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1 - 2 Current Trends in Optical and X-ray Metrology of Advanced Materials for Nanoscale Devices - Proceedings of the European Materials Research Society 2005 - Symposium P - Strasbourg, France, May 31-June 3, 2005
Servet B
3 - 11 Analysis of mesoporous thin films by X-ray reflectivity, optical reflectivity and grazing incidence small angle X-ray scattering
Gibaud A, Dourdain S, Vignaud G
12 - 16 Thin multilayers characterization by grazing X-ray reflectometry and use of Fourier transform
Bridou F, Gautier J, Delmotte F, Ravet MF, Durand O, Modreanu M
17 - 20 Electron density profile at the interface of SiO2/Si(001)
Banerjee S, Ferrari S, Piagge R, Spadoni S
21 - 27 X-ray metrology for advanced silicon processes
Wyon C, Gonchond JP, Delille D, Michallet A, Royer JC, Kwakman L, Marthon S
28 - 32 A simple solution to systematic errors in density determination by X-ray reflectivity: The XRR-density evaluation (XRR-DE) method
Bergese P, Bontempi E, Bepero LE
33 - 37 XRR and GISAXS study of silicon oxynitride films
Bernstoff S, Dubcek P, Pivac B, Kovacevic I, Sassella A, Borghesi A
38 - 46 The ultimate in real-time ellipsometry: Multichannel Mueller matrix spectroscopy
Chen C, Horn MW, Pursel S, Ross C, Collins RW
47 - 51 Generalized ellipsometry in unusual configurations
Jellison GE, Holcomb DE, Hunn JD, Rouleau CM, Wright GW
52 - 56 Investigation of the optical anisotropy of PET and PEN films by VIS-FUV to IR spectroscopic ellipsometry
Laskarakis A, Logothetidis S
57 - 64 Evaluation strategies for multi-layer, multi-material ellipsometric measurements
Polgar O, Petrik R, Lohner T, Fried M
65 - 69 Optical characterization of ns-SiN : H in the infrared by spectroscopic ellipsometry
Sancho-Parramon J, Bosch S, Canillas A
70 - 79 Analysis of reflectance and modulation spectroscopic lineshapes in optoelectronic device structures
Hosea TJC, Cripps SA, Sale TE, Hild K
80 - 84 Photoreflectance spectroscopy of semiconductor structures at hydrostatic pressure: A comparison of GaInAs/GaAs and GaInNAs/GaAs single quantum wells
Kudrawiec R, Misiewicz J
85 - 89 Ultrathin InAs and modulated InGaAs layers in GaAs grown by MOVPE studied by photomodulated reflectance spectroscopy
Hazdra P, Voves J, Hulicius E, Pangrac J, Sourek Z
90 - 94 Photoreflectance spectroscopy of self-organized InAs/InP(001) quantum sticks emitting at 1.55 mu m
Chouaib H, Chauvin N, Bru-Chevallier C, Monat C, Regreny P, Gendry M
95 - 105 Recent advances in high-resolution X-ray diffractometry applied to nanostructured oxide thin films: The case of yttria stabilized zirconia epitaxially grown on sapphire
Boulle A, Guinebretiere R, Masson O, Bachelet R, Conchon F, Dauger A
106 - 111 Novel methods and universal software for HRXRD, XRR and GISAXS data interpretation
Ulyanenkov A
112 - 117 Structural characterisation of Sb-based heterostructures by X-ray scattering methods
Renard C, Durand O, Marcadet X, Massies J, Parillaud O
118 - 123 Simulation of X-ray diffraction profiles in multilayers by direct wave summation: Application to asymmetric reflections
Zamir S, Steinberg O, Lakin E, Zolotoyabko E
124 - 127 X-ray triple-axis diffractometry investigation of Si/SiGe/Si on silicon-on-insulator subjected to in situ low-temperature annealing
Ma TD, Tu HL, Hu GY, Shao BL, Liu AS
128 - 132 Structure of PtFe/Fe double-period multilayers investigated by X-ray diffraction, reflectivity, diffuse scattering and TEM
Zotov N, Feydt J, Walther T, Ludwig A
133 - 137 Fourier-inversion and wavelet-transform methods applied to X-ray reflectometry and HRXRD profiles from complex thin-layered heterostructures
Durand O, Morizet N
138 - 144 Nanophotonics and nanometrology with planar X-ray waveguide-resonator
Egorov VK, Egorov EV
145 - 151 Advances in modulation spectroscopy: State-of-art photoreflectance metrology
Murtagh ME, Ward S, Nee D, Kelly PV
152 - 157 Contactless electroreflectance spectroscopy of Ga(In)NAs/GaAs quantum well structures containing Sb atoms
Kudrawiec R, Gladysiewicz M, Motyka M, Misiewicz J, Yuen HB, Bank SR, Wistey MA, Bae HR, Harris JS
158 - 162 New calibration method for UV-VIS photothermal deflection spectroscopy set-up
Sancho-Parramon J, Ferre-Borrull J, Bosch S, Krasilnikova A, Bulir J
163 - 166 In situ ellipsometry of surface layer of non-metallic transparent materials during its finish processing
Filatov OY, Poperenko LV
167 - 172 Simultaneous optical measurement of Ge-content and carbon doping in strained epitaxial SiGe films
Morris S, Le Cunff D, Ristoiu D, Vachellerie V, Deleglise F, Dutartre D
173 - 176 Optical models for the ellipsometric characterization of carbon nitride layers prepared by inverse pulsed laser deposition
Petrik P, Lohner T, Egerhazi L, Geretovszky Z
177 - 181 Changes in the shapes of self-organized PbSe quantum dots during PbEuTe overgrowth investigated by anomalous X-ray diffraction
Holy V, Schulli TU, Lechner RT, Springholz G, Bauer G
182 - 187 X-ray scattering: A powerful probe of lattice strain in materials with small dimensions
Thomas O, Loubens A, Gergaud P, Labat S
188 - 193 Crystallite misorientation analysis in semiconductor wafers and ELO samples by rocking curve imaging
Mikulik P, Lubbert D, Pernot P, Helfen L, Baumbach T
194 - 199 Photoreflectance study at the micrometer scale
Bru-Chevallier C, Choualib H, Bakouboula A, Benyattou T
200 - 203 Ellipsometric characterization of nanocrystals in porous silicon
Petrik P, Fried M, Vazsonyi E, Lohner T, Horvath E, Polgar O, Basa P, Barsony I, Gyulai J
204 - 208 Quantitative methods for nanopowders characterization
Wejrzanowski T, Pielaszek R, Opalinska A, Matysiak H, Lojkowski W, Kurzydlowski KJ
209 - 213 X-ray topographic imaging of (Al, Ga)N/GaN based electronic evice structures on SiC
Kirste L, Muller S, Kiefer R, Quay R, Kohler K, Herres N
214 - 218 GaN epilayers on nanopatterned GaN/Si(111) templates: Structural and optical characterization
Wang LS, Tripathy S, Wang BZ, Chua SJ
219 - 223 Real time ellipsometry for monitoring plasma-assisted epitaxial growth of GaN
Bruno G, Losurdo M, Giangregorio MM, Capezzuto P, Brown AS, Kim TH, Choi S
224 - 227 "Anomalous" pseudodielectric function of GaN: Experiment, modelling and application to the study of surface properties
Shokhovets S, Gobsch G, Lebedev V, Ambacher O
228 - 231 Structural characterisation of GaAlN/GaN HEMT heterostructures
Sarazin N, Durand O, Magis M, Poisson MADF, Di Persio J
232 - 235 Structural and optical characterization of GaN heteroepitaxial films on SiC substrates
Morse M, Wu P, Choi S, Kim TH, Brown AS, Losurdo M, Bruno G
236 - 240 Characterization of GaN layers grown on silicon-on-insulator substrates
Tripathy S, Wang LS, Chua SJ
241 - 245 High resolution X-ray diffraction of GaN grown on Si (111) by MOVPE
Chaaben N, Boufaden T, Fouzri A, Bergaoui MS, El Jani B
246 - 248 Band structure investigations of GaN films using modulation spectroscopy
Makhniy VP, Slyotov MM, Gorley VV, Horley PP, Vorobiev YV, Gonzalez-Hernandez J
249 - 253 On the mixed nature of the 740 cm(-1) band in wurtzite GaN films: A polarized Raman scattering investigation
Ricci PC, Carbonaro CM, Corpino R, Anedda A
254 - 257 Optical characterization of InxGa1-xN alloys
Gartner M, Kruse C, Modreanu M, Tausendfreund A, Roder C, Hommel D
258 - 260 Modeling of laser reflectance evolution during metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy growth of GaN using SiN treatment
Fitouri H, Benzarti Z, Halidou I, Boufaden T, El Jani B
261 - 265 Structural characterization of InxGa1-xAs/Inp layers under different stresses
Bak-Misiuk J, Orlinska K, Kaniewski J, Shalimov A, Lusakowska E, Misiuk A, Muszalski J, Wierchowski W, Wieteska K, Graeff W
266 - 270 Photoreflectance and contactless electroreflectance spectroscopy of GaAs-based structures: The below band gap oscillation features
Kudrawiec R, Motyka M, Gladysiewicz M, Sitarek R, Misiewicz J
271 - 274 Absorbance spectra of polycrystalline samples and twinned crystals of oligothiophenes
Raimondo L, Campione M, Laicini A, Moret M, Sassella A, Spearman P, Tavazzi S
275 - 278 Laser reflectometry in situ monitoring of InGaAs grown by atmospheric pressure metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy
Habchi MM, Rebey A, Fouzri A, El Jani B
279 - 282 Structural and optical characterization of the propolis films
Drapak SI, Bakhtinov AP, Gavrylyuk SV, Drapak IT, Kovalyuk ZD
283 - 286 X-ray reflectivity study of hydrogen implanted silicon
Dubcek P, Pivac B, Bernstorff S, Corni F, Tonini R, Ottaviani G
287 - 291 An optical study of the correlation between growth kinetics and microstructure of mu c-Si grown by SiH4-H2PECVD
Giangregorio MM, Losurdo M, Sacchetti A, Capezzuto P, Giorgis F, Bruno G
292 - 295 Photoluminescence study in step-graded composition InxAl1-xAs/GaAs
Yahyaoui N, Aloulou S, Chtourou R, Sfaxi A, Oueslati M
296 - 299 Evidence of polarized charge-transfer transitions by probing the weak dielectric tensor components of oligothiophene crystals
Tavazzi S, Laicini M, Raimondo L, Spearman P, Borghesi A, Papagni A, Trabattoni S
300 - 305 Donor-acceptor pairs and excitons recombinations in AgGaS2
Marceddu M, Anedda A, Carbonaro CM, Chiriu D, Corpino R, Ricci PC
306 - 310 Optimization of annealing conditions of In2S3 thin films deposited by vacuum thermal evaporation
Timoumi A, Bouzouita H, Brini R, Kanzari M, Rezig B
311 - 321 Band edge electronic structure of transition metal/rare earth oxide dielectrics
Lucovsky G
322 - 327 Structural- optical study of high-dielectric-constant oxide films
Losurdo M, Giangregorio MM, Luchena M, Capezzuto P, Bruno G, Toro RG, Malandrino G, Fragala IL, Lo Nigro R
328 - 334 Investigation of thermal annealing effects on microstructural and optical properties of HfO2 thin films
Modreanu M, Sancho-Parramon J, Durand O, Servet B, Stchakovsky M, Eypert C, Naudin C, Knowles A, Bridou F, Ravet MF
335 - 338 High-k Mg-doped ZST for microwave applications
Ioachim A, Banciu MG, Toacsen MI, Nedelcu L, Ghetu D, Alexandru HV, Berbecaru C, Dutu A, Stoica G
339 - 343 Nanostructure characterization of high k materials by spectroscopic ellipsometry
Pereira L, Aguas H, Fortunato E, Martins R
344 - 348 Optical characterization and microstructure of BaTiO3 thin films obtained by RF-magnetron sputtering
Ianculescu A, Gartner M, Despax B, Bley V, Lebey T, Gavrila R, Modreanu M
349 - 353 Optical and X-ray characterization of ferroelectric strontium-bismuth-tantalate (SBT) thin films
Fried M, Petrik P, Horvath ZE, Lohner T, Schmidt C, Schneider C, Ryssel H
354 - 357 BST solid solutions, temperature evolution of the ferroelectric transitions
Alexandru HV, Berbecaru C, Ioachim A, Nedelcu L, Dutu A
358 - 362 Pyroelectric coefficient manipulation in doped TGS crystals
Alexandru HV, Berbecaru C, Ion L, Dutu A, Ion F, Pintilie L, Radulescu RC
363 - 366 Density, thickness and composition measurements of TiO2-SiO2 thin films by coupling X-ray reflectometry, ellipsometry and electron probe microanalysis-X
Hodroj A, Roussel H, Crisci A, Robaut F, Gottlieb U, Deschanvres JL
367 - 371 Stabilization of the anatase phase in TiO2(Fe3+, PEG) nanostructured coatings
Trapalis C, Gartner A, Modreanu M, Kordas G, Anastasescu A, Scurtu R, Zaharescu M
372 - 375 Characterization of oxide thin films using optical techniques
Hao JH, Gao J
376 - 380 Effects of UV photon irradiation on SiOx (0 < x < 2) structural properties
Tomozeiu N
381 - 384 An XPS study on ion beam induced oxidation of titanium silicide
Osiceanu P
385 - 388 Characterization of Si nanocrystals into SiO2 matrix
Gravalidis C, Logothetidis S, Hatziaras N, Laskarakis A, Tsiaoussis I, Frangis N
389 - 394 Application of spectroscopic ellipsometry to the investigation of the optical properties of cobalt-nanostructured silica thin layers
Gilliot M, Naciri AE, Johann L, d'Orleans C, Muller D, Stoquert JP, Grob JJ
395 - 399 Transformation of hydrogen silsesquioxane properties with RIE plasma treatment for advanced multiple-gate MOSFETs
Penaud J, Fruleux F, Dubois E
400 - 404 Spectroscopic and X-ray diffraction study of high T-c epitaxial YBCO thin films obtained by pulsed laser deposition
Branescu M, Vailionis A, Gartner M, Anastasescu M
405 - 408 Optical emission spectroscopy during fabrication of indium-tin-oxynitride films by RF-sputtering
Koufaki M, Sifakis M, Iliopoulos E, Pelekanos N, Modreanu A, Cimalla V, Ecke G, Aperathitis E