Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.252, No.8 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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2647 - 2656 The behaviors of the carrier concentrations and mobilities in indium-tin-oxide thin films by DC and RF-superimposed DC reactive magnetron sputtering at the various process temperatures
Lee HC
2657 - 2664 Desorption of chemisorbed Carbon on Mo(100) by noble gas ion sputtering: Validation of ground test measurements of ion engine lifetimes
Ho CS, Banerjee S, Koel BE, Duchemin OB, Polk JE
2665 - 2672 Selective metal pattern formation and its EMI shielding efficiency
Lee HC, Kim JY, Noh CH, Song KY, Cho SH
2673 - 2683 The orbital interaction of adsorbed CO on NiO (001;111) surface: A periodic density functional theory study
Wang WF, Li JQ, Zhang YF
2684 - 2691 Enhanced corrosion resistance of mild steel in molar hydrochloric acid solution by 1,4-bis(2-pyridyl)-5H-pyridazino[4,5-b]indole: Electrochemical, theoretical and XPS studies
Bentiss F, Gassama F, Barbry D, Gengembre L, Vezin H, Lagrenee M, Traisnel M
2692 - 2701 Density functional study of hypophosphite adsorption on Ni(111) and Cu(111) surfaces
Zeng Y, Liu SB, Ou LH, Yi JL, Yu SC, Wang HX, Xiao XM
2702 - 2710 Corrosion behavior of sputtered Cr-Si-Ni and Cr-Si-Ni-Al resistive films in 0.1 M NaOH
Zhang YQ, Dong XP, Wu HS
2711 - 2716 Electrostatic assembly of Cu2O nanoparticles on DNA templates
Wang L, Wei G, Qi B, Zhou HL, Liu ZG, Song YH, Yang XR, Li Z
2717 - 2740 Qualitative electroless Ni/Au plating considerations for the solder mask on top of sequential build-up layers
Siau S, Vervaet A, Degrendele L, De Baets J, Van Calster A
2741 - 2746 Determination of the inelastic mean free paths (IMFPs) in Ti by elastic peak electron spectroscopy (EPES): Effect of impurities and surface excitations
Lesiak B, Zemek J, Jiricek P
2747 - 2751 Formation of highly textured (111) Bi2O3 films by anodization of electrodeposited bismuth films
Gujar TP, Shinde VR, Lokhande CD, Mane RS, Han SH
2752 - 2756 Effect of polarization on femtosecond laser pulses structuring silicon surface
Zhu JT, Shen YF, Li W, Chen X, Yin G, Chen DY, Li Z
2757 - 2769 Role of pH and calcium ions in the adsorption of an alkyl N-aminodimethylphosphonate on steel: An XPS study
Frateur I, Carnot A, Zanna S, Marcus P
2770 - 2775 Band-edge photoluminescence in nanocrystalline ZnO : In films prepared by electrostatic spray deposition
Chi DH, Binh LTT, Binh NT, Khanh LD, Long NN
2776 - 2781 Energy levels in doped SiGe quantum well studied by admittance spectroscopy
Cai XS, Qin J, Yang HB, Yuan FY, Fan YL, Lu F, Jiang ZM
2782 - 2793 Comparative study between IR and UV laser radiation applied to the removal of graffitis on urban buildings
Gomez C, Costela A, Garcia-Moreno I, Sastre R
2794 - 2805 Effect of La surface treatments on corrosion resistance of A3xx.x/SiCp composites in salt fog
Pardo A, Merino MC, Arrabal R, Merino S, Viejo F, Coy AE
2806 - 2816 Effect of deposition parameters on morphology and size of FeCo nanoparticles synthesized by pulsed laser ablation deposition
Happy, Mohanty SR, Lee P, Tan TL, Springham SV, Patran A, Ramanujan RV, Rawat RS
2817 - 2825 Enhancement of the photocatalytic activity of TiO2 nanoparticles by surface-capping DBS groups
Wang BQ, Jing LQ, Qu YC, Li SD, Jiang BJ, Yang LB, Xin BF, Fu HG
2826 - 2831 Photoluminescence of thermal-annealed nanocolumnar ZnO thin films grown by electrodeposition
Mari B, Manjon FJ, Mollar M, Cembrero J, Gomez R
2832 - 2838 Fabrication of Cu nano particles by direct electrochemical reduction from CuO nano particles
Han WK, Choi JW, Hwang GH, Hong SJ, Lee JS, Kang SG
2839 - 2846 Studies of the porosity in electroless nickel deposits on magnesium alloy
Li JZ, Tian YW, Huang ZQ, Zhang X
2847 - 2852 Effect of deposition condition on residual stress of iron nitride thin films prepared by magnetron sputtering and ion implantation
Li WL, Fei WD, Hanabusa T
2853 - 2857 Synthesis of bamboo-leaf-shaped ZnO nanostructures by oxidation of Zn/SiO2 composite films deposited with radio frequency magnetron co-sputtering
Shi LW, Li YG, Xue CS, Zhuang HZ, He HT, Tian DH
2858 - 2866 Preparation of palladium film by coating photolysis process using KrF or ArF excimer laser
Imai Y, Tsunoda T, Kobayashi K, Watanabe A
2867 - 2874 GaAs nanocrystals: Structure and vibrational properties
Nayak J, Sahu SN, Nozaki S
2875 - 2881 Molecular organization of phospholipid monolayers on the water surface by Maxwell displacement current measurement
Sulaiman K, Haliza W, Majid A, Muhamad MR
2882 - 2887 Effect of nano-Y2O3 on microstructure of laser cladding cobalt-based alloy coatings
Li MX, He YZ, Yuan XM
2888 - 2893 Influence of buffer layer thickness on the structure and optical properties of ZnO thin films
Hong RJ, Shao JD, He HB, Fan ZX
2894 - 2909 Electrochemical and XPS studies of decylamides of alpha-amino acids adsorption on carbon steel in acidic environment
Olivares O, Likhanova NV, Gomez B, Navarrete J, Llanos-Serrano ME, Arce E, Hallen JM
2910 - 2914 A study of the effect of ZrO2 on the magnetic properties of FePt/ZrO2 multilayer
Xu XH, Li XL, Wang F, Jiang FX, Wu HS
2915 - 2926 The surface alloying behavior of martensitic stainless steel cut with wire electrical discharge machine
Huang CA, Shih CL, Li KC, Chang YZ
2927 - 2932 Deposition of duplex Al2O3/aluminum coatings on steel using a combined technique of arc spraying and plasma electrolytic oxidation
Gu WC, Shen DJ, Wang YL, Chen GL, Feng WR, Zhang GL, Fan SH, Liu CZ, Yang SZ
2933 - 2937 Adsorption of nicotine and tar from the mainstream smoke of cigarettes by oxidized carbon nanotubes
Chen ZG, Zhang LS, Tang YW, Jia ZJ
2938 - 2943 Field emission properties and synthesis of carbon nanotubes grown by rf plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Jiang J, Feng T, Zhang JH, Cheng XH, Chao GB, Jiang BY, Wang YJ, Wang X, Liu XH, Zou SC
2944 - 2948 Cutting of multi walled carbon nanotubes
Li JY, Zhang YF
2949 - 2959 Inhibition of copper corrosion by self-assembled films of new Schiff bases and their modification with alkanethiols in aqueous medium
Ehteshamzade M, Shahrabi T, Hosseini MG
2960 - 2966 Surface characteristics and antistatic mechanism of plasma-treated acrylic fibers
Liu YC, Xiong Y, Lu DN
2967 - 2972 In situ sol-gel composition of multicomponent hybrid precursor to hexagon-like Zn2SiO4 : Tb3+ microcrystalline phosphors with different silicate sources
Huang HH, Yan B
2973 - 2977 Room-temperature electrosynthesized ZnO thin film with strong (002) orientation and its optical properties
Mei YF, Siu GG, Fu RKY, Chu PK, Li ZM, Tang ZK
2978 - 2988 Back flux at polyatomic gas expansion for pulsed laser evaporation
Morozov AA
2989 - 2998 Tribological behavior of microarc oxidation coatings formed on titanium alloys against steel in dry and solid lubrication sliding
Wang YM, Jiang BL, Guo LX, Lei TQ
2999 - 3010 Current transport mechanism in Al/Si3N4/p-Si (MIS) Schottky barrier diodes at low temperatures
Zeyrek S, Altindal S, Yuzer H, Bulbul MM
3011 - 3022 Surface assisted electric transport in Ag2S thin films
Karashanova D, Starbov N
3023 - 3032 Defect behaviors in n-channel power VDMOSFETs during HEFS and thermal post-HEFS annealing
Ristic GS, Pejovic MM, Jaksic AB
3033 - 3042 Nanomechanical characterizations of InGaN thin films
Jian SR, Fang TH, Chuu DS
3043 - 3050 Influence of cracks generation on the structural and optical properties of GaN/Al0.55Ga0.45N multiple quantum wells
Sun Q, Zhang JC, Huang Y, Chen J, Wang JF, Wang H, Li DY, Wang YT, Zhang SM, Yang H, Zhou CL, Guo LP, Jia QJ
3051 - 3057 Structural properties of CuInSe2 films prepared by selenization of metallic precursors on MoNx film substrates
Jiang FD, Zhang L, Feng JY
3058 - 3064 Improvement of hot-dip zinc coating by enriching the inner layers with iron oxide
Shibli SMA, Manu R
3065 - 3072 Synthesis and characterization of superhard Ti-Si-N films obtained in an inductively coupled plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (ICP-CVD) with magnetic confinement
Zhao HY, Fan QL, Song LX, Zhang T, Shi EW, Hu XF
3073 - 3084 Surface studies of radiation grafted sulfonic acid membranes: XPS and SEM analysis
Nasef MM, Saidi H
3085 - 3091 Strongly oriented BST films on La0.9Sr1.1NiO4 electrodes deposited on various substrates for integration of high capacitances on silicon
Goux L, Gervais M, Gervais F, Champeaux C, Catherinot A
3092 - 3092 The corrosion performance of polyaniline on nickel plated mild steel (vol 242, pg 97, 2005)
Ozyilmaz AT, Kardas G, Erbil A, Yazici B