Applied Surface Science

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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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409 - 411 Thickness dependence of electrical properties of ITO film deposited on a plastic substrate by RF magnetron sputtering
Kim DH, Park MR, Lee HJ, Lee GH
412 - 416 Characterization of ion species of silicon oxide films using positive and negative secondary ion mass spectra
Chiba K, Nakamura S
417 - 420 Dependence of excess bismuth content in precursor sols on ferroelectric and dielectric properties of Bi3.25La0.75Ti3O12 thin films fabricated by chemical solution deposition
Zhong XL, Wang JB, Yang SX, Zhou YC
421 - 424 Use of successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction (SILAR) method for amorphous titanium dioxide thin films growth
Kale SS, Mane RS, Chung H, Yoon MY, Lokhande CD, Han SH
425 - 431 Fabrication and characterization of facing-target reactive sputtered polycrystalline TiO2 films
Li GK, Shen JJ, Mi WB, Li ZQ, Wu P, Jiang EY, Bai HL
432 - 438 Effect of cerium ions on corrosion inhibition of PANI for iron in 0.5 M H2SO4
Jeyaprabha C, Sathiyanarayanan S, Venkatachari G
439 - 443 Effects of experimental parameters on composition of boron carbon nitride thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering
Liu LH, Zhao YN, Tao YC, Yang DP, Ma HM, Li YG
444 - 448 Growth process of beta-FeSi2 epitaxial film on Si(111) by molecular beam epitaxy
Ji SY, Wang JF, Lim JW, Isshiki M
449 - 458 Microstructure effect on microtopography of chemically etched alpha plus beta Ti alloys
Lim PY, She PL, Shih HC
459 - 463 Optical properties of cadmium sulfide nanocrystal film prepared by electrochemical synthesis at liquid-liquid interface
Luan YM, An MZ, Lu GQ
464 - 467 A nanoindentation study of the mechanical properties of ZnO thin films on (0001) sapphire
Navamathavan R, Kim KK, Hwang DK, Park SJ, Hahn JH, Lee TG, Kim GS
468 - 475 Study on the deterioration process of a chromium-free conversion coating on AZ91D magnesium alloy in NaCl solution
Zhao M, Wu SS, An P, Luo JR
476 - 479 Ultraviolet photoconductive detector based on Al doped ZnO films prepared by sol-gel method
Xu ZQ, Deng H, Xie J, Li Y, Zu XT
480 - 484 Process of direct copper plating on ABS plastics
Wang GX, Li N, Hu HL, Yu YC
485 - 487 Synthesis and photoluminescence of single-crystal GaN nanorods prepared by sol-gel method
Wu YX, Xue CS, Zhuang HZ, Tian DH, Liu YA
488 - 492 Distribution and formation of molecularly thin lubricants by thermostatic high vacuum AFM
Pang CJ, Bai MW
493 - 501 The effect of pH and role of Ni2+ in zinc phosphating of 2024-Al alloy. Part I: Macroscopic studies with XPS and SEM
Akhtar AS, Wong KC, Mitchell KAR
502 - 509 The effect of pH and role of Ni2+ in zinc phosphating of 2024-Al alloy. Part II: Microscopic studies with SEM and SAM
Akhtar AS, Susac D, Wong PC, Mitchell KAR
510 - 514 Study of ZnO-coated SnO2 nanostructures synthesized by a two-step process
Kim HW, Shim SH
515 - 518 Optical characteristics of MBE grown GaMnAs embedded with MnAs clusters
Parchinskiy PB, Yu FC, Jeong SY, Gao CX, Kim D, Kim H, Ihm YE
519 - 524 XPS study of the surfactant film adsorbed onto growing titania nanoparticles
Cappelletti G, Bianchi CL, Ardizzone S
525 - 529 Synthesis and characterization of silica microspheres functionalized with porphyrin monolayer
Li XQ, Zhang L, Mu J
530 - 534 Copper diffusion in Ti-Si-N layers formed by inductively coupled plasma implantation
Ee YC, Chen Z, Law SB, Xu S, Yakovlev NL, Lai MY
535 - 542 Highly concentrated toluene decomposition on the dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) plasma-photocatalytic hybrid system with Mn-Ti-incorporated mesoporous silicate photocatalyst (Mn-Ti-MPS)
Ban JY, Son YH, Kang M, Choung SJ
543 - 548 Langmuir-Blodgett and Langmuir-Schaefer films of poly (5-amino-1-naphthol) conjugated polymer
Rubinger CPL, Moreira RL, Cury LA, Fontes GN, Neves BRA, Meneguzzi A, Ferreira CA
549 - 554 Growth of Ag thin films on ZnO(000-1) investigated by AES and STM
Duriau E, Agouram S, Morhain C, Seldrum T, Sporken R, Dumont J
555 - 560 Effect of the addition of oxo-anions on the corrosion and passivation of tin in synthetic industrial water
Addi EHA, Bazzi L, Elhilali M, Salghi R, Hammouti B, Mihit M
561 - 565 Surfactant effect of Sb on the growth of MnSi1.7 layers on Si(001)
Mogilatenko A, Falke M, Hortenbach H, Teichert S, Beddies G, Hinneberg HJ
566 - 571 Caffeine as non-toxic corrosion inhibitor for copper in aqueous solutions of potassium nitrate
Fallavena T, Antonow M, Goncalves RS
572 - 580 Ammonia adsorption and decomposition on silica supported Rh nanoparticles observed by in situ attenuated total reflection infrared spectroscopy
Leewis CM, Kessels WMM, van de Sanden MCM, Niemantsverdriet JW
581 - 585 A simple and low temperature process for super-hydrophilic rutile TiO2 thin films growth
Mane RS, Joo OS, Min SK, Lokhande CD, Han SH
586 - 591 Simulation of dynamics of phase transitions in CdTe by pulsed laser irradiation
Zhvavyi SP, Zykov GL
592 - 599 Electrochemical behavior and microstructural characterization of 1026 Ni-B coated steel
Contreras A, Leon C, Jimenez O, Sosa E, Perez R
600 - 605 A non-thermal lattice gas model for a dimer-trimer reaction on a catalytic surface: A computer simulation study
Ahmad W, Parvez M, Baloach MK, Qaisrani AU, Khalid M
606 - 617 Transmission electron microscopy studies of HfO2 thin films grown by chloride-based atomic layer deposition
Mitchell DRG, Aidla A, Aarik J
618 - 626 Superior refractive index tailoring properties in composite ZrO2/SiO2 thin film systems achieved through reactive electron beam codeposition process
Sahoo NK, Thakur S, Tokas RB
627 - 638 Quantitative analysis of multi-element oxide thin films by angle-resolved XPS: Application to ultra-thin oxide films on MgAl substrates
Jeurgens LPH, Vinodh MS, Mittemeijer EJ
639 - 645 Surface morphology of DyxOy films grown on Si
Lawniczak-Jablonska K, Babushkina NV, Dynowska E, Malyshev SA, Romanova LI, Zhygulin DV, Laiho T
646 - 650 Nanoimprint lithography using IR laser irradiation
Grigaliunas V, Tamulevicius S, Muehlberger M, Jucius D, Guobiene A, Kopustinskas V, Gudonyte A
651 - 654 Barrier height imaging of Si(111)3 x I-Ag reconstructed surfaces
Furuhashi T, Oshima Y, Hirayama H
655 - 661 Metal contacts to n-GaN
Dobos L, Pecz B, Toth L, Horvath ZJ, Horvath ZE, Toth A, Horvath E, Beaumont B, Bougrioua Z
662 - 667 Study of the interplay of vaporisation, melt displacement and melt ejection mechanisms under multiple pulse irradiation of metals
Fishburn JM, Withford MJ, Coutts DW, Piper JA
668 - 673 Studies on surface modification of UHMWPE fibers via UV initiated grafting
Wang JL, Liang GZ, Zhao W, Lu SH, Zhang ZP
674 - 678 Growth process and wear resistance for ceramic coatings formed on Al-Cu-Mg alloy by micro-arc oxidation
Wang CX, Zhang D, Jiang YF
679 - 682 Thermal analysis of electron gun for travelling wave tubes
Bhat KS, Sreedevi K, Ravi M
683 - 688 The adsorption behavior and corrosion inhibition mechanism of anionic inhibitor on galvanic electrode in 1% NaCl solution
Ai JZ, Guo XP, Chen ZY
689 - 697 Potential dependence of cuprous/cupric duplex film growth on copper electrode in alkaline media
He JB, Lu DY, Jin GP
698 - 702 Energy and volume expansion in Ag [$(1)over-bar-$ 1 0] STGB
Huang YH, Zhang JM, Xu KW
703 - 707 Removal of chemisorbed lubricant on the surface of silver flakes by chemicals
Tan FT, Qiao XL, Chen JG
708 - 713 Optimal design of a convergent-barrel cold spray nozzle by numerical method
Li WY, Liao HL, Wang HT, Li CJ, Zhang G, Coddet C
714 - 719 A transmission electron microscopy study on the atomic arrangement and grain growth of hexagonal structured Ge2Sb2Te5
Park YJ, Lee JY, Kim YT
720 - 725 Preparation of TiO2 thin films from autoclaved Sol containing needle-like anatase crystals
Ge L, Xu MX, Fang HB, Sun M
726 - 729 Enhanced hardness in B-doped ZnO thin films on fused quartz substrates by pulsed-laser deposition
Zhao SQ, Zhou YL, Liu YZ, Zhao K, Wang SF, Xiang WF, Liu Z, Han P, Zhang Z, Chen ZH, Lu HB, Jin KJ, Cheng BL, Yang GZ
730 - 745 A computational analysis of the ballistic performance of light-weight hybrid composite armors
Grujicic M, Pandurangan B, Koudela KL, Cheeseman BA
746 - 752 Thermal stability of Ti/Al/Pt/Au and Ti/Au ohmic contacts on n-type ZnCdO
Chen JJ, Jang S, Ren F, Rawal S, Li YJ, Kim HS, Norton DP, Pearton SJ, Osinsky A
753 - 756 XPS characterization of supported Ziegler-Natta catalysts
Kaushik VK, Gupta VK, Naik DG
757 - 761 Computer simulation of monolayer growth kinetics of Fe2B phase during the paste-boriding process: Influence of the paste thickness
Keddam M
762 - 765 Influence of AlN interfacial layer on electrical properties of high-Al-content Al0.45Ga0.55N/GaN HEMT structure
Wang CM, Wang XL, Hu GX, Wang JX, Li HP, Wang ZG
766 - 770 Effect of hydrothermal treatment on the acidity distribution of gamma-Al2O3 support
Jun-Cheng L, Lan X, Feng X, Zhan-Wen W, Fei W
771 - 777 Hydrogen uptake kinetics of Pd coated FeTi films
Heller EMB, Vredenberg AM, Boerma DO
778 - 783 Emissivity measurements on carbon-carbon composites at high temperature under high vacuum
Balat-Pichelin M, Robert JR, Sans JL
784 - 791 Direct chemical assembly of quaternary ammonium groups on a surface of highly dispersed silica
Belyakova LA, Varvarin AM, Roik NV
792 - 796 Field emission from patterned SnO2 nanostructures
Zhang YS, Yu K, Li GD, Peng DY, Zhang QX, Hu HM, Xu F, Bai W, Ouyang SX, Zhu ZQ
797 - 804 Model of workpiece erosion for electrical discharge machining process
Sharakhovsky LI, Marotta A, Essiptchouk AM
805 - 809 Influence of the viscosity and the substrate on the surface hydrophobicity of polyurethane coatings
Meincken M, Klash A, Seboa S, Sanderson RD
810 - 813 Ion beam induced crystal-edge nanoclusters at the origin of poly(ethylene glycol) film stabilization
Manso M, Valsesia A, Ceccone G, Rossi F
814 - 820 Protection of iron corrosion by stearic acid and stearic imidazoline self-assembled monolayers
Liu XY, Chen SH, Ma HY, Liu GZ, Shen LX
821 - 826 Synthesis and characterization of activated carbon from asphalt
Kandah MI, Shawabkeh R, Al-Zboon MA
827 - 832 Characteristics of ZnO-Cu-ZnO multilayer films on copper layer properties
Sahu DR, Huang JL
833 - 840 Atomistic modeling of dislocation activity in nanoindented GaAs
Jian SR, Fang TH, Chuu DS, Ji LW
841 - 845 ZnO thin films on Si(111) grown by pulsed laser deposition from metallic Zn target
Zhao J, Hu LZ, Wang ZY, Sun J, Wang ZJ
846 - 853 The inhibition of corrosion of mild steel in 0.5 M sulfuric acid solution in the presence of benzyl triphenyl phosphonium bromide
Bhrara K, Singh G
854 - 858 The energy and structure of (001) twist grain boundary in noble metals
Wei XM, Zhang JM, Xu KW
859 - 862 The influence of H-2 plasma treatment on the field emission of amorphous GaN film
Ye F, Xie EQ, Duan HG, Li H, Pan XJ
863 - 868 Improvement of surface porosity and properties of alumina films by incorporation of Fe micrograins in micro-arc oxidation
Jin FY, Chu PK, Tong HH, Zhao J
869 - 873 Structure of dioctadecyl L-glutamide-derived lipid self-assembled monolayers on Au(111) surface
Sakurai T, Horikawa M, Chowdhury MS, Takafuji M, Hachisako H, Kubo A, Taniguchi I, Ihara H
874 - 880 Simulation of island aggregation influenced by substrate temperature, incidence kinetic energy and intensity in pulsed laser deposition
Zhang DM, Guan L, Li ZH, Pan GJ, Tan XY, Li L
881 - 888 Effect of surface roughness on the development of protective Al2O3 on Fe-10Al (at.%) alloys containing 0-10 at.% Cr
Zhang ZG, Hou PY, Gesmundo F, Niu Y
889 - 894 Dry etching of bulk single-crystal ZnO in CH4/H-2-based plasma chemistries
Lim W, Voss L, Khanna R, Gila BR, Norton DP, Pearton SJ, Ren F
895 - 897 Fabrication of p-type Li-doped ZnO films by pulsed laser deposition
Xiao B, Ye ZZ, Zhang YZ, Zeng YJ, Zhu LP, Zhao BH
898 - 903 Design and fabrication of a TiO2/nano-silicon composite visible light photocatalyst
Lin CY, Fang YK, Kuo CH, Chen SF, Lin CS, Chou TH, Lee YH, Lin JC, Hwang SB
904 - 908 Study on effects of substrate temperature on growth and structure of alignment carbon nanotubes in plasma-enhanced hot filament chemical vapor deposition system
Dang C, Wang TZ
909 - 914 Rapid synthesis of novel flowerlike ZnO structures by thermolysis of zinc acetate
Xia XH, Ye ZZ, Yuan GD, Zhu LP, Zhao BH
915 - 918 Dependence of film thickness on the electrical and optical properties of ZnO-Cu-ZnO multilayers
Sahu DR, Huang JL
919 - 925 Electrochemical and theoretical investigation on the corrosion of aluminium in acidic solution containing some Schiff bases
Yurt A, Ulutas S, Dal H
926 - 929 Effect of atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharge air plasma on electrode surface
Wang CQ, He XN
930 - 936 Room temperature chemical synthesis of lead selenide thin films with preferred orientation
Kale RB, Sartale SD, Ganesan V, Lokhande CD, Lin YF, Lu SY
937 - 943 Range of Er ions in amorphous Si
Liu J, Lennard WN, Lee JK
944 - 949 Structural distortion in thiourea-mixed ADP crystals
Jayarama A, Dharmaprakash SM
950 - 958 Fundamental processes of aluminium corrosion studied under ultra high vacuum conditions
Frerichs A, Voigts F, Maus-Friedrichs W
959 - 965 Characterization of Ag nanoparticles on Si wafer prepared using Tollen's reagent and acid-etching
Lim DC, Lopez-Salido I, Kim YD
966 - 973 AFM lateral force imagining of modified polychloroprene: A study based on roughness analysis
Zukiene K, Jankauskaite V, Petraitiene S
974 - 982 Implication of the role of oxygen anions and oxygen vacancies for methanol decomposition over zirconia supported copper catalysts
Wu GS, Wang LC, Liu YM, Cao Y, Dai WL, He HY, Fan KN
983 - 988 Preparing polymer brushes on polytetrafluoroethylene films by free radical polymerization
Sun W, Chen YW, Deng QL, Chen L, Zhou L
989 - 996 Surface modification by oil jet peening in Al alloys, AA6063-T6 and AA6061-T4: Residual stress and hardness
Grinspan AS, Gnanamoorthy R
997 - 1005 Surface modification by oil jet peening in Al alloys, AA6063-T6 and AA6061-T4 - Part 2: Surface morphology, erosion, and mass loss
Grinspan AS, Gnanamoorthy R
1006 - 1009 Characterisation of passive films on 300 series stainless steels
Wijesinghe TLSL, Blackwood DJ
1010 - 1014 Quantitative depth profiling of photoacid generators in photoresist materials by near-edge X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy
Prabhu VM, Sambasivan S, Fischer D, Sundberg LK, Allen RD
1015 - 1022 Using time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry and multivariate statistical analysis to detect and image octabenzyl-polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane in polycarbonate
Smentkowski VS, Duong HM, Tamaki R, Keenan MR, Ohlhausen JAT, Kotula PG
1023 - 1028 Rare earth oxide doping in oxide cathodes
den Engelsen D, Gaertner G
1029 - 1035 Hybrid LCVD of micro-metallic lines for TFT-LCD circuit repair
Park JB, Kim CJ, Shin PE, Park SH, Kang HS, Jeong SH