Applied Surface Science

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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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7749 - 7754 The barrier height inhornogeneity in Al/p-Si Schottky barrier diodes with native insulator layer
Dokme I, Altindal S, Bulbul MM
7755 - 7759 Performance enhancement of a heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) by two-step passivation
Fu SI, Lai PH, Tsai YY, Hung CW, Yen CH, Cheng SY, Liu WC
7760 - 7765 Characterization of post-copper CMP surfaces with scanning probe microscopy - Part 1: Surface leakage measurement with conductive atomic force microscopy
Dominget A, Farkas J, Szunerits S
7766 - 7770 Surface properties of cubic boron nitride thin films
Deng JX, Chen GH
7771 - 7773 Influence of chemical composition of filler's surface on the burning of foam plastics
Trifonov SA, Malygin AA, Lee CT
7774 - 7780 Preparation of fluorocarbon thin film deposited by soft X-ray ablation and its electrical characteristics and thermal stability
Kanashima T, Maida O, Kohma N, Okumoto M, Ueno M, Kitai S, Okuyama M, Ohashi H, Tamenori Y
7781 - 7787 Thermal expansion coefficient of alumina films developed by oxidation of a FeCrAl alloy determined by a deflection technique
Huntz AM, Marechal L, Lesage B, Molins R
7788 - 7793 Supercritical angle fluorescence biosensor for the detection of molecular interactions on cellulose-modified glass surfaces
Laib S, Krieg A, Rankl M, Seeger S
7794 - 7800 Synergetic effect between ion energy and sample temperature in the formation of distinct dot pattern on Si(110) by ion-sputter erosion
Li WQ, Qi LJ, Yang XJ, Ling L, Fan WB, Zhao YY, Lu M
7801 - 7808 Influence of silver on the anodic corrosion and gas evolution of Pb-Sb-As-Se alloys as positive grids in lead acid batteries
Tizpar A, Ghasemi Z
7809 - 7814 The bond strength of Al-Si coating on mild steel by kinetic spraying deposition
Wu JW, Yang JG, Fang HY, Yoon S, Lee C
7815 - 7822 Polar oscillation and dispersion properties of quasi-confined optical phonon modes in a wurtzite GaN/AlxGa1-xN nanowire
Zhang L, Shi JJ
7823 - 7825 High power single-shot laser ablation of silicon with nanosecond 355 nm
Karnakis DM
7826 - 7829 ZnS thin film prepared through a self-assembled thin film precursor route
Mu J, Zhang YY
7830 - 7836 Adsorption behavior of protein onto siloxane microspheres
Liu BL, Cao SS, Deng XB, Li SJ, Luo R
7837 - 7843 Adsorption model determination of N2O/Ag(110) by theoretical studies of near-edge X-ray absorption fine structure
Wu TQ, Tang JC, Li HY
7844 - 7848 Physical properties of ZnO thin films deposited by spray pyrolysis technique
Ashour A, Kaid MA, El-Sayed NZ, Ibrahim AA
7849 - 7855 The nature of antimony-enriched surface layer of Fe-Sb mixed oxides
Huang Y, Ruiz P
7856 - 7861 Surface-modification in situ of nano-SiO2 and its structure and tribological properties
Li XH, Cao Z, Zhang ZJ, Dang HX
7862 - 7873 Electron microscopy and EXAFS studies on oxide-supported gold-silver nanoparticles prepared by flame spray pyrolysis
Hannemann S, Grunwaldt JD, Krumeich F, Kappen P, Baiker A
7874 - 7877 Surface functionalisation of polymer nanofibres by sputter coating of titanium dioxide
Wei QF, Huang FL, Hou DY, Wang YY
7878 - 7883 Effect of process parameters on surface morphology and characterization of PE-ALD SnO2 thin films for gas sensing
Choi G, Satyanarayana L, Park J
7884 - 7889 Effects of O-2 and H2O plasma immersion ion implantation on surface chemical composition and surface energy of poly vinyl chloride
Zhang W, Chu PK, Ji JH, Zhang YH, Jiang ZM
7890 - 7894 XPS, electric and photoluminescence-based analysis of the GaAs (100) nitridation
Benamara Z, Mecirdi N, Bouiadjra BB, Bideux L, Gruzza B, Robert C, Miczek M, Adamowicz B
7895 - 7903 Electron energy loss spectra from polycrystalline Cr and Cr2O3 before and after surface reduction by Ar+ bombardment
Weaver JF, Hagelin-Weaver HAE, Hoflund GB, Salaita GN
7904 - 7910 Pulsed laser ablation of borax target in vacuum and hydrogen DC glow discharges
Kale AN, Miotello A, Mosaner P
7911 - 7916 Microstructure characteristic of ceramic coatings fabricated on magnesium alloys by micro-arc oxidation in alkaline silicate solutions
Guo HF, An MZ, Huo HB, Xu S, Wu LJ
7917 - 7920 The morphologies of fractured surfaces and fracture toughness in some As-Se-Sb-S-I glasses
Lukic SR, Petrovic DM, Skuban F, Sidanin L, Guth IO
7921 - 7925 Effect of the heat treatment on the corrosion behaviour of amorphous Fe-Cr-P-C-Si alloy in 0.5 M H2SO4
Belkhaouda M, Bazzi L, Benlhachemi A, Salghi R, Hammouti B, Kertit S
7926 - 7929 The effects of chain number and state of lipid derivatives of nucleosides on hydrogen bonding and self-assembly through the investigation of Langmuir-Blodgett films
Jin YG, Qiao YX, Hou XP
7930 - 7933 Synthesis of beta-Ga2O3 nanowires through microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition
Zhu F, Yang ZX, Zhou WM, Zhang YF
7934 - 7940 Rebuilding of metal components with laser cladding forming
Song JL, Deng QL, Chen CY, Hu DJ, Li YT
7941 - 7947 Pressure induced anisotropy of electrical conductivity in polycrystalline molybdenum disulfide
Sanchez V, Benavente E, Lavayen V, O'Dwyer C, Torres CMS, Gonzalez G, Santa Ana MA
7948 - 7952 The application of Raman and anti-stokes Raman spectroscopy for in situ monitoring of structural changes in laser irradiated titanium dioxide materials
Rigby SJ, Al-Obaidi AHR, Lee SK, McStay D, Robertson PKJ
7953 - 7956 p-Type conduction in phosphorus-doped ZnO thin films by MOCVD and thermal activation of the dopant
Miao Y, Ye ZZ, Xu WZ, Chen FG, Zhou XC, Zhao BH, Zhu LP, Lu JG
7957 - 7963 The surface chemistry resulting from low-pressure plasma treatment of polystyrene: The effect of residual vessel bound oxygen
Dhayal M, Alexander MR, Bradley JW
7964 - 7969 Platinum particles dispersed poly(diphenylamine) modified electrode for methanol oxidation
Santhosh P, Gopalan A, Vasudevan T, Lee KP
7970 - 7974 A study of the optical properties of titanium oxide films prepared by dc reactive magnetron sputtering
Meng LJ, Teixeira V, Cui HN, Placido F, Xu Z, dos Santos MP
7975 - 7982 Atomic force microscopy study of thermal stability of silver selenide thin films grown on silicon
Mohanty BC, Murty BS, Vijayan V, Kasiviswanathan S
7983 - 7986 Optical band gap of zinc nitride films prepared on quartz substrates from a zinc nitride target by reactive rf magnetron sputtering
Zong FJ, Ma HL, Du W, Ma J, Zhang XJ, Xiao HD, Ji F, Xue CS
7987 - 7992 Effect of PVA functionalization on hydrophilicity of Y-junction single wall carbon nanotubes
Vedala H, Huang J, Zhou XY, Kim G, Roy S, Choi WB
7993 - 8000 Structural and optical properties of amorphous hydrogenated silicon carbonitride films produced by PECVD
Vassallo E, Cremona A, Ghezzi F, Dellera F, Laguardia L, Ambrosone G, Coscia U
8001 - 8004 Study of the structure and electrical properties of the copper nitride thin films deposited by pulsed laser deposition
Gallardo-Vega C, de la Cruz W
8005 - 8009 Nanoindentation on carbon thin films obtained from a C-60 ion beam
Dall'Asen AG, Verdier M, Huck H, Halac EB, Reinoso M
8010 - 8014 Dry etching of MgCaO gate dielectric and passivation layers on GaN
Hlad M, Voss L, Gila BP, Abernathy CR, Pearton SJ, Ren F
8015 - 8017 Energy level alignment between C-60 and Al using ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy
Seo JH, Kang SJ, Kim CY, Cho SW, Yoo KH, Whang CN
8018 - 8021 Study of asymmetric charge writing on Pb(Zr,Ti)O-3 thin films by Kelvin probe force microscopy
Shen J, Zeng HZ, Wang ZH, Lu SB, Huang HD, Liu JS
8022 - 8027 Structural investigation of thin tetracene films on flexible substrate by synchrotron X-ray diffraction
Milita S, Santato C, Cicoira F