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5565 - 5569 Sixth International Symposium - Effects of surface heterogeneity in adsorption and catalysis on solids - ISSHAC VI, Zakopane, Poland, 28th August 2nd September 2006
Do D, Nicholson PD, Ustinov EA, Murzin DY, Monson PA, Zhou L, Guil JM, Olivier J, Villieras F, Zgrablich G, Shamir N, Jagiello J, Thommes M, Rudzinski W, Witko M
5570 - 5579 Confinement effects on chemical reactions - Toward an integrated rational catalyst design
Santiso EE, Kostov MK, George AM, Nardelli MB, Gubbins KE
5580 - 5586 Heat of adsorption and density distribution in slit pores with defective walls: GCMC simulation studies and comparison with experimental data
Do DD, Nicholson D, Do HD
5587 - 5590 Applicability of classical methods of pore size analysis for MCM-41 and SBA-15 silicas
Choma J, Jaroniec M
5591 - 5595 Modeling of adsorption and phase diagrams for stepped surfaces: Transfer matrix approach
Myshlyavtsev AV, Myshlyavtseva MD
5596 - 5600 Adsorption in cylindrical pores: Mixed lattice-site/off-site Monte Carlo simulations in pores with heterogeneous wall structure
Kuchta B, Firlej L, Boulet P, Marzec M
5601 - 5605 Melting mechanism of monolayers adsorbed in cylindrical pores: An influence of the pore wall roughness
Kuchta B, Firlej L, Denoyel R, Boulet P, Rols S, Johnson MR
5606 - 5609 Atomistic simulation of sorption in model pores with reduced spatial periodicity
Pantatosaki E, Papaioannou A, Stubos AK, Papadopoulos GK
5610 - 5615 Modeling of heterogeneous surfaces and characterization of porous materials by extending density functional theory for the case of amorphous solids
Ustinov EA, Do DD, Fenelonov VB
5616 - 5621 Complementary study of microporous adsorbents with DFT and LBET
Duda JT, Jagiello L, Jagiello J, Milewska-Duda J
5622 - 5627 Computer modeling of dissociative gas adsorption on laser-roughened surfaces
Szabelski P, Panczyk T
5628 - 5632 Simulation study of argon adsorption on (001) faces of phyllosilicates
Carvalho AP, Ramalho JPP, Villieras F
5633 - 5639 Study of structural irregularities of smectite clay systems by small-angle neutron scattering and adsorption
De Stefanis A, Tomlinson AAG, Steriotis TA, Charalambopoulou GC, Keiderling U
5640 - 5644 Comparative analysis of heterogeneous solid and soft materials by adsorption, NMR and thermally stimulated depolarisation current methods
Gun'ko VM, Turov VV, Leboda R, Zarko VI, Skubiszewska-Zieba J, Charmas B
5645 - 5649 Excess surface work - A modelless way of getting surface energies and specific surface areas directly from sorption isotherms
Adolphs J
5650 - 5655 Studies on ordered mesoporous materials for potential environmental and clean energy applications
Sun Y, Liu XW, Su W, Zhou YP, Zhou L
5656 - 5659 Template-directed synthesis of highly ordered nanoporous graphitic carbon nitride through polymerization of cyanamide
Hwang S, Lee S, Yu JS
5660 - 5665 Adsorption studies of thermal stability of SBA-16 mesoporous silicas
Grudzien RM, Grabicka BE, Jaroniec M
5666 - 5670 Characterization and adsorptive application of ordered mesoporous silicas
Rockmann R, Kalies G
5671 - 5675 Theoretical studies of argon adsorption in MCM-41 mesoporous systems
Tovbin YK, Petukhov AG
5676 - 5681 Assessment of pore structure parameters for polymer-templated mesoporous molecular sieves by means of nitrogen and argon adsorption
Nowak I, Jaroniec M
5682 - 5687 Comparative studies of p6m siliceous mesostructures by powder X-ray diffraction and nitrogen adsorption
Pikus S, Solovyov LA, Kozak M, Jaroniec M
5688 - 5691 Evidence of surface active sites on NaY zeolite by a model reaction
Santos V, Barthelet K, Quoineaud AA, Armaroli T, Gener I, Magnoux P
5692 - 5695 Influence of isomorphous substitution in MFI-type materials on the diffusion of n-hexane: Molecular dynamic studies
Wloch J
5696 - 5700 A new theoretical approach to the encapsulation of small molecules in zeolites
Song MK, Kim JS, No KT
5701 - 5704 Variable temperature FT-IR studies on hydrogen adsorption on the zeolite (Mg,Na)-Y
Arean CO, Palomino GT, Carayol MRL
5705 - 5708 Thermodynamics of nitrogen adsorption on the zeolite H-FER
Delgado MR, Area CO
5709 - 5714 Investigation of surface properties of lunar regolith: Part I
Robens E, Bischoff A, Schreiber A, Dabrowski A, Unger KK
5715 - 5720 Characterization of nanoporous carbons by combining CO2 and H-2 sorption data with the Monte Carlo simulations
Konstantakou A, Steriotis TA, Papadopoulos GK, Kainourgiakis M, Kikkinides ES, Stubos AK
5721 - 5725 Effects of textural and surface characteristics of microporous activated carbons on the methane adsorption capacity at high pressures
Bastos-Neto M, Canabrava DV, Torres AEB, Rodriguez-Castellon E, Jimenez-Lopez A, Azevedo DCS, Cavalcante CL
5726 - 5731 CO2 sorption on substituted carbon materials - Computational chemistry studies
Gauden PA, Wisniewski M
5732 - 5735 Sorption of methane and carbon dioxide mixtures in Polish hard coals considered in terms of adsorption-absorption model
Jodlowski GS, Baran P, Wojcik M, Nodzenski A, Porada S, Milewska-Duda J
5736 - 5740 Phosphoric acid activation - Functionalization and porosity modification
Puziy AM, Poddubnaya OI, Gawdzik B, Sobiesiak M, Tsyba MM
5741 - 5746 Effects of activated carbon properties on the adsorption of naphthalene from aqueous solutions
Ania CO, Cabal B, Pevida C, Arenillas A, Parra JB, Rubiera F, Pis JJ
5747 - 5751 Ethylene and phenylene bridged polysilsesquioxanes functionalized by amine and thiol groups as adsorbents of volatile organic compounds
Dabrowski A, Barczak M, Robens E, Stolyarchuk NV, Yurchenko GR, Matkovskii OK, Zub YL
5752 - 5755 The impact of carbon surface chemical composition on the adsorption of phenol determined at the real oxic and anoxic conditions
Terzyk AP
5756 - 5761 Removal of aliphatic amino acids by hybrid organic-inorganic layered compounds
Silverio F, dos Reis MJ, Tronto J, Valim JB
5762 - 5766 Nitrate removal using natural clays modified by acid thermoactivation
Mena-Duran CJ, Kou MRS, Lopez T, Azamar-Barrios JA, Aguilar DH, Dominguez MI, Odriozola JA, Quintana P
5767 - 5771 Pore structures in an implantable sol-gel titania ceramic device used in controlled drug release applications: A modeling study
Peterson A, Lopez T, Islas EO, Gonzalez RD
5772 - 5775 Synthesis of an innovative calcium-alginate magnetic sorbent for removal of multiple contaminants
Lim SF, Chen JP
5776 - 5780 Modelling self-assembling of colloid particles in multilayered structures
Adamczyk Z, Weronski P, Barbasz J, Kolasinska M
5781 - 5784 Self-assembled and fluorescence enhancement of semiconductor nanoparticles induced by surfactant adsorption
Quintana M, Perez E
5785 - 5790 Influence of surface heterogeneity in. electroosmotic flows -Implications in chromatography, fluid mixing, and chemical reactions in microdevices
Adrover A, Giona M, Pagnanelli F, Toro L
5791 - 5796 Modelling of zeta-potential of the montmorillonite/electrolyte solution interface
Zarzycki P, Szabelski P, Piasecki W
5797 - 5801 Mechanism of charging of the pyrite/aqueous interface as deduced from the surface potential measurements
Preocanin T, Tuksar M, Kallay N
5802 - 5806 Depletion potentials between colloids and patterned surfaces
Bryk P, Sokolowski S
5807 - 5813 Flow microcalorimetry: Experimental development and application to adsorption of heavy metal cations on silica
Lantenois S, Prelot B, Douillard JM, Szczodrowski K, Charbonnel MC
5814 - 5817 Application of the statistical rate theory of interfacial transport to investigate the kinetics of divalent metal ion adsorption onto the energetically heterogeneous surfaces of oxides and activated carbons
Piasecki W, Rudzinski W
5818 - 5826 Kinetics and equilibrium of adsorption of organic solutes on mesoporous carbons
Marczewski AW
5827 - 5840 Theoretical description of the kinetics of solute adsorption at heterogeneous solid/solution interfaces - On the possibility of distinguishing between the diffusional and the surface reaction kinetics models
Rudzinski W, Plazinski W
5841 - 5845 Time-resolved gas chromatography applied to submonolayer adsorption -Modeling and experimental approach
Metaxa E, Agelakopoulou T, Bassiotis I, Margariti S, Siokos V, Roubani-Kalantzopoulou F
5846 - 5850 Molecular dynamics study of the equilibrium flux of gas molecules to a fractal/rough surface - Effects of gas atom diameter
Panczyk T, Warzocha T, Rudzinski W
5851 - 5855 Isothermal adsorption kinetics on heterogeneous surfaces
Xia XY, d'Alnoncourt RN, Strunk J, Litvinov S, Muhler M
5856 - 5863 Study of oscillations and pattern formation in the CO+O-2 reaction on Pt(100) surfaces through dynamic Monte Carlo simulation
Alas SJ, Zgrablich G
5864 - 5867 Surface status and size influences of nickel nanoparticles on sulfur compound adsorption
Ko CH, Park JG, Park JC, Song H, Han SS, Kim JN
5868 - 5875 Influence of pretreatment methods on adsorption and catalytic characteristics of toluene over heterogeneous palladium based catalysts
Shim WG, Kim SC, Kang HC, Nahm SW, Lee JW, Moon H
5876 - 5881 Intermittent temperature-programmed desorption study of perovskites used for catalytic purposes
Gaillard F, Joly JP, Boreave A, Vernoux P, Deloume JP
5882 - 5887 Hydrogen and noble gas interactions with iron nano-flakes
Groszek AJ
5888 - 5893 Hydrogenolysis of methylcyclopentane over the bimetallic Ir-Au/gamma-Al2O3 catalysts
Chimentao RJ, Valenca GR, Medina F, Perez-Ramirez J
5894 - 5898 Impact of potassium on the heats of adsorption of adsorbed CO species on supported Pt particles by using the AEIR method
Derrouiche S, Gravejat P, Bassou B, Bianchi D
5899 - 5903 On the mechanism of reactive adsoption of dibenzothiophene on organic waste derived carbons
Ania CO, Parra JB, Arenillas A, Rubiera F, Bandosz TJ, Pis JJ
5904 - 5909 Variation of the vanadium oxidation state within a VPO catalyst layer in a membrane reactor: XPS mapping and modelling
Suchorski Y, Munder B, Becker S, Rihko-Struckmann L, Sundmacher K, Weiss H
5910 - 5913 Spectroscopic studies of alumina-supported nickel catalysts precursors Part I. Catalysts prepared from acidic solutions
Pasieczna-Patkowska S, Ryczkowski J
5914 - 5919 Etching reaction of methylchloride molecule on the GaAs (001)-2x4 surface
Ozeki M, Iwasa Y, Shimizu Y
5920 - 5924 Evaluation of semiconducting sensor materials on the basis of catalytic test reaction
Turek W, Lapkowski M, Krowiak A, Teterycz H, Klimkiewicz R