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XIX - XX Secondary ion mass spectrometry SIMS XV - Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Conference on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS XV) -The University of Manchester, UK September 12-16, 2005 - Preface
Vickerman J, Gilmore I
6403 - 6403 Some new insights in to the mechanisms of fullerene and nanotube formation
Kroto H
6404 - 6408 The contribution of mass spectrometry to the biosciences
Gaskell SJ
6409 - 6412 Atoms, clusters and photons: Energetic probes for mass spectrometry
Garrison BJ
6413 - 6418 Secondary ion emission from polymer layers by atomic and molecular ion bombardment: Data evaluation based on linear-cascade sputtering theory
Wittmaack K
6419 - 6422 Sputtering of thin benzene and polystyrene overlayers by keV Ga and C-60 bombardment
Czerwinski B, Delcorte A, Garrison B, Samson R, Winograd N, Postawa Z
6423 - 6425 Sputtering of amorphous ice induced by C-60 and Au-3 clusters
Russo MF, Wojciechowski IA, Garrison BJ
6426 - 6428 Sputtering of clusters from nickel-aluminium
King BV, Moore JF, Calaway WF, Veryovkin IV, Pellin MJ
6429 - 6432 Quantitative fundamental SIMS studies using O-18 implant standards
Williams P, Sobers RC, Franzreb K, Lorincik J
6433 - 6435 4d core hole formation in silver and its role in Ag- secondary ion formation/survival
van der Heide PAW
6436 - 6439 Coarse-grained molecular dynamics studies of cluster-bombarded benzene crystals
Smiley EJ, Postawa Z, Wojciechowski IA, Winograd N, Garrison BJ
6440 - 6443 Caesium/xenon dual beam depth profiling: Velocity of the sputtered atom and ionization probability
Brison J, Douhard B, Houssiau L
6444 - 6447 Sputter yields in diamond bombarded by ultra low energy ions
de la Mata BG, Dowsett MG, Twitchen D
6448 - 6451 AFM study of the SIMS beam induced roughness in monocrystalline silicon in presence of initial surface or bulk defects of nanometric size
Fares B, Dubois C, Gautier B, Dupuy JC, Cayrel F, Gaudin G
6452 - 6455 Determination of energy dependent ionization probabilities of sputtered particles
Mazarov P, Samartsev AV, Wucher A
6456 - 6458 Characterizing SIMS transient effects apparent in matrix secondary ion signals from silicon under 1 keV Cs+ impact
van der Heide PAW
6459 - 6462 Modeling the dissociation and ionization of a sputtered organic molecule
Solomko V, Verstraete M, Delcorte A, Garrison BJ, Gonze X, Bertrand P
6463 - 6465 Bombardment induced surface chemistry on Si under keV C-60 impact
Krantzman KD, Kingsbury DB, Garrison BJ
6466 - 6469 Molecular dynamics study of particle emission by reactive cluster ion impact
Aoki T, Matsuo J
6470 - 6473 Kinetic energy distributions of neutral In and In-2 sputtered by polyatomic ion bombardment
Samartsev AV, Wucher A
6474 - 6477 Yields and ionization probabilities of sputtered In, particles under atomic and polyatomic Au-m(-) ion bombardment
Samartsev AV, Wucher A
6478 - 6481 Deconvolution of very low primary energy SIMS depth profiles2w
Fares B, Gautier B, Dupuy JC, Prudon G, Holliger P
6482 - 6489 Molecular secondary ion formation under cluster bombardment: A fundamental review
Wucher A
6490 - 6493 Molecular ion emission from single large cluster impacts
Verkhoturov SV, Rickman RD, Guillemier C, Hager GJ, Locklear JE, Schweikert EA
6494 - 6497 Stretching the limits of static SIMS with C-60(+)
Delcorte A, Poleunis C, Bertrand P
6498 - 6501 Molecular depth profiling of multi-layer systems with cluster ion sources
Cheng J, Winograd N
6502 - 6505 Temperature-controlled depth profiling in polymeric materials using cluster secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS)
Mahoney CM, Fahey AJ, Gillen G, Xu C, Batteas JD
6506 - 6508 Using polyatomic primary ions to probe an amino acid and a nucleic base in water ice
Conlan XA, Biddulph GX, Lockyer NP, Vickerman JC
6509 - 6512 Chemical effects in C-60 irradiation of polymers
Mollers R, Tuccitto N, Torrisi V, Niehuis E, Licciardello A
6513 - 6516 Molecular depth profiling of organic and biological materials
Fletcher JS, Conlan XA, Lockyer NP, Vickerman JC
6517 - 6520 Probing thin over layers with variable energy/cluster ion beams
Spool A, White R
6521 - 6525 Depth profiling using C60+SIMS - Deposition and topography development during bombardment of silicon
Gillen G, Batteas J, Michaels CA, Chi P, Small J, Windsor E, Fahey A, Verkouteren J, Kim KJ
6526 - 6528 Fundamental studies of the cluster ion bombardment of water ice
Szakal C, Kozole J, Winograd N
6529 - 6532 Influence of massive projectile size and energy on secondary ion yields from organic surfaces
Guillermier C, Della Negra S, Rickman RD, Pinnick V, Schweikert EA
6533 - 6536 Sputtering yields of PMMA films bombarded by keV C60+ ions
Bolotin IL, Tetzler SH, Hanley L
6537 - 6541 3D molecular imaging SIMS
Gillen G, Fahey A, Wagner M, Mahoney C
6542 - 6546 Energy distributions of atomic and molecular ions sputtered by C-60(+) projectiles
Delcorte A, Poleunis C, Bertrand P
6547 - 6549 Evaluation of secondary ion yield enhancement from polymer material by using TOF-SIMS equipped with a gold cluster ion source
Aimoto K, Aoyagi S, Kato N, Iida N, Yamamoto A, Kudo M
6550 - 6553 High-intensity Si cluster ion emission from a silicon target bombarded with large Ar cluster ions
Ninomiya S, Aoki T, Seki T, Matsuo J
6554 - 6557 Characterization of drug-eluting stent (DES) materials with cluster secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS)
Mahoney CM, Patwardhan DV, McDermott MK
6558 - 6561 Au-analyte adducts resulting from single massive gold cluster impacts
Hager GJ, Guillermier C, Verkhoturov SV, Schweikert EA
6562 - 6565 Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bulk film analysis using C-60(+), Au-3(+), and Au+ primary ion beams
Conlan XA, Gilmore IS, Henderson A, Lockyer NP, Vickerman JC
6566 - 6569 Influence of primary ion species on the secondary cluster ion emission process from SAMs of hexadecanethiol on gold
Schroder M, Sohn S, Lipinsky D, Arlinghaus HF
6570 - 6574 SSIMS analysis of organics, polymer blends and interfaces
Weng LT, Chan CM
6575 - 6581 Simplifying the interpretation of ToF-SIMS spectra and images using careful application of multivariate analysis
Wagner MS, Graharn DJ, Castner DG
6582 - 6587 Matrix-enhanced secondary ion mass spectrometry: The Alchemist's solution?
Delcorte A
6588 - 6590 Static ToF-SIMS analysis of plasma chemically deposited ethylene/allyl alcohol co-polymer films
Oran U, Swaraj S, Friedrich JF, Unger WES
6591 - 6593 Mass accuracy- TOF-SIMS
Green FM, Gilmore IS, Seah MP
6594 - 6596 Diffusion study of multi-organic layers in OLEDs by ToF-SIMS
Chen WY, Ling YC, Chen BJ, Shih HH, Cheng CH
6597 - 6600 3D-TOFSIMS characterization of black spots in polymer light emitting diodes
Bulle-Lieuwma CWT, van de Weiier P
6601 - 6604 G-SIMS-FPM: Molecular structure at surfaces- a combined positive and negative secondary ion study
Gilmore IS, Green FM, Seah MP
6605 - 6608 SIMS studies of polymeric tertiary structures in monolayers: Polysiloxane helical coil structures
Rey-Santos R, Piwowar A, Alvarado LZ, Gardella JA
6609 - 6614 SIMS depth profiling of polymer blends with protein based drugs
Mahoney CM, Yu JX, Fahey A, Gardella JA
6615 - 6618 Depth profiling of taxol-loaded poly(styrene-b-isobutylene-b-styrene) using Ga+ and C-60(+) ion beams
Braun RM, Cheng J, Parsonage EE, Moeller J, Winograd N
6619 - 6623 ToF-SIMS analysis of a fluorocarbon-grafted PET with a gold cluster ion source
Zhu ZM, Kelley MJ
6624 - 6627 Matrix-enhanced cluster-SIMS
Locklear JE, Guillermier C, Verkhoturov SV, Schweikert EA
6628 - 6631 S-SIMS and MetA-SIMS study of organic additives in thin polymer coatings
Adriaensen L, Vangaever F, Lenaerts J, Gijbels R
6632 - 6635 Chemical derivatization technique in ToF-SIMS for quantification analysis of surface amine groups
Lee TG, Kim J, Shon HK, Jung D, Moon DW
6636 - 6639 PLA-PMMA blends: A study by XPS and ToF-SIMS
Cossement D, Gouttebaron R, Cornet V, Viville P, Hecq M, Lazzaroni R
6640 - 6643 Comparison of detection efficiencies of negatively charged gold-alkanethiolate-, gold-sulfur- and gold-clusters in ToF-SIMS
Rietmann T, Sohn S, Schroder M, Lipinsky D, Arlinghaus HF
6644 - 6647 Organic SIMS with single massive gold projectile: Ion yield enhancement by silver metallization
Guillermier C, Pinnick V, Verkhoturov SV, Schweikert EA
6648 - 6651 End group effect on surface and interfacial segregation in PS-PMMA blend thin films
Kailas L, Bertrand P
6652 - 6655 Empirical evaluation of metal deposition for the analysis of organic compounds with static secondary ion mass spectrometry (S-SIMS)
De Mondt R, Adriaensen L, Vangaever F, Lenaerts J, Van Vaeck L, Gijbels R
6656 - 6659 Static secondary ion mass spectrometry (S-SIMS) in advanced textile research: Study of additives in polypropylene (PP) films
Boschmans B, Vanneste M, Ruys L, Van Vaeck L
6660 - 6663 Static secondary ion mass spectrometry (S-SIMS) analysis of atmospheric plasma treated polypropylene films
Boschmans B, Vanneste M, Ruys L, Temmerman E, Leys C, Van Vaeck L
6664 - 6667 Development of a highly sensitive analytical technique for surfactants by time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry
Tanji N, Okamoto M
6668 - 6671 ToF-SIMS characterisation of diterpenoic acids after chromatographic separation
Orinak A, Orinakova R, Arlinghaus HF, Vering G, Hellweg S, Cechinel V
6672 - 6675 Towards a fully optimised organic LED device: Analysis of surface synthesis using coupling reactions by ToF-SIMS
Pinna R, Jamme F, Rutten FJM, Smith EF, Willis MR, Briggs D, McCoustra MRS
6676 - 6678 G-SIMS of thermosetting polymers
Hawtin PN, Abel ML, Watts JF, Powell J
6679 - 6682 Quantitative and high mass ToF-SIMS studies of siloxane segregation in hydrogel polymers using cryogenic sample handling techniques
Hook DJ, Valint PL, Chen L, Gardella JA
6683 - 6685 Effect of acrylic acid vapour on lubricated recording hard-disk media surfaces
Ji R, Liew T, Chong TC
6686 - 6688 Chemistry of metal atoms reacting with alkanethiol self-assembled monolayers
Zhu Z, Allara DL, Winograd N
6689 - 6692 Selective detection of organic compounds on modified polymer surfaces using TOF-SIMS in combination with derivatization
Kwon M, Lee Y, Kim Y, Han S, Kim H
6693 - 6696 Surface spectroscopic imaging of PEG-PLA tissue engineering constructs with ToF-SIMS
Tsourapas G, Rutten FJM, Briggs D, Davies MC, Shakesheff KM
6697 - 6701 Mutual information theory for biomedical applications: Estimation of three protein-adsorbed dialysis membranes
Aoyagi S, Takesawa A, Yamashita AC, Kudo M
6702 - 6705 The influence of the cholesterol microenvironment in tissue sections on molecular ionization efficiencies and distributions in ToF-SIMS
Altelaar AFM, van Minnen J, Heeren RMA, Piersma SR
6706 - 6708 Direct NanoSIMS imaging of diffusible elements in surfaced block of cryo-processed biological samples
Hallegot P, Audinot JN, Migeon HN
6709 - 6711 Introduction of a cryosectioning-ToF-SIMS instrument for analysis of non-dehydrated biological samples
Moller J, Beumer A, Lipinsky D, Arlinghaus HF
6712 - 6715 TOF-SIMS imaging of chlorhexidine-digluconate transport in frozen hydrated biofilms of the fungus Candida albicans
Tyler BJ, Rangaranjan S, Moller J, Beumer A, Arlinghaus HE
6716 - 6718 Investigating lipid interactions and the process of raft formation in cellular membranes using ToF-SIMS
McQuaw CM, Sostarecz AG, Zheng L, Ewing AG, Winograd N
6719 - 6722 ToF-SIMS studies of Bacillus using multivariate analysis with possible identification and taxonomic applications
Thompson CE, Ellis J, Fletcher JS, Goodacre R, Henderson A, Lockyer NP, Vickerman JC
6723 - 6726 7.87 eV postionization of peptides containing tryptophan or derivatized with fluorescein
Hanley L, Edirisinghe PD, Calaway WF, Veryovkin IV, Pellin MJ, Moore JF
6727 - 6730 Suppression and enhancement of non-native molecules within biological systems
Jones EA, Lockyer NP, Vickerman JC
6731 - 6733 A comparative study of secondary ion yield from model biological membranes using Au-n(+) and C-60(+) primary ion sources
Baker MJ, Fletcher JS, Jungnickel H, Lockyer NP, Vickerman JC
6734 - 6737 A new analysis of the depolymerized fragments of lignin polymer in the plant cell walls using ToF-SIMS
Saito K, Kato T, Takamori H, Kishimoto T, Yamamoto A, Fukushima K
6738 - 6741 Bioactive molecules for biomimetic materials: Identification of RGD peptide sequences by TOF-S-SIMS analysis
Poulin S, Durrieu MC, Polizu S, Yahia LH
6742 - 6745 Mass spectrometric characterization of DNA microarrays as a function of primary ion species
Hellweg S, Jacob A, Hoheisel JD, Grehl T, Arlinghaus HF
6746 - 6749 Direct ToF-SIMS analysis of organic halides and amines on TLC plates
Parent AA, Anderson TM, Michaelis DJ, Jiang GL, Savage PB, Linford MR
6750 - 6753 Nanoscale surface of carbon nanotube fibers for medical applications: Structure and chemistry revealed by TOF-SIMS analysis
Polizu S, Maugey M, Poulin S, Poulin P, Yahia L
6754 - 6756 ToF-SIMS imaging of gradient polyethylene and its amine-functionalized surfaces
Lee TG, Shon HK, Kim MS, Lee HB, Moon DW
6757 - 6760 Studies by imaging TOF-SIMS of bone mineralization on porous titanium implants after 1 week in bone
Eriksson C, Borner K, Nygren H, Ohlson K, Bexell U, Billerdahl N, Johansson M
6761 - 6764 Characterisation of human hair surfaces by means of static ToF-SIMS: A comparison between Ga+ and C-60(+) primary ions
Poleunis C, Everaert EP, Delcorte A, Bertrand P
6765 - 6769 Cations in mammalian cells and chromosomes: Sample preparation protocols affect elemental abundances by SIMS
Levi-Setti R, Gavrilov KL, Neilly ME
6770 - 6773 Specific Mg2+ binding to AT-rich regions of chromatin in the evolution of eukaryotes
Strissel PL, Gavrilov KL, Levi-Setti R, Strick R
6774 - 6776 Enhanced peptide molecular imaging using aqueous droplets
Murayama Y, Komatsu M, Kuge K, Hashimoto H
6777 - 6781 Localization of Na+ and K+ in rat cerebellum with imaging TOF-SIMS
Borner K, Nygren H, Malmberg P, Tallarek E, Hagenhoff B
6782 - 6785 Analysis of cardiac tissue by gold cluster ion bombardment
Aranyosiova M, Chorvatova A, Chorvat D, Biro C, Velic D
6786 - 6788 Hair dye distribution in human hair by ToF-SIMS
Chen BJ, Lee PL, Chen WY, Mai FD, Ling YC
6789 - 6792 Model multilayer structures for three-dimensional cell imaging
Kozole J, Szakal C, Kurczy M, Winograd N
6793 - 6796 Dynamic SIMS analysis of cryo-prepared biological and geological specimens
Dickinson M, Heard PJ, Barker JHA, Lewis AC, Mallard D, Allen GC
6797 - 6800 G-SIMS of biodegradable homo-polyesters
Ogaki R, Green F, Li S, Vert M, Alexander MR, Gilmore IS, Davies MC
6801 - 6804 Quantitative ToF-SIMS study of surface-immobilized streptavidin
Kim YP, Hong MY, Shon HK, Moon DW, Kim HS, Lee TG
6805 - 6808 TOF-SIMS investigation of the distribution of a cosmetic ingredient in the epidermis of the skin
Okamoto M, Tanji N, Katayama Y, Okada J
6809 - 6812 Imaging of single liver tumor cells intoxicated by heavy metals using ToF-SIMS
Mai FD, Chen BJ, Wu LC, Li FY, Chen WK
6813 - 6815 Study of the mechanism of diatom cell division by means of Si-29 isotope tracing
Audinot JN, Guignard C, Migeon HN, Hoffmann L
6816 - 6819 Bioaccumulation of chromium in aquatic macrophyte Borreria scabiosoides Cham. & Schltdl.
Mangabeira PA, Mielke MS, Arantes I, Dutruch L, Silva DD, Barbier F, de Almeida AAF, Oliveira AH, Severo MIG, Labejof L, Rocha DC, Rosa TS, Santana KB, Gavrilov KL, Galle P, Levi-Setti R, Grenier-Loustalot MF
6820 - 6820 Discussion on meeting the challenge of molecule specific analysis and imaging in organic and bio-systems Chair: Professor John C. Vickerman
6821 - 6826 Molecule specific imaging in biology: What are the challenges and the important applications?
Ewing AG
6827 - 6835 Why don't biologists use SIMS? A critical evaluation of imaging MS
Heeren RMA, McDonnell LA, Amstalden E, Luxembourg SL, Altelaar AFM, Piersma SR
6836 - 6843 Improvements in SIMS continue - Is the end in sight?
Winograd N, Postawa Z, Cheng J, Szakal C, Kozole J, Garrison BJ
6844 - 6854 ToF-SIMS analysis of bio-systems: Are polyatomic primary ions the solution?
Jones EA, Fletcher JS, Thompson CE, Jackson DA, Lockyer NP, Vickerman JC
6855 - 6859 General discussion
Castner D, Ewing AG, Heeren RMA, Lockyer NP, Winograd N
6860 - 6868 Information from complexity: Challenges of TOF-SIMS data interpretation
Graham DJ, Wagner MS, Castner DG
6869 - 6874 Rapid discrimination of the causal agents of urinary tract infection using ToF-SIMS with chemometric cluster analysis
Fletcher JS, Henderson A, Jarvis RM, Lockyer NP, Vickerman JC, Goodacre R
6875 - 6882 Multivariate statistical image processing for molecular specific imaging in organic and bio-systems
Tyler BJ
6883 - 6890 Spatial statistics and interpolation methods for TOF SIMS imaging
Milillo TM, Gardella JA
6891 - 6894 General discussion
Gilmore I, Castner D, Gardella J, Goodacre R, Tyler B
6895 - 6906 Quantitative imaging of cells with multi-isotope imaging mass spectrometry (MIMS)-Nanoautography with stable isotope tracers
McMahon G, Glassner BJ, Lechene CP
6907 - 6916 High resolution SIMS imaging of cations in mammalian cell mitosis, and in Drosophila polytene chromosomes
Levi-Setti R, Gavrilov KL, Neilly ME, Strick R, Strissel PL
6917 - 6924 Specimen preparation for NanoSIMS analysis of biological materials
Grovenor CRM, Smart KE, Kilburn MR, Shore B, Dilworth JR, Martin B, Hawes C, Rickaby REM
6925 - 6930 Sub-cellular localisation of a N-15-labelled peptide vector using NanoSIMS imaging
Romer W, Wu TD, Duchambon P, Amessou M, Carrez D, Johannes L, Guerquin-Kern JL
6931 - 6934 General discussion
Goodacre R
6935 - 6940 Development towards label- and amplification-free genotyping of genomic DNA
Brandt O, Feldner J, Hellweg S, Schroder M, Stephan A, Arlinghaus HF, Hoheisel JD, Jacob A
6941 - 6948 Mass spectrometric characterization of elements and molecules in cell cultures and tissues
Arlinghaus HF, Kriegeskotte C, Fartmann M, Wittig A, Sauerwein W, Lipinsky D
6949 - 6949 General discussion
Winograd N
6950 - 6956 Quantitative analysis of supported membrane composition using the NanoSIMS
Kraft ML, Fishel SF, Marxer CG, Weber PK, Hutcheon ID, Boxer SG
6957 - 6965 Imaging lipid distributions in model monolayers by ToF-SIMS with selectively deuterated components and principal components analysis
Biesinger MC, Miller DJ, Harbottle RR, Possmayer F, McIntyre NS, Petersen NO
6966 - 6974 Localization of lipids in freeze-dried mouse brain sections by imaging TOF-SIMS
Sjovall P, Johansson B, Lausmaa J
6975 - 6981 Localization of cholesterol in rat cerebellum with imaging TOF-SIMS -Effect of tissue preparation
Nygren H, Borner K, Malmberg P, Hagenhoff B
6982 - 6985 General discussion
Winograd N
6986 - 6991 Static SIMS for analysis of molecular conformation and orientation
Bertrand P
6992 - 6995 Characterisation of electrospun nanowebs with static secondary ion mass spectrometry (S-SIMS)
Van Royen P, dos Santos AM, Schacht E, Ruys L, Van Vaeck L
6996 - 6999 TOF-SIMS study of photocatalytic decomposition reactions on nanocrystalline TiO2
Gnaser H, Orendorz A, Ziegler C, Rowlett E, Bock W
7000 - 7002 Supramolecular host-guest complexes based on cyclodextrin-diphenylhexatriene
Rabara L, Aranyosiova M, Velic D
7003 - 7005 Atomic distribution in quantum dots- A ToF-SIMS study
Chen WY, Ling YC, Chen BJ, Wang CC
7006 - 7009 Characterization of individual atmospheric aerosol particles with SIMS and laser-SNMS
Peterson RE, Nair A, Dambach S, Arlinghaus HF, Tyler BJ
7010 - 7013 Comparison of urban and rural particulate air pollution characteristics obtained by SIMS and SSMS
Konarski P, Haluszka J, Cwil M
7014 - 7017 Analysis of volatile nanoparticles emitted from diesel engine using TOF-SIMS and metal-assisted SIMS (MetA-SIMS)
Inoue M, Murase A, Yamamoto M, Kubo S
7018 - 7021 Quantitative characterizations of styrene-butadiene core-shell latexes by TOF-SIMS and pyrolysis GUMS
Maekawa T
7022 - 7025 Characterization of individual complex particles in urban atmospheric environment
Suzuki K, Takii T, Tomiyasu B, Nihei Y
7026 - 7029 TOF-SIMS measurements of the exhaust particles emitted from gasoline and diesel engine vehicles
Tomiyasu B, Owari M, Nihei Y
7030 - 7033 Study of coating distribution onto metallic hollow particles
Orinakova R, Orinak A, Arlinghaus HF, Hellweg S, Kupkova M, Kabatova M
7034 - 7037 Secondary ion statistics and determination of nanocluster (m > 10(7) amu) ion registration efficiency
Novikov AV, Kirillov SN, Baranov IA, Obnorskii VV, Yarmiychuk SV
7038 - 7040 Study of the Pd-Rh interdiffusion by ToF-SIMS, RBS and PIXE: Semi-quantitative depth profiles with MCs+ clusters
Brison J, Hubert R, Lucas S, Houssiau L
7041 - 7044 Secondary ionization mass spectrometric analysis of impurity element isotope ratios in nuclear reactor materials
Gerlach DC, Cliff JB, Hurley DE, Reid BD, Little WW, Meriwether GH, Wickham AJ, Simmons TA
7045 - 7047 Application of SIMS analyses on oxygen transport in SOFC materials
Sakai N, Yamaji K, Horita T, Kishimoto H, Brito ME, Yokokawa H, Uchimoto Y
7048 - 7050 Characterisation of irradiated nuclear fuel with SIMS
Desgranges L, Valot C, Pasquet B
7051 - 7053 Study of the carbon distribution in multi-phase steels using the NanoSIMS 50
Valle N, Drillet J, Bouaziz O, Migeon HN
7054 - 7057 Strong composition-dependent variation of MCs+ calibration factors in TiOx and GeOx (x <= 2) films
Gnaser H, Le YK, Su WF
7058 - 7061 RuO2/SiO2/Si and SiO2/porous Si/Si interfaces analysed by SIMS
Cwil M, Konarski P, Pajak M, Bieniek T, Kosinski A, Kaczorek K
7062 - 7065 Examination of the influence of boron on the microstructure and properties of low C ferritic steels using NanoSIMS and TEM
Ahmed S, Titchmarsh JM, Kilburn MR, Grovenor CRM
7066 - 7069 SIMS analysis of nitrogen in various metals and ZnO
Li YP, Wang S, Smith SP
7070 - 7073 Sodium and hydrogen analysis of room temperature glass corrosion using low energy CsSIMS
Fearn S, McPhail DS, Morris RJH, Dowsett MG
7074 - 7077 SIMS depth profiling of rubber-tyre cord bonding layers prepared using Zn-64 depleted ZnO
Fulton WS, Sykes DE, Smith GC
7078 - 7081 SIMS characterisation of superconductive MgB2 layers prepared by ion implantation and pulsed plasma treatment
Konarski P, Cwil M, Piekoszewski J, Stanislawski J
7082 - 7085 Characterization of laser-fired contacts in PERC solar cells: SIMS and TEM analysis applying advanced preparation techniques
Zastrow U, Houben L, Meertens D, Grohe A, Brammer T, Schneiderlochner E
7086 - 7088 TOFSIMS analysis of Cu-SiC composites for thermal management applications
Treichler R, Weissgaerber T, Kiendl T
7089 - 7095 The geological microprobe: The first 25 years of dating zircons
Compston W, Clement SWJ
7096 - 7101 Applications of SIMS to cultural heritage studies
Adriaens A, Dowsett MG
7102 - 7106 NanoSIMS: A new tool in cosmochemistry
Hoppe P
7107 - 7112 Some applications of SIMS in conservation science, archaeometry and cosmochemistry
McPhail DS
7113 - 7116 Investigation into the nature of historical tapestries using time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (ToF-SIMS)
Batcheller J, Hacke AM, Mitchell R, Carr CM
7117 - 7119 Interstellar dust laser explorer (IDLE): A new instrument for submicron analyses of stardust-quantification of laser SNMS
Henkel T, Tizard J, Blagburn D, Lyon I
7120 - 7123 Analysis of simulated hypervelocity impacts on a titanium fuel tank from the Salyut 7 space station
Jantou V, McPhail DS, Chater RJ, Kearsley A
7124 - 7127 Surface analysis of ancient glass artefacts with ToF-SIMS: A novel tool for provenancing?
Rutten FJM, Roe MJ, Henderson J, Briggs D
7128 - 7131 Measurement of sulfur isotope ratios in micrometer-sized samples by NanoSIMS
Winterholler B, Hoppe P, Andreae MO, Foley S
7132 - 7135 uleSIMS characterization of silver reference surfaces
Palitsin VV, Dowsett MG, de la Mata BG, Oloff IW, Gibbons R
7136 - 7139 TOF-SIMS analysis of corroding museum glass
Fearn S, McPhail DS, Hagenhoff B, Tallarek E
7140 - 7143 ToF-SIMS applied to historical archaeology in the Alps
Sodhi RNS, Mahaney WC, Milner MW
7144 - 7147 Obsidian hydration dating from SIMS H+ profiling based on saturated surface (SS) layer using new software
Liritzis I, Ganetsos T
7148 - 7151 Automated ion imaging with the NanoSIMS ion microprobe
Groner E, Hoppe P
7152 - 7154 SIMS quantification of very low hydrogen contents
Rhede D, Wiedenbeck M
7155 - 7158 Preferential oxidation of chalcopyrite surface facets characterized by ToF-SIMS and SEM
Al-Harahsheh M, Rutten F, Briggs D, Kingman S
7159 - 7162 High throughput screening of novel oxide conductors using SIMS
Fearn S, Rossiny JCH, Kilner JA, Zhang Y, Chen L
7163 - 7166 Resonant laser-SNMS of boron for analysis of paleoceanographic samples
Vering G, Crone C, Kathers P, Bijma J, Arlinghaus HF
7167 - 7171 Characterizing high-k and low-k dielectric materials for semiconductors: Progress and challenges
Bennett J, Quevedo-Lopez M, Satyanarayana S
7172 - 7175 Characterization of HfO2 dielectric films with low energy SIMS
Jiang ZX, Kim K, Lerma J, Sieloff D, Tseng H, Hegde RI, Luo TY, Yang JY, Triyoso DH, Tobin PJ
7176 - 7178 SIMS analysis of HfSiO(N) thin films
Miwa S, Kusanagi S, Kobayashi H
7179 - 7181 Back side SIMS analysis of hafnium silicate
Gu C, Stevie FA, Bennett J, Garcia R, GriffiS DP
7182 - 7185 A study of dynamic SIMS analysis of low-k dielectric materials
Mowat IA, Lin XF, Fister T, Kendall M, Chao G, Yang MH
7186 - 7189 ToF-SIMS and AFM studies of low-k dielectric etching in fluorocarbon plasmas
Lazzeri P, Hua X, Oehrlein G, Iacob E, Barozzi M, Bersani M, Anderle M
7190 - 7193 The reduction of the change of secondary ions yield in the thin SiON/Si system
Sameshima J, Yamamoto H, Hasegawa T, Nishina T, Nishitani T, Yoshikawa K, Karen A
7194 - 7197 Thermal effects on H-1 and H-2 distributions determined by SIMS in atomic layer deposition of HfO2 and A1(2)O(3) using heavy water
Holliger P, Hobbs C, Jalabert D, Martin F, Pierre F, Reimbold G, Rivallin P
7198 - 7200 Ultra low energy SIMS depth profiling of sub-1.5 nm silicon oxynitride films
Mulcahy CPA, Bock B, Ebblewhite PA, Hebert HP, Biswas S
7201 - 7204 Depth profiling of emerging materials for semiconductor devices
Ronsheim PA
7205 - 7207 Important increase of negative secondary ion sensitivity during SIMS analysis by neutral cesium deposition
Philipp P, Wirtz T, Migeon HN, Scherrer H
7208 - 7210 SIMS quantitative depth profiling of matrix elements in semiconductor layers
Guryanov G, Clair TPS, Bhat R, Caneau C, Nikishin S, Borisov B, Budrevich A
7211 - 7213 SIMS depth profiling of boron ultra shallow junctions using oblique O-2(+) beams down to 150 eV
Juhel A, Laugier F, Delille D, Wyon C, Kwakman LFT, Hopstaken A
7214 - 7217 Comparison between the SIMS and MEIS techniques for the characterization of ultra shallow arsenic implants
Giubertoni D, Bersani A, Barozzi M, Pederzoli S, Iacob E, van den Berg JA, Werner M
7218 - 7220 RF-plasma source qualification and compositional characterisation of GaNAs superlattices using SIMS
Mulcahy CPA, Barker SJ, Williams RS, Hopkinson M, Ashwin M, Stavrinou PN, Parry G, Biswass S, Jones TS
7221 - 7223 Different optical conductivity enhancement (OCE) protocols to eliminate charging during ultra low energy SIMS profiling of semiconductor and semi-insulating materials
Morris RJH, Dowsett MG, Chang RJH
7224 - 7227 SIMS depth profiling of deuterium labeled polymers in polymer multilayers
Harton SE, Stevie FA, Griffis DP, Ade H
7228 - 7231 SIMS quantification of matrix and impurity species in AlxGa1-xN
Gu CJ, Stevie FA, Hitzman CJ, Saripalli YN, Johnson M, Griffis DP
7232 - 7235 Round-robin study of arsenic implant dose measurement in silicon by SIMS
Simons D, Kim K, Benbalagh R, Bennett J, Chew A, Gehre D, Hasegawa T, Hitzman C, Ko J, Lindstrom R, MacDonald B, Magee C, Montgomery N, Peres P, Ronsheim P, Yoshikawa S, Schuhmacher M, Stockwell W, Sykes D, Tomita A, Toujou F, Won J
7236 - 7238 Comparative study of negative cluster emission in sputtering of Si, Ge and their oxides
Perego M, Ferrari S, Fanciulli M
7239 - 7242 Steady-state Cs surface concentration on Si and Ge after low energy Cs+ bombardment by SIMS
Chen P, Janssens T, Vandervorst W
7243 - 7246 Narrow surface transient and high depth resolution SIMS using 250 eV O-2(+)
Chanbasha AR, Wee ATS
7247 - 7251 High sensitivity analysis of atmospheric gas elements
Miwa S, Nomachi I, Kitajima H
7252 - 7254 ToF-SIMS depth profiling of (Ga,Mn)As capped with amorphous arsenic: Effects of annealing time
Bexell U, Stanciu V, Warnicke P, Osth M, Svedlindh P
7255 - 7257 Quantitative analysis of surface contaminants on silicon wafers by means of TOF-SIMS
Rostam-Khani P, Philipsen J, Jansen E, Eberhard H, Vullings P
7258 - 7261 Determination of organic contaminations on Si wafer surfaces by static ToF-SIMS: Improvement of the detection limit with C-60(+) primary ions
Poleunis C, Delcorte A, Bertrand P
7262 - 7264 Quantitative SIMS analysis of SiGe composition with low energy O-2(+) beams
Jiang ZX, Kim K, Lerma J, Corbett A, Sieloff D, Kottke M, Gregory R, Schauer S
7265 - 7268 SIMS analysis of impurities and nitrogen isotopes in gallium nitride thin films
Hajime H, Ohgaki T, Sakaguchi I, Ryoken H, Ohashi N, Yasumori A
7269 - 7271 "Non-destructive" B, P and As dosimetry using normal incidence oxygen
Maul H, Ehrke HU, Loibl N, Schnurer-Patschan C
7272 - 7274 Phosphorous degassing from poly silicon under thermal exposure: A ToF-SIMS depth profile investigation
Alberici SG, Piagge R
7275 - 7278 SIMS analysis of a multiple quantum well structure in a vertical cavity surface emitting laser using the mixing-roughness-information depth model
Ootomo S, Maruya H, Seo S, Iwase F
7279 - 7282 SIMS and SEM analysis of In1-x-yAlxGayP LED structure grown on InxGa1-xP,P graded buffer
Vincze A, Satka A, Peternai L, Kovac J, Hasenohrl S, Vesely M
7283 - 7285 The influence of impurity profile on ultra-shallow GaAs sidewall tunnel junction characteristics
Ohno T, Oyama Y, Nishizawa JI
7286 - 7289 Influence of changes in the resistivity of the sample surface on ultra-shallow SIMS profiles for arsenic
Barozzi M, Giubertoni D, Pederzoli S, Anderle M, Iacob E, Bersani M
7290 - 7292 Secondary ion measurements for oxygen cluster ion SIMS
Ninomiya S, Aoki T, Seki T, Matsuo J
7293 - 7296 Shave-off depth profiling: Depth profiling with an absolute depth scale
Nojima M, Maekawa A, Yamamoto T, Tomiyasu B, Sakamoto T, Owari M, Nihei Y
7297 - 7300 Implementing a SIMS ion source on the NRL trace element accelerator mass spectrometer
Knies DL, Grabowski KS, Cetina C
7301 - 7303 Isotope ratio measurement with a multicollector detector on the cameca IMS nf
Lorincik J, Hervig R, Franzreb K, Slodzian G, Williams P
7304 - 7307 The development of a range Of C-60 ion beam systems
Hill R, Blenkinsopp R, Barber A, Everest C
7308 - 7311 Development of a ToF version of the desktop MiniSIMS utilising a continuous primary ion beam
Eccles AJ, Vohralik P, Cliff B, Jones C, Long N
7312 - 7314 Performance of a C-60(+) ion source on a dynamic SIMS instrument
Fahey AJ, Gillen G, Chi P, Mahoney CM
7315 - 7317 Boron ultra low energy SIMS depth profiling improved by rotating stage
Bersani M, Giubertoni D, Iacob E, Barozzi M, Pederzoli S, Vanzetti L, Anderle M
7318 - 7320 SIMS analysis using a new novel sample stage
Miwa S, Nomachi I, Kitajima H
7321 - 7325 Caesium sputter ion source compatible with commercial SIMS instruments
Belykh SF, Palitsin V, Veryovkin IV, Kovarsky AP, Chang RJH, Adriaens A, Dowsett M, Adams F