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Applied Surface Science, Vol.253, No.19 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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7645 - 7645 Photon-assisted synthesis and processing of functional materials
Dinescu M, Fukumura H, Helvajian H, Millon E, Szorenyi T
7646 - 7650 Polymers as fuel for laser-based microthrusters: An investigation of thrust, material, plasma and shockwave properties
Urech L, Lippert T, Phipps CR, Wokaun A
7651 - 7655 Plasma characterization and room temperature growth of carbon nanotubes and nano-onions by excimer laser ablation
Radhakrishnan G, Adams PM, Bernstein LS
7656 - 7661 Mechanisms of small clusters production by short and ultra-short laser ablation
Itina TE, Gouriet K, Zhigilei LV, Noel S, Hermann J, Sentis M
7662 - 7671 Atomic force microscopical and surface plasmon resonance spectroscopical investigation of sub-micrometer metal gratings generated by UV laser-based two-beam interference in Au-Ag bimetallic layers
Csete M, Kohazi-Kis A, Vass C, Sipos A, Szekeres G, Deli M, Osvay K, Bor Z
7672 - 7676 Modelling chemical kinetics of small clusters after nanosecond laser ablation
Gusarov AV, Titov VI, Smurov I
7677 - 7681 ns- and fs-LIBS of copper-based-alloys: A different approach
De Giacomo A, Dell'Aglio M, De Pascale O, Gaudiuso R, Teghil R, Santagata A, Parisi GP
7682 - 7685 Plume propagation through a buffer gas and cluster size prediction
Bailini A, Ossi PM, Rivolta A
7686 - 7691 Modeling of plasma-controlled surface evaporation and condensation of Al target under pulsed laser irradiation
Mazhukin VI, Nossov VV, Smurov I
7692 - 7695 Two color laser ablation: Enhanced yield, improved machining
Zoppel S, Zehetner J, Reider GA
7696 - 7701 Plume expansion dynamics during laser ablation of manganates in oxygen atmosphere
Amoruso S, Sambri A, Wang X
7702 - 7706 Matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation of poly(D,L-lactide) thin films for controlled-release drug systems
Cristescu R, Doraiswamy A, Patz T, Socol G, Grigorescu S, Axente E, Sima F, Narayan RJ, Mihaiescu D, Moldovan A, Stamatin I, Mihailescu IN, Chisholm B, Chrisey DB
7707 - 7710 Stimulation of the local growth of aligned carbon nanotubes by pulse laser exposure of the substrate
Zimmer K, Bohme R, Ruthe D, Rauschenbach B
7711 - 7714 Thin films of polyaniline deposited by MAPLE technique
Constantinescu C, Scarisoreanu N, Moldovan A, Dinescu M, Vasiliu C
7715 - 7718 Laser cleaning of gilded wood: A comparative study of colour variations induced by irradiation at different wavelengths
Acquaviva S, D'Anna E, De Giorgi ML, Della Patria A, Pezzati L, Pasca D, Vicari L, Bloisi F, Califano V
7719 - 7723 Monitorizing nitinol alloy surface reactions for biofouling studies
Dinu CZ, Dinca VC, Soare S, Moldovan A, Smarandache D, Scarisoareanu N, Barbalat A, Birjega R, Dinescu M, DiStefano VF
7724 - 7728 Phase diagrams of laser-processed nanoparticles of brass
Kazakevich PV, Simakin AV, Shafeev GA, Monteverde F, Wautelet M
7729 - 7732 The effect of the nanocarbon structures from laser pyrolysis on microorganisms evolution
Florescu LG, Fleaca C, Voicu I, Morjan I, Stamatin L, Starnatin I
7733 - 7737 Laser printing of enamels on tiles
Fernandez-Pradas JM, Restrepo JW, Gomez MA, Serra P, Morenza JL
7738 - 7743 Laser surface micro-texturing of Ti-6Al-4V substrates for improved cell integration
Mirhosseini N, Crouse PL, Schmidth MJJ, Li L, Garrod D
7744 - 7748 Transient effects in pulsed laser irradiation
Mazhukin VI, Lobok MG, Smurov I
7749 - 7754 Laser-induced thermal desorption mass spectrometry of functionalized silicon surfaces
Lingenfelser D, Hess P
7755 - 7760 Matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation of cinnamate-pullulan and tosylate-pullulan polysaccharide derivative thin films for pharmaceutical applications
Jelinek M, Cristescu R, Axente E, Kocourek T, Dybal J, Remsa J, Plestil J, Mihaiescu D, Albulescu M, Buruiana T, Stamatin I, Mihailescu IN, Chrisey DB
7761 - 7766 Laser ablation of metals by femtosecond pulses: Theoretical and experimental study
Nedialkov NN, Atanasov PA, Amoruso S, Bruzzese R, Wang X
7767 - 7772 Laser R2PI spectroscopic and mass spectrometric studies of chiral neurotransmitters
Giardini A, Marotta V, Paladini A, Piccirillo S, Rondino F, Satta A, Speranza M
7773 - 7778 Laser ablation of aluminosilicates: comparison between allophane and mixed alumina/silicas by Fourier Transform-Ion Cyclotron Resonance-Mass Spectrometry
Castello J, Gaumet JJ, Muller JF, Derousseaux S, Guilment J, Poncelet O
7779 - 7782 Ablation with femtosecond pulses: The effect of temporal contrast
Bohus J, Csako T, Szoerenyi T, Szatmari S
7783 - 7786 Nanosecond and femtosecond laser spectroscopy of molecules of biological interest
Villani P, Orlando S, Santagata A, De Bonis A, Veronesi S, Giardini A
7787 - 7791 Femtosecond and nanosecond laser damage thresholds of doped and undoped triazenepolymer thin films
Bonse J, Solis J, Urech L, Lippert T, Wokaun A
7792 - 7797 Optical emission spectroscopy investigation of an ultra-short laser induced titanium plasma reheated by a ns laser pulse
Santagata A, Teghil R, De Giacomo A, Aglio MD, Parisi GP, De Bonis A, Galasso A
7798 - 7805 Correction of small imperfections on white glazed china surfaces by laser radiation
Kepiro I, Osvay K, Divall M
7806 - 7809 Femtosecond pulsed laser deposition of biological and biocompatible thin layers
Hopp B, Smausz T, Kecskemeti G, Klini A, Bor Z
7810 - 7814 Finite element simulation of pulsed laser ablation of titanium carbide
Oliveira V, Vilar R
7815 - 7819 Femtosecond laser-induced damage of gold films
Krueger J, Dufft D, Koter R, Hertwig A
7820 - 7825 Morphological and chemical modifications and plume ejection following UV laser ablation of doped polymers: Dependence on polymer molecular weight
Rebollar E, Bounos G, Oujja M, Georgiou S, Castillejo M
7826 - 7830 Frequency selective IR-filter produced by using EB-lithography
Kathuria YP
7831 - 7834 Laser-assisted shape selective fragmentation of nanoparticles
Kazakevich PV, Simakin AV, Shafeev GA, Viau G, Soumare Y, Bozon-Verduraz F
7835 - 7839 Organic nanoparticles suspensions preparation by underwater excimer laser ablation of polycarbonate
Elaboudi I, Lazare S, Belin C, Bruneel JL, Servant L
7840 - 7847 Synthesis of nano-structured materials by laser-ablation and their application to sensors
Okada T, Suehiro J
7848 - 7850 Synthesis of ZnO nanowires by pulsed laser deposition in furnace
Son HJ, Jeon KA, Kim CE, Kim JH, Yoo KH, Lee SY
7851 - 7854 Ultrafast laser assisted fabrication of ZnO nanorod arrays for photon detection applications
Lu Y, Dajani I, Knize RJ
7855 - 7859 Study of the laser-induced forward transfer of liquids for laser bioprinting
Duocastella M, Colina M, Fernandez-Pradas JM, Serra P, Morenza JL
7860 - 7864 Application of the laser ablation for conservation of historical paper documents
Kaminska A, Sawczak A, Komar K, Sliwinski G
7865 - 7868 Structural modifications in fused silica induced by ultraviolet fs laser filaments
Zergioti I, Kyrkis KD, Papazoglou DG, Tzortzakis S
7869 - 7873 Hf1-xSixOy dielectric films deposited by UV-photo-induced chemical vapour deposition (UV-CVD)
Liu M, Zhu LQ, He G, Wang ZM, Wu JX, Zhang JY, Liaw I, Fang Q, Boyd IW
7874 - 7878 Color center formation in KCl and KBr single crystals with femtosecond laser pulses
Dickinson JT, Langford SC, Avanesyan SM, Orlando S
7879 - 7883 Strong luminescence emission enhancement by wet oxidation of pyrolytic silicon nanopowders
D'Amato R, Falconieri M, Carpanese M, Fabbri F, Borsella E
7884 - 7889 Polymer self-assembled nano-structures and surface relief gratings induced with laser at 157 nm
Sarantopoulou E, Kollia Z, Cefalas AC, Douvas AM, Chatzichristidi M, Argitis P, Kobe S
7890 - 7894 Micro-structuring of TiO2 thin films by laser-assisted diffraction processing
Van Overschelde O, Guisbiers G, Wautelet M
7895 - 7898 Structure and properties of the bronze laser alloyed with titanium
Kac S, Radziszewska A, Kusinski J
7899 - 7902 Waveguides in lithium niobate fabricated by focused ultrashort laser pulses
Burghoff J, Grebing C, Nolte S, Tunnermann A
7903 - 7907 Synthesis of TiN thin films by a new combined laser/sol-gel processing technique
Ezz T, Crouse P, Li L, Liu Z
7908 - 7911 Effects of some synthesis parameters on the structure of titania nanoparticles obtained by laser pyrolysis
Scarisoreanu M, Morjan, Alexandrescu R, Birjega R, Voicu I, Fleaca C, Popovici E, Soare I, Gavrila-Florescu L, Cretu O, Prodan G, Ciupina V, Figgemeier E
7912 - 7916 Laser annealing of Al implanted silicon carbide: Structural and optical characterization
Boutopoulos C, Terzis P, Zergioti I, Kontos AG, Zekentes K, Giannakopoulos K, Raptis YS
7917 - 7921 In situ STM of pulsed laser nanostructured deposits: First stages of film formation
Cattaneo D, Righetti N, Casari CS, Li Bassi A, Bottani CE
7922 - 7925 Laser induced backside dry etching of transparent materials
Hopp B, Vass C, Smausz T
7926 - 7931 Single-step laser deposition of functionally graded coating by dual'wire-powder' or'powder-powder' feeding - A comparative study
Syed WUH, Pinkerton AJ, Liu Z, Li L
7932 - 7936 Control parameters in pattern formation upon femtosecond laser ablation
Varlamova O, Costache F, Ratzke M, Reif J
7937 - 7941 TiO2 nanoparticle thin film deposition by matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation for sensing applications
Caricato AP, Capone S, Ciccarella G, Martino M, Rella R, Romano F, Spadavecchia J, Taurino A, Tunno T, Valerini D
7942 - 7946 Deposition and growth kinetics studies of thin zirconium dioxide films by UVILS-CVD
Chen ML, Zhang XY, Fang Q, Zhang JY, Lin ZJ, Boyd IW
7947 - 7951 Periodic sub-micrometric structures using a 3D laser interference pattern
Saladun M, Joudrier AL, Audier A, Pignard S
7952 - 7956 High fluence deposition of polyethylene glycol films at 1064 nm by matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation (MAPLE)
Purice A, Schou J, Kingshottc P, Pryds N, Dinescu M
7957 - 7963 Analysis of excimer laser annealing of amorphous SiGe on La2O3//Si structures
Fomarini L, Conde JC, Chiussi S, Gonzalez P, Leon B, Martelli S
7964 - 7968 Study of porous carbon thin films produced by pulsed laser deposition
Janmohamed R, Steele JJ, Scurtescu C, Tsui YY
7969 - 7972 Effects of refractive index modifiers and UV light on an epoxy-functional inorganic-organic hybrid sol-gel derived thin film system
O'Brien S, Copuroglu M, Crean GM
7973 - 7976 Laser synthesis of semiconductor nanostructures with narrow band gap
Mulenko SA, Kudryavtsev Y, Mygashko V
7977 - 7980 Photon-assisted synthesis Of C-60 polyrners by laser irradiation
Yamamoto H, Iwata N, Hashimoto R, Ando S
7981 - 7986 Bioactive glass and hydroxyapatite thin films obtained by pulsed laser deposition
Gyorgy E, Grigorescu S, Socoi G, Mifilailescu IN, Janackovic D, Dindune A, Kanepe Z, PalcevskiSe E, Zdrentu EL, Petrescu SM
7987 - 7991 Laser-assisted growth of microstructures on spatially confined substrates
Dolgaev SI, Kirichenko NA, Simakin AV, Shafeev GA
7992 - 7997 Comparative interaction mechanisms for different laser systems with selected materials on titanium alloys
Turner MW, Crouse PL, Li L
7998 - 8002 Combined laser/sol-gel synthesis of calcium silicate coating on Ti-6Al-4V substrates for improved cell integration
Mirhosseini N, Crouse PL, Li L, Garrod D
8003 - 8007 Effect of boron concentration on the UV photosensitivity of silica glass film for planar lightwave circuit
Shin D
8008 - 8014 Analysis of materials modifications caused by UV laser micro drilling of via holes in AlGaN/GaN transistors on SiC
Wernicke T, Kruger O, Herms M, Wurfl J, Neumann W, Behm T, Irmer G, Trankle G
8015 - 8021 Tailoring light pulse amplitudes for optimal laser processing and material modification
Livingston FE, Steffeney LF, Helvajian H
8022 - 8027 SEM/TEM characterization of periodical novel amorphous/nano-crystalline micro-composites obtained by laser interference structuring: The system HAlO-Al-Al2O3
Petersen C, Lasagni A, Holzapfel C, Danield C, Mucklich F, Veith M
8028 - 8031 Polymer films filled with organic molecules by CO2 laser evaporation in vacuum
Grytsenko K, Lytvyn O, Ivanov LF, Grakovich PN, Sonntag M, Schrader S
8032 - 8036 Organic-inorganic materials for fabrication of integrated optical circuits
Jabbour J, Calas-Etienne S, Smaihi M, Gatti S, Kribich R, Pille G, Moreau Y, Etienne P
8037 - 8040 Reactive pulsed laser deposition of gold nitride thin films
Caricato AP, Fernandez M, Leggieri G, Luches A, Martino M, Romano F, Tunno T, Valerini D, Verdyan A, Soifer YM, Azoulay J, Meda L
8041 - 8044 Free electron laser nitriding of metals: From basis physics to industrial applications
Hoche D, Rapin G, Kaspar J, Shinn M, Schaaf P
8045 - 8049 Synthesis of nanoparticles and suspensions by pulsed laser ablation of microparticles in liquid
Kim D, Jang D
8050 - 8053 The influence of shielding gas in hybrid LASER-MIG welding
Tani G, Campana G, Fortunato A, Ascari A
8054 - 8058 Effects of transverse magnetic field on a laser-produced Zn plasma plume and ZnO films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Kim TH, Nam SH, Park HS, Song JK, Park SM
8059 - 8063 Fabrication of 550 nm gratings in fused silica by laser induced backside wet etching technique
Vass C, Osvay K, Csete M, Hopp B
8064 - 8069 Parametric analysis of the selective laser melting process
Yadroitsev I, Bertrand P, Smurov I
8070 - 8074 Laser interference metallurgy: A new method for periodic surface microstructure design on multilayered metallic thin films
Lasagni A, Holzapfel C, Weirich T, Mucklich R
8075 - 8079 Single- and multi-pulse formation of surface structures under static femtosecond irradiation
Guillermin M, Garrelie F, Sanner N, Audouard E, Soder H
8080 - 8085 Metal nanoparticle production by pulsed laser nanostructuring of thin metal films
Henley SJ, Carey JD, Silva SRP
8086 - 8090 Fabrication of grating structures by simultaneous multi-spot fs laser writing
Winfield RJ, Bhuian B, O'Brien S, Crean GM
8091 - 8096 Indirect laser etching of fused silica: Towards high etching rate processing
Bohme R, Zimmer K
8097 - 8101 Pulsed laser deposition of doped skutterudite thin films
Colceag D, Dauscher A, Lenoir B, Da Ros V, Birjega R, Moldovan A, Dinescu M
8102 - 8106 Pulsed laser deposition of co-based Tailored-Heusler alloys
Grigoreseu CEA, Valerio E, Monnereau O, Tortet L, Argeme L, Pavelescu G, Manea SA, Ducu C, Malinovski A, Trodahl HJ, Bittar A, Strickland N, Notonier R, Branford WR, Autric M
8107 - 8110 Structure and anisotropy of epitaxial fcc FePt films
Schaaf P, Zhang K, Lange C, Holz A, Weisheit A, Fahler S
8111 - 8114 Femtosecond laser synthesized nanohybrid materials for bioapplications
Sajti CL, Giorgio S, Khodorkovsky V, Marine W
8115 - 8118 Three-dimensional biomolecule patterning
Farsari M, Filippidis G, Drakakis TS, Sambani K, Georgiou S, Papadakis G, Gizeli E, Fotakis C
8119 - 8124 Printing technologies for fabrication of bioactive and regular microarrays of streptavidin
Dinu CZ, Dinca V, Howard J, Chrisey DB
8125 - 8129 Novel photonic technique creates micrometer resolution protein arrays and provides a new approach to coupling of genes, peptide hormones and drugs to nanoparticle carriers
Duroux M, Duroux L, Neves-Petersen MT, Skovsen E, Petersen SB
8130 - 8135 Pulsed laser deposition of tungsten and tungsten oxide thin films with tailored structure at the nano- and mesoscale
Bailini A, Di Fonzo F, Fusi M, Casari CS, Bassi AL, Russo V, Baserga A, Bottani CE
8136 - 8140 Vanadium-Al2O3 nanostructured thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition: Optical switching
Nunez-Sanchez S, Serna R, de Castro MJ, Lopez JG, Petford-Long AK, Morhange JF
8141 - 8145 Substrate temperature influence on the properties of nanostructured ZnO transparent ultrathin films grown by PLD
Suchea M, Christoulakis S, Katharakis M, Kiriakidis G, Katsarakis N, Koudoumas E
8146 - 8150 Enhanced luminescent characteristics of laser-ablated GdVO4 : Eu3+ thin films by Li-doping
Shim KS, Yang HK, Jeong YR, Moon BK, Choi BC, Jeong JH, Bae JS, Yi SS, Kim JH
8151 - 8154 Pulsed laser deposition of aluminum nitride thin films for FBAR applications
Cibert C, Chatras M, Champeaux C, Cros D, Catherinot A
8155 - 8159 Pulsed laser deposition of amorphous carbon/silver nanocomposites
Matenoglou G, Evangelakis GA, Kosmidis C, Foulias S, Papadimitriou D, Patsalas P
8160 - 8164 The dependence of the size distribution of the pulsed laser deposited micron sized particles from the laser fluence and its influence to the thickness of the deposited layer
Kresz N, Smausz T, Hopp B
8165 - 8168 Rare-earth implanted Y2O3 thin films
Peeva A, Dikovska AO, Atanasov PA, de Castroc M, Skorupa W
8169 - 8173 Europium and samarium doped calcium sulfide thin films grown by PLD
Christoulakis S, Suchea M, Katsarakis N, Koudoumas E
8174 - 8178 The effect of the fluence on the properties of La-Ca-Mn-O thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Canulescu S, Lippert T, Wokaun A, Dobeli M, Weidenkaff A, Robert R, Logvinovich D
8179 - 8183 AFM and complementary XRD measurements of in situ grown YBCO films obtained by pulsed laser deposition
Branescu M, Vailionis A, Huh J, Moldovan A, Socol G
8184 - 8191 High-k dielectric oxides obtained by PLD as solution for gates dielectric in MOS devices
Filipescu M, Scarisoreanu N, Craciun V, Mitu B, Purice A, Moldovan A, Ion V, Toma O, Dinescu M
8192 - 8196 Thin films of NdFeB deposited by PLD technique
Constantinescu C, Scarisoreanu N, Moldovan A, Dinescu M, Petrescu L, Epureanu G
8197 - 8200 Carbon nitride films of uniform thickness by inverse PLD
Egerhazi L, Geretovszky Z, Szorenyi T
8201 - 8205 Magnetic properties of Fe3O4 thin films grown on different substrates by laser ablation
Parames ML, Viskadourakis Z, Rogalski MS, Mariano J, Popovici N, Giapintzakis J, Conde O
8206 - 8209 Optical and structural properties of undoped and palladium doped indium tin oxide films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Stanimirova TJ, Atanasov PA, Stankova M, Dimitrov IG, Stoyanchov TR
8210 - 8214 Preparation and characterization of titanium oxy-nitride thin films
Braic M, Balaceanu M, Vladescu A, Kiss A, Braic V, Epurescu G, Dinescu G, Moldovan A, Birjega R, Dinescu M
8215 - 8219 Influence of in situ nitrogen pressure on crystallization of pulsed laser deposited AlN films
Bakalova S, Szekeres A, Cziraki A, Lungu CP, Grigorescu S, Socol G, Axente E, Mihailescu IN
8220 - 8225 Diamond-like carbon films prepared by reactive pulsed laser deposition in hydrogen and methane ambient
Budai J, Toth S, Toth Z, Koos M
8226 - 8230 Pulsed laser growth and characterization of thin films on titanium substrates
Lavisse L, Jouvard JM, Imhoff L, Heintz O, Korntheuer J, Langlade C, Bourgeois S, de Lucas MCM
8231 - 8234 The spatial thickness distribution of metal films produced by large area pulsed laser deposition
Pryds N, Schou J, Linderoth S
8235 - 8241 Preparation of hydrogenated amorphous carbon films from polymers by nano- and femtosecond pulsed laser deposition
Budai J, Bereznai M, Szakacs G, Szilagyi E, Toth Z
8242 - 8244 Pulsed laser deposition of the NiTiCu thin film alloy
Morone A
8245 - 8249 Diamond-like carbon coated ultracold neutron guides
Heule S, Atchison F, Daum M, Foelske A, Henneck R, Kasprzak M, Kirch K, Knecht A, Kuzniak M, Lippert T, Meier M, Pichlmaier A, Straumann U
8250 - 8253 Structural and optical properties of YVO4 thin films
Milev DR, Atanasov PA, Dikovska AO, Dimitrov IG, Petrov KP, Avdeev GV
8254 - 8257 BST thin films obtained by PLD for applications in electronics
Scarisoreanu N, Filipescu M, Ioachim A, Toacsan MI, Banciu MG, Nedelcu L, Dutu A, Buda M, Alexandru HV, Dinescu M
8258 - 8262 Morphological and structural studies of WOx thin films deposited by laser ablation
Filipescu M, Orlando S, Russo V, Lamperti A, Purice A, Moldovan A, Dinescu M
8263 - 8267 Growth of LiNbO3 thin films on sapphire by pulsed-laser deposition for electro-optic modulators
Kilburger S, Chety R, Millon E, Di Bin P, Di Bin C, Boulle A, Guinebretiere R
8268 - 8272 Nanocrystalline Er : YAG thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition: An electron microscopy study
Stanoi D, Popescu A, Ghica C, Socol G, Axente E, Ristoscu C, Mihailescu IN, Stefan A, Georgescu S
8273 - 8277 Li doping effect on the luminescent characteristics of YVO4 : Eu3+ thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Jeong JH, Yang HK, Shim KS, Jeong YR, Moon BK, Choi BC, Bae JS, Yi SS, Kim JH
8278 - 8281 Thin films of advanced oxidic materials obtained by pulsed laser deposition
Vasiliu C, Epurescu G, Grigorescu C, Elisa M, Pavelescu G, Purice A, Moldovan A, Dinescu M
8282 - 8286 Study of the composition transfer in the pulsed laser deposition of silicon substituted hydroxyapatite thin films
Solla EL, Borrajo JP, Gonzalez P, Serra J, Chiussi S, Leon B, Lopez JG
8287 - 8291 Surface micro structuring of silica glass by laser-induced backside wet etching with a DPSS UV laser
Niino H, Kawaguchi Y, Sato T, Narazaki A, Kurosaki R
8292 - 8299 Laser-induced synthesis of nanostructured thin films
Heszler P, Landstrom L, Granqvist CG
8300 - 8303 Buried channel waveguides in Yb-doped KY(WO4)(2) fabricated by femtosecond laser irradiation
Borca CN, Apostolopoulos V, Gardillou F, Limberger HG, Pollnau M, Salathe RP
8304 - 8308 Nanohole processing on silicon substrate by femtosecond laser pulse with localized surface plasmon polariton
Atanasov PA, Takada H, Nedyalkov NN, Obara M
8309 - 8315 Experimental investigation of ablation mechanisms involved in dry laser cleaning
Grojo D, Cros A, Delaporte P, Sentis M
8316 - 8321 Direct laser manufacturing with coaxial powder injection: Modelling of structure of deposited layers
Gusarov AV, Smurov I
8322 - 8327 Experimental and theoretical analysis of the laser shock cleaning process for nanoscale particle removal
Kim DS, Oh B, Jang D, Lee JW, Lee JM
8328 - 8333 Electrodes for microfluidic devices produced by laser induced forward transfer
Germain C, Charron L, Lilge L, Tsui YY