Applied Surface Science

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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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6107 - 6110 Effect of primary oxygen ion implantation on SIMS depth profiling in glasses
Tuleta M
6111 - 6114 Spatially defined silver mirror reaction on a micropatterned aldehyde-terminated self-assembled monolayer
Hozumi A, Inagaki M, Shirahata N
6115 - 6118 Influence of temperature-pressure treatment on heavily hydrogenated silicon surface
Ciosek J, Ratajczak J
6119 - 6121 Physical foundations of the oxide cathodes
Halas S, Durakiewicz T
6122 - 6126 Increasing surface hydrophilicity of titania thin films by doping
Luca D, Mardare D, Iacomi F, Teodorescu CM
6127 - 6134 Metallicity of atomic wires
Yakovkin IN
6135 - 6140 Growth instability and surface phase transition of Ti thin film on Si(111): An atomic force microscopy study
Aurongzeb D
6141 - 6153 Microstructure, mechanical properties, and oxidation resistance of nanocomposite Ti-Si-N coatings
Zhang CH, Lu XC, Wang H, Luo JB, Shen YG, Li KY
6154 - 6161 Theoretical and experimental investigations on the structures of purified clay and acid-activated clay
Yang T, Wen XD, Li JF, Yang LM
6162 - 6172 Piperidin-1-yl-phosphonic acid and (4-phosphono-piperazin-1-yl) phosphonic acid: A new class of iron corrosion inhibitors in sodium chloride 3% media
Amar H, Benzakour J, Derja A, Villemin D, Moreau B, Braisaz T
6173 - 6178 Research of rapid and direct thick coatings deposition by hybrid plasma-laser
Qian YP, Zhang HO, Wang GL
6179 - 6194 Effects of Cl-, NO3- and SO42- anions on the anodic behavior of carbon steel in deaerated 0.50 M NaHCO3 solutions
El-Naggar MM
6195 - 6200 Features of film growth during plasma anodizing of Al 2024/SiC metal matrix composite
Xue WB
6201 - 6205 Effect of an absorbent overlay on the residual stress field induced by laser shock processing on aluminum samples
Rubio-Gonzalez C, Gomez-Rosas G, Ocana JL, Molpeceres C, Banderas A, Porro J, Morales A
6206 - 6211 Microstructure and interfacial properties of HfO2-Al2O3 nanolaminate films
Liu M, He G, Zhu LQ, Fang Q, Li GH, Zhang LD
6212 - 6217 Inhibition of steel corrosion in 2 M H3PO4 by artemisia oil
Benabdellah M, Benkaddour M, Hammouti B, Bendahhou M, Aouniti A
6218 - 6227 Structural and electrical characterization of SxSe100-x thin films
El-Nahass MM, Seyam MAM, El-Sayed HEA, El-Barry AMA
6228 - 6235 Desorption and photopolymerization behavior of mixed and multilayered styrene-pyrrole nanofilms
Washburn S, Townsend E, Lauterbach J, Snively CM
6236 - 6242 Synergistic effect of iodide ions on the corrosion inhibition of steel in 0.5 M H2SO4 by new chalcone derivatives
Bouklah M, Hammouti B, Aouniti A, Benkaddour M, Bouyanzer A
6243 - 6248 Nanomechanical characterization of amorphous hydrogenated carbon thin films
Fang TH, Chang WJ
6249 - 6259 Closed-form solutions for the frequency shift of V-shaped probes scanning an inclined surface
Lin SM, Lee SY, Chen BS
6260 - 6268 Synthesis and characterization of molybdenum incorporated mesoporous aluminophosphate
Ho LN, Ikegawa T, Nishiguchi H, Nagaoka K, Takita Y
6269 - 6274 Current-voltage analysis of a-Si : H Schottky diodes
Sahin M, Durmus H, Kaplan R
6275 - 6279 Injection of holes at indium tin oxide/dendrimer interface: An explanation with new theory of thermionic emission at metal/organic interfaces
Peng YQ, Lu FP
6280 - 6288 Surface characterisation of ethylene-propylene-diene rubber upon exposure to aqueous acidic solution
Mitra S, Ghanbari-Siahkali A, Kingshott P, Hvilsted S, Almdal K
6289 - 6293 MFM and Raman studies in PEMBE-grown (Ga,Mn)N thin films showing room-temperature ferromagnetism
Ham MH, Yoon S, Park Y, Myoung JM
6294 - 6303 Formation processes of CuCl and regenerated Cu crystals on bronze surfaces in neutral and acidic media
Wang JL, Xu CC, Lv GC
6304 - 6312 Influence of initial oxygen on the formation of thiol layers
Laiho T, Leiro JA
6313 - 6322 Etching of mercuric iodide in cation iodide solutions
Ponpon JP, Amann M
6323 - 6331 Investigation on hexamethyldisilazane vapor treatment of plasma-damaged nanoporous organosilicate films
Rajagopalan T, Lahlouh B, Lubguban JA, Biswas N, Gangopadhyay S, Sun J, Huang DH, Simon SL, Toma D, Butler R
6332 - 6336 Accelerated life ac conductivity measurements of CRT oxide cathodes
Hashim AA, Barratt DS, Hassan AK, Nabok A
6337 - 6341 NaCl/Ca/Al as an efficient cathode in organic light-emitting devices
Shi SW, Ma DG
6342 - 6347 Addition of carbon to anatase TiO2 by n-hexane treatment - surface or bulk doping?
Enache CS, Schoonman J, de Krol RV
6348 - 6352 Surface treatment of cotton using beta-cyclodextrins sol-gel method
Wang CX, Chen SL
6353 - 6359 Study of nitrogen ion implantation and diffusion phenomena on thin chromium layers followed by the atomic force microscopy and secondary ion mass spectroscopy techniques characterization
Esmaeelpour M, Kavei G
6360 - 6367 Surface modification of polyester to produce a bacterial cellulose-based vascular prosthetic device
Charpentier PA, Maguire A, Wan WK
6368 - 6374 (2x1)-Na surface reconstruction induced by NaCl dissociation on Ag(110) during LEED analysis
Ait-Mansour K, Bielmann M, Groning O, Ruffieux P, Fasel R, Groning P
6375 - 6378 Study of ion bombardment effect for Alq(3) films
Cheng YH, Lin KY, Hung YC, Cheng CH, Syao KC, Lee MC
6379 - 6382 Improving surfactant grafting in magnetic colloids
Chen KZ, Bakuzis AF, Luo WL
6383 - 6389 Carbon-plasma produced in vacuum by 532 nm-3 ns laser pulses ablation
Torrisi L, Caridi F, Margarone D, Picciotto A, Mangione A, Beltrano JJ
6390 - 6393 Promotion of surface SOx on the selective catalytic reduction of NO by hydrocarbons over Ag/Al2O3
Ouyang F, Zhu RS, Sato K, Haneda M, Hamada H
6394 - 6401 Synergistic effect between 4-(2-pyridylazo) resorcin and chloride ion on the corrosion of cold rolled steel in 0.5 M sulfuric acid
Tang LB, Li XM, Mu GN, Li L, Liu GG