Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.252, No.14 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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4923 - 4930 Anharmonicity in Al vicinal surfaces of (100) with (111) step
Yang JY, Hu WY
4931 - 4935 Comparative XPS study of surface reduction for nanocrystalline and microcrystalline ceria powder
Qiu LM, Liu F, Zhao LZ, Ma Y, Yao JN
4936 - 4942 Energy calculation for symmetrical tilt grain boundaries in iron
Zhang JM, Huang YH, Wu XJ, Xu KW
4943 - 4950 Ab initio comparative study of C54 and C49TiSi(2) surfaces
Wang T, Oh SY, Lee WJ, Kim YJ, Lee HD
4951 - 4956 Adsorption behavior of binary mixed alkanethiol molecules on Au: Scanning tunneling microscope and linear-scan voltammetry investigation
Kim YK, Koo JP, Huh CJ, Ha JS, Pi UH, Choi SY, Kim J
4957 - 4963 Annealing time effect on Bi-2223 phase development in LFZ and EALFZ grown superconducting fibres
Carrasco MF, Amaral VS, Silva RF, Vieira JM, Costa FM
4964 - 4968 Observed transition from linear to non-linear friction-load behavior using a lateral force microscope
Reitsma MG, Cain RG, Biggs S, Smith DW
4969 - 4974 Fabrication of silver nanoparticles ring templated by plasmid DNA
Sun LL, Wei G, Song YH, Liu ZG, Wang L, Li ZA
4975 - 4981 Inhibition of copper corrosion by bis-(1,1'-benzotriazoly)-alpha, omega-diamide compounds in aerated sulfuric acid solution
Zhang DQ, Gao LX, Zhou GD
4982 - 4989 Surface excitation correction of the inelastic mean free path in selected conducting polymers
Gergely G, Menyhard M, Orosz GT, Lesiak B, Kosinski A, Jablonski A, Nowakowski R, Toth J, Varga D
4990 - 4994 Linear assemblies of aged CdS particles and cationic porphyrin in multilayer films
Zhang B, Mu J, Li XQ
4995 - 5001 Residual stress and Curie temperature of Fe-N thin films prepared by dc magnetron sputtering at elevated temperature
Li WL, Sun Y, Fei WD
5002 - 5009 Synthesis of PS colloidal crystal templates and ordered ZnO porous thin films by dip-drawing method
Liu ZF, Jin ZG, Li W, Qiu JJ, Zhao J, Liu XX
5010 - 5018 Electron conduction associated with the chemical transport of reducing elements in oxide cathode for CRT's application
Hashim AA, Barratt DS, Hassan AK, Nabok A
5019 - 5025 Fabrication of patterned gold electrodes with spin-coated-and-fired Au(111) film by the soft lithography
Lee MS, Hong SC, Kim D
5026 - 5034 Stress corrosion cracking behavior of Nd : YAG laser-treated aluminum alloy 7075
Yue TM, Yan LJ, Chan CP
5035 - 5050 Hypervelocity impact resistance of reinforced carbon-carbon/carbon-foam thermal protection systems
Grujicic M, Pandurangan B, Zhao CL, Biggers SB, Morgan DR
5051 - 5056 A comparative study on Zn0.8Cd0.2O films deposited on different substrates
Ma DW, Ye ZZ, Yang YS
5057 - 5062 Influence of silicon on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Zr-Si-N composite films
Dong YS, Zhao WJ, Li YR, Li GY
5063 - 5070 Synthesis and silica coating of calcia-doped ceria/mica nanocomposite by seeded polymerization technique
El-Toni AM, Yin S, Sato T
5071 - 5075 Reduction of sidewall roughness in silicon-on-insulator rib waveguides
Gao F, Wang Y, Cao G, Jia X, Zhang F
5076 - 5082 Studies on wettability of medical poly(vinyl chloride)'by remote argon plasma
Ru L, Jie-rong C
5083 - 5099 Surface morphology of metal films deposited on mica at various temperatures observed by atomic force microscopy
Higo M, Fujita K, Tanaka Y, Mitsushio M, Yoshidome T
5100 - 5108 Dissolution behaviour of the barrier layer of porous oxide films on aluminum formed in phosphoric acid studied by a re-anodizing technique
Vrublevsky I, Parkoun V, Schreckenbach J, Goedel WA
5109 - 5115 Femtosecond laser-induced damage in reflector
Sun HY, Jia TQ, Li XX, Li CB, Feng DH, Xu SZ, Ge XC, Xu ZZ
5116 - 5123 Photoemission studies of oxygen adsorbed on a LiAl(110) alloy surface: Role of Li segregation
Lee D, Lee HG, Hwang C, Maeng JY, Kim S, Kim KJ, Kim B
5124 - 5130 Elemental depth profiling of a-Si1-xGex : H films by elastic recoil detection analysis and secondary ion mass spectrometry
Mikami A, Takagawa T, Nishio K, Ogawa H, Okazawa T, Kido Y
5131 - 5142 Variations in the structural, optical and electrochemical properties of CeO2-TiO2 films as a function of TiO2 content
Verma A, Joshi AG, Bakhshi AK, Shivaprasad SM, Agnihotry SA
5143 - 5148 Large-scale synthesis and characterization of SiC nanowires by high-frequency induction heating
Zhou WM, Yang B, Yang ZX, Zhu F, Yan LJ, Zhang YF
5149 - 5157 Conductance fluctuation and degeneracy in nanocontact between a conductive AFM tip and a granular surface under small-load conditions
Guo DZ, Hou SM, Zhang GM, Xue ZQ
5158 - 5167 Synthesis and surface characterization of alkylthioacetyl-capped self-assembled monolayers on gold surface
Farah AA, Voicu R, Barjovanu R, Bensebaa F, Tufa K, Faid K
5168 - 5181 Surface and interfacial properties of PVDF/acrylic copolymer blends before and after UV exposure
Gu X, Michaels CA, Nguyen D, Jean YC, Martin JW, Nguyen T
5182 - 5188 Study of the fluence dependent interplay between laser induced material removal mechanisms in metals: Vaporization, melt displacement and melt ejection
Fishburn JM, Withford MJ, Coutts DW, Piper JA
5189 - 5196 The influence of chemical treatment and thermal annealing on AlxGa1-xN surfaces: An XPS study
Boudjelida B, Simmonds MC, Gee I, Clark SA
5197 - 5206 Formation of biaxial texture in metal films by selective ion beam etching
Park SJ, Norton DP, Selvamanickam V
5207 - 5214 Analysis of energy and force of Pt adatom on Pt (001) surface by MAEAM
Zhang JM, Shu Y, Xu KW
5215 - 5219 Superhard Nb-Si-N composite films synthesized by reactive magnetron sputtering
Dong YS, Liu Y, Dai JW, Li GY
5220 - 5226 Low temperature catalytic performance of nanosized Ti-Ni-O for oxidative dehydrogenation of propane to propene
Wu Y, He YM, Chen T, Weng WZ, Wan HL
5227 - 5232 Surface modification of zinc oxide nanoparticle by PMAA and its dispersion in aqueous system
Tang EJ, Cheng GX, Ma XL, Pang XS, Zhao Q
5233 - 5242 Mean work functions effective for negative-ionic, electronic and positive-ionic emissions from polycrystalline surfaces
Kawano H