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5243 - 5243 ACSIN8/ICTF13 - Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Atomically Controlled Surfaces, Interfaces and Nanostructures and the Thirteenth International Congress on Thin Films - Stockholm, Sweden, June 20-23, 2005 - Preface
Karlsson UO, Wappling R
5244 - 5248 Charge transfer in the atomic structure of Ge (105)
Fujikawa Y, Sakurai T, Lagally MG
5249 - 5253 Light emission from silicon nanocrystals: Probing a single quantum dot
Sychugov I, Juhasz R, Valenta J, Zhang A, Pirouz P, Linnros J
5254 - 5258 Structure and thermal properties of supported catalyst clusters for single-walled carbon nanotube growth
Ding F, Bolton K, Rosen A
5259 - 5262 Structure of the SiC (0001) 3 X 3 reconstruction studied by surface X-ray diffraction
Voegeli W, Akimoto K, Aoyama T, Sumitani K, Nakatani S, Tajiri H, Takahashi T, Hisada Y, Mukainakano S, Zhang X, Sugiyama H, Kawata H
5263 - 5266 Stable reconstruction and adsorbates of InAs(111)A surface
Taguchi A, Kanisawa K
5267 - 5270 Adsorption of Cs on InAs(111) surfaces
Szamota-Leandersson K, Gothelid M, Leandersson M, Karlsson UO
5271 - 5274 Study of arsenic for antimony exchange at the Sb-stabilized GaSb(001) surface
Righi MC, Magri R, Bertoni CM
5275 - 5278 Observation of Si(100) surfaces annealed in hydrogen gas ambient by scanning tunneling microscopy
Kuribayashi H, Gotoh M, Hiruta R, Shimizu R, Sudoh K, Iwasaki H
5279 - 5283 Flattening of micro-structured Si surfaces by hydrogen annealing
Hiruta R, Kuribayashi H, Shimizu R, Sudoh K, Iwasaki H
5284 - 5287 Atomic structure of the carbon induced Si(001)-c(4 X 4) surface
He JP, Hansson GV, Uhrberg RIG
5288 - 5291 Study of the surface structure of Si(111)-6 X 1(3 X 1)-Ag using - X-ray crystal truncation rod scattering
Sumitani K, Masuzawa K, Hoshino T, Nakatani S, Takahashi T, Tajiri H, Akimoto K, Sugiyama H, Zhang XW, Kawata H
5292 - 5295 Surface electronic structure of the (3 X 2) reconstruction induced by Yb on a Si(111) surface
Takada S, Sakamoto K, Kobayashi K, Suzuki T, Harasawa A, Okuda T, Kinoshita T
5296 - 5299 K-induced surface-structural change of Si(111)-7 X 7 probed by second-harmonic generation
Suzuki T, Karaki Y, Deng DM, Tanaka M
5300 - 5303 Hydrogen-induced metallization on Ge(111) xic(2 X 8)
Razado IC, Zhang HM, Hansson GV, Uhrberg RIG
5304 - 5307 Ultrathin Fe films on single crystal and virtual Ge(001) substrates: Towards the control of magnetic properties
Cantoni M, Riva M, Isella G, Bertacco R, Ciccacci F
5308 - 5311 Electronic structure and electron dynamics at the GaSb(001) surface studied by femtosecond pump-and-probe pulsed laser photoemission spectroscopy
Mansson M, Grishin MA, Tjernberg O, Claesson T, Karlsson HS, Karlsson UO
5312 - 5315 Study of the early stages of Cr/6H-SiC(0001) interface formation
Dontas I, Karakalos S, Ladas S, Kennou S
5316 - 5320 Formation of precipitates in heavily boron doped 4H-SiC
Linnarsson MK, Janson MS, Nordell N, Wong-Leung J, Schoner A
5321 - 5325 Temperature dependent low energy electron microscopy study of Ge growth on Si(113)
Clausen T, Schmidt T, Flege JI, Locatelli A, Mentes TO, Heunc S, Guo FZ, Falta J
5326 - 5330 Strain relaxation of epitaxial SiGe layer and Ge diffusion during Ni silicidation on cap-Si/SiGe/Si(001)
Jang CH, Sardela MR, Kim SH, Song YJ, Lee NE
5331 - 5334 Surface phase diagram and temperature induced phase transitions of Sn/Cu(100)
Martinez-Blanco J, Joco V, Segovia P, Balasubramanian T, Michel EG
5335 - 5338 Thermal stability of nanoscale silver metallization in Ag/W/Co/Si(100) multilayer
Akhavan O, Azarm A, Moshfegh AZ, Bahrevar MA
5339 - 5342 Swift ion irradiations of Fe-nat/Fe-57/Si trilayers
Milinovic V, Lieb KP, Sahoo PK, Schaaf P, Zhang K, Klaumunzer S, Weisheit M
5343 - 5346 Modification of wetting of copper (Cu) on carbon (C) by plasma treatment and molybdenum (Mo) interlayers
Eisenmenger-Sittner C, Schrank C, Neubauer E, Eiper E, Keckes J
5347 - 5350 Equilibrium and kinetic surface segregation in binary alloy thin films
Wang JY
5351 - 5354 Thickness influence on surface morphology and ozone sensing properties of nanostructured ZnO transparent thin films grown by PLD
Christoulakis S, Suchea M, Koudoumas E, Katharakis M, Katsarakis N, Kiriakidis G
5355 - 5360 Evolution of epitaxial titanium silicide nanocrystals as a function of growth method and annealing treatments
Goldfarb I, Grossman S, Cohen-Taguri G
5361 - 5364 Optical band-edge absorption of oxide compound SnO2
Roman LS, Valaski R, Canestraro CD, Magalhaes ECS, Persson C, Ahuja R, da Silva EF, Pepe I, da Silva AF
5365 - 5367 Optical properties of in situ doped and undoped titania nanocatalysts and doped titania sol-gel nanofilms
da Silva AF, Pepe I, Gole JL, Tomas SA, Palomino R, de Azevedo WM, da Silva EF, Ahuja R, Persson C
5368 - 5371 Synthesis and characterization of hydrophobic silica nanocomposites
Daoud WA, Xin JH, Tao XM
5372 - 5375 Electronic structure of CeAl2 thin films studied by X-ray absorption spectroscopy
Dong CL, Chen CL, Chen YY, Asokan K, Lee JF, Guo JH, Chang CL
5376 - 5378 Theoretical study of Ti and Fe surface alloys on Al(001) substrate
Spisak D, Hafner J
5379 - 5383 Resonant photoemission study of Eu1-xGdxTe layers
Orlowski BA, Dziawa P, Kowalski B, Kowalik I, Pietrzyk M, Osinniy V, Story T, Mickievicius S, Jonhson R
5384 - 5386 An empirical model for free surface energy of strained solids at different temperature regimes
Garruchet S, Politano O, Salazar JM, Hasnaoui A, Montesin T
5387 - 5390 Transport and optical properties of amorphous carbon and hydrogenated amorphous carbon films
Tibrewala A, Peiner E, Bandorf R, Biehl S, Luthje H
5391 - 5394 Optical properties of Fe-doped silica films on Si
Babonas GJ, Reza A, Simkiene I, Sabataityte J, Baran M, Szymczak R, Karlsson UO, Suchodolskis A
5395 - 5398 Modelling of phase transitions and reaction at CO adsorption on oxygen precovered Pd(111)
Zvejnieks G, Kuzovkov VN, Petrauskas V, Tornau EE
5399 - 5402 Dynamics of molybdenum nano structure formation on the TiO2(110) surface: A kinetic Monte Carlo approach
Le Saux G, Kruger P, Domenichini B, Imhoff L, Bourgeois S
5403 - 5407 Electrodeposition of well adherent metallic clusters on carbon substrates
De Riccardis MF, Carbone D
5408 - 5410 Fabrication of Al nanoparticles and their electrical properties studied by capacitance-voltage measurements
Noda T, Mano T, Koguchi N
5411 - 5414 Mg 2p shallow core-level and local atomic structure of i-ZnMgRE quasicrystals
Karpus V, Suchodolskis A, Karlsson UO, Lay G, Giovanelli L, Assmus W, Bruhne S, Uhrig E
5415 - 5418 Charge-density-wave partial gap opening in quasi-2D KMo6O17 purple bronze studied by angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy
Valbuena MA, Avila J, Pantin V, Drouard S, Guyot H, Asensio MC
5419 - 5423 Characteristics of surface nano-structural modifications in nitrogen ion implanted W as a function of temperature
Savaloni H, Modiri F, Hajihosseini H, Shokouhy A
5424 - 5427 Oxidation of a cesium-covered Ni (110) surface studied by metastable-induced electron spectroscopy
Ikari T, Arikado S, Kameishi K, Kawahara H, Yamada K, Watanabe A, Naitoh M, Nishigaki S
5428 - 5431 Structure and electronic properties of gold adsorbed on Ti(0001)
Tsud N, Sutara F, Matolinova I, Veltruska K, Dudr V, Chab V, Prince KC, Matolin V
5432 - 5436 Loss of adhesion strength of PVD Cu films on carbon substrates after heat treatment and correlated effects on the thermal interface properties
Neubauer E, Chotikaprakhan S, Dietzel D, Bein BK, Pelzl J, Eisenmenger-Sittner C, Schrank C, Korb G
5437 - 5440 Study of Be delta-doped GaAs/AlAs multiple quantum wells by the surface photovoltage spectroscopy
Cechavicius B, Kavaliauskas J, Krivaite G, Karpus V, Seliuta D, Valusis G, Halsall MP, Steer MJ, Harrison P
5441 - 5444 Temperature dependencies of frequency characteristics of HTSC RLC curcuit
Buniatyan VV, Aroutiounian VM, Shmavonyan GS, Buniatyan VV
5445 - 5448 A new model of noise characteristics of SiC Schottky barrier MESFET with deep impurity levels and traps
Aroutiounian VM, Avetisyan GA, Buniatyan VV, Soukiassian PG, Buniatyan VV
5449 - 5452 Growth of copper phthalocyanine on hydrogen passivated vicinal silicon (111) surfaces
Suzuki Y, Hietschold M, Zahn DRT
5453 - 5456 Charge-transfer at silver/phthalocyanines interfaces
Gorgoi M, Zahn DRT
5457 - 5461 Self-assembled formation of uniform InP nanopore arrays by electrochemical anodization in HCl based electrolyte
Sato T, Fujino T, Hasegawa H
5462 - 5465 Monitoring the ordering in biomolecular films on vicinal silicon surfaces by reflectance difference/anisotropy spectroscopy
Silaghi SD, Zahn DRT
5466 - 5469 Experimental studies of solid state surface wetting of tin (Sn) on aluminium (Al)
Eisenmenger-Sittner C, Schwarz B, Tomastik C, Barna PB, Kovacs A
5470 - 5473 Origins of interdiffusion, crystallization and layer exchange in crystalline Al/amorphous Si layer systems
He D, Wang JY, Mittemeijer EJ
5474 - 5476 High-resolution scanning tunneling microscopy and dI/dV map studies of peptidenucleic acid and fluorescein isothiocyanate
Tanaka H, Kawai T
5477 - 5480 EFM phase investigation of the metal-organic film interface
Das A, Lei CH, Thomas HE, Elliott M, Macdonald JE, Glarvey P, Turner ML
5481 - 5484 A modular scanning tunneling microscope with an interchangeable elastic closed cell and external actuators
Bjarnason EH, Arnalds UB, Olafsson S
5485 - 5488 An externally cooled beetle type scanning tunneling microscope for imaging in cryogenic liquids
Arnalds UB, Bjarnason EH, Jonsson K, Olafsson S
5489 - 5494 Study on orientation mechanisms of poly(vinylidenefluoride-trifluoroethylene) molecules aligned by atomic force microscopy
Kimura K, Kobayashi K, Yamada H, Horiuchi T, Ishida K, Matsushige K
5495 - 5498 Tunneling spectra for single molecules of HEX-fluorescent dye attached to DNA adsorbed on Cu(111) surfaces
Kawahara T, Takahashi T, Tanaka H, Kawai T
5499 - 5503 Probing of local dissolution of Al-alloys in chloride solutions by AFM and SECM
Davoodi A, Pan J, Leygraf C, Norgren S
5504 - 5507 Physical properties of epitaxial La2NiO4+delta thin films
Faucheux V, Audier M, Pignard S
5508 - 5511 Van der Pauw resistivity measurements on evaporated thin films of cadmium arsenide, Cd3As2
Din M, Gould RD
5512 - 5515 Light-induced ultrafast phase transitions in VO2 thin film
Lysenko S, Rua AJ, Vikhnin V, Jimenez J, Fernandez F, Liu H
5516 - 5520 Correlation between morphology and transport properties of composite films: Charge transport in composites
Hrach R, Novak S, Svec M
5521 - 5524 Impact of electric currents on the insulator-metal phase transition in epitaxial thin films of La(1-x)A(x)MnO(3) (A = Sr, Ca, and Ba)
Gao J, Hu FX, Yao H
5525 - 5529 Optimising uniformity of InAs/(InGaAs)/GaAs quantum dots grown by metal organic vapor phase epitaxy
Hoglund L, Petrini E, Asplund C, Malm H, Andersson JY, Holtz PO
5530 - 5533 Structure and homoepitaxial growth of GaAs(631)
Mendez-Garcia VH, Ramirez-Arenas FJ, Lastras-Martinez A, Cruz-Hernandez E, Pulzara-Mora A, Rojas-Ramirez JS, Lopez-Lopez M
5534 - 5537 STM study of the initial stages of C-60 adsorption on the Pt(110)-(1 x 2) surface
Orzali T, Petukhov M, Sambi M, Tondello E
5538 - 5541 Study of DNA coated nanoparticles as possible programmable self-assembly building blocks
Hogberg B, Helmersson J, Holm S, Olin H
5542 - 5545 Photoluminescence scanning on InAs/InGaAs quantum dot structures
Dybiec M, Borkovska L, Ostapenko S, Torchynska TV, Espinola JLC, Stintz A, Malloy KJ
5546 - 5551 Self-organized arrays of submicrometer particle of organic dye and its near-field optical study
Tomioka A, Kinosita S, Ido Y, Itakura Y, Motokubota T
5552 - 5554 Micro-ring cavity mode of dye-doped thin film: Dependence on the excitation energy
Itakura Y, Tomioka A, Kinosita S, Motokubota T
5555 - 5558 Self-organized formation of shell-like InAs/GaAs quantum dot ensembles
Pohl UW, Potschke K, Lifshits MB, Shchukin VA, Jesson DE, Bimberg D
5559 - 5562 Effect of magnetic field on self-assembling of colloidal Co magnetic nanoparticles
Chitu L, Chushkin Y, Luby S, Majkova E, Leo G, Satka A, Giersig M, Hilgendorff M
5563 - 5567 Growth of nanorods and mesoscale stars prior to an orientation transition in thin Bi films on graphite
Scott SA, Kral MV, Brown SA
5568 - 5571 Morphology of pentacene films deposited on Cu(119) vicinal surface
Fanetti M, Gavioli L, Sancrotti M, Betti MG
5572 - 5574 Nanowire growth on Si wafers by oxygen implantation and annealing
de Vasconcelos EA, dos Santos FRP, da Silva EF, Boudinov H
5575 - 5578 Carbon nanotubes based nanocomposites for photocurrent improvement
Canestraro CD, Schnitzler MC, Zarbin AJG, da Luz MGE, Roman LS
5579 - 5582 Electrical transport characteristic of carbon nanotube after mass-separated ultra-low-energy oxygen ion beams irradiation
Yamamoto K, Kamimura T, Matsumoto K
5583 - 5586 PMMA nanofibers production by electrospinning
Piperno S, Lozzi L, Rastelli R, Passacantando M, Santucci S
5587 - 5589 Growth of boron nano-junctions
Yun SH, Dibos A, Lee HS, Wu JZ, Karlsson UO
5590 - 5593 Application of optical and luminescent techniques to the characterization of oxide thin films
Hao JH, Gao J
5594 - 5597 Influence of annealing temperature on the properties of ZnO thin films deposited by thermal evaporation
Bouhssira N, Abed S, Tomasella E, Cellier J, Mosbah A, Aida MS, Jacquet M
5598 - 5601 The nano-structural properties of hydrogenated a-Si and Si-C thin films alloys by GISAXS and vibrational spectroscopy
Gracin D, Juraic K, Dubcek P, Gajovic A, Bernstorff S
5602 - 5606 High resolution hard X-ray photoemission using synchrotron radiation as an essential tool for characterization of thin solid films
Kim JJ, Ikenaga E, Kobata M, Takeuchi A, Awaji M, Makino H, Chen PP, Yamamoto A, Matsuoka T, Miwa D, Nishino Y, Yamamoto T, Yao T, Kobayashi K
5607 - 5610 Electrical behaviour of SiOxNy thin films and correlation with structural defects
Rebib F, Tomasella E, Aida S, Dubois M, Cellier J, Jacquet M
5611 - 5614 Optical emission spectroscopy investigation of sputtering discharge used for SiOxNy thin films deposition and correlation with the film composition
Rebib F, Tomasella E, Thomas L, Cellier J, Sauvage T, Jacquet M
5615 - 5618 Uranium oxides investigated by X-ray absorption and emission spectroscopies
Magnuson M, Butorin SM, Werme L, Nordgren J, Ivanov KE, Guo JH, Shuh DK
5619 - 5621 Theoretical analysis of the spectra of X-ray resonant magnetic reflectivity
Andreeva MA, Smekhova AG
5622 - 5626 Electrospray deposition in vacuum
Swarbrick JC, Ben Taylor J, O'Shea JN