Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.253, No.14 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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5925 - 5930 Physico-chemical characterization of electrochemical deposit of Ca-10(PO4)(6)(OH)(2) on copper surfaces
El Mhammedi MA, Achak M, Bakasse M, Chtaini A
5931 - 5938 Effects of deposition temperature and thickness on the structural properties of thermal evaporated bismuth thin films
Kumari L, Lin SJ, Lin JH, Ma YR, Lee PC, Liou Y
5939 - 5942 Effect of manganese on grain boundary segregation of sulfur in iron
Gesari SB, Pronsato ME, Juan A
5943 - 5946 Natural variability in the surface roughness of combinatorial libraries of materials
Rockwell GP, Timmons A, Touhami A, Dahn JR
5947 - 5950 Stabilization of the pentagonal surface of the icosahedral AlPdMn quasicrystal by controlled Si absorption
Longchamp JN, Erbudak M, Weisskopf Y
5951 - 5956 Imaging of aerosols using time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometry
Palma CF, Evans GJ, Sodhi RNS
5957 - 5960 Catalysis, by amorphous carbon, of H-2 attack on oxidized U-0.1 wt% Cr surfaces
Shamir N
5961 - 5966 The electrical properties of metal-oxide-semiconductor devices fabricated on the chemically etched n-InP substrate
Cetin H, Ayyildiz E
5967 - 5971 Effect of heat treatment on the microstructure and microhardness of cold-sprayed tin bronze coating
Li WY, Li CJ, Liao HL, Coddet C
5972 - 5979 Long term studies on the chemical stability of a superhydrophobic silicone nanofilament coating
Zimmermann J, Artus GRJ, Seeger S
5980 - 5984 Field emitters with low turn on electric field based on carbon fibers
Wang QL, Mu H, Zhang XB, Lei W, Wang JC, Zhao HP
5985 - 5991 Surface modification study of low energy electron beam irradiated polycarbonate film
Nathawat R, Kumar A, Kulshrestha V, Singh M, Ganesan V, Phase DM, Vijay YK
5992 - 5999 Analysis of the current-transport mechanism across a CVD diamond/silicon interface
Rodrigues AM
6000 - 6005 Quantitative depth profiling of an alternating Pt/Co multilayer and a Pt-Co alloy multilayer by SIMS using a Buckminsterfullerene (C-60) source
Kim KJ, Simons D, Gillen G
6006 - 6012 Microstructure and electrical characterization based on AFM of very high-doped polysilicon grains
Germanicus RC, Picard E, Domenges B, Danilo K, Rogel R
6013 - 6018 Effects of anodizing conditions on bond strength of anodically oxidized film to titanium substrate
Park YJ, Shin KH, Song HJ
6019 - 6031 Textural changes during CO2 activation of chars: A fractal approach
Mahamud MM
6032 - 6040 Hydrophobic and physical properties of the ambient pressure dried silica aerogels with sodium silicate precursor using various surface modification agents
Rao AP, Rao AV, Pajonk GM
6041 - 6046 Atmospheric pressure chemical vapour deposition of vanadium diselenide thin films
Boscher ND, Blackman CS, Carmalt CJ, Parkin IP, Prieto AG
6047 - 6051 Morphology and fluorescence spectra of rubrene single crystals grown by physical vapor transport
Zeng XH, Zhang DQ, Duan LA, Wang LD, Dong GF, Qiu Y
6052 - 6059 Corona-induced graft polymerization for surface modification of porous polyethersulfone membranes
Zhu LP, Zhu BK, Xu L, Feng YX, Liu F, Xu YY
6060 - 6062 Fabrication of p-type ZnMgO films via pulsed laser deposition method by using Li as dopant source
Pan XH, Ye ZZ, Li HS, Zeng YJ, Gu XQ, Zhu LP, Zhao BH, Che Y
6063 - 6067 Preparation and optical properties of Cu2O hollow microsphere film and hollow nanosphere powder via a simple liquid reduction approach
Zhang WX, Luan CY, Yang ZH, Liu XT, Zhang DP, Yang SH
6068 - 6073 The role of oxygen and hydrogen partial pressures on structural and optical properties of ITO films deposited by reactive rf-magnetron sputtering
Das R, Adhikary K, Ray S
6074 - 6079 The Rh influence on the surface distribution of the ternary alloy Pt-Pd-Rh
Chen Y, Liao SZ, Deng HQ
6080 - 6084 Thickness-dependent surface morphology of La0.9Sr0.1MnO3 ultrathin films
He M, Qiu J, Liang X, Lu HB, Jin KJ
6085 - 6089 Effect of Ce-2(SO4)(3) on structure and properties of Ni-Co/Al2O3 composite coating deposited by pulse reverse current method
Chang LM, Guo HF, An MZ
6090 - 6095 The effect of solvent upon molecularly thin rotaxane film formation
Farrell AA, Kay ER, Bottari G, Leigh DA, Jarvis SP
6096 - 6102 Diffusion and desorption of submonolayer platinum deposited on the multi-faceted surface of a tungsten micro-crystal
Bryl R, Blaszczyszyn R
6103 - 6108 Interaction between alpha-actinin and negatively charged lipids membrane investigated by surface plasmon resonance and electrochemical methods
Li AX, Ma Y, Yang F, Yang XR
6109 - 6112 An electrostatic force microscope study of Si nanostructures on Si(100) as a function of post-annealing temperature and time
Sun HT, Li ZH, Zhou J, Zhao YY, Lu M
6113 - 6117 Influence of substrate temperature on properties of MgF2 coatings
Yu H, Qi HJ, Cui Y, Shen YM, Shao JD, Fan ZX
6118 - 6124 Preparation of anti-corrosion films by microarc oxidation on an Al-Si alloy
Xue WB, Shi XL, Hua M, Li YL
6125 - 6129 Effects of Ge doping on the properties of Sb2Te3 phase-change thin films
Yu JL, Liu B, Zhang T, Song ZT, Feng SL, Chen BM
6130 - 6139 Electrochemical, theoretical and XPS studies of 2-mercapto-1-methylimidazole adsorption on carbon steel in 1 M HClO4
Benali O, Larabi L, Traisnel M, Gengembre L, Harek Y
6140 - 6143 SIMS as a subnanometer probe: A new tool for chemical profile analysis of grafted molecules
Cherioux F, Gauthier-Manuel B, Eccles J, Grenut T, Briant M
6144 - 6148 Thermal model for nanosecond laser sputtering at high fluences
Zhang DM, Liu D, Li ZH, Guan L, Tan XY, Li L, Fang RR, Hu DZ, Liu GB
6149 - 6156 Comparative study of microstructural characteristics of electrospark and Nd : YAG laser epitaxially growing coatings
Xie YJ, Wang MC, Huang DW
6157 - 6161 Rare-earth chloride seeded growth of GaN nano- and micro-crystals
Mastro MA, Freitas JA, Holm RT, Eddy CR, Caldwell J, Liu K, Glembocki O, Henry RL, Kim J
6162 - 6164 Investigation into defects occurring on the polymer surface during the photolithography process
Bosc D, Maalouf A, Haesaert S, Henrio F
6165 - 6175 Intrinsic mechanical properties of ultra-thin amorphous carbon layers
Lemoine P, Quinn JP, Maguire PD, Zhao JF, McLaughlin JA
6176 - 6184 Interfacial reactions during sputter deposition of Ta and TaN films on organosilicate glass: XPS and TEM results
Wilks JA, Magtoto NP, Kelber JA, Arunachalam V
6185 - 6190 Surface cleaning and preparation in AlGaN/GaN-based HEMT processing as assessed by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Gonzalez-Posada F, Bardwell JA, Moisa S, Haffouz S, Tang HP, Brana AF, Munoz E
6191 - 6195 Mechanical properties of Mo-Ru thin films with Ni interlayer of different thickness
Kang CY, Chen YI, Lin CH, Duh JG
6196 - 6202 Surface morphology characterization of pentacene thin film and its substrate with under-layers by power spectral density using fast Fourier transform algorithms
Itoh T, Yamauchi N
6203 - 6210 Electrostatic forces in micromanipulations: Review of analytical models and simulations including roughness
Lhernould MS, Delchambre A, Regnier S, Lambert P
6211 - 6216 Study micromechanism of surface planarization in the polishing technology using numerical simulation method
Han XS
6217 - 6221 An XPS study of Al2Au and AlAu4 intermetallic oxidation
Xu C, Sritharan T, Mhaisalkar SG, Srinivasan M, Zhang S
6222 - 6225 Enhanced ferroelectric property of (Pb0.95Ca0.05)(Nb0.02Zr0.80Ti0.20)O-3 thin films prepared by RF magnetron sputtering
Wu JG, Zhu JL, Xiao DQ, Zhu JG, Tan JZ, Zhang QL, Wang YY
6226 - 6231 Growth kinetics of borided layers: Artificial neural network and least square approaches
Campos I, Islas M, Ramirez G, VillaVelazquez C, Mota C
6232 - 6235 GaAs surface passivation by ultra-thin epitaxial GaP layer and surface As-P exchange
Aierken A, Riikonen J, Mattila A, Hakkarainen T, Sopanen M, Lipsanen H
6236 - 6241 Laser cladding of copper with molybdenum for wear resistance enhancement in electrical contacts
Ng KW, Man HC, Cheng FT, Yue TM
6242 - 6247 Investigation of evolution hydrocarbon species on a Si surface during methane plasma with and without substrate bias, using infrared spectroscopy in multiple internal reflection geometry
Shinohara M, Shibata H, Cho K, Nakatani T, Okamoto K, Matsuda Y, Fujiyama H
6248 - 6254 Properties of the roughness in NiFe/FeMn exchange-biased system
Nascimento VP, Passamani EC, Biondo A, Nunes VB, Saitovitch EB
6255 - 6258 Properties of ZnO thin films grown on Si substrates in vacuum and oxygen ambient by pulsed laser deposition
Zhao J, Hu LZ, Liu WF, Wang ZY
6259 - 6263 Crystallization and surface morphology evolution of erbium fluoride films on different substrates
Su WT, Li B, Yin L, Yang L, Liu DQ, Zhang FS
6264 - 6267 Deposition of silver nanoparticles on silica spheres via ultrasound irradiation
Ye XY, Zhou YM, Chen J, Sun YQ
6268 - 6272 The effect of polymer coatings on switching behavior and cycling durability of Pd/Mg-Ni thin films
Bao S, Yamada Y, Okada M, Yoshimura K
6273 - 6273 Pressure induced anisotropy of electrical conductivity in polycrystalline molybdenum disulfide (vol 252, pg 7941, 2006)
Sanchez V, Benavente E, Lavayen V, O'Dwyer C, Torres CMS, Gonzalez G, Santa Ana MA