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501 - 504 Fifth International Symposium - Effects of Surface Heterogeneity in Adsorption and Catalysis on Solids - ISSHAC-V, Gdansk, Poland, - 30th August 3rd September 2004
Rudzinski W, Witko M
505 - 511 Generalized statistical description of adsorption of polyatomics
Riccardo JL, Roma F, Ramirez-Pastor AJ
512 - 518 Prediction of thermodynamic properties from pure compound information: Characterization of fullerenes
Schurer G, Peukert W
519 - 528 New insights into the adsorption isotherm interpretation by a coupled molecular simulation - experimental procedure
Sanchez-Montero MJ, Herdes C, Salvador F, Vega LF
529 - 537 Surface topography problem and argon adsorption on crystalline faces: Monte-Carlo and lattice-gas model simulations
Ramalho JPP, Rabinovich AB, Yeremich DV, Tovbin YK
538 - 547 Search for a reliable methodology for PSD determination based on a combined molecular simulation-regularization-experimental approach -The case of PHTS materials
Herdes C, Santos MA, Abello S, Medina F, Vega LF
548 - 561 Application of density functional theory to equilibrium adsorption of argon and nitrogen on amorphous silica surface
Ustinov EA, Do DD, Jaroniec M
562 - 569 Adsorption characterization of surfactant-templated ordered mesoporous silicas synthesized with and without hydrothermal treatment
Choma J, Pikus S, Jaroniec M
570 - 581 Evaluation of adsorption energy distribution of microporous materials by a multivariant identification
Duda JT, Milewska-Duda J, Kwiatkowski M
582 - 590 Theoretical study of the influence of laser-induced defects on the adsorption of gases on solid surfaces
Szabelski P, Panczyk T, Rudzinski W
591 - 601 Vapour-liquid coexisting curves and hysteresis of simple adsorbate in complex porous systems
Tovbin YK, Yeremich DV, Zhidkova LK
602 - 611 An example of chemistry-morphology interaction: making up for the geometric and energetic heterogeneities of the (100)surface of single crystalline silicon by high-temperature treatments in H-2
Cerofolini GF, Galati C, Reina S, Renna L, Jones D, Palermo V
612 - 618 Structural characteristics of porous polymers treated by freezing with water or acetone
Gun'ko VM, Leboda R, Skubiszewska-Zieba J, Gawdzik B, Charmas B
619 - 624 Surface modification of low cost carbons for their application in the environmental protection
Arenillas A, Rubiera F, Parra JB, Ania CO, Pis JJ
625 - 632 The effect of aging temperature on structure characteristics of ordered mesoporous silicas
Derylo-Marczewska A, Marczewski AW, Skrzypek I, Pikus S, Kozak M
633 - 640 The use of direct recoil spectrometry (DRS) for the study of water vapor interactions on polycrystalline metallic surfaces-the H2O/U and H2O/Ti systems
Mintz MH, Shamir N
641 - 646 Study of the energetic heterogeneity of the adsorption of phenol onto activated carbons by TPD under supercritical conditions
Salvador F, Sanchez-Montero MJ, Salvador A, Martin MJ
647 - 653 Heat of adsorption on heterogeneous adsorbents
Sircar S
654 - 659 Heats of displacement of hydrogen from palladium by noble gases
Groszek AJ, Lalik E, Haber J
660 - 667 Dynamics of CO2 molecules confined in the micropores of solids as studied by C-13 NMR
Omi H, Ueda T, Miyakubo K, Eguchi T
668 - 677 Diffusion of particles on a heterogeneous surface - A case of adsorption-induced surface reconstruction
Tarasenko N, Tarasenko A, Jastrabik L
678 - 686 On the ways of generalization of adsorption kinetic equations for the case of energetically heterogeneous surfaces
Panczyk T, Rudzinski W
687 - 698 The influence of a small amount of active sites on the adsorption kinetics of nitrogen on ruthenium
Panczyk T
699 - 706 Theoretical study of the influence of confinement and channel blocking on adsorption and diffusion of n-butane in silicalite-1
Jagoda-Cwiklik B, Cwiklik L, Frankowicz M
707 - 715 Equilibrated thermodesorption studies of adsorption of n-hexane and n-heptane on zeolites Y, ZSM-5 and ZSM-11
Makowski W, Majda D
716 - 722 Elucidating alkane adsorption in sodium-exchanged zeolites from molecular simulations to empirical equations
Garcia-Perez E, Torrens IM, Lago S, Dubbeldam D, Vlugt TJH, Maesen TLM, Smit B, Krishna R, Calero S
723 - 729 Irreversible adsorption of colloid particles on heterogeneous surfaces
Adamczyk Z, Jaszczolt K, Siwek B
730 - 744 Theoretical modelling of self assembly of zwitterionic surfactants at the silica/water interface
Drach M, Andrzejewska A, Narkiewicz-Michalek J
745 - 751 Evaluation of enthalpy of interfacial reactions from temperature dependency of interfacial equilibrium
Kallay N, Cop A
752 - 758 A Monte Carlo simulation of the heterogeneous adsorption of hydrogen ions on metal oxides: Effect of inert electrolyte
Zarzycki P, Szabelski P, Charmas R
759 - 765 The effect of nature of polyions and treatment after deposition on wetting characteristics of polyelectrolyte multilayers
Kolasinska M, Warszynski P
766 - 777 Adsorption and catalysis: The effect of confinement on chemical reactions
Santiso EE, George AM, Turner CH, Kostov MK, Gubbins KE, Buongiorno-Nardelli M, Sliwinska-Bartkowiak M
778 - 783 Influence of the spacing between metal particles on the kinetics of reaction with spillover on the supported metal catalyst
Cwiklik L, Jagoda-Cwiklik B, Frankowicz M
784 - 792 Lattice model studies of CO oxidation kinetic oscillation over nano-scaled Pt particle: Effect of temperature variation and diffusion
Yan CCS, Chuang WT, Chaudhari A, Lee SL
793 - 800 Sensitivity of styrene oxidation reaction to the catalyst structure of silver nanoparticles
Chimentao RJ, Kirm I, Medina F, Rodriguez X, Cesteros Y, Salagre P, Sueiras JE, Fierro JLG
801 - 806 EPR and XPS measurements of polymeric catalysts doped with hereopolyacids in oxygen adsorption studies
Turek W, Lapkowski M, Stolarczyk A, Debiec J
807 - 812 Effect of the crystallite size in the structural and textural properties of sulfated and phosphated titania
Ortiz-Islas E, Gomez R, Lopez T, Navarrete J, Aguilar DH, Quintana P
813 - 822 IR studies of EDTA alkaline salts interaction with the surface of inorganic oxides
Ryczkowski J
823 - 827 Dehydration of isopropyl alcohol used as an indicator of the type and strength of catalyst acid centres
Turek W, Haber J, Krowiak A
828 - 832 Acetone gas phase condensation on alkaline metals doped TiO2 sol-gel catalysts
Zamora M, Lopez T, Gomez R, Asomoza M, Melendrez R
833 - 838 Thermal diffusion of potassium on the modified iron surface
Narkiewicz U, Moszynski D, Broslawski M
839 - 846 Molybdophosphoric acid in sol-gel titania: Physico-chemical properties
Ortiz-Islas E, Lopez T, Gomez R, Navarrete J, Aguilar DH, Quintana P, Picquart A
847 - 852 Studies of the activity of catalysts based on heteropolyacids
Turek W, Lapkowski M, Debiec J, Krowiak A
853 - 857 Crystallinity effect in the textural properties of titania-TPA catalysts
Ortiz-Islas E, Lopez T, Gomez R, Picquart M, Aguilar DH, Quintana P
858 - 865 Infrared spectroscopic study of alkyl aldehydes adsorbed on cations supported by layer silicate
Sohn JR, Han JS, Lim JS
866 - 870 The study of dehumidifying of carbon monoxide and ammonia adsorption by Iranian natural clinoptilolite zeolite
Tehrani RMA, Salari AA