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Applied Surface Science, Vol.252, No.6 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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2101 - 2107 Distinguishing the effect of crystal-field screening from the effect of valence recharging on the 2P(3/2) and 3d(5/2) level energies of nanostructured copper
Sun CQ, Pan LK, Chen TP, Sun XW, Li S, Li CM
2108 - 2114 Benzene and NO on a Ru(001) surface: Electronic structure and bonding
Jasen PV, Gonzalez EA, Juan A, Brizuela G
2115 - 2118 One-dimensional polyaniline nanostructures synthesized by interfacial polymerization in a solids-stabilized emulsion
2119 - 2125 Self-ordered monolayers of fullerene derivatives assembled via bimolecular building block
Zhou YS, Wang B, Xiao SQ, Li YL, Hou JG
2126 - 2130 Overcoat dependence of laser-induced damage threshold of 355 nm HR coatings
Zhan MQ, He HB, Zhao YN, Tian GL, Shao JD, Fan ZX
2131 - 2138 Laser fluence, repetition rate and pulse duration effects on paint ablation
Brygo F, Dutouquet C, Le Guern F, Oltra R, Semerok A, Weulersse JM
2139 - 2152 Surface analysis of inhibitor films formed by imidazolines and amides on mild steel in an acidic environment
Olivares-Xometl O, Likhanova NV, Dominguez-Aguilar MA, Hallen JM, Zamudio LS, Arce E
2153 - 2158 Preparation and characterization of GaN films by radio frequency magnetron sputtering and carbonized-reaction technique
Zhang CG, Chen WD, Bian LF, Song SF, Hsu CC
2159 - 2170 Effect of composition on the conductivity of CTAB-butanol-octane-nitrate salts (Al(NO3)(3) + Zn(NO3)(2)) microemulsions and on the surface and textural properties of resulting spinels ZnAl2O4
Giannakas AE, Ladavos AK, Armatas GS, Petrakis DE, Pomonis PJ
2171 - 2177 Investigation of orientation and packing of H8Si8O12 arrays on graphite by scanning tunneling microscopy
Shieh DL, Chen FC, Lin JL
2178 - 2185 Corrosion inhibition of steel in sulphuric acid by pyrrolidine derivatives
Bouklah M, Ouassini A, Hammouti B, El Idrissi A
2186 - 2190 Recrystallization behavior of high-fluence N+-implanted GaAs studied by Raman spectroscopy
Wang JQ, Mao HB, Zhu ZQ, Zhao Q, Li ZF, Lu W
2191 - 2195 Electrocatalytic activity of ordered intermetallic PtSb for methanol electro-oxidation
Zhang LJ, Xia DG
2196 - 2203 Influence of titanium ions implantation on corrosion behavior of zirconium in 1 M H2SO4
Peng DQ, Bai XD, Pan F, Sun H, Chen BS
2204 - 2208 White organic electroluminescent device with photovoltaic performances
Wei HZ, Li WL, Li MT, Su WM, Xin Q, Niu JH, Zhang ZQ, Hu ZZ
2209 - 2216 Temperature dependence of the current-voltage characteristics of the Al/Rhodamine-101/p-Si(100) contacts
Karatas S, Temirci C, Cakar M, Turut A
2217 - 2228 Micropatterning of fluoropolymers
Hale PS, Kappen P, Brack N, Prissanaroon W, Pigram PJ, Liesegang J
2229 - 2234 Macroporous fluoropolymeric films templated by silica colloidal assembly: A possible route to super-hydrophobic surfaces
Li J, Fu J, Cong Y, Wu Y, Xue LJ, Han YC
2235 - 2241 Preparation and characterization of core/shell particles with siloxane in the shell
Liu BL, Deng XB, Cao SS, Li SJ, Luo R
2242 - 2250 Repetitive laser pulse heating analysis: Pulse parameter variation effects on closed form solution
Kalyon M, Yilbas BS
2251 - 2258 Preparation and characterization of iron oxide thin films by spray pyrolysis using methanolic and ethanolic solutions
Desai JD, Pathan HM, Min SK, Jung KD, Joo OS
2259 - 2264 Reactive sputtering TiO2 films for surface coating of poly (dimethylsiloxane)
Niu ZQ, Jia XY, Zhang WP, Chen WY, Qian KY
2265 - 2275 Cold plasma-induced modification of the dyeing properties of poly(ethylene terephthalate) fibers
Raffaele-Addamo A, Selli E, Barni R, Riccardi C, Orsini F, Poletti G, Meda L, Massafra MR, Marcandalli B
2276 - 2280 Initial oxidation of Mn surface studied by ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy and metastable induced electron spectroscopy
Lescop B
2281 - 2287 Self-diffraction and Z-scan studies in organic dye doped thin films
Sundari RM, Palanisamy PK
2288 - 2296 SIMS direct surface imaging of Cu1-xCrx formation
Lamperti A, Ossi PM
2297 - 2310 Uniformity analysis of dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) processed polyethylene terephthalate (PET) surface
Liu CZ, Brown NMD, Meenan BJ
2311 - 2318 The corrosion behaviour of polypyrrole coating synthesized in phenylphosphonic acid solution
Tuken T, Yazici B, Erbil M
2319 - 2327 Determination of the debris produced from poly(ethylene terephthalate) during KrF excimer laser ablation
Shin DS, Lee JH, Suh J, Kim TH
2328 - 2333 Photoluminescence spectroscopy study on tris (8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminum film
Xu YF, Zhang HJ, Li HY, Bao SN, He P
2334 - 2345 Chemical and microstructural study of the oxygen passivation behaviour of nanocrystalline Mg and MgH2
Friedrichs O, Sanchez-Lopez JC, Lopez-Cartes C, Dornheim M, Klassen T, Bormann R, Fernandez A
2346 - 2354 Spatially resolved Raman spectroscopy evaluation of residual stresses in 3C-SiC layer deposited on Si substrates with different crystallographic orientations
Zhu WL, Zhu JL, Nishino S, Pezzotti G
2355 - 2359 Multiple roles of bathocuproine employed as a buffer-layer in organic light-emitting diodes
Wang YM, Teng F, Zhou QC, Wang YS
2360 - 2367 Modification of alumina barrier-layer through re-anodization in an oxalic acid solution with fluoride additives
Jagminas A, Kurtinaitiene M, Angelucci R, Valincius G
2368 - 2374 Study on corrosion properties of pipelines in simulated produced water saturated with supercritical CO2
Cui ZD, Wu SL, Zhu SL, Yang XJ
2375 - 2388 Thickness determination of thin and ultra-thin SiO2 films by C-AFM IV-spectroscopy
Frammelsberger W, Benstetter G, Kiely J, Stamp R
2389 - 2395 The inhibited effect of some tetrazolic compounds towards the corrosion of brass in nitric acid solution
Mihit M, El Issami S, Bouklah A, Bazzi L, Hammouti B, Addi EA, Salghi R, Kertit S
2396 - 2403 Effect of boron paste thickness on the growth kinetics of polyphase boride coatings during the boriding process
Campos I, Torres R, Bautista O, Ramirez G, Zuniga L
2404 - 2411 Ammonia sensing characteristics of ZnO nanowires studied by quartz crystal microbalance
Wang XH, Zhang J, Zhu ZQ
2412 - 2421 Microstructural inhomogeneity in plasma-sprayed hydroxyapatite coatings and effect of post-heat treatment
Lu YP, Xiao GY, Li ST, Sun RX, Li MS
2422 - 2431 Characterization of the unstability of 4-mercaptoaniline capped platinum nanoparticles solution by combining LB technique and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Raynal F, Etcheberry A, Cavaliere S, Noel V, Perez H
2432 - 2444 Effects of evolving surface morphology on yield during focused ion beam milling of carbon
Adams DP, Mayer TM, Vasile MJ, Archuleta K