Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.253, No.12 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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5185 - 5190 The formation of nanotubes and nanocoils of molybdenum disulphide
Lavayen V, Mirabal N, O'Dwyer C, Ana MAS, Benavente E, Torres CMS, Gonzalez G
5191 - 5195 Internal structure transition of spin-on glass by electron beam irradiation
Araki M, Taniguchi J, Sawada N, Utsumi T, Miyamoto I
5196 - 5202 Surface analysis of the nanostructured W-Ti thin film deposited on silicon
Petrovic S, Bundaleski N, Perusko D, Radovic M, Kovac J, Mitric M, Gakovic B, Rakocevic Z
5203 - 5207 Plasma polymerization of styrene with carbon dioxide under glow discharge conditions
Luo HL, Sheng J, Wan YZ
5208 - 5213 Modification of cycloolefin copolymer and poly(vinyl chloride) surfaces by superimposition of nano- and microstructures
Koponen HK, Saarikoski I, Korhonen T, Paakko M, Kuisma R, Pakkanen TT, Suvanto M, Pakkanen TA
5214 - 5217 Co-energy of surface and grain boundary in Ag film
Wei XM, Zhang JM, Xu KW
5218 - 5222 Electrical characteristics of UV photodetectors based on ZnO/diamond film structure
Liu JM, Xia YB, Wang LJ, Su QF, Shi WM
5223 - 5227 Synthesis and characterization of tantalum nitride films prepared by cathodic vacuum arc technique
Niu EW, Li L, Lv GH, Feng WR, Chen H, Fan SH, Yang SZ, Yang XZ
5228 - 5232 Atomic layer deposition of PbZrO3 thin films
Harjuoja J, Vayrynen S, Putkonen M, Niinisto L, Rauhala E
5233 - 5239 Diamond coating deposition by synergy of thermal and laser methods - A problem revisited
Ristic GS, Trtica MS, Bogdanov ZD, Romcevic NZ, Miljanic SS
5240 - 5249 Synthesis and characterization of single- and co-doped SnO2 thin films for optoelectronic applications
Saadeddin I, Pecquenard B, Manaud JP, Decourt R, Labrugere C, Buffeteau T, Campet G
5250 - 5257 Influence of surface treatment on the electroless nickel plating of textile fabric
Yuen CWM, Jiang SQ, Kan CW, Tung WS
5258 - 5267 Laser removal of loose uranium compound contamination from metal surfaces
Roberts DE, Modise TS
5268 - 5273 Effect of aluminum on the corrosion behavior of NiTiAl thin films
Liu KT, Duh JG
5274 - 5280 A comparative study of the adsorption equilibrium of progesterone by a carbon black and a commercial activated carbon
Valenzuela-Calahorro C, Navarrete-Guijosa A, Stitou M, Cuerda-Correa EM
5281 - 5286 Ultrastructural organization of premature condensed chromosomes at S-phase as observed by atomic force microscopy
Fan YH, Zhang XH, Bai J, Mao RF, Zhang CY, Lei QQ, Fu SB
5287 - 5292 Properties of dc magnetron sputtered Cu2O films prepared at different sputtering pressures
Reddy AS, Uthanna S, Reddy PS
5293 - 5301 Direct micropatterning of high dielectric BaTiO3 films by laser-induced pyrolysis with a nano-crystalline seeding technique
Kobayashi Y, Miyajima K, Nagao D, Watanabe A, Yamada S, Miwa T, Konno M
5302 - 5305 Influence of bilayer periods on structural and mechanical properties of ZrC/ZrB2 superlattice coatings
Yang J, Wang MX, Kang YB, Li DJ
5306 - 5311 The resistance to wear and corrosion of laser-cladding Al2O3 ceramic coating on Mg alloy
Gao YL, Wang CS, Yao M, Liu HB
5312 - 5316 Titanium oxynitride thin films sputter deposited by the reactive gas pulsing process
Chappe JM, Martin N, Lintymer J, Sthal F, Terwagne G, Takadoum J
5317 - 5319 Synthesis of GaN phase by ion implantation
Baranwal V, Krishna R, Singh F, Tripathi A, Pandey AC, Kanjilal D
5320 - 5324 Tuning the wettability of calcite cubes by varying the sizes of the polystyrene nanoparticles attached to their surfaces
He YJ, Li TH, Yu XY, Zhao SY, Lu JH, He J
5325 - 5333 Surface sensitive probe of the morphological and structural aspects of CdSe core-shell nanoparticles
Sharma H, Sharma SN, Singh S, Kishore R, Singh G, Shivaprasad SM
5334 - 5340 Hydrogen induced voids in hydrogenated amorphous silicon carbon (a-SiC : H): Results of effusion and diffusion studies
Saleh R, Munisa L, Beyer W
5341 - 5344 Electrical properties of purified solar grade silicon substrates using a combination of porous silicon and SiCl4
Hajji M, Hassen M, Ezzaouia H, Selmi A, Bouchriha H
5345 - 5348 Built-in electric field effect on hydrogenic impurity in wurtzite GaN/AlGaN quantum dot
Xia CX, Wei SY, Zhao X
5349 - 5354 Microstructure evolution occurring in the modified surface of 316L stainless steel under high current pulsed electron beam treatment
Hao SZ, Wu PS, Zou JX, Grosdidier T, Dong C
5355 - 5362 Effect of accelerated weathering on surface chemistry of modified wood
Temiz A, Terziev N, Eikenes M, Hafren J
5363 - 5367 Strengthening sapphire at elevated temperatures by SiO2 films
Feng LP, Liu ZT, Li Q
5368 - 5374 Growth and surface characterization of sputter-deposited molybdenum oxide thin films
Ramana CV, Atuchin VV, Kesler VG, Kochubey VA, Pokrovsky LD, Shutthanandan V, Becker U, Ewing RC
5375 - 5386 Laser activation-modification of semiconductor surfaces (LAMSS) of 1-alkenes on silicon: A ToF-SIMS, chemometrics, and AFM analysis
Pei L, Jiang GL, Davis RC, Shaver JM, Smentkowski VS, Asplund MC, Linford MR
5387 - 5392 Adsorption on nanostructured chiral surfaces studied by the Monte Carlo method
Szabelski P
5393 - 5399 Investigation of monolayer dispersion of benzoic acid supported on the surface of H-titanate nanotubes
Wang W, Zhang JW, Huang HZ, Wu ZS, Zhang ZJ
5400 - 5403 Photoelectron-spectroscopic and reactivity investigation of thin Pd-Sn films prepared by magnetron sputtering
Skala T, Veltruska K, Sedlacek L, Masek K, Matolinova I, Matolin V
5404 - 5410 Patterning of amorphous and polycrystalline Ni78B14Si8 with a focused-ion-beam
Li WX, Minev R, Dimov S, Lalev G
5411 - 5414 Nitridation of the SiO2/4H-SiC interface studied by surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Choi SH, Wang D, Williams JR, Park M, Lu W, Dhar S, Feldman LC
5415 - 5418 Effect of laser-etched indium tin oxide on optoelectrical properties of organic light-emitting diodes
Li JF, Su SH, Hwang KS, Yokoyama M
5419 - 5424 Influence of pH value on the quality of sol-gel derived ZnO films
Sagar P, Shishodia PK, Mehra RM
5425 - 5430 Phase transformation of graphite irradiated by high-intensity pulsed ion beams
Han XG, Miao SM, Zhu XP, Lei MK
5431 - 5435 Structure and RT ferromagnetism of Fe-doped AlN films
Gao XD, Jiang EY, Liu HH, Mi WB, Li ZQ, Wu P, Bai HL
5436 - 5441 Surface modification of poly(propylene carbonate) by oxygen ion implantation
Zhang JZ, Kang JC, Hu P, Meng QL
5442 - 5446 Synthesis and fine patterning of organic-inorganic composite SiO2-Al2O3 thick films
Liang QL, Zhao GY, Lu JG
5447 - 5456 Fabrication of metal nano-structures using anodic alumina membranes grown in phosphoric acid solution: Tailoring template morphology
Inguanta R, Butera M, Sunseri C, Piazza S
5457 - 5461 Observation of triangle pits in PbSe grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Xu TN, Wu HZ, Si JX, Cao CF
5462 - 5466 Deposition of superhydrophobic nanostructured Teflon-like coating using expanding plasma arc
Satyaprasad A, Jain V, Nema SK
5467 - 5472 Molecular dynamics simulation of deposition and etching of Si bombarding by energetic SiF
Gou F
5473 - 5479 Surface modification of ZnO nanocrystals
Wu YL, Tok AIY, Boey FYC, Zeng XT, Zhang XH
5480 - 5484 Low-macroscopic field emission from silicon-incorporated diamond-like carbon film synthesized by dc PECVD
Ahmed SF, Mitra MK, Chattopadhyay KK
5485 - 5493 An aqueous route to organically functionalized silica diatom skeletons
Fowler CE, Buchber C, Lebeau B, Patarin J, Delacote C, Walcarius A
5494 - 5500 Different responses of several kinds of copolymerized polyimide films to ultraviolet irradiation
Pei XQ, Wang QH
5501 - 5505 Ar+ irradiation of Si nanocrystal-doped SiO2: Evolution of photoluminescence
Xie ZQ, Li ZH, Fan WB, Chen D, Zhao YY, Lu M
5506 - 5510 Study by XPS of the chlorination of proteins aggregated onto tin dioxide during electrochemical production of hypochlorous acid
Debiemme-Chouvy C, Haskouri S, Cachet H
5511 - 5515 Accurate detection of interface between SiO2 film and Si substrate
Qian HX, Zhou W, Li XM, Miao JM, Lim LEN
5516 - 5520 Effect of tin-doped indium oxide film as capping layer on the agglomeration of copper film and the appearance of copper silicide
Liu WL, Chen WJ, Tsai TK, Hsieh SH, Liu CM
5521 - 5528 Graft copolymerization of acrylic acid onto polyamide fibers
Makhlouf C, Marais S, Roudesli S
5529 - 5535 Optimum designs for multi-layered film structures based on the knowledge on residual stresses
Zhang XC, Xu BS, Wang HD, Wu YX
5536 - 5543 Evaluation of a bioluminescence method, contact angle measurements and topography for testing the cleanability of plastic surfaces under laboratory conditions
Redsven I, Kymalainen HR, Pesonen-Leinonen E, Kuisma R, Ojala-Paloposki T, Hautala M, Sjoberg AM
5544 - 5552 Cemented carbide cutting tool: Laser processing and thermal stress analysis
Yilbas BS, Arif AFM, Karatas C, Ahsan M
5553 - 5557 Structure, electrochromic and optical properties of WO3 film prepared by dip coating-pyrolysis
Yang HT, Shang FL, Gao L, Han HT
5558 - 5564 Passivation of the surface of aluminum nanopowders by protective coatings of the different chemical origin
Kwon YS, Gromov AA, Strokova JI