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4359 - 4359 Special issue: Proceedings of the European materials Research Society 2005 - Symposium-J: Advances in laser and lamp processing of functional materials Strasbourg, France, May 31 3 June 2005 - Guest editors' preface
Reif J, Zergioti I, Craciun V, Lippert T, Perriere J
4360 - 4363 Spectral and temporal characteristics of metallic nanoparticles produced by femtosecond laser pulses
Scuderi D, Benzerga R, Albert O, Reynier B, Etchepare J
4364 - 4367 Influence of ambient gas ionization on the deposition of clusters formed in an ablation plume
Bailini A, Ossi PM
4368 - 4372 Measurements of nanoparticle size distribution produced by laser ablation of tungsten and boron-carbide in N-2 ambient
Bereznai M, Heszler P, Toth Z, Wilhelmsson O, Boman M
4373 - 4380 Laser induced synthesis of nanoparticles in liquids
Kazakevich PV, Simakin AV, Voronov VV, Shafeev GA
4381 - 4386 Microstructure investigation and heat treatment of nanocrystalline laser-deposited carbon fibers
Fauteux C, Longtin R, Pegna J, Boman M
4387 - 4391 Laser ablation of toluene liquid for surface micro-structuring of silica glass
Niino H, Kawaguchi Y, Sato T, Narazaki A, Gumpenberger T, Kurosaki R
4392 - 4396 In situ reflectivity investigations of solid/liquid interface during laser backside etching
Bohme R, Otto T, Zimmer K
4397 - 4401 Surface functionalisation of polypyrrole films using UV light induced radical activation
Lisboa P, Gilliland D, Ceccone G, Valsesia A, Rossi F
4402 - 4405 Advanced excimer-based crystallization systems for production solutions
Simon F, Brune J, Herbst L
4406 - 4410 Diode laser soldering using a lead-free tiller material for electronic packaging structures
Chaminade C, Fogarassy E, Boisselier D
4411 - 4415 Molecular dynamics simulation study of deep hole drilling in iron by ultrashort laser pulses
Nedialkov NN, Atanasov PA
4416 - 4419 Dynamics of laser-induced desorption from dielectric surfaces on a sub-picosecond timescale
Costache F, Eckert S, Reif J
4420 - 4424 Microstructural analyses of the nanoparticles obtained after laser irradiation of Ti and W in ethanol
Lima MSF, Ladario FP, Riva R
4425 - 4428 Mechanism of the formation of metal nanoclusters during pulsed laser deposition
Pushkin MA, Lebid'ko VV, Borman VD, Tronin VN, Troyan VI, Smurov I
4429 - 4432 Au cluster growth on ZnO thin films by pulsed laser deposition
Gyorgy E, Santiso J, Figueras A, Giannoudakos A, Kompitsas M, Mihailescu IN, Ducu C
4433 - 4438 Synthesis of nanoclusters by nanosecond laser ablation: Direct simulation Monte Carlo modelling
Itina TE, Sentis M, Marine W
4439 - 4444 Synthesis of nanosized particles during laser ablation of gold in water
Tarasenko NV, Butsen AV, Nevar EA, Savastenko NA
4445 - 4448 Pulsed laser deposition of nanostructured Ag films
Donnelly T, Doggett B, Lunney JG
4449 - 4452 Laser synthesis of nanostructures based on transition metal oxides
Mulenko SA, Mygashko VP
4453 - 4456 3D periodic structures grown on silicon by radiation of a pulsed Nd : YAG laser and their field emission properties
Karabutov AV, Shafeev GA, Badi N, Nair AM, Bensaoula A
4457 - 4461 Formation of periodic structures by laser ablation of metals in liquids
Kazakevich PV, Simakin AV, Shafeev GA
4462 - 4466 Ultraviolet laser microstructuring of silicon and the effect of laser pulse duration on the surface morphology
Skantzakis E, Zorba V, Papazoglou DG, Zergioti I, Fotakis C
4467 - 4471 Surface control of optical properties in silicon nanocrystals produced by laser pyrolysis
Trave E, Bello V, Mattei G, Mattiazzi M, Borsella E, Carpanese M, Fabbri F, Falconieri M, D'Amato R, Herlin-Boime N
4472 - 4476 Surface temperature evolution in pulsed laser action of millisecond range
Doubenskaia M, Smurov I
4477 - 4480 Cathodoluminescence and epitaxy after laser annealing of Cs+-irradiated alpha-quartz
Sahoo R, Gasiorek S, Dhar S, Lieb KP, Schaaf P
4481 - 4485 The p-n junction formation in Hg1-xCdxTe by laser annealing method
Dumanski L, Bester M, Virt IS, Kuzma M
4486 - 4492 Effect of laser-remelting of surface cracks on microstructure and residual stresses in 12Ni maraging steel
Grum J, Slabe JM
4493 - 4496 Structural modification of laser annealed a-Si1-xCx : H films
Coscia U, Ambrosone G, Minarini C, Parisi V, Schutzmann S, Tebano A
4497 - 4501 Structural and electrical characterization of strontium bismuth tantalate (SBT) thin films
O'Brien S, Crean GM, Cakare L, Kosec M
4502 - 4505 Mechanisms and application of the Excimer laser doping from spin-on glass sources for USJ fabrication
Coutanson S, Fogarassy E, Venturini J
4506 - 4510 On the theory of explosive boiling of a transparent liquid on a laser-heated target
Andreev SN, Samokhin AA, Smurov I
4511 - 4515 The influence of pulse duration on the stress levels in ablation of ceramics: A finite element study
Verde AV, Ramos MMD
4516 - 4522 Laser treatment of white China surface
Osvay K, Kepiro I, Berkesi O
4523 - 4526 Waveguide structures written in SF57 glass with fs-laser pulses above the critical self-focusing threshold
Diez-Blanco V, Siegel J, Solis J
4527 - 4530 High-resolution electron microscopy study of SiGeC thin films grown on Si(100) by laser-assisted techniques
Lioutas CB, Frangis N, Soumelidis S, Chiussi S, Lopez E, Leon B
4531 - 4535 Toward long lifetime photoinduced spatial distribution of quadratic optical properties in doped photopolymers
Bombenger JP, Mager L, Fort A, Carre C
4536 - 4540 Fabrication of the hydrogen resistive ferroelectric film of the (Pb0.72La0.28)Ti0.93O3/Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O-3/(Pb0.72La0.28)Ti0.93O3 heterostructure by a pulsed laser deposition method
Lee ES, Li DH, Chung HW, Lee SY
4541 - 4544 Comparison of the effect of PLT and PZT buffer layers on PZT thin films for ferroelectric materials applications
Li DH, Lee ES, Chung HW, Lee SY
4545 - 4548 Effect of buffer layers on the property of Pb(Zr,Ti)O-3-Pb(Mn,W,Sb,Nb)O-3 thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Chung HW, Lee ES, Li DH, Ahn BD, Lee SY
4549 - 4552 Thickness effect in Pb(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O-3 ferroelectric thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Lisca M, Pintilie L, Alexe M, Teodorescu CM
4553 - 4557 Pulsed laser deposition of perovskite relaxor ferroelectric thin films
Scarisoreanu N, Dinescu M, Craciun F, Verardi P, Moldovan A, Purice A, Galassi C
4558 - 4563 Correlation between structural and mechanical properties of PbTiO3 thin films grown by pulsed-laser deposition
Roemer A, Millon E, Seiler W, Ruch D, Riche A
4564 - 4568 Crystallinity and morphology dependent luminescence of Li-doped Y2-xGdxO3 : Eu3+ thin film phosphors
Bae JS, Jeong JH, Shim KS, Moon BK, Yi SS, Kim JH, Kim YS, Lee JS
4569 - 4572 Structural and optical properties of Er, Yb co-doped Y2O3 thin films
Dikovska AO, Atanasov PA, Dimitrov IG, Vasilev C, Kocourek T, Jelinek M
4573 - 4577 In situ grown epitaxial YBa2Cu3O7-x thin films by pulsed laser deposition under reduced oxygen pressure during cool-down time
Branescu M, Vailionis A, Ward I, Huh J, Socol G
4578 - 4581 Doped thin metal oxide films for catalytic gas sensors
Gyorgy E, Axente E, Mihailescu IN, Ducu C, Du H
4582 - 4586 Growth of oxide thin films for optical gas sensor applications
Caiteanu D, Gyorgy E, Grigorescu S, Mihailescu IN, Prodan G, Ciupina V
4587 - 4592 Pulsed laser deposited iron fluoride thin films for lithium-ion batteries
Makimura Y, Rougier A, Tarascon JM
4593 - 4598 Cobalt and tantalum additions for enhanced electrochromic performances of nickel-based oxide thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Makimura Y, Rougier A, Tarascon JM
4599 - 4603 Structural characterization and magnetoresistance of manganates thin films and Fe-doped manganates thin films
Canulescu S, Lippert T, Grimmer H, Wokaun A, Robert R, Logvinovich D, Weidenkaff A, Doebeli A
4604 - 4609 Deposition of zinc oxide thin films by reactive pulsed laser ablation
Bilkova P, Zemek J, Mitu B, Marotta V, Orlando S
4610 - 4614 PLD of Fe3O4 thin films: Influence of background gas on surface morphology and magnetic properties
Parames ML, Mariano J, Viskadourakis Z, Popovici N, Rogalski MS, Giapintzakis J, Conde O
4615 - 4618 Epitaxial ZrC thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Craciun V, Woo J, Craciun D, Singh RK
4619 - 4624 Nickel-titanium alloy: Cytotoxicity evaluation on microorganism culture
Dinca VC, Soare S, Barbalat A, Dinu CZ, Moldovan A, Stoica I, Vassu T, Purice A, Scarisoareanu N, Birjega R, Craciun V, DeStefano VF, Dinescu M
4625 - 4627 Superlattice CoCrPt/Ru/CoFe structure fabricated by pulsed laser deposition
Hu XF, Liang Q, Li HQ, He XX, Wang XR, Zhang W
4628 - 4631 Enhancement of coercivity with reduced grain size in CoCrPt film grown by pulsed laser deposition
Liang Q, Hu XF, Li HQ, He XX, Wang XR, Zhang W
4632 - 4636 Pulsed laser ablation of indium tin oxide in the nano and femtosecond regime: Characterization of transient species
De Bonis A, Galasso A, Marotta V, Orlando S, Santagata A, Teghil R, Veronesi S, Villani P, Giardini A
4637 - 4641 Multilayered metal oxide thin film gas sensors obtained by conventional and RF plasma-assisted laser ablation
Mitu B, Marotta V, Orlando S
4642 - 4646 Pulsed reactive crossed beam laser ablation of La0.6Ca0.4CoO3 using O-18 - Where does the oxygen come from?
Montenegro MJ, Conder K, Dobeli M, Lippert T, Willmott PR, Wokaun A
4647 - 4651 Matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation processing of triacetate-pullulan polysaccharide thin films for drug delivery systems
Cristescu R, Dorcioman G, Ristoscu C, Axente E, Grigorescu S, Moldovan A, Mihailescu IN, Kocourek T, Jelinek M, Albulescu M, Buruiana T, Mihaiescu D, Stamatin I, Chrisey DB
4652 - 4655 Laser deposition of cryoglobulin blood proteins thin films by matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation
Cristescu R, Kocourek T, Moldovan A, Stamatin L, Mihaiescu D, Jelinek M, Stamatin I, Mihailescu IN, Chrisey DB
4656 - 4660 On the orientation independence of inverse pulsed laser deposition
Egerhazi L, Geretovszky Z, Szorenyi T
4661 - 4666 Atomic force microscopic characterization of films grown by inverse pulsed laser deposition
Egerhazi L, Geretovszky Z, Csako T, Szorenyi T
4667 - 4671 Femtosecond pulsed laser deposition of diamond-like carbon films: The effect of double laser pulses
Jegenyes N, Toth Z, Hopp B, Klebniczki J, Bor Z, Fotakis C
4672 - 4677 Growth and characterization of beta-SiC films obtained by fs laser ablation
Ghica C, Ristoscu C, Socol G, Brodoceanu D, Nistor LC, Mihailescu IN, Klini A, Fotakis C
4678 - 4684 Production of nanoparticles of different materials by means of ultrashort laser pulses
Ausanio G, Amoruso S, Barone AC, Bruzzese R, Iannotti V, Lanotte L, Vitiello M
4685 - 4690 Fs/ns-dual-pulsel orthogonal geometry plasma plume reheating for copper-based-alloys analysis
Santagata A, De Bonis A, Villani P, Teghil R, Parisi GP
4691 - 4695 X-ray analysis of mechanical and thermal effects induced by femtosecond laser treatment of aluminum single crystals
Valette S, Le Harzic R, Audouard E, Huot N, Fillit R, Fortunier R
4696 - 4701 Influence of femtosecond laser marking on the corrosion resistance of stainless steels
Valette S, Steyer P, Richard L, Forest B, Donnet C, Audouard E
4702 - 4706 Self-organized pattern formation upon femtosecond laser ablation by circularly polarized light
Varlamova O, Costache F, Reif J, Bestehorn M
4707 - 4711 Property improvement of pulsed laser deposited boron carbide films by pulse shortening
Csako T, Budai J, Szorenyi T
4712 - 4716 Propagation of LaMnO3 laser ablation plume in oxygen gas
Amoruso S, Sambri A, Vitiello M, Wang X
4717 - 4721 Recognition of biological systems by mass-resolved laser spectroscopy
Orlando S, Giardini A, Paladini A, Piccirillo S, Rondino F, Satta M, Catone D, Speranza M
4722 - 4727 Excimer laser ablation of thin titanium oxide films on glass
Van Overschelde O, Dinu S, Guisbiers G, Monteverde F, Nouvellon C, Wautelet M
4728 - 4732 On determining the spot size for laser fluence measurements
Farkas B, Geretovszky Z
4733 - 4737 Particles movement and surface quality in PLD/PR systems
Marcu A, Grigoriu C, Yatsui K
4738 - 4742 Study on metal microparticle content of the material transferred with Absorbing Film Assisted Laser Induced Forward Transfer when using silver absorbing layer
Smausz T, Hopp B, Kecskemeti G, Bor Z
4743 - 4747 Excimer laser forward transfer of mammalian cells using a novel triazene absorbing layer
Doraiswamy A, Narayan RJ, Lippert T, Urech L, Wokaun A, Nagel M, Hopp B, Dinescu M, Modi R, Auyeung RCY, Chrisey DB
4748 - 4753 Two-dimensional differential adherence of neuroblasts in laser micromachined CAD/CAM agarose channels
Doraiswamy A, Patz T, Narayan RJ, Dinescu M, Modi R, Auyeung RCY, Chrisey DB
4754 - 4758 Removal of doped poly(methylmetacrylate) from tungsten and titanium substrates by femto- and nanosecond laser cleaning
Urech L, Lippert T, Wokaun A, Martin S, Madebach H, Kruger J
4759 - 4762 Laser ablation lithography on thermoelectric semiconductor
Semchuk OY, Semioshko VN, Grechko LG, Willander M, Karlsteen M
4763 - 4767 Laser etching of transparent materials at a backside surface adsorbed layer
Bohme R, Hirsch D, Zimmer K
4768 - 4772 Comparing study of subpicosecond and nanosecond wet etching of fused silica
Vass C, Sebok D, Hopp B
4773 - 4780 Surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy on rotated sub-micrometer polymer gratings generated by UV-laser based two-beam interference
Csete M, Szekeres G, Vass C, Maghelli N, Osvay K, Bor Z, Pietralla M, Marti O
4781 - 4785 Local chemical transformations in poly(dimethylsiloxane) by irradiation with 248 and 266 nm
Graubner VM, Nuyken O, Lippert T, Wokaun A, Lazare S, Servant L
4786 - 4791 Influence of laser pulse shape on dry laser cleaning
Grojo D, BoyoMo-Onana M, Cros A, Delaporte P
4792 - 4797 Comparison of mechanisms and effects of Nd : YAG and CO2 laser cleaning of titanium alloys
Turner MW, Crouse PL, Li L
4798 - 4802 Investigation into CO2 laser cleaning of titanium alloys for gas-turbine component manufacture
Turner MW, Crouse PL, Li L, Smith AJE
4803 - 4808 Combining wire and coaxial powder feeding in laser direct metal deposition for rapid prototyping
Syed WUH, Pinkerton AJ, Li L
4809 - 4813 Solid freeform fabrication of alumina using laser-assisted ESAVD
Wu YQ, Choy KL
4814 - 4818 Selective ablation of thin films with short and ultrashort laser pulses
Hermann J, Benfarah M, Coustillier G, Bruneau S, Axente E, Guillemoles JF, Sentis M, Alloncle P, Itina T
4819 - 4823 New aspects on pulsed laser deposition of aligned carbon nanotubes
Tamir S, Drezner Y
4824 - 4828 Surface morphology of polyethylene glycol films produced by matrix-assisted pulsed laser evaporation (MAPLE): Dependence on substrate temperature
Rodrigo K, Czuba P, Toftmann B, Schou J, Pedrys R
4829 - 4833 Fabrication and characterization of epitaxial Sr0.6Ba0.4Nb2O6/La0.7Sr0.3CoO3 heterostructures
Yum TY, Mak CL, Wong KH
4834 - 4837 Electrical, structural, and optical properties of ITO thin films prepared at room temperature by pulsed laser deposition
Kim JH, Jeon KA, Kim GH, Lee SY
4838 - 4844 Laser impulse coupling at 130 fs
Phipps C, Luke J, Funk D, Moore D, Glownia J, Lippert T
4845 - 4849 Investigation of the two-photon polymerisation of a Zr-based inorganic-organic hybrid material system
Bhuian B, Winfield RJ, O'Brien S, Crean GM
4850 - 4856 Diagnostics of picosecond laser pulse absorption in preformed plasma
Vogel N
4857 - 4862 Femtosecond pulse shaping for phase and morphology control in PLD: Synthesis of cubic SiC
Ristoscu C, Socol G, Ghica C, Mihailescu IN, Gray D, Klini A, Manousaki A, Anglos D, Fotakis C
4863 - 4870 Characterization of laser ablation of solid targets with near-infrared laser pulses of 100 fs and 1 ps duration
Amoruso S, Ausanio G, Bruzzese R, Gragnaniello L, Lanotte L, Vitiello M, Wang X
4871 - 4876 Functionalized polysiloxane thin films deposited by matrix-assisted pulsed laser evaporation for advanced chemical sensor applications
Houser EJ, Chrisey DB, Bercu M, Scarisoreanu ND, Purice A, Colceag D, Constantinescu C, Moldovan A, Dinescu M
4877 - 4881 Influence of substrate temperature and atmosphere on nano-graphene formation and texturing of pulsed Nd : YAG laser-deposited carbon films
Scilletta C, Servidori M, Orlando S, Cappelli E, Barba L, Ascarelli P
4882 - 4885 Thickness determination of large-area films of yttria-stabilized zirconia produced by pulsed laser deposition
Pryds N, Toftmann B, Bilde-Sorensen JB, Schou J, Linderoth S
4886 - 4896 New PLAD apparatus and fabrication of epitaxial films and junctions of functional materials: SiC, GaN, ZnO, diamond and GMR layers
Muto H, Kusumori T, Nakamura T, Asano T, Hori T
4897 - 4901 Microfabrication in free-standing gallium nitride using UV laser micromachining
Gu E, Howard H, Conneely A, O'Connor GM, Illy EK, Knowles MRH, Edwards PR, Martin RW, Watson IM, Dawson MD
4902 - 4906 Influence of experimental parameter on the Li-content of LiMn2O4 electrodes produced by pulsed laser deposition
Dumont T, Lippert T, Dobeli M, Grimmer H, Ufheil J, Novak P, Wursig A, Vogt U, Wokaun A
4907 - 4913 Magnetic damping in Fe-based films deposited by laser ablation in magnetic field
Caricato AP, Fernandez M, Luches A, Luby S, Majkova E, Chitu L, Svec P, Frait Z, Fraitova D, Malych R, Mengucci P
4914 - 4918 Laser micromachining of sputtered DLC films
Fu YQ, Luo JK, Flewitt AJ, Ong SE, Zhang S, Milne WI
4919 - 4922 Optical components based on two-photon absorption process in functionalized polymers
Klein S, Barsella A, Taupier G, Stortz V, Fort A, Dorkenoo KD