Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.252, No.12 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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4027 - 4032 Investigation on the barrier height and inhomogeneity of nickel silicide Schottky
Huang SH, Lu F
4033 - 4038 In situ monitoring and benchmarking in UHV of InP/GaAsSb heterointerface reconstructions prepared via MOVPE
Kollonitsch Z, Schimper HJ, Seidel U, Willig F, Hannappel T
4039 - 4047 The effect of some Schiff bases on the corrosion of aluminum in hydrochloric acid solution
Ashassi-Sorkhabi H, Shabani B, Aligholipour B, Seifzadeh D
4048 - 4054 Luminescence properties of spark-processed Si in air, O-2, and N-2 with low pressure
Chang SS, Kurokawa S, Sakai A
4055 - 4063 Effect of energy distribution of interface states on the electrical characteristics of semiconductor heterojunction diode
Chattopadhyay P, Haldar DP
4064 - 4070 Investigation of SiO2/Si3N4 films prepared on sapphire by rf magnetron reactive sputtering
Feng LP, Liu ZT, Li Q, Song WY
4071 - 4082 Magnesia formed on calcination of Mg(OH)(2) prepared from natural bischofite
Mironyuk IF, Gun'ko VM, Povazhnyak MO, Zarko VI, Chelyadin VM, Leboda R, Skubiszewska-Zieba J, Janusz W
4083 - 4090 Morphological characteristics of amorphous Ge2Sb2Te5 films after a single femtosecond laser pulse irradiation
Zhang GJ, Gu DH, Jiang XW, Chen QX, Gan FX
4091 - 4096 Chemical bath deposition of hausmannite Mn3O4 thin films
Xu HY, Le Xu S, Li XD, Wang H, Yan H
4097 - 4103 Adsorption of octadecyltrichlorosilane on mesoporous SBA-15
Mirji SA, Halligudi SB, Sawant DP, Jacob NE, Patil KR, Gaikwad AB, Pradhan SD
4104 - 4109 The effect of Be-doping structure in negative electron affinity GaAs photocathodes on integrated photosensitivity
Wang XF, Zeng YP, Wang BQ, Zhu ZP, Du XQ, Li M, Chang BK
4110 - 4119 Femtosecond laser ablation of carbon reinforced polymers
Moreno P, Mendez C, Garcia A, Arias I, Roso L
4120 - 4128 Experimental and theoretical study for corrosion inhibition of mild steel in hydrochloric acid solution by some new hydrazine carbodithioic acid derivatives
Khaled KF
4129 - 4137 In situ monitoring of bare and K-doped Mo2C catalysts surface depassivation based on emission of electrons and K+ ions
Kotarba A, Adamski G, Sojka Z, Djega-Mariadassou G, Pettersson JBC
4138 - 4145 Temperature effect on deposition rate of silicon nitride films
Kim B, Park JY, Lee KK, Han JG
4146 - 4153 Interband transitions and electronic properties of InAs/GaAs quantum dots embedded in AlxGa1-xAs/GaAs modulation-doped heterostructures
Im HC, Kim JH, Oh DH, Kim TW, Yoo KH, Kim MD
4154 - 4160 Surface-modified antibacterial TiO2/Ag+ nanoparticles: Preparation and properties
Cheng QL, Li CZ, Pavlinek V, Saha P, Wang HB
4161 - 4166 Improvement of photoluminescence properties of porous silicon by silica passivation
Du XW, Lu YW, Liu JP, Sun J
4167 - 4170 Growth and oxidation of aluminum thin films deposited on Ag(111)
Oughaddou H, Vizzini S, Aufray B, Ealet B, Gay JM, Biberian JP, d'Avitaya FA
4171 - 4177 The size effect of Ba0.6Sr0.4TiO3 thin films on the ferroelectric properties
Chen HW, Yang CR, Fu CL, Zhao L, Gao ZQ
4178 - 4184 Spinodal-like decomposition of InGaP epitaxial layers grown on GaP substrates
Novak J, Hasenohrl S, Vavra I, Kucera M
4185 - 4189 Preparation of boron carbon nitride thin films by radio frequency magnetron sputtering
Liu LH, Wang YX, Feng KC, Li YG, Li WQ, Zhao CH, Zhao YN
4190 - 4197 Establishment of equivalent circuits from electrochemical impedance spectroscopy study of corrosion inhibition of steel by pyrazine in sulphuric acidic solution
Kissi M, Bouklah M, Hammouti B, Benkaddour M
4198 - 4201 Simulation and fabrication of carbon nanotubes field emission pressure sensors
Qian KY, Chen T, Yan BY, Lin YK, Xu D, Sun Z, Cai BC
4202 - 4208 The role of grain boundaries in the mechanism of plasma immersion hydrogenation of nanocrystalline magnesium films
Pranevicius L, Milcius D, Pranevicius LL, Templier C, Bobrovaite B, Barnackas I
4209 - 4217 Influence of oxidation time on semiconductive behaviour of thermally grown oxide films on AISI 304L
Hamadou L, Kadri A, Boughrara D, Benbrahim N, Petit JP
4218 - 4225 Formation and characterization of conductive thin layers of copper sulfide (CuxS) on the surface of polyethylene and polyamide by the use of higher polythionic acids
Ancutiene I, Janickis V, Ivanauskas R
4226 - 4229 Terahertz dichroism of MBBA liquid crystal on rubbed substrate
Nishizawa J, Yamada T, Sasaki T, Tanabe T, Wadayama T, Tanno T, Suto K
4230 - 4235 Pattern design in large area using octadecyltrichlorosilane self-assembled monolayers as resist material
Jiang P, Li SY, Sugimura H, Takai O
4236 - 4243 The study of ion mixed amorphous carbon films on single crystal silicon by C ion implantation
Sun R, Xu T, Zhang JW, Xue QJ
4244 - 4249 Influence of preparation technology on the microstructure and anti-oxidation property of SiC-Al2O3-mullite multi-coatings for carbon/carbon composites
Huang HF, Li HJ, Zeng XR, Xiong XB, Li KZ
4250 - 4256 XPS study of porous dental implants fabricated by electro-discharge-sintering of spherical Ti-6Al-4V powders in a vacuum atmosphere
Lee WH, Hyun CY
4257 - 4263 The effects of pulsed Nd : YAG laser irradiation on surface energy of copper
Zhao ZQ, Wang CQ, Li MY, Wang L, Kong LC
4264 - 4278 Physical-morphological and chemical changes leading to an increase in adhesion between plasma treated polyester fibres and a rubber matrix
Krump H, Hudec I, Jasso M, Dayss E, Luyt AS
4279 - 4288 The assessment of metal surface cleanliness by XPS
Scheuerlein C, Taborelli M
4289 - 4297 Surface chemical modification of TEOS based silica aerogels synthesized by two step (acid-base) sol-gel process
Bhagat SD, Rao AV
4298 - 4305 CO sensor derived from mesostructured Au-doped SnO2 thin film
Ramgir NS, Hwang YK, Jhung SH, Kim HK, Hwang JS, Mulla IS, Chang JS
4306 - 4311 Luminescent molecular hybrid system derived from 2-furancarboxylic acid and silylated monomer coordinated to rare earth ions
Sui YL, Yan B
4312 - 4320 Monolayer characteristics of stereoregular PMMA at the air/water interface
Hsu WP, Lee YL, Liou SH
4321 - 4326 Effect of temperature on pulsed laser deposition of ZnO films
Liu M, Wei XQ, Zhang ZG, Sun G, Chen CS, Xue CS, Zhuang HZ, Man BY
4327 - 4334 Inhibition effect of self-assembled films formed by gold nanoparticles on iron surface
Ma HF, Chen SH, Liu GZ, Xu J, Zhou M
4335 - 4339 Experimental and theoretical studies on X-ray induced secondary electron yields in Ti and TiO2
Iyasu T, Tamura K, Shimizu R, Vlaicu MA, Yoshikawa H
4340 - 4344 Initial study on the structure and photoluminescence properties of SiC films doped with Al
Sha ZD, Wu XM, Zhuge LJ
4345 - 4352 Adsorption energy distribution in activated carbon from grand canonical Monte Carlo calculation
Calleja G, Coto B, Morales-Cas AM
4353 - 4357 Determination of phosphorus contamination during antimony implantation by measurement and simulation
Kuruc M, Hulenyi L, Kinder R