Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.253, No.16 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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6617 - 6617 Special Issue on the 4th International Workshop on Basic Aspects of Nonequilibrium Plasmas Interacting with Surfaces - Preface
Makabe T, Samukawa S
6619 - 6640 Data and modeling of negative ion transport in gases of interest for production of integrated circuits and nanotechnologies
Petrovic ZL, Raspopovic ZM, Stojanovic VD, Jovanovic JV, Malovic G, Makabe T, de Urquijo J
6641 - 6645 Negative-ion formation and mutual neutralization in atom-atom and ion-ion collisions below keV energies
Kimura M
6646 - 6656 Inelastic electron scattering and energy-selective negative ion reactions in molecular films on silicon surfaces
Lane CD, Orlando TM
6657 - 6671 Insights into sticking of radicals on surfaces for smart plasma nano-processing
Hori M, Goto T
6672 - 6680 Fundamentals and applications of ion-ion plasmas
Economou DJ
6681 - 6689 High-performance and damage-free neutral-beam etching processes using negative ions in pulse-time-modulated plasma
Samukawa S
6690 - 6696 Designable formation of metal nanoparticle array with the deposition of negatively charged nanoparticles
Kawabata S, Naono Y, Taguchi Y, Huh SH, Nakajima A
6697 - 6715 On interface properties of ultra-thin and very-thin oxide/a-Si : H structures prepared by oxygen based plasmas and chemical oxidation
Pincik E, Kobayashi H, Hajossy R, Gleskova H, Takahashi M, Jergel M, Brunner R, Ortega L, Kucera M, Kral M, Rusnak J
6716 - 6737 Control of reactive plasmas for low-k/Cu integration
Tatsumi T
6738 - 6743 Effect of hydrazine and hydroxylaminophosphate on chrome plating from trivalent electrolytes
Surviliene S, Jasulaitiene V, Nivinskiene O, Cesuniene A
6744 - 6748 Plasma oxynitrocarburizing of 40Cr steel in an atmosphere of gasoline and air
Liu LF, Zhou SQ, Ren Q
6749 - 6753 Preparation of nanosized ZnO using alpha brass
Chen WJ, Liu WL, Hsieh SH, Tsai TK
6754 - 6761 An investigation of nanoscale tribological characteristics under different interaction forces
Jeng YR, Su CC, Lay YT
6762 - 6768 Characterization and corrosion studies of titania-coated NiTi prepared by sol-gel technique and steam crystallization
Chiu KY, Wong MH, Cheng FT, Man HC
6769 - 6777 On texture, corrosion resistance and morphology of hot-dip galvanized zinc coatings
Asgari H, Toroghinejad MR, Golozar MA
6778 - 6783 Effects of duty ratio at low frequency on growth mechanism of micro-plasma oxidation ceramic coatings on Ti alloy
Yao ZP, Cui RH, Jiang ZH, Wang FP
6784 - 6786 High sensitivity IR spectroscopic methods of self-assembling monolayers (SAM) measurements
Inberg A, Croitoru N, Revzin G
6787 - 6799 Relative performances of effective medium formulations in interpreting specific composite thin films optical properties
Sahoo NK, Thakur S, Tokas RB, Kamble NM
6800 - 6806 Tribological behaviors of lanthanum-based phosphonate 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane self-assembled films
Gu QL, Cheng XH
6807 - 6810 Synthesis and characterization of carbon nanotubes on carbon microfibers by floating catalyst method
Xia YX, Zeng LY, Wang WB, Liang JQ, Lei D, Chen S, Zhao HF
6811 - 6816 Synthesis and electrochemical characteristics of Ta-N thin films fabricated by cathodic arc deposition
Li L, Niu EW, Lv GH, Zhang XH, Chen H, Fan SH, Liu CZ, Yang SZ
6817 - 6823 Fluram labeling of high density NH2 surfaces
Pippig F, Hollander A
6824 - 6828 Nano- and micro-scale patterning of Si (100) under keV ion irradiation
Katharria YS, Kumar S, Sharma AT, Kanjilal D
6829 - 6834 A study of direct- and pulse-current chromium electroplating on rotating cylinder electrode (RCE)
Chang JH, Hsu FY, Liao MJ, Huang CA
6835 - 6839 Fabrication of highly ordered and stepped ZnO comb-like structures
Bai W, Yu K, Zhang QX, Xu F, Peng DY, Zhu ZQ
6840 - 6843 Template synthesis and characterization of highly ordered lamellar hydroxyapatite
Liu C, Ji XJ, Cheng GX
6844 - 6847 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic study on initial oxidation of hafnium hydride fractured in an ultra-high vacuum
Ohtsu N, Tsuchiya B, Oku M, Shikama T, Wagatsuma K
6848 - 6853 Investigations of environmental induced effects on AlQ(3) thin films by AFM phase imaging
Shukla VK, Kumar S
6854 - 6859 Composition, structure and morphology of oxide layers formed on austenitic stainless steel by oxygen plasma immersion ion implantation
Anandan C, Rajam KS
6860 - 6867 The acid-base properties of the surface of native zinc oxide layers: An XPS study of adsorption of 1,2-diaminoethane
Ballerini G, Ogle K, Barthes-Labrousse MG
6868 - 6871 Slow positron beam study of nitrogen implanted CZ-Si subjected to rapid thermal processing
Hao XP, Yu RS, Wang BY, Chen HL, Wang DN, Ma CX, Wei L
6872 - 6877 Imaging characterization of carbon nanotube tips modified using a focused ion beam
Shin YH, Song JW, Lee ES, Han CS
6878 - 6882 The water-silicas interfacial interaction energies
Helmy AK, de Bussetti SG, Ferreiro EA
6883 - 6891 XPS and ToF-SIMS analysis of natural rubies and sapphires heated in an inert (N-2) atmosphere
Achiwawanich S, James BD, Liesegang J
6892 - 6895 Great influence of the oxygen vacancies on the ferromagnetism in the Co-doped ZnO films
Huang B, Zhu DL, Ma XC
6896 - 6904 Association of polyethylene friction and thermal unfolding of interfacial albumin molecules
Fang HW, Shih ML, Zhao JH, Huang HT, Lin HY, Liu HL, Chang CH, Yang CB, Liu HC
6905 - 6909 Photoluminescence and Raman scattering of Cu-doped ZnO films prepared by magnetron sputtering
Wang XB, Song C, Geng KW, Zeng F, Pan F
6910 - 6914 The characteristics of platinum diffusion in n-type GaN
Yeh DH, Hsieh LZ, Chang LB, Jeng MJ
6915 - 6921 Surface modification of Angora rabbit fibers using dielectric barrier discharge
Danish N, Garg MK, Rane RS, Jhala PB, Nema SK
6922 - 6931 Characterization of rare-earth conversion films formed on the AZ31 magnesium alloy and its relation with corrosion protection
Montemor MF, Simoes AM, Carmezim MJ
6932 - 6938 An exploratory study of the effects of the dielectric-barrier-discharge surface pre-treatment on the self-assembly processes of a (3-Aminopropyl) trimethoxysilane on glass substrates
Cui NY, Liu CZ, Brown NMD, Meenan BJ
6939 - 6945 Improvement of corrosion properties of microarc oxidation coating on magnesium alloy by optimizing current density parameters
Liang J, Hu LT, Hao JC
6946 - 6950 Molecular beam epitaxy of CdSe epilayers and quantum wells on ZnTe substrate
Park YM, Andre R, Kasprzak J, Dang LS, Bellet-Amalric E
6951 - 6956 Study on formation and shape of carbon nanotips depending on ion bombardment
Wang BB, Xu XZ, Zhang B
6957 - 6962 Raman spectroscopy of a-C : H : N films deposited using ECR-CVD with mixed gas
Liu FX, Yao KL, Liu ZL
6963 - 6968 Molecular dynamics analysis of nanoimprinted Cu-Ni alloys
Fang TH, Wu CD, Chang WJ
6969 - 6979 Surface properties, textural features and catalytic performance for NO plus CO abatement of spinels MAl2O4 (M = Mg, Co and Zn) developed by reverse and bicontinuous microemulsion method
Giannakas AE, Ladavos AK, Armatas GS, Pomonis PJ
6980 - 6986 Preparation and tribological performance of perfluoropolyether derived coatings
Gu GT, Shen XQ, Qing FL