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4463 - 4466 Influence of the deposition temperature on the structure and performance of tris(8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminum based flexible organic light-emitting devices
Wang GF, Tao XM, Huang HM
4467 - 4471 Synthesis of crystalline SiC nanofiber through the pyrolysis of polycarbomethylsilane coated platelet carbon nanofiber
Qiao WM, Lim SY, Yoon SH, Mochida I, Ling LC, Yang JH
4472 - 4476 Relaxed SiGe-on-insulator with high Ge fraction obtained by oxidation of SiGe/Si-on-insulator with hydrogen ions implantation
Cheng XL, Liu H, Zhang F
4477 - 4484 Efficiency and resistance of the artificial oxalate protection treatment on marble against chemical weathering
Doherty B, Pamplona M, Selvaggi R, Miliani C, Matteini M, Sgamellotti A, Brunetti B
4485 - 4489 Ab initio investigation of hydrogenation of (BN)(12)
Jia JF, Wang H, Pei XQ, Wu HS
4490 - 4496 Characterization of microarc oxidation coatings formed on AM60B magnesium alloy in silicate and phosphate electrolytes
Liang J, Hu LT, Hao JC
4497 - 4500 The effect of Ehrlich-Schwoebel step-edge barrier on the formation of self-organized Si nanodots by ion-sputter erosion
Liu L, Zhou J, Fan WB, Zhao YY, Gu CX, Lu M
4501 - 4506 STM image visualization of Si(111) 7 x 7 surface (graphic simulation and implementation)
Raic KT, Sasic RM
4507 - 4511 Fractal microstructures of light-emitting porous silicon films
Zhou FF, Huang YM
4512 - 4514 Surface modification of silicate glasses by nanoimprint using nanostriped NiO thin film molds
Akiba S, Hara W, Watanabe T, Matsuda A, Kasahara M, Yoshimoto M
4515 - 4523 Spectral diffuse reflectance measurements of gadolinia, silica thin film systems using synchrotron radiation
Sahoo NK, Thakur S, Tokas RB, Sekhar BNR
4524 - 4530 Improvement in the corrosion resistance of Al(18)B(4)O(33)w/2024Al composite by laser surface treatment
Hu J, Liu G, Li ZJ, Kong LC
4531 - 4536 Morphological and micro-Raman investigations on Ar+-ion irradiated nanostructured GaAs surface
Mohanta SK, Soni RK, Gosvami N, Tripathy S, Kanjilal D
4537 - 4541 Hydrocarbon molecules deposited onto monolayer steps on Si(100): A study of adsorption and conductance
Mazzone AM, Rizzoli R
4542 - 4545 Luminescence properties of type-II quantum well light-emitting diodes formed with NPB and Alq(3)
Huang JZ, Xu Z, Zhao SL, Zhang FJ, Wang Y
4546 - 4549 Electroless synthesis of large scale Co-Zn-P nanowire arrays and the magnetic behaviour
Yuan XY, Du CS, Sun G, Pan N
4550 - 4553 Ultraviolet irradiation induced changes in the surface of phenolphthalein poly(ether sulfone) film
Pei XQ, Wang QH
4554 - 4559 Adsorption and thermal decomposition of C-60 on Co/Si(111)-7 x 7
Zilani MAK, Xu H, Sun YY, Wang XS, Wee ATS
4560 - 4565 Deposition and characterization of La2Ti2O7 thin films via spray pyrolysis process
Todorovsky DS, Todorovska RV, Milanova MM, Kovacheva DG
4566 - 4569 Study of photoconductivity and photoluminescence of organic/porous silicon complexes
Zhao Y, Li DS, Sang WB, Yang DR, Jiang MH
4570 - 4577 Thermodynamic and quantum chemistry characterization of the adsorption of triazole derivatives during Muntz corrosion in acidic and neutral solutions
Allam NK
4578 - 4580 Monolayer passivation of silicon(001) surface by selenium
Tao M, Maldonado E, Kirk WP
4581 - 4585 Surface modification of SnO2 nanoparticles containing Mg or Fe: Effects on sintering
Castro RHR, Pereira GJ, Gouvea D
4586 - 4592 Surface diffusion of carbon atom and carbon dimer on Si(001) surface
Zhu J, Pan ZY, Wang YX, Wei Q, Zang LK, Zhou L, Liu TJ, Jiang XM
4593 - 4598 Microstructure and optical properties of nanocrystalline ZnO and ZnO :(Li or Al) thin films
Oral AY, Bahsi ZB, Aslan AH
4599 - 4606 Studies on surface graft polymerization of acrylic acid onto PTFE film by remote argon plasma initiation
Wang C, Chen JR
4607 - 4619 Thermodynamic and kinetic aspects on the selective surface oxidation of binary, ternary and quarternary model alloys
Swaminathan S, Spiegel M
4620 - 4625 Nucleation control for ZnO nanorods grown by catalyst-driven molecular beam epitaxy
Tien LC, Norton DP, Pearton SJ, Wang HT, Ren F
4626 - 4640 Synthesis, structure, microstructure and mechanical characteristics of MO CVD deposited zirconia films
Bernard O, Huntz AM, Andrieux M, Seiler W, Ji V, Poissonnet S
4641 - 4648 Investigation of chemisorbed oxygen, surface segregation and effect of post-treatments on La0.8Sr0.2MnO3 powder and screen-printed layers for solid oxide fuel cell cathodes
Caillol N, Pijolat M, Siebert E
4649 - 4651 Surface characteristics of self-assembled microporous Ti-6Al-4V compacts fabricated by electro-discharge-sintering in air
Lee WH, Hyun CY
4652 - 4658 Photoelectron spectroscopic investigation of transformation of trifluoroacetate precursors into superconducting YBa2Cu3O7-delta films
Su JH, Joshi PP, Chintamaneni V, Mukhopadhyay SM
4659 - 4667 Effect of the surface-modifying macromolecules on the duration of the surface functionalization
Qian H, Zhang YX, Huang SM, Lin ZY
4668 - 4672 Effect of growth temperature on the morphology and bonded states of SnO2 nanobaskets
Ansari SG, Dar MA, Kim YS, Kim GS, Seo HK, Khang G, Shin HS
4673 - 4676 Nonlinear optical properties of periodic gold nanoparticle arrays
Wang WT, Wang YM, Dai ZH, Sun YM, Sun YP
4677 - 4679 Preparation of high quality Ag film from Ag nanoparticles
Yan Y, Kang SZ, Mu J
4680 - 4687 Electronic properties of electrolyte/anodic alumina junction during porous anodizing
Vrublevsky I, Jagminas A, Schreckenbach J, Goedel WA
4688 - 4693 Thickness determination of molecularly thin lubricant films by angle-dependent X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Pang CJ, Bai MW
4694 - 4697 Activation of Mg-doped P-GaN by using two-step annealing
Hwang JD, Yang GH
4698 - 4703 Application of Ru(bpy)(3)(2+) in control and formation of gold surface nanostructure through oxidation-reduction cycling
Qi B, Zheng ZK, Yang XR
4704 - 4708 Nanoscale structuring of SrRuO3 thin film surfaces by scanning tunneling microscopy
You CC, Rystad NV, Borg A, Tybell T
4709 - 4714 Surface modification of polyethylene film by acrylamide graft and alcoholysis for improvement of antithrombogenicity
Zhao GW, Chen YS, Wang XL
4715 - 4720 STM studies of the reconstructed Au(111) thin-film at elevated temperatures
Kowalczyk P, Kozlowski W, Klusek Z, Olejniczak W, Datta PK
4721 - 4726 Surface morphology and the phase formation at Cr/Si system
Agarwal S, Jain A, Lal C, Ganesan V, Jain IP
4727 - 4733 Removal of lead(II) by adsorption onto Viscum album L.: Effect of temperature and equilibrium isotherm analyses
Erenturk S, Malkoc E
4734 - 4739 Crystallization of amorphous SiC and superhardness effect in TiN/SiC nanomultilayers
Kong M, Dai JW, Lao JJ, Li GY
4740 - 4747 Femtosecond laser patterning of Ta0.1W0.9Ox/ITO thin film stack
Lee S, Yang DF, Nikumb S
4748 - 4752 Detection of hydrogen with SnO2-coated ZnO nanorods
Tien LC, Norton DP, Gila BP, Pearton SJ, Wang HT, Kang BS, Ren F
4753 - 4758 Roughness and fibre reinforcement effect onto wettability of composite surfaces
Benard Q, Fois M, Grisel M
4759 - 4763 The effect of melting-induced volumetric expansion on initiation of laser-induced forward transfer
Willis DA, Grosu V
4764 - 4767 Improved optical response and photocatalysis for N-doped titanium oxide (TiO2) films prepared by oxidation of TiN
Wan L, Li JF, Feng JY, Sun W, Mao ZQ
4768 - 4772 Biomimetic nucleation and growth of hydrophobic vaterite nanoparticles with oleic acid in a methanol solution
Wang CY, Zhao X, Zhao JZ, Liu YH, Sheng Y, Wang ZC
4773 - 4776 Triangular pattern formation on silicon through self-organization of GaN nanoparticles
Prabhakaran K, Schwenzer B, DenBaars SP, Mishra UK
4777 - 4781 Microstructure and mechanical properties of neoprene-montmorillonite nanocomposites
Yeh MH, Hwang WS, Cheng LR
4782 - 4791 Surface properties of LiCoO2, LiNiO2 and LiNi1-xCoxO2
Moses AW, Flores HGG, Kim JG, Langell MA
4792 - 4795 The effects of thermal annealing in self-assembled Ge/Si quantum dots
Cai QH, Zhou H, Lu F
4796 - 4804 Thiolated polyethylene oxide as a non-fouling element for nano-patterned bio-devices
Lisboa P, Valsesia A, Colpo P, Gilliland D, Ceccone G, Papadopoulou-Bouraoui A, Rauscher H, Reniero F, Guillou C, Rossi F
4805 - 4813 Influence of modifiers on the performance of Ru-supported catalysts on the stereoselective hydrogenation of 4-acetamidophenol
Bachiller-Baeza B, Guerrero-Ruiz A, Rodriguez-Ramos I
4814 - 4815 Comment on Lihua Liu et al. "Preparation of boron carbon nitride thin films by radio frequency magnetron sputtering" [Appl. Surf. Sci. 252 (2006) 4185-4189]
Linss V
4816 - 4817 Comment on Lihua Liu et al. "Preparation of boron carbon nitride thin films by radio frequency magnetron sputtering" [Appl. Surf. Sci. 252 (2006) 4185-4189] - Reply by Liu et al.
Liu LH, Wang YX, Feng KC, Li YG, Li WQ, Zhao CH, Zhao YN
4818 - 4818 Corrosion resistance and lubricated sliding wear behaviour of novel Ni-P graded alloys as an alternative to hard Cr deposits (vol 252, pg 7361, 2006)
Wang LP, Gao Y, Xu T, Xue QJ