Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.253, No.11 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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4819 - 4822 Preparation and characterization of p-type transparent conducting tin-gallium oxide films
Huang YX, Ji ZG, Chen C
4823 - 4829 A novel approach for the preparation of PMMA-PDMS core-shell particles with PDMS in the shell
Deng XB, Liu BL, Cao SS, Luo R, Chen HL
4830 - 4835 Comparative adsorption of phenyl selenolate and selenocyanate on Au nanoparticle surfaces
Lim JK, Joo SW
4836 - 4842 Crystalline quality of 3C-SiC formed by high-fluence C+-implanted Si
Intarasiri S, Hallen A, Lu J, Jensen J, Yu LD, Bertilsson K, Wolborski M, Singkarat S, Possnert G
4843 - 4852 Preparation of activated carbon from a renewable bio-plant of Euphorbia rigida by H2SO4 activation and its adsorption behavior in aqueous solutions
Gercel O, Ozcan A, Ozcan AS, Gercel HF
4853 - 4859 Development of porous metal oxide thin films by co-evaporation
Tesfamichael T, Motta N, Bostrom T, Bell JM
4860 - 4865 Reactivity screening of silica
Funk S, Nurkic T, Burghaus U
4866 - 4871 Adhesive interfaces of enamel and dentin prepared by air-abrasion at different distances
Chinelatti MA, do Amaral THA, Borsatto MC, Palma-Dibb RG, Corona SAM
4872 - 4885 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic analysis of oxidized Fe-16Cr-16Ni-2Mn-1Mo-2Si austenitic stainless steel
Poston JA, Siriwardane RV, Dunning JS, Alman DE, Rawers JC
4886 - 4890 Study on the electrical and optical properties of Ag/Al-doped ZnO coatings deposited by electron beam evaporation
Sahu DR, Lin SY, Huang JL
4891 - 4894 Novel self-assembled nanostructured alumina array with nanoscale grooves
Chang HX, Shi NL, Gong J, Guan YF
4895 - 4905 Influence of the lithium salt nature over the surface film formation on a graphite electrode in Li-ion batteries: An XPS study
Leroy S, Martinez H, Dedryvere R, Lemordant D, Gonbeau D
4906 - 4910 Fabrication of multilayer thin film filters by hydrofluoric acid bonding
Chen L, Nishimura H, Fukumi K, Nishii J, Hirao K
4911 - 4916 Electrical and optical properties of Al-doped ZnO thin films by sol-gel process
Kim YS, Tai WP
4917 - 4922 Broad-beam laser cladding of Al-Cu alloy coating on AZ91HP magnesium alloy
Gao YL, Wang CS, Pang HJ, Liu HB, Yao M
4923 - 4927 Titanium carbonitride films on cemented carbide cutting tool prepared by pulsed high energy density plasma
Feng WR, Liu CZ, Chen GL, Zhang GL, Gu WC, Niu EW, Yang SZ
4928 - 4934 Improving Fe3Al alloy resistance against high temperature oxidation by pack cementation process
Juzon P, Ziemnicka M, Chevalier S, Przybylski K, Larpin JP
4935 - 4941 Diamond-like carbon films deposited by a hybrid ECRCVD system
Guo CT, Dittrich KH
4942 - 4946 Piezoelectric evaluation of ion beam etched Pb(Zr,Ti)O-3 thin films by piezoresponse force microscopy
Legrand C, Da Costa A, Desfeux R, Soyer C, Remiens D
4947 - 4950 Laser surface alloying of Ni-plated steel with CO2 laser
Hussain A, Ahmad I, Hamdani AH, Nussair A, Shahdin S
4951 - 4954 Ceria concentration effect on chemical mechanical polishing of optical glass
Wang LY, Zhang KL, Song ZT, Feng SL
4955 - 4959 Pulsed Nd : YAG laser depositions of ITO and DLC films for OLED applications
Yong TK, Yap SS, Safran G, Tou TY
4960 - 4965 Adhesive and cohesive properties by indentation method of plasma-sprayed hydroxyapatite coatings
Mohammadi Z, Ziaei-Moayyed AA, Mesgar ASM
4966 - 4969 The water/graphitic-carbon interaction energy
Helmy AK, Ferreiro EA, de Bussetti SG
4970 - 4977 Sub-wavelength surface structures on silicon irradiated by femtosecond laser pulses at 1300 and 2100 nm wavelengths
Crawford THR, Haugen HK
4978 - 4984 Carbon nanotubes supported Pt-Ni catalysts and their properties for the liquid phase hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde to hydrocinnamaldehyde
Li Y, Lai GH, Zhou RX
4985 - 4989 UV light impact on ellagitannins and wood surface colour of European oak (Quercus petraea and Quercus robur)
Zahri S, Belloncle C, Charrier F, Pardon P, Quideau S, Charrier B
4990 - 4993 Post-annealing influence on properties of N-In codoped ZnO thin films prepared by ion beam enhanced deposition method
Yuan NY, Fan LN, Li JH, Wang XQ
4994 - 5002 Spray pyrolytic synthesis of samarium doped ceria (Ce0.8Sm0.2O1.9) films for solid oxide fuel cell applications
Patil BB, Pawar SH
5003 - 5010 Effect of plasticizer and surface topography on the cleanability of plasticized PVC materials
Maatta J, Koponen HK, Kuisma R, Kymalainen HR, Pesonen-Leinonen E, Uusi-Rauva A, Hurme KR, Sjoberg AM, Suvanto M, Pakkanen TA
5011 - 5016 Corrosive behavior of chromium carbide-based films formed on steel using a filtered cathodic vacuum arc system
Lin CC, Chang KL, Shih HC
5017 - 5028 The absorptance of steels to Nd : YLF and Nd : YAG laser light at room temperature
Bergstrom D, Powell J, Kaplan AFH
5029 - 5034 Electron microscopic study on interfacial characterization of electroless Ni-W-P plating on aluminium alloy
Hu YJ, Xiong L, Meng JL
5035 - 5039 Electrical and optical properties of ZnO films prepared by sputtering of ZnO targets containing AlN
Kobayashi K, Kondo Y, Tomita Y, Maeda Y, Matsushima S
5040 - 5044 Influence of the calcium phosphate content of the target on the phase composition and deposition rate of sputtered films
Ozeki K, Fukui Y, Aoki H
5045 - 5050 Characteristic of microarc oxidized coatings on titanium alloy formed in electrolytes containing chelate complex and nano-HA
Wei DQ, Zhou Y, Wang YM, Jia DC
5051 - 5055 Improvement of hydrophobic properties of silk and cotton by hexafluoropropene plasma treatment
Shen L, Dai JJ
5056 - 5061 Current conduction mechanism in Al/p-Si Schottky barrier diodes with native insulator layer at low temperatures
Altindal S, Kanbur H, Yildiz DE, Parlak M
5062 - 5066 Chemical characterization by XPS of Cu/Ge ohmic contacts to n-GaAs
Lopez MC, Galiana B, Algora C, Rey-Stolle I, Gabas M, Ramos-Barrado JR
5067 - 5069 Fabrication of Sb-doped p-type ZnO thin films by pulsed laser deposition
Pan XH, Ye ZZ, Li JS, Gu XQ, Zeng YJ, He HP, Zhu LP, Che Y
5070 - 5075 Diamond-DLC double layer used in corrosive protective coating
Csorbai HK, Kovach G, Peto G, Csikvari P, Karacs A, Solyom A, Hars G, Kalman E
5076 - 5083 Nanolayered multilayer coatings of CrN/CrAlN prepared by reactive DC magnetron sputtering
Barshilia HC, Deepthi B, Selvakumar N, Jain A, Rajam KS
5084 - 5091 Numerical simulation of deformation behavior of Al particles impacting on Al substrate and effect of surface oxide films on interfacial bonding in cold spraying
Li WY, Liao HL, Li CJ, Bang HS, Coddet C
5092 - 5100 XPS, XAES, and TG/DTA characterization of deposited carbon in methane dehydroaromatization over Ga-Mo/ZSM-5 catalyst
Liu BS, Jiang L, Sun H, Au CT
5101 - 5108 Changes in surface stress, morphology and chemical composition of silica and silicon nitride surfaces during the etching by gaseous HF acid
Mertens J, Finot E, Heintz O, Nadal MH, Eyraud V, Cathelat A, Legay G, Bourillot E, Dereux A
5109 - 5115 Scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy on Au nanoparticles assembled using lauryl amine (LAM) and octadecane thiol (ODT)
Datar S, Chaudhari M, Sastry M, Dharmadhikari CV
5116 - 5121 Electroless deposition of Ni-W-P coating on AZ91D magnesium alloy
Zhang WX, Huang N, He JG, Jiang ZH, Jiang Q, Lian JS
5122 - 5128 Poly(N-vinyl carbazole)-grafted multiwalled carbon nanotubes: Synthesis via direct free radical reaction and optical limiting properties
Wu HX, Qiu XQ, Cai RF, Qian SX
5129 - 5132 Microstructure characterization of porous silicon as studied by positron annihilation measurements at low temperatures and high vacuum
Banerji P
5133 - 5136 Fabrication of microrods and microtips of InP by electrochemical etching
Weng ZK, Liu AM, Liu YH, Xu F, Li GQ, Sun XJ
5137 - 5142 Structural, optical properties and VCNR mechanisms in vacuum evaporated iodine doped ZnSe thin films
Venkatachalam S, Mangalaraj D, Narayandass SK
5143 - 5148 The influence of nonpolar organics adsorption on the electrochemical behaviour of powdered activated carbon electrodes in aqueous electrolytes
Pakula M, Biniak S, Swiatkowski A, Derylo-Marczewska A
5149 - 5154 Thermally responsive wettability of self-assembled methylcellulose nanolayers
Yokota S, Matsuyama K, Kitaoka T, Wariishi H
5155 - 5160 Preparation of the nickel foam/Ni-Ce-Co-O film electrode by thermal decomposition for oxygen evolution reaction
Chen FC, Jiang CC, Liu JF, He DL, Zhang XH, Wen JX, Wang YL
5161 - 5165 Realization of controllable etching for ZnO film by NH4Cl aqueous solution and its influence on optical and electrical properties
Sun JC, Bian JM, Liang HW, Zhao JZ, Hu LZ, Zhao ZW, Liu WF, Du GT
5166 - 5172 Fabrication of nanostructured CuInS2 thin films by ion layer gas reaction method
Das K, Panda SK, Chaudhuri S
5173 - 5178 Biosensing of biophysical characterization by metal-aluminum nitride-metal capacitor
Chen CC, Lin CT, Lee SY, Lin LH, Huang CF, Ou KL
5179 - 5183 Structural, electrical and optical properties of Gd doped and undoped ZnO : Al (ZAO) thin films prepared by RF magnetron sputtering
Lin W, Ma RX, Shao W, Liu B