurra A, Aiello V, Giannazzo F, Sinatra F, Renis M, Fichera M
9124 - 9129 Correlation between substrate bias, growth process and structural properties of phosphorus incorporated tetrahedral amorphous carbon films
Liu AP, Zhu JQ, Han JC, Wu HP, Jia ZC
9130 - 9136 Poly-benzyl domains grown on porous silicon and their I-V rectification
Chao J, Han HM, Xia B, Ba L, Liu HB, Xiao SJ
9137 - 9141 Modeling the effects of cohesive energy for single particle on the material removal in chemical mechanical polishing at atomic scale
Wang YG, Zhao YW, An W, Wang J
9142 - 9147 Coexistent compressive and tensile strain in Ag thin films on Si(111)-(7 x 7) surfaces
Goswami DK, Bhattacharjee K, Satpati B, Roy S, Kuri G, Satyam PV, Dev BN
9148 - 9153 Density functional study of initial HfCl4 adsorption and decomposition reactions on silicon surfaces with SiON interfacial layer
Ren J, Sun B, Zhang DW
9154 - 9158 Synthesis, characterization and infrared emissivity study of polyurethane/TiO2 nanocomposites
Chen J, Zhou YM, Nan QL, Sun YQ, Ye XY, Wang ZQ
9159 - 9163 Field emission investigations of RuO2-doped SnO2 wires
Bhise AB, Late DJ, Ramgir NS, More MA, Mulla IS, Pillai VK, Joag DS
9164 - 9176 Corrosion behaviour of AISI 304 stainless steel with Cu coatings in H2SO4
Pardo A, Merino MC, Coy AE, Arrabal R, Viejo F, M'hich A
9177 - 9184 Laser-assisted modification of polystyrene surfaces for cell culture applications
Pfleging W, Bruns M, Welle A, Wilson S
9185 - 9190 Post-deposition atomic terraces growth of ZnO thin films deposited on epi-GaN templates
Okato T, Sakano T, Obara M, Kappers MJ, Blaraire MG
9191 - 9197 Amorphous hydrogenated carbon coatings on IC packaging mold by ECR-CVD system
Guo CT, Chen PC
9198 - 9202 Influence of laser treatment on the corrosion properties of plasma-sprayed Ni-coated WC coatings
Xie GZ, Zhang JX, Lu YJ, He ZY, Hu B, Zhang DJ, Wang KY, Lin PH
9203 - 9208 Surface modification of Ti dental implants by Nd: YVO4 laser irradiation
Braga FJC, Marques RFC, Filho EDA, Guastaldi AC
9209 - 9214 AFM study of BSA adlayers on Au stripes
Tencer M, Charbonneau R, Lahoud N, Berini P
9215 - 9220 Tin-Platinum catalysts interactions on titania and silica
Nava N, Del Angel P, Salfhones J, Baggio-Saitovitch E, Santiago R
9221 - 9227 Dissociative adsorption and thermal evolution of dichloroethylenes on Ni(100)
Xu SH, Yang X, He ZH, Leung KT
9228 - 9233 Comparison of plasma chemistries for the dry etching of bulk single-crystal zinc-oxide and rf-sputtered indium-zinc-oxide films
Lim WT, Stafford L, Wright JS, Vossa LF, Khanna R, Song JI, Park JS, Heo YW, Lee JH, Kim JJ, Norton DP, Pearton SJ
9234 - 9240 Residual stresses and white layer in electric discharge machining (EDM)
Ekmekci B
9241 - 9247 Characterisation of porous doped ZnO thin films deposited by spray pyrolysis technique
Allah FK, Abe SY, Nunez CM, Khelil A, Cattin L, Morsli M, Bernede JC, Bougrine A, del Valle MA, Diaz FR
9248 - 9253 The effects of hydrogen plasma pretreatment on the formation of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes
Wang WP, Wen HC, Jian SR, Juang JY, Lai YS, Tsai CH, Wu WF, Chen KT, Chou CP
9254 - 9258 The effects of activated carbon supports on the structure and properties of TiO2 nanoparticles prepared by a sol-gel method
Li Y, Zhang S, Yu Q, Yin W
9259 - 9266 Thioglycolic. acid (TGA) assisted hydrothermal synthesis of SnS nanorods and nanosheets
Biswas S, Kar S, Chaudhuri S
9267 - 9276 Enhanced corrosion resistance of mild steel in normal sulfuric acid medium by 2,5-bis(n-thienyl)-1,3,4-thiadiazoles: Electrochemical, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and theoretical studies
Lebrini M, Lagrenee A, Traisnel A, Gengembre L, Vezin H, Bentiss F
9277 - 9282 Effects of organic acids on the size-controlled synthesis of rutile TiO2 nanorods
Jiang YH, Yin HB, Sun YM, Liu H, Lei LX, Chen KM, Wada YJ
9283 - 9289 Influence of aramid fiber moisture regain during atmospheric plasma treatment on aging of treatment effects on surface wettability and bonding strength to epoxy
Ren Y, Wang CX, Qiu YP