Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.253, No.21 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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8571 - 8574 Fabrication and optical properties of 3D composite photonic crystals of core-shell structures
Liu YP, Yan ZJ, Lan W, Huang CM, Wang YY
8575 - 8580 Induced assembly and photoluminescence of lanthanum (Tb, Eu, Dy) complexes/ZnO/polyetylene glycol hybrid phosphors
Yan B, Chen X, Wu JH
8581 - 8583 Modulation grating achieved by two interfered femtosecond laser pulses on the surface of the silica glass
Guo ZY, Qu SL, Ran LL, Liu ST
8584 - 8587 Temperature dependent energy-dispersive X-ray diffraction and magnetic study of Fe/Al interface
Brajpuriya R, Tripathi S, Sharma A, Chaudhari SM, Phase DM, Gupta A, Shripathi T, Leitenberger W, Pietsch U, Laxmi N
8588 - 8591 Electrochemically deposited photoactive CdIn2Se4 thin films: Structural and optical studies
Ahn JH, Cai G, Mane RS, Todkar VV, Shaikh AV, Chung H, Yoon MY, Han SH
8592 - 8596 Spinel LiMn2O4 active material with high capacity retention
Li XF, Xu YL
8597 - 8601 Investigation of electrical properties of organic 4-tricyanovinyl-N,N-diethylaniline thin film
El-Nahass MM, Zeyada HM, Abd-El-Rahman KF, Darwish AAA
8602 - 8606 Scaling of submonolayer island growth with reversible adatom exchange in surfactant-mediated epitaxy
Wang DM, Wang ZP, Zhu H
8607 - 8614 Anatase TiO2 films based CO gas sensor: Film thickness, substrate and temperature effects
Al-Homoudi IA, Thakur JS, Naik R, Auner GW, Newaz G
8615 - 8619 Effect of the Pd-Au thin film thickness uniformity on the performance of an optical fiber hydrogen sensor
Luna-Moreno D, Monzon-Hernandez D
8620 - 8625 Atomistic simulation of the self-diffusion in Fe (111) surface
Wen YN, Zhang HM, Xu KW
8626 - 8631 Corrosion behavior of X-70 pipe steel in near-neutral pH solution
Niu L, Cheng YF
8632 - 8636 Influence of experimental parameters on physical properties of porous silicon and oxidized porous silicon layers
Charrier J, Alaiwan V, Pirasteh P, Naiar A, Gadonna A
8637 - 8646 Study of surface treatment processes for improvement in the wettability of silicon-based materials used in high aspect ratio through-via copper electroplating
Dixit P, Chen X, Miao JM, Divakaran S, Preisser R
8647 - 8651 Effects of hydrogen plasma annealing on the luminescence from a-Si : H/SiO2 and nc-Si/SiO2 multilayers
Rui YJ, Chen DY, Xu J, Li W, Cen ZH, Huang XF, Chen KJ
8652 - 8656 Study of the effects of an adatom Sn on the Cu surface electromigration using a first principles method
Yu C, Liu JY, Lu H, Chen JM
8657 - 8660 Formation of silicon nanodots from dysprosium-doped amorphous SiCxOy films grown by hot-filament assisted chemical vapor deposition of CH3SiH3 and Dy(DPM)(3) gas jets
Ikoma Y, Masaki T, Kawai S, Motooka T
8661 - 8668 Mg2+ substitutions in ZnO-Al2O3 thin films and its effect on the optical absorption spectra of the nanocomposite
Das S, Chaudhuri S
8669 - 8673 Oxygen plasma functionalization of poly (p-phenilene sulphide)
Cvelbar U, Mozetic M, Junkar I, Vesel A, Kovac J, Drenik A, Vrlinic T, Hauptman N, Klanjsek-Gunde M, Markoli B, Krstujovic N, Milosevic S, Gaboriau F, Belmonte T
8674 - 8681 Bacterial adhesion on ion-implanted stainless steel surfaces
Zhao Q, Liu Y, Wang C, Wang S, Peng N, Jeynes C
8682 - 8688 Oxidation temperature dependent optical properties of bismuth oxide thin films: Effect of vapour chopping and air exposure
Patil RB, Puri RK, Puri V
8689 - 8694 Effect of swift (similar to 100 MeV) heavy ion irradiation on surface morphology and electronic transport in Fe film on Si substrate
Tripathi JK, Srivastava PC
8695 - 8698 The analysis of structural and electronic environments of silicon network in HWCVD deposited a-SiC : H films
Swain BP
8699 - 8704 Oxidation and reduction of thin Ru films by gas plasma
Iwasaki Y, Izumi A, Tsurumaki H, Namiki A, Oizumi H, Nishiyama I
8705 - 8712 Preparation and performance of polysulfone-sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone) blend ultrafiltration membranes. Part I
Arthanareeswaran G, Mohan D, Raajenthiren M
8713 - 8717 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic studies on phase identification and quantification of nickel aluminides
Ohtsu N, Oku M, Shishido T, Wagatsuma K
8718 - 8724 Effect Of O-2 gas partial pressure on structures and dielectric characteristics of rf sputtered ZrO2 thin films
Ma CY, Lapostolle F, Briois P, Zhang QY
8725 - 8728 Dependence of electron and positron backscattering coefficients on Al film thickness
Bentabet A, Bouarissa N
8729 - 8733 Spatial dependence of the local field enhancement in dielectric shell coated silver nanospheres
Zhu J
8734 - 8742 Electrochemical and molecular simulation studies on the corrosion inhibition of 5,10,15,20-tetraphenylporphyrin adlayers on iron surface
Feng YY, Chen SH, Guo WJ, Liu GZ, Ma HF, Wu L
8743 - 8748 Etching of SiC by energetic F-2: Molecular dynamics simulation
Gou F, Liang MC, Chen Z, Qian Q
8749 - 8753 Effects of gas composition on the growth of multi-walled carbon nanotube
Fang TH, Chang WJ, Lu DM, Lien WC
8754 - 8761 Preparation of alumina/silica core-shell abrasives and their CMP behavior
Lei H, Zhang PZ
8762 - 8771 Heterogeneity of activated carbons in adsorption of aniline from aqueous solutions
Podkoscielny R, Laszlo K
8772 - 8781 Characterization of Ti6A14V implant surface treated by Nd : YAG laser and emery paper for orthopaedic applications
Khosroshahi ME, Mahmoodi M, Tavakoli J
8782 - 8787 Influence of deposition conditions on the microstructure of oxides thin films
Tian GL, Wu SG, Shu KY, Qin LS, Shao JD
8788 - 8793 Influence of thermal treatment of low dielectric constant SiOC(-H) films using MTES/O-2 deposited by PECVD
Navamathavan R, Kim SH, Jang YJ, Jung AS, Choi CK
8794 - 8797 A spectroscopic study of uranium(VI) interaction with magnetite
El Aamrani S, Gimenez J, Rovira M, Seco F, Grive M, Bruno J, Duro L, de Pablo J
8798 - 8801 Fabrication and characterization of Fe3+-doped titania semiconductor electrodes with p-n homojunction devices
Liau LCK, Lin CC
8802 - 8809 A frequency response study of thiophene adsorption in zeolite catalysts
Li FF, Song LJ, Duan L, Li XQ, Sun ZL