Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.252, No.16 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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5627 - 5631 Oxidation process of SiGe on SOI substrates
Jin B, Wang X, Chen J, Zhang F, Cheng XL, Chen ZJ
5632 - 5635 Work function distribution for W-Ir mixed metal matrix cathodes
Kumar KS, Devi PD, Ravi M, Bhat KS
5636 - 5644 Coadsorption of CN and O on Cu (100) surface: A density functional study
Li Y, Hu JM, Zhang YF, Li JQ
5645 - 5658 Scanning probe microscopy studies of PbS surfaces oxidized in air and etched in aqueous acid solutions
Mikhlin YL, Romanchenko AS, Shagaev AA
5659 - 5675 Nonideality of Au/Si and Au/GaAs Schottky barriers due to process-induced defects
Maeda K
5676 - 5686 Investigation of growth, coverage and effectiveness of plasma assisted nano-films of fluorocarbon
Joshi PP, Pulikollu R, Higgins SR, Hu XM, Mukhopadhyay SM
5687 - 5692 Influence of the deposition pressure on the properties of transparent conducting zirconium-doped zinc oxide films prepared by RF magnetron sputtering
Lv M, Xiu XW, Pang ZY, Dai Y, Han SH
5693 - 5699 Diluting thiol-derivatized oligonucleotide monolayers on Au(111) by mercaptohexanol replacement reaction
Song YH, Liu YQ, Yang ML, Zhang BL, Li Z
5700 - 5713 On the growth strain origin and stress evolution prediction during oxidation of metals
Panicaud B, Grosseau-Poussard JL, Dinhut JF
5714 - 5722 Modification of rubber surface by UV surface grafting
Shanmugharaj AM, Kim JK, Ryu SH
5723 - 5734 Influence of carrier gas pressure and flow rate on atomic layer deposition of HfO2 and ZrO2 thin films
Aarik J, Aidla A, Kasikov A, Mandar H, Rammula R, Sammelselg V
5735 - 5744 Modification of tribology and high-temperature behavior of Ti-48Al-2Cr-2Nb intermetallic alloy by laser cladding
Liu XB, Wang HM
5745 - 5751 Ellipsometric investigation of optical constant and energy band gap of Zn1-xMnxSe/GaAs (100) epilayers
Kim DJ, Yu YM, Choi YD, Lee JW
5752 - 5762 Heterogeneity of activated carbons with different surface chemistry in adsorption of phenol from aqueous solutions
Laszlo K, Podkoscielny P, Dabrowski A
5763 - 5767 Two-photon absorption study of the large-sized nanocrystallites
Ebothe J, Kityk I, Fuks-Janczarek I
5768 - 5775 Use of modified chemical route for ZnSe nanocrystalline thin films growth: Study on surface morphology and physical properties
Kale RB, Lokhande CD, Mane RS, Han SH
5776 - 5782 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy characterization of oxidated Si particles formed by pulsed ion-beam ablation
Zhu XP, Yukawa T, Hirai M, Suematsu H, Jiang WH, Yatsui K, Nishiyama H, Inoue Y
5783 - 5792 Electrochemical and AFM characterization of the electropolimerization of pyrrole over a graphite-epoxy resin solid composite electrode, in the presence of different anions
Alvarez-Romero GA, Garfias-Garcia E, Ramirez-Silva MT, Galan-Vidal C, Romero-Romo M, Palomar-Pardave M
5793 - 5802 Effect of interface traps on Debye thickness semiconductor films
Sandomirsky V, Butenko AV, Kolobov IG, Ronen A, Schlesinger Y
5803 - 5807 I-V curve oscillation observed by atomic force microscopy
Li LX, Liu RP, Fan CZ, Lv MY, Li J, Wang WK
5808 - 5813 Excitation mechanisms and localization sites of erbium-doped porous silicon
Najar A, Elhouichet H, Lorrain N, Oueslati M
5814 - 5819 Annealing and measurement temperature dependence of W2B5-based rectifying contacts to n-GaN
Khanna R, Pearton SJ, Ren F, Kravchenko I
5820 - 5828 Influence of transition metals (Cr, Mn, Fe, Co and Ni) on the methane combustion over Pd/Ce-Zr/Al2O3 catalyst
Yue BH, Zhou RX, Wang YJ, Zheng XM
5829 - 5838 Deposition of graded TiO2 films featured both hydrophobic and photo-induced hydrophilic properties
Wu KR, Wang JJ, Liu WC, Chen ZS, Wu JK
5839 - 5845 Oxidation of Zircaloy-4 by H2O followed by molecular desorption
Stojilovic N, Ramsier RD
5846 - 5854 Nano-deformation of a Ni-P coating surface after nanoparticle impacts
Xu J, Luo JB, Zhang CH, Zhang W, Pan GS
5855 - 5860 The dissociative adsorption of borane on the Ge(100)-2 x 1 surface: A density functional theory study
Xu YJ, Li JQ
5861 - 5867 Studies on behaviors of dipalmitoylposphatidylcholine and bilirubin in mixed monolayer at the air/water interface
Shen YH, Tang YF, Xie AJ, Zhu JM, Li SK, Zhang Y
5868 - 5872 Calculation of subband breadth of GaAs/AlGaAs superlattice
He LJ, Cheng XK, Li H, Zhang J, Zhou JM, Huang Q
5873 - 5876 The tungsten powder study of the dispenser cathode
Bao JX, Wan BF
5877 - 5891 Chemical reaction of sputtered Cu film with PI modified by low energy reactive atomic beam
Park JY, Jung YS, Cho J, Choi WK
5892 - 5899 Investigation of chemical decomposition of CCl4 on TiO2 near room temperature
Lin YS, Chen MT, Lin YF, Yang SJ, Lin JL
5900 - 5906 Integrated description for random adsorption and 2D-island growth kinetics in thin film growth: Autocatalytic-reaction model and kinetic Monte Carlo simulation
Togashi H, Enta Y, Suemitsu M
5907 - 5916 Effect of Al on the electrochemical corrosion behaviour of Pb free Sn-8.5 Zn-0.5 Ag-XAl-0.5 Ga solder in 3.5% NaCl solution
Mohanty US, Lin KL
5917 - 5925 Two-dimensional recrystallisation processes of nanometric vanadium oxide thin films grown by atomic layer chemical vapor deposition (ALCVD) evidenced by AFM
Groult H, Balnois E, Mantoux A, Le Van K, Lincot D
5926 - 5929 Low-temperature MOVPE growth of ZnO thin films by using a buffer layer
Xu WZ, Ye ZZ, Jiang L, Zeng YJ, Zhu LP, Zhao BH
5930 - 5935 Schottky barrier properties of various metal (Zr, Ti, Cr, Pt) contact on p-GaN revealed from I-V-T measurement
Tan CK, Aziz AA, Yam FK
5936 - 5945 Study of glasses with grisailles from historic stained glass windows of the cathedral of Leon (Spain)
Carmona N, Villegas MA, Navarro JMF