Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.253, No.17 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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6987 - 6991 Stability of polymer thin-film transistors based on poly(2-methoxy-5-(2'-ethyl-hexyloxy)-1,4-phenylene vinylene)
Liu YR, Peng JB, Lai PT
6992 - 7003 Growth of thin Fe(001) films for terahertz emission experiments
Meserole CA, Fisher GL, Hilton DJ, Averitt RD, Funk DJ, Taylor AJ
7004 - 7010 Opto-electrical properties of amorphous carbon thin film deposited from natural precursor camphor
Pradhan D, Sharon M
7011 - 7015 Electrochemical synthesis and optical properties of ZnO thin film on In2O3 : Sn (ITO)-coated glass
Ju CD, Li J, Lian JS, Zheng GQ
7016 - 7018 Epitaxially grown ZnO thin films on 6H-SiC(0001) substrates prepared by spin coating-pyrolysis
Jeon YS, Kim DM, Hwang KS
7019 - 7023 Growth of TiN films at low temperature
Wei LI, Jun-Fang C
7024 - 7028 Visible-light photocatalysis of nitrogen-doped TiO2 nanoparticulate films prepared by low-energy ion implantation
Shen H, Mi L, Xu P, Shen WD, Wang PN
7029 - 7035 Pt/N-codoped TiO2 nanotubes and its photocatalytic activity under visible light
Huang LH, Sun C, Liu YL
7036 - 7040 Thermal stability of Ag films in air prepared by thermal evaporation
Lv J, Lai FC, Lin LM, Lin YZ, Huang ZG, Chen R
7041 - 7045 Ag nanoparticle mediated growth of US nanobelts
Sreejith K, Nuwad J, Thinaharan C, Dey GK, Pillai CGS
7046 - 7049 Field emission properties of carbon nanotubes film grown on NiCr alloy films
Chen T, Wang LL, Chen YW, Que WX, Sun Z
7050 - 7059 Amorphous to crystalline phase transition in pulsed laser deposited silicon carbide
Tabbal M, Said A, Hannoun E, Christidis T
7060 - 7064 Synthesis of Fe-based amorphous composite coatings with low purity materials by laser cladding
Zhu QJ, Qu SY, Wang XH, Zou ZD
7065 - 7068 An investigation of natural oxidation process on stain-etched nanoporous silicon by micro-Raman spectroscopy
Abrarnof PG, Miranda CRB, Beloto AF, Ueta AY, Ferreira NG
7069 - 7073 Effect of film thickness on interface and electric properties of BiFeO3 thin films
Lee CC, Wu JM
7074 - 7077 Study on spatial dispersion theory of excess conduction loss in normal metals surface below terahertz frequencies
Zhang XX, Pan W
7078 - 7081 Theoretical study on structure of boron nitride fullerenes
Moon WH, Son MS, Hwang HJ
7082 - 7088 Fabrication and structural characterization of metal films coated on cenosphere particles by magnetron sputtering deposition
Yu XZ, Shen ZG, Xu Z, Wang S
7089 - 7093 The study of dielectric relaxation and glass forming tendency in Cd-Se-Te glassy system
Ei-Sayed SM
7094 - 7099 Crystallization and electrical properties of V2O5 thin films prepared by RF sputtering
Akl AA
7100 - 7103 Influence of remaining C on hardness and emissivity of SiC/SiO2 nanocomposite coating
Yi J, He XD, Sun Y, Li Y, Li MW
7104 - 7107 Surface characterization of a corroded bronze-leaded alloy in a salt spray cabinet
de Figueiredo JCD, Lins VDC, De Bellis VM
7108 - 7114 CO2 adsorption on Cr(110) and Cr2O3(0001)/Cr(110)
Funk S, Nurkic T, Hokkanen B, Burghaus U
7115 - 7123 Effect of the preparation conditions of Ni-supported shock-wave synthesized nanodiamond catalysts FT-IR and catalytic considerations
Mavrodinova V, Popova M, Koiev I, Stavrev S, Minchev C
7124 - 7130 Deposition characteristics of Al-12Si alloy coating fabricated by cold spraying with relatively large powder particles
Li WY, Zhang C, Guo XP, Zhang G, Liao HL, Coddet C
7131 - 7135 Evolution with temperature of a single sol-gel TIO2 layer on sapphire (alpha-Al2O3) (0001)
Vives S, Meunier C, Boubekeur N, Kersale Y, Giordano V
7136 - 7142 Effect of gun current on the microstructure and crystallinity of plasma sprayed hydroxyapatite coatings
Morks MF, Kobayashi A
7143 - 7156 Polydimethylsiloxane at the interfaces of fumed silica and zirconia/fumed silica
Gun'ko VM, Borysenko MV, Pissis P, Spanoudaki A, Shinyashiki N, Sulim IY, Kulik TV, Palyanytsya BB
7157 - 7161 Stabilization in electrical characteristics of hydrogen-annealed ZnO : Al films
Oh BY, Jeong MC, Myoung JM
7162 - 7165 Growth and Auger electron spectroscopy characterization of donut-shaped ZnO nanostructures
Chao LC, Yang SH
7166 - 7171 Adsorption of sodium bis(2-ethylhexyl) sulfosuccinate and wettability in polytetrafluoroethylene-solution-air system
Harkot J, Janczuk B
7172 - 7177 Effect of CeO2 buffer layer thickness on the structures and properties of YBCO coated conductors
Li M, Zhao XZ, Ma B, Dorris SE, Balachandran U, Maroni VA
7178 - 7187 Chemical optimisation of a sol-gel procedure for the development of fluorescence Cu(II) nanosensors
Arduini M, Armelao L, Gross S, Mancin F, Marcuz S, Montolli M, Sada C
7188 - 7191 Correlation between Vickers microhardness, porous layer thickness and porosity in p-type nanostructured silicon
Morales-Masis M, Segura L, Ramirez-Porras A
7192 - 7196 Effect of substrate bias voltage on corrosion of TiN/Ti multilayers deposited by magnetron sputtering
Flores M, Huerta L, Escamilla R, Andrade E, Muhl S
7197 - 7202 Hydrothermal growth of ZnO on annealed electrodeposited titanate film: Influence of zinc nitrate and methenamine
Kim GS, Ansari SG, Seo HK, Kim YS, Yang OB, Shin HS
7203 - 7206 Fabrication and magnetic property of binary Co-Ni nanowire array by alternating current electrodeposition
Xu JX, Xu Y
7207 - 7210 Cone-shaped structures of GeO2 fabricated by a thermal evaporation process
Kim HW, Shim SH, Lee JW
7211 - 7218 Silicon carbonitride by remote microwave plasma CVD from organosilicon precursor: Growth mechanism and structure of resulting Si : C : N films
Blaszczyk-Lezak I, Wrobel AM, Kivitorma MPM, Vayrynen U, Tracz A
7219 - 7224 Preparation of PMMA grafted aluminum powder by surface-initiated in situ polymerization
Liu H, Ye HQ, Zhang YC
7225 - 7229 Formation of Co ultrathin films on Si(111): Growth mechanisms, electronic structure and transport
Plusnin NI, Il'yashenko VM, Kitan SA, Krylov SV
7230 - 7237 Investigations on the oxidation of zirconium nitride films in air by nuclear reaction analysis and backscattering spectrometry
Reddy GLN, Ramana JV, Kumar S, Kumar SV, Raju VS
7238 - 7241 The effects Of Si3N4 interlayer on the thermal stability and hardness of Ti/TiNx (x=0.5-1) nanolayered coatings
Bai XM, Zheng WT, Xiong F, Jiang Q
7242 - 7245 Novel preparation methods of electrical contacts in Ge-Sb-Te thin alms
Mahmoud ST, Ghamlouche H, Qamhieh N, Al-Shamisi H
7246 - 7253 Electrical characteristics of the hydrogen pre-annealed Au/n-GaAs Schottky barrier diodes as a function of temperature
Gullu O, Biber M, Duman S, Turut A
7254 - 7259 Evaluation of bacterial adhesion on Si-doped diamond-like carbon films
Zhao Q, Liu Y, Wang C, Wang S
7260 - 7264 Protective hybrid sol-gel coatings containing bioactive particles on surgical grade stainless steel: Surface characterization
Ballarre J, Lopez DA, Schreiner WH, Duran A, Cere SM
7265 - 7271 Surface characterization of porous silicon after pore opening processes, inducing chemical modifications
Errien N, Vellutini L, Louarn G, Froyer G
7272 - 7280 Femtosecond laser structuring of titanium implants
Vorobyev AY, Guo C
7281 - 7289 Dissimilar autogenous full penetration welding of superalloy K418 and 42CrMo steel by a high power CWNd : YAG laser
Liu XB, Yu G, Pang M, Fan JW, Wang HH, Zheng CY
7290 - 7294 Direct observation of the temperature field during ablation of materials by multiple femtosecond laser pulses
Tran DV, Lam YC, Zheng HY, Wong BS, Hardt DE
7295 - 7302 Study of surface interactions of ionic liquids with aluminium alloys in corrosion and erosion-corrosion processes
Bermudez MD, Jimenez AE, Martinez-Nicolas G
7303 - 7308 Effect of plasticizer on surface of free films prepared from aqueous solutions of salts of cationic polymers with different plasticizers
Bajdik J, Feher M, Pintye-Hodi K
7309 - 7312 Annealing studies of Ti/Al multilayer film by slow positron beam
Zhang LZ, Wang DN, Wang BY, Yu RS, Wei L
7313 - 7317 Electrosynthesis and characterization of Fe doped CdSe thin films from ethylene glycol bath
Pawar SM, Moholkar AV, Rajpure KY, Bhosale CH
7318 - 7322 Microstructure and nanohardness of the diluted magnetic semiconducting Cd1-xMnxS nano-crystalline films
Reddy DS, Reddy BK, Reddy NK, Gunasekhar KR, Reddy PS
7323 - 7329 A study on the antimicrobial efficacy of RF oxygen plasma and neem extract treated cotton fabrics
Vaideki K, Jayakumar S, Thilagavathi G, Rajendran R
7330 - 7335 Influence of substrate temperature on the optical and piezoelectric properties of ZnO thin films deposited by rf magnetron sputtering
Kang SJ, Joung YH
7336 - 7341 Theoretical investigation of the conduction and valence band offsets of GaAs1-xNx/GaAs1-yNy heterointerfaces
Gueddim A, Bouarissa N
7342 - 7352 Nanoscale coatings for control of interfacial bonds and nanotube growth
Pulikollu RV, Mukhopadhyay SM