Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.253, No.18 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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7353 - 7359 The structure and tribological behaviors of CrN and Cr-Ti-N coatings
Zhang GA, Yan PX, Wang P, Chen YM, Zhang JY
7360 - 7364 Fabrication of waveguides in Yb : YCOB crystal by MeV oxygen ion implantation
Jiao Y, Chen F, Wang XL, Wang KM, Wang L, Wang LL, Zhang HJ, Lu QM, Ma HJ, Nie R
7365 - 7368 Preparation of well-aligned carbon nanotubes by pyrolysis of phenolic resin in anodic alumina pores
Li KZ, Wei J, Li HJ, Zhang YL, Wang C, Hou DS
7369 - 7375 Dependence of critical pitting temperature on the concentration of sulphate ion in chloride-containing solutions
Deng B, Jiang YM, Liao JX, Hao YW, Zhong C, Li J
7376 - 7380 Modification of the electronic properties of the TiO2 (110) surface upon deposition of the ultrathin conjugated organic layers
Komolov AS, Moller PJ, Mortensen J, Komolov SA, Lazneva EF
7381 - 7386 Electron field emission from boron doped microcrystalline diamond
Roos M, Baranauskas V, Fontana M, Ceragioli HJ, Peterlevitz AC, Mallik K, Degasperi FT
7387 - 7392 The changes in morphology of Si(100) surface upon dipping in ultrapure water
Sano Y, Ying WB, Nakatsuka K, Morikage Y, Kamiura Y, Mizokawa Y
7393 - 7397 Surface treatment of magnesium hydroxide to improve its dispersion in organic phase by the ultrasonic technique
Zhang FZ, Zhang H, Su ZX
7398 - 7403 Transparent and conducting Zn-Sn-O thin films prepared by combinatorial approach
Ko JH, Kim IH, Kim D, Lee KS, Lee TS, Cheong B, Kim WM
7404 - 7411 Silicon carbonitride by remote microwave plasma CVD from organosilicon precursor: Physical and mechanical properties of deposited Si : C : N films
Blaszczyk-Lezak I, Wrobel AM
7412 - 7415 The influence of exciton behavior on luminescent characteristics of organic light-emitting diodes
Zhao DW, Zhang FJ, Song SF, Xu C, Xu Z
7416 - 7422 Inhibition performance of 2-mercaptobenzothiazole derivatives in CO2 saturated solution and its adsorption behavior at Fe surface
Zhang JP, Zhang QY, Ren H, Zhao W, Zhang HP
7423 - 7428 Characterization of free-standing GaN substrate grown through hydride vapor phase epitaxy with a TiN interlayer
Wei TB, Duan RF, Wang JX, Li JM, Huo ZQ, Ma P, Liu Z, Zeng YP
7429 - 7434 Investigation of structural and optical properties of nanoporous GaN film
Yam FK, Hassan Z, Chuah LS, Ali YP
7435 - 7437 Radical functionalization of single-walled carbon nanotubes with azo(bisisobutyronitrile)
Wang XB, Li SQ, Xu Y, Wan L, You HJ, Li Q, Wang SM
7438 - 7442 rf reactive co-sputtered Au-Ag alloy nanoparticles in SiO2 thin films
Sangpour P, Akhavan O, Moshfegh AZ
7443 - 7448 A study of nano-sized surface coating on LiMn2O4 materials
Hung FY, Lui TS, Liao HC
7449 - 7455 The effects of powder properties on in-flight particle velocity and deposition process during low pressure cold spray process
Ning XJ, Jang JH, Kim HJ
7456 - 7460 Effects of substrate temperature and oxygen pressure on the magnetic properties and structures of CoFe2O4 thin films prepared by pulsed-laser deposition
Zhou JP, He HC, Nan CW
7461 - 7466 Effect of organic additives on characterization of electrodeposited Co-W thin films
Wei GY, Ge HL, Zhu X, Wu Q, Yu JY, Wang BY
7467 - 7470 Prediction of lateral barrier height in identically prepared Ni/n-type GaAs Schottky barrier diodes
Dogan H, Korkut H, Yildirim N, Turut A
7471 - 7477 Molecular dynamics simulation about porous thin-film growth in secondary deposition
Chen HW, Tieu AK, Liu Q, Hagiwara I, Lu C
7478 - 7482 Analysis of the Ge1-xCx films deposited by MFMST
Zhan CY, Wang LW, Huang NK
7483 - 7489 Electrostatic spray deposited zinc oxide films for gas sensor applications
Ghimbeu CM, Schoonman J, Lumbreras M, Siadat M
7490 - 7496 Electrical behaviour of catalytic nanostructured CeO2/CuOx composites under air-methane gas impulses
Saitzek S, Villain S, Nolibe G, Gavarri JR
7497 - 7500 Raman study of phase transformation of TiO2 rutile single crystal irradiated by infrared feratosecond laser
Ma HL, Yang JY, Dai Y, Zhang YB, Lu B, Ma GH
7501 - 7505 A density functional theory study on the adsorption and dissociation of N2O on Cu2O(111) surface
Sun BZ, Chen WK, Wang X, Lu CH
7506 - 7509 Fabrication of ZnO and its enhancement of charge injection and transport in hybrid organic/inorganic light emitting devices
Liu JP, Qu SC, Zeng XB, Xu Y, Gou XF, Wang ZJ, Zhou HY, Wang ZG
7510 - 7515 Electrochemical impedance spectroscopic analysis of activation of Al-Zn alloy sacrificial anode by RuO2 catalytic coating
Shibli SMA, George S
7516 - 7521 The study on magnetite particles coated with bilayer surfactants
Wang XM, Zhang CN, Wang XL, Gu HC
7522 - 7526 Influence of the current applied to the silver target on the structure and the properties of Ag-Cu-O films deposited by reactive cosputtering
Pierson JF, Horwat D
7527 - 7534 Characteristics, apatite-forming ability and corrosion resistance of NiTi surface modified by AC anodization
Wong MH, Cheng FT, Man HC
7535 - 7539 Nanostructured TiN coating prepared by reactive plasma spraying in atmosphere
Xiao L, Yan DR, He JN, Zhu L, Dong YC, Zhang JX, Li XZ
7540 - 7548 Electronic and structural studies of immobilized thiol-derivatized cobalt porphyrins on gold surfaces
Berner S, Lidbaum H, Ledung G, Ahlund J, Nilson K, Schiessling J, Gelius U, Backvall JE, Puglia C, Oscarsson S
7549 - 7553 Surface restoration induced by lubricant additive of natural minerals
Yu Y, Gu JL, Kang FY, Kong XQ, Mo W
7554 - 7558 Interfacial kinetic enhancement of metal ion adsorption on binary mixed self-assembled monolayers
Moon J, Kang T, Oh S, Choi I, Hong S, Yi J
7559 - 7562 Micro-gated-field emission arrays with single carbon nanotubes grown on Mo tips
Shao WS, Ding MQ, Chen CQ, Li XH, Bai GD, Feng JJ
7563 - 7568 Surface anisotropy of CrxN1-x films prepared on an inner wall by magnetic sputtering
Zeng F, Liang R, Li XW, Wen SP, Gao Y, Gu YL, Pan F
7569 - 7577 Imaging of wood tissue by ToF-SIMS: Critical evaluation and development of sample preparation techniques
Tokareva EN, Fardim P, Pranovich A, Fagerholm HP, Daniel G, Holmbom B
7578 - 7584 Synthesis of nano and micro crystals of Cd(OH)(2) and CdO in the shape of hexagonal sheets and rods
Ghoshal T, Kar S, Chaudhuri S
7585 - 7590 Simulation of KrF laser ablation of Al2O3-TiC
Oliveira V, Colaco R, Vilar R
7591 - 7598 Structure and properties of electrodeposited Fe-Ni-W alloys with different levels of tungsten content: A comparative study
He FJ, Yang J, Lei TX, Gu CY
7599 - 7603 Epitaxial LSMO films grown on MgO single crystalline substrates
Spankova M, Chromik S, Vavra I, Sedlackova K, Lobotka P, Lucas S, Stancek S
7604 - 7612 Comparison of the Monte Carlo estimation of surface electrostatic potential at the hematite (0001)/electrolyte interface with the experiment
Zarzycki P
7613 - 7621 XPS investigations of ruthenium deposited onto representative inner surfaces of nuclear reactor containment buildings
Mun C, Ehrhardt J, Lambert J, Madic C
7622 - 7626 Room temperature synthesis of needle-shaped ZnO nanorods via sonochemical method
Wahab R, Ansari SG, Kim YS, Seo HK, Shin HS
7627 - 7631 Spectroscopic investigations of Cr, CrN and TiCr anti-multipactor coatings grown by cathodic-arc reactive evaporation
Fuentes GG, Rodriguez RJ, Garcia M, Montero I, de Segovia JL
7632 - 7638 Difference between chemical structures of the interface at the Al-oxide tunneling barrier prepared by plasma or by radical oxidation
Hong J, Lee D, Han Y, Lee K, Jang I, Park Y, Lee MK, Song HJ, Shin HJ, Tsunekawa K, Watanabe N
7639 - 7644 Microstructural and compositional studies of liquid-phase deposition derived PbTiO3 thin films on LaNiO3 substrates
Hsu MC, Sun YM, Leu IC, Hon MH