Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.252, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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872 - 877 Interface evolution during electrochemical oxidation-dissolution
Aurongzeb D
878 - 882 Interactions of germanium atoms with silica surfaces
Stanley SK, Coffee SS, Ekerdt JG
883 - 887 High level compressive residual stresses produced in aluminum alloys by laser shock processing
Gomez-Rosas G, Rubio-Gonzalez C, Ocana JL, Molpeceres C, Porro JA, Chi-Moreno W, Morales M
888 - 892 Magnetic nanocomposite thin films of BaFe12O19 and TiO2 prepared by sol-gel method
Qiu JX, Gu MY
893 - 904 High resolution quantitative SIMS analysis of shallow boron implants in silicon using a bevel and image approach
Fearn S, McPhail DS
905 - 915 The backscattering factor for the AuN67VV Auger transition
Jablonski A, Zemek J, Jiricek P
916 - 920 Residual surface stress measurements in YBa(2)CU(3)Ox superconductors
Ziq KA, Shirokoff J, Alfaer SN
921 - 928 Nitridation of iron by the mixing technology with laser and plasma beams
Liu JY, Sun FJ, Yu HJ
929 - 938 Influence of air annealing on the structural, morphological, optical and electrical properties of chemically deposited ZnSe thin films
Kale RB, Lokhande CD
939 - 949 Characterization of Cr/SiO2 catalysts and ethylene polymerization by XPS
Gaspar AB, Perez CAC, Dieguez LC
950 - 958 Inhibiting effects of some oxadiazole derivatives on the corrosion of mild steel in perchloric acid solution
Lebrini M, Bentiss F, Vezin H, Lagrenee M
959 - 965 Model of electroless Ni deposition on SiCp/Al composites and study of the interfacial interaction of coatings with substrate surface
Li LB, An MZ, Wu GH
966 - 975 Influence of poly(aminoquinone) on corrosion inhibition of iron in acid media
Jeyaprabha C, Sathiyanarayanan S, Phani KLN, Venkatachari G
976 - 980 A structural analysis of W-Sb mixed oxide catalyst
Lim YS, Jung SH, Hong ST, Jung SM, Kim J, Chae JH, Lee WH
981 - 995 Self-assembled monolayers and chemical derivatization of Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3 thin films: Applications in phase shifter devices
Morales-Cruz AL, Van Keuls FW, Miranda FA, Cabrera CR
996 - 1005 Optical simulation, optimized design and fabrication of (ZrO2)(x)-(Al2O3)(1-x) composite films with thin inserted TiO2 layers for ArF-line high transmission attenuated phase shift mask blank applications
Lai FD
1006 - 1012 Ion beam etching of high resolution structures in Ta2O5 for grating-assisted directional coupler applications
Perentos A, Mitchell A, Holland A
1013 - 1028 Adsorption of argon and nitrogen in cylindrical pores of MCM-41 materials: application of density functional theory
Ustinov EA, Do DD, Jaroniec M
1029 - 1034 Change of sheet resistance of high purity alumina ceramics implanted by Cu and Ti ions
Li DX, Zhang JZ, Yu M, Kang JC, Li WZ
1035 - 1048 Electrochemical studies of zinc-nickel codeposition in sulphate bath
Abou-Krisha MM
1049 - 1056 Low-frequency excess noise characterizations of laser-assisted de-bonded GaN films
Chan CP, Leung BH, Fong WK, Lai PK, Loke YH, Surya C, Yue TM, Man HC, Xiu X, Zhang R
1057 - 1064 Effects of laser intensity and ambient conditions on the laser-induced plume
Zhang ZY, Gogos G
1065 - 1069 Annealing and amorphous silicon passivation of porous silicon with blue light emission
Zhao Y, Yang DR, Li DS, Jiang MH
1070 - 1075 Modified polypropylene fabrics and their metal dion sorption role in aqueous solution
Ehrhardt A, Miyazaki K, Sato Y, Hori T
1076 - 1083 An XPS study of CrOx on a thin alumina film and in alumina supported catalysts
Sainio J, Aronniemi A, Pakarinen O, Kauraala K, Airaksinen S, Krause O, Lahtinen J
1084 - 1091 Investigation on friction and wear behaviors of FeS films on L6 steel surface
Wang HD, Xu BS, Liu JJ, Zhuang DM
1092 - 1100 Factors affecting phase and height contrast of diblock copolymer PS-b-PEO thin films in dynamic force mode atomic force microscopy
Wang H, Djurisic AB, Chan WK, Xie MH
1101 - 1106 Optical and electrical characterization of TiO2 nanotube arrays on titanium substrate
Lai YK, Sun L, Chen C, Nie CG, Zuo J, Lin CJ
1107 - 1116 Thermally oxidised rutile-TiO2 coating on stainless steel for tribological properties and corrosion resistance enhancement
Krishna DSR, Sun Y
1117 - 1122 Influence of chromate, molybdate and tungstate on pit formation in chloride medium
Silva JWJ, Codaro EN, Nakazato RZ, Hein LRO
1123 - 1131 Thermal stability and surface acidity of mesoporous silica doubly doped by incorporation of sulfate and zirconium ions
Salas P, Chen LF, Wang JA, Armendariz H, Guzman ML, Montoya JA, Acosta DR
1132 - 1138 Shear-induced slippage of the self-assembly of crown ether-centered two-armed copolymers
Fu J, Cong Y, Yu X, Li J, Pan CY, Li BY, Han YC
1139 - 1146 Morphology of the Si-ZnO interface
Meier U, Pettenkofer C
1147 - 1152 Characterization of cubic phase MgZnO/Si(100) interfaces
Liang J, Wu HZ, Lao YF, Chen NB, Yu P, Xu TN
1153 - 1158 Temperature dependent electrical characteristics of Sn/p-Si Schottky diodes
Ayyildiz E, Cetin H, Horvath ZJ
1159 - 1166 Investigation of the effects of plasma treatments on biodeteriorated ancient paper
Laguardia L, Vassallo E, Cappitelli F, Mesto E, Cremona A, Sorlini C, Bonizzoni G
1167 - 1174 Structural and spectroscopic analysis of hot filament decomposed ethylene deposited at low temperature on silicon surface
Tung FK, Perevedentseva E, Chou PW, Cheng CL
1175 - 1181 Characterization of bilayer coatings of TiN/ZrN grown using pulsed arc PAPVD
Arias DF, Arango YC, Devia A
1182 - 1186 Well-dispersed gold nanowire suspension for assembly application
Xu CL, Zhang L, Zhang HL, Li HL
1187 - 1188 STM-induced light emission from the surface of H2TBP porphyrin/PFP porphyrin/Cu(100) (vol 241, pg 28, 2005)
Guo XL, Dong ZC, Trifonov AS, Miki K, Kimura K, Mashiko S