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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1189 - 1196 Electrostatic assembly of CTAB-capped silver nanoparticles along predefined gimel-DNA template
Wei G, Wang L, Zhou HL, Liu ZG, Song YH, Li ZA
1197 - 1201 The surface modification of nanoporous SiOx thin films with a monofunctional organosilane
Yang DQ, Meunier M, Sacher E
1202 - 1205 Chemically abrupt interface between Ce oxide and Fe films
Lee HG, Lee D, Kim S, Kim SG, Hwang CY
1206 - 1210 Thermal desorption of dysprosium from tungsten microcrystal
Blaszczyszyn R, Biernat T
1211 - 1220 Plasma-electrolytic formation, composition and catalytic activity of manganese oxide containing structures on titanium
Rudnev VS, Vasilyeva MS, Kondrikov NB, Tyrina LM
1221 - 1227 Local electronic edge states of graphene layer deposited on Ir(111) surface studied by STM/CITS
Klusek Z, Kozlowski W, Waqar Z, Datta S, Burnell-Gray JS, Makarenko IV, Gall NR, Rutkov EV, Tontegode AY, Titkov AN
1228 - 1232 Electronic structure of gadolinium calcium oxoborate
Nelson AJ, Adams JJ, Schaffers KI
1233 - 1244 Electrodeposition of polyaniline, poly(2-iodoaniline), and poly(aniline-co-2-iodoaniline) on steel surfaces and corrosion protection of steel
Bereket G, Hur E, Sahin Y
1245 - 1253 Berberine as a natural source inhibitor for mild steel in 1 M H2SO4
Li Y, Zhao P, Liang Q, Hou BR
1254 - 1265 Tween-40 as corrosion inhibitor for cold rolled steel in sulphuric acid: Weight loss study, electrochemical characterization, and AFM
Li XH, Mu GN
1266 - 1275 Spray pyrolysis deposition of YSZ and YSZ-Pt composite films
Todorovska R, Petrova N, Todorovsky D
1276 - 1282 Craters formation in a graphite cathode produced by pulsed arc at low pressure
Restrepo E, Garcia LA, Castro JJ, Devia A
1283 - 1292 Modulation of refractive index and thickness of poly(methyl methacrylate) thin films with UV irradiation and heat treatment
Yu JM, Tao XM, Tam HY, Demokan MS
1293 - 1304 Pre-treatments applied to oxidized aluminum surfaces to modify the interfacial bonding with bis-1,2-(triethoxysilyl)ethane (BTSE) - Part I. High-purity Al with native oxide
Teo M, Kim J, Wong PC, Wong KC, Mitchell KAR
1305 - 1312 Pre-treatments applied to oxidized aluminum surfaces to modify the interfacial bonding with bis-1,2-(triethoxysilyl)ethane (BTSE) - Part II. Anodized 7075-T6 Al alloy
Kim J, Teo M, Wong PC, Wong KC, Mitchell KAR
1313 - 1323 Dry sliding wear behavior of TIG welding clad WC composite coatings
Buytoz S, Ulutan M, Yildirim MM
1324 - 1331 Optimization of nickel adsorption from aqueous solution by using activated carbon prepared from waste apricot by chemical activation
Erdogan S, Onal Y, Akmil-Basar C, Bilmez-Erdemoglu S, Sarici-Ozdemir C, Koseoglu E, Icduygu G
1332 - 1338 Enhancement of long-term stability of pentacene thin-film transistors encapsulated with transparent SnO2
Kim WJ, Koo WH, Jo SJ, Kim CS, Baik HK, Lee J, Im S
1339 - 1349 High-temperature oxidation of CrN/AlN multilayer coatings
Bardi U, Chenakin SP, Ghezzi F, Giolli C, Goruppa A, Lavacchi A, Miorin E, Pagura C, Tolstogouzov A
1350 - 1359 The structure of n-alkane binary mixtures adsorbed on graphite
Espeau P, White JW, Papoular RJ
1360 - 1367 Preparation of indium sulfide thin films by spray pyrolysis using a new precursor indium nitrate
John TT, Kartha CS, Vijayakumar KP, Abe T, Kashiwaba Y
1368 - 1377 Measurement of particle velocity and characterization of deposition in aluminum alloy kinetic spraying process
Wu JW, Fang HY, Yoon S, Kim H, Lee C
1378 - 1385 The inhibitive effect of bipyrazolic derivatives on the corrosion of steel in hydrochloric acid solution
Tebbji K, Hammouti B, Oudda H, Ramdani A, Benkadour M
1386 - 1397 Three generations of inorganic phosphates in solvent and water-borne paints: A synergism case
Blustein G, Deya MC, Romagnoli R, del Amo B
1398 - 1403 Comparison of CdS films deposited by different techniques: Effects on CdTe solar cell
Lee J
1404 - 1409 Enhanced mechanical properties and morphological characterizations of poly(vinyl alcohol)-carbon nanotube composite films
Chen W, Tao XM, Xue P, Cheng XY
1410 - 1416 Surface effect of natural zeolite (clinoptilolite) on the photocatalytic activity of TiO2
Li FF, Jiang YS, Yu LX, Yang ZW, Hou TY, Sun SM
1417 - 1429 XPS analysis of down stream plasma treated wool: Influence of the nature of the gas on the surface modification of wool
Molina R, Espinos JP, Yubero F, Erra P, Gonzalez-Elipe AR
1430 - 1435 Effect of substrate temperature on the growth of ITO thin films
Nisha M, Anusha S, Antony A, Manoj R, Jayaraj MK
1436 - 1441 Morphology development and oriented growth of single crystalline ZnO nanorod
Wu LL, Wu YS, Lu W, Wei HY, Shi YC
1442 - 1448 Effect of microstructure of MgO buffer layer on BaTiO3 grown on silicon substrates
Wei XH, Li YR, Zhu J, Liang Z, Zhang Y, Huang W, Jiang SW
1449 - 1459 Lime-pastes with different kneading water: Pore structure and capillary porosity
Arandigoyen M, Bernal JLP, Lopez MAB, Alvarez JI
1460 - 1470 Crystallization kinetics of amorphous SiC films: Influence of substrate
Schmidt H, Fotsing ER, Borchardt G, Chassagnon R, Chevalier S, Bruns M
1471 - 1475 Carbon nanotube synthesis on oxidized porous silicon
Kordas K, Pap AE, Vahakangas J, Uusimaki A, Leppavuori S
1476 - 1480 Formation of Ge self-assembled quantum dots on a SixGe1-x buffer layer
Kim H, Shin C, Chang J
1481 - 1491 Characterization of LaMnAl11O19 by FT-IR spectroscopy of adsorbed NO and NO/O-2
Kantcheva A, Agiral A, Samarskaya O, Stranzenbach M, Saruhan B
1492 - 1497 Ferntosecond pulsed laser-induced periodic surface structures on GaN/sapphire
Wang XC, Lim GC, Ng FL, Liu W, Chua SJ
1498 - 1501 Nano-porous manganese oxide formed by self-assembled agglomeration of nanocrystallites
Suzuki N, Sasaki H, Morinaga Y, Yamada Y
1502 - 1509 Studies on sprayed lanthanum sulphide (La2S3) thin films from non-aqueous medium
Bagde GD, Pathan HM, Lokhande CD, Patil SA, Muller M
1510 - 1519 Characterisation of passive films formed on low carbon steel in borate buffer solution (pH 9.2) by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Hamadou L, Kadri A, Benbrahim N
1520 - 1537 Optical multilayer post growth instabilities: Analyses of Gd2O3/SiO2 system in combination with scanning probe force spectroscopy
Sahoo NK, Thakur S, Senthilkumar M
1538 - 1544 Pulsed laser deposition and its current research status in preparing hydroxyapatite thin films
Bao QH, Chen CZ, Wang DG, Ji QM, Lei TQ
1545 - 1552 Ultra-hard ceramic coatings fabricated through microarc oxidation on aluminium alloy
Wu HH, Wang HB, Long BY, Long BH, Jin ZS, Wang ND, Yu FG, Bi DM
1553 - 1560 Properties of physisorbed water layers on gold revealed in a FEM study
Plsek J, Hruby P, Nikiforov K, Knor Z
1561 - 1567 Influence of substrate temperature and post-treatment on the properties of ZnO : Al thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Chen X, Guan WJ, Fang GJ, Zhao XZ
1568 - 1580 Annealing induced microstructural evolution of electrodeposited electrochromic tungsten oxide films
Deepa M, Srivastava AK, Saxena TK, Agnihotry SA
1581 - 1595 Short-time plasma surface modification of HDPE powder in a Plasma Downer Reactor - process, wettability improvement and ageing effects
Arpagaus C, Rossi A, von Rohr PR
1596 - 1607 Electrochemical, SEM/EDS and quantum chemical study of phthalocyanines as corrosion inhibitors for mild steel in 1 mol/l HCl
Zhao P, Liang Q, Li Y
1608 - 1619 Characterization of microroughness parameters in gadolinium oxide thin films: A study based on extended power spectral density analyses
Senthilkumar M, Sahoo NK, Thakur S, Tokas RB
1620 - 1627 Development and evaluation of electroless Ag-PTFE composite coatings with anti-microbial and anti-coffosion properties
Zhao Q, Liu Y, Wang C
1628 - 1633 Magnetic and spectroscopic characteristics of ZnMnO system
Pradhan AK, Hunter D, Zhang K, Dadson JB, Mohanty S, Williams TM, Lord K, Rakhimov RR, Roy UN, Cui Y, Burger A, Zhang J, Sellmyer DJ
1634 - 1642 Corrosion inhibition of iron in acidic solutions by alkyl quaternary ammonium halides: Correlation between inhibition efficiency and molecular structure
Niu L, Zhang H, Wei FH, Wu SX, Cao XL, Liu PP
1643 - 1650 Structural, electrical and optical properties of TiO2 doped WO3 thin films
Patil PS, Mujawar SH, Inamdar AI, Shinde PS, Deshmukh HP, Sadale SB
1651 - 1656 XPS study of the phase transition in pure zirconium oxide nanocrystallites
Tsunekawa S, Asami K, Ito S, Yashima M, Sugimoto T
1657 - 1661 Corrosion behaviour of steel in concentrated phosphoric acid solutions
Benabdellah M, Hammouti B
1662 - 1667 Analysis and self-lubricating treatment of porous anodic alumina film formed in a compound solution
Wang H, Yi HZ, Wang HW
1668 - 1673 Fabrication of self-ordered nanohole arrays on Si by localized anodization and subsequent chemical etching
Asoh H, Oide A, Ono S
1674 - 1678 Segregation of Sn and Sb in a ternary Cu(100)SnSb alloy
Asante JKO, Terblans JJ, Roos WD
1679 - 1684 Effect of Ni interlayer on stress level of COSi2 films in Co/Ni/Si(100) bi-layered system
Ma K, Feng JY
1685 - 1692 Fracture mechanisms of Hg0.8Cd0.2Te induced by pulsed TEA-CO2 laser
Cai H, Cheng ZH, Zhu HH, Zuo DL
1693 - 1703 Preparation and characterization of boron-incorporated amorphous carbon films from a natural source of camphoric carbon as a precursor material
Rusop M, Tian XM, Kinugawa T, Soga T, Jimbo T, Umeno M
1704 - 1709 Mild corrosion behavior on sulphurized steel surface during friction
Wang HD, Xu BS, Liu JJ, Zhuang DM, Zhang XC, Wei SC
1710 - 1715 Use of plasma polymerisation process for fabrication of bio-MEMS for micro-fluidic devices
Dhayal M, Jeong HG, Choi JS
1716 - 1722 Dependence of the interband transitions on the in mole fraction and the applied electric field in InxGa1-xAs/In0.52Al0.48As multiple quantum wells
Kim JH, Woo JH, Lee I, Kim TW, Yoo KH, Kim MD, Ram-Mohan LR
1723 - 1731 Microstructure analysis of magnesium alloy melted by laser irradiation
Liu SY, Hu JD, Yang Y, Guo ZX, Wang HY
1732 - 1738 The effect of interface states, excess capacitance and series resistance in the Al/SiO2/P-Si Schottky diodes
Kanbur H, Altindal S, Tataroglu A
1739 - 1746 Characterisation of the anodic layers formed on 2024 aluminium alloy, in tetraborate electrolyte containing molybdate ions
Moutarlier V, Pelletier S, Lallemand F, Gigandet MP, Mekhalif Z
1747 - 1753 Electron-spin polarization in anti-parallel double delta-magnetic-barrier nanostructures
1754 - 1764 Epitaxial growth and characterization of layered magnetic nanostructures
Bertacco R, Cantoni M, Riva M, Taghaferri A, Ciccacci E
1765 - 1771 Characterization of DNA chips on the molecular scale before and after hybridization with an atomic force microscope
Rouillat MH, Dugas V, Martin JR, Phaner-Goutorbe M
1772 - 1779 Determination of the hydrophilic character of membranes by pulsed force mode atomic force microscopy
Meincken M, Roux SP, Jacobs EP
1780 - 1784 Forming abilities of monatomic chains of several fcc and bcc metals in different crystallographic orientations
Liu D, Zheng WT, Jiang Q
1785 - 1792 Determination of the thickness and density of the ion bombardment induced altered layer in SiC by means of reflection electron energy loss study
Kotis L, Sulyok A, Menyhard M, Malherbe JB, Odendaal RQ
1793 - 1800 Effect of copper ions implantation on corrosion behavior of zircaloy-4 in 1 M H2SO4
Peng DQ, Bai XD, Pan F, Sun H, Chen BS
1801 - 1805 XPS and UPS study of Na deposition on thin film V2O5
Wu QH, Thissen A, Jaegermann W
1806 - 1811 High-temperature Auger electron spectroscopy of Zircaloy-4
Stojilovic N, Bender ET, Ramsier RD
1812 - 1817 Characteristics of Cu films prepared using a magnetron sputter type negative ion source (MSNIS)
Paik N
1818 - 1825 The properties of copper films deposited on polyimide by nitrogen and oxygen plasma pre-treatment
Yang CH, Lee SC, Wu JM, Lin TC
1826 - 1832 W2B-based ohmic contacts to n-GaN
Khanna R, Pearton SJ, Ren F, Kravchenko I, Kao CJ, Chi GC
1833 - 1845 Insulating method using cataphoretic paint for tungsten tips for electrochemical scanning tunnelling microscopy (ECSTM)
Zhu L, Claude-Montigny B, Gattrell M
1846 - 1853 Thermal stability of W2B and W2B5 contacts on ZnO
Ip K, Khanna R, Norton DP, Pearton SJ, Ren F, Kravchenko I, Kao CJ, Chi GC
1854 - 1862 XPS identification of surface-initiated polymerisation during monomer transfer moulding of poly(epsilon-caprolactone)/Bioglass (R) fibre composite
Jiang G, Walker GS, Jones IA, Rudd CD
1863 - 1869 Nanomechanical characteristics of SnO2 : F thin films deposited by chemical vapor deposition
Fang TH, Chang WJ
1870 - 1875 FT-IR, XPS and PEC characterization of spray deposited hematite thin films
Desai JD, Pathan HM, Min SK, Jung KD, Joo OS
1876 - 1882 Characteristics of sandwich-structured Al2O3/HfO2/Al2O3 gate dielectric films on ultra-thin silicon-on-insulator substrates
Cheng XH, Song ZR, Jiang J, Yu YH
1883 - 1890 Preparation and characterisation of Au(110) and Cu(110) surfaces for applications in ambient environments
Isted GE, Martin DS
1891 - 1898 Correlation between Al2O3 particles and interface of Al-Al2O3 coatings by cold spray
Lee HY, Jung SH, Lee SY, You YH, Ko KH
1899 - 1909 Magnetic force microscopy studies of domain walls in nickel and cobalt films
Hsieh CT, Liu JQ, Lue JT
1910 - 1914 Elimination of cracking during UV laser ablation of SrTiO3 single crystals by employing a femtosecond laser
Zoppel S, Gray D, Farsari M, Merz R, Reider GA, Fotakis C
1915 - 1933 Quantification issues in the identification of nanoscale regions of homopolymers using modulus measurement via AFM nanoindentation
Clifford CA, Seah MP
1934 - 1940 Intrinsic coercivities of molecular beam epitaxy grown single-crystal Ni films on Ag buffer layer
Jen SU, Wu TC, Yu CC
1941 - 1946 Characterisation and stability of hydrophobic surfaces in water
Maccarini A, Himmelhaus M, Stoycheva S, Grunze M
1947 - 1953 Fabrication of structures with tunable morphologies au and sizes by soft molding
Yu XH, Wang Z, Xing RB, Luan SF, Han YC
1954 - 1958 Self-organized amorphous material in silicon(001) by focused ion beam (FIB) system
Huang Y, Cockayne DJH, Marsh C, Titchmarsh JM, Petford-Long AK
1959 - 1965 Preparation and characterization of carbonate terminated polycrystalline Al2O3/Al films
Tornow C, Noeske PLM, Dieckhoff S, Wilken R, Gartner K
1966 - 1973 Electronic and interface state density distribution properties of Ag/p-Si Schottky diode
Okutan M, Basaran E, Yakuphanoglu F
1974 - 1980 Impact of yttrium ion implantation on corrosion behavior of laser beam welded zircaloy-4 in sulfuric acid solution
Wan Q, Bai XD, Liu XY
1981 - 1987 Rapid growth of nanocrystalline CuInS2 thin films in alkaline medium at room temperature
Roh SJ, Mane RS, Pathan HA, Joo OS, Han SH
1988 - 1997 An XPS study and electrical properties of Pb1.1Zr0.53Ti0.47O3/PbO/Si (MRS) structures according to the substrate temperature of the PbO buffer layer
Park CH, Won MS, Oh YH, Son YG
1998 - 2005 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy characterization of the layered intercalated compound K2xMn1-xPS3
Silipigni L, Di Marco G, Salvato G, Grasso V
2006 - 2011 Transparent conducting zirconium-doped zinc oxide films prepared by rf magnetron sputtering
Lv M, Xiu XW, Pang ZY, Dai Y, Han SH
2012 - 2020 Investigation of carbon plasma species emission at relatively high KrF laser fluences in nitrogen ambient
Abdelli-Messaci S, Kerdja T, Bendib A, Aberkane SM, Lafane S, Malek S
2021 - 2028 The metallurgical behavior of B4C in the iron-based surfacing alloy during PTA powder surfacing
Wang XB
2029 - 2037 Structures and electrochromic properties of tungsten oxide films prepared by magnetron sputtering
Yang TS, Lin ZR, Wong MS
2038 - 2049 Characterization of bioactive surface oxidation layer on NiTi alloy
Gu YW, Tay BY, Lim CS, Yong MS
2050 - 2055 Photocatalytic activity and interfacial carrier transfer of Ag-TiO2 nanoparticle films
Xin BF, Ren ZY, Hu HY, Zhang XY, Dong CL, Shi KY, Jing LQ, Fu HG
2056 - 2062 AES depth profiling and interface analysis of C/Ta bilayers
Zalar A, Kovac J, Pracek B, Hofmann S, Panjan P
2063 - 2070 Micro-patteming of chemical functionality of anthracene-bis-resorcinol film using focused ion beam
Yoshikawa H, Namba S, Yokote Y, Aoyama Y, Masuhara H
2071 - 2077 Effects of 248 nm excimer laser irradiation on the properties of Mg-doped GaN
Wang XC, Lim GC, Liu W, Soh CB, Chua SJ
2078 - 2084 Study on the adsorptive stripping voltammetric determination of trace cerium at a carbon paste electrode modified in situ with cetyltrimethylammonium bromide
Liu SM, Li JN, Zhang SJ, Zhao JQ
2085 - 2091 Coating tips used in electrical scanning probe microscopy with W and AuPd
Huang HS, Cheng HM, Lin L
2092 - 2100 The influence of polyaniline (PANI) top coat on corrosion behaviour of nickel plated copper
Ozyilmaz AT, Erbil M, Yazici B