Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.252, No.10 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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3375 - 3379 Study on hydrophilicity of polymer surfaces improved by plasma treatment
Lai JN, Sunderland B, Xue JM, Yan S, Zhao WJ, Folkard M, Michael BD, Wang YG
3380 - 3385 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study of sputter-annealed Ni2.1Mn0.9Ga surface
Biswas C, Barman SR
3386 - 3389 Preparation and characterization of pulsed laser deposition (PLD) SiC films
Tang YH, Sham TK, Yang D, Xue L
3390 - 3393 The effect of nonmagnetic defects on magnetic behavior for multilayers Ta/Co/Co3O4/Ta
Wang YX, Tian W, Xiong J, Wang YX, Sun L, Li Q, You B, Hu A, Lu M
3394 - 3400 Theoretical investigation of the intrinsic piezoelectric properties for tetragonal BaTiO3 epitaxial films
Jun OY, Ramesh R, Roytburd AL
3401 - 3405 Study by AES of the titanium nitruration in the growing of TiN thin films by PLD technique
Gonzalez-Valenzuela C, Cota L, Gonzalez-Valenzuela R, de la Cruz W, Duarte-Moller A
3406 - 3412 SIMS analysis of residual gas elements with a Cameca IMS-6f ion microprobe
Kudriavtsev Y, Villegas A, Godines A, Asomoza R
3413 - 3416 Near-edge X-ray absorption fine-structure studies of GaN under low-energy nitrogen ion bombardment
Coleman VA, Petravic M, Kim KJ, Kimb B, Li G
3417 - 3427 Surface analysis for LiBq(4) growing on ITO and CuPc film using atomic force microscopy (AFM) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS)
Ou GP, Gui WM, Jin SC, Zhang FJ
3428 - 3435 Electron scattering mechanisms in indium-tin-oxide thin films prepared at the various process conditions
Lee HC
3436 - 3440 Transition of 3D to 2D growth modes of InAs grown on GaAs
Miao ZL, Chua SJ, Zhang YW, Tripathy S
3441 - 3448 Spray-pyrolysis deposition of LaMnO3 and La1-xCaxMnO3 thin films
Todorovska R, Petrova N, Todorovsky D, Groudeva-Zotova S
3449 - 3453 Fabrication and electrical characterization of nanocrystalline ZnO/Si heterojunctions
Zhang Y, Xu J, Lin BX, Fu ZX, Zhong S, Liu CH, Zhang ZY
3454 - 3459 Morphological and luminescent characteristics of GaN dots deposited on AIN by alternate supply of TMG and NH3
Tsai YL, Gong JR, Lin TY, Lin HY, Chen YF, Lin KM
3460 - 3465 Interpretation of initial stage of 3C-SiC growth on Si(100) using dimethylsilane
Narita Y, Harashima M, Yasui K, Akahane T, Takata M
3466 - 3474 Morphological and textural characterization of functionalized particulate silica xerogels
de Miranda LA, Mohallem NDS, de Magalhaes WF
3475 - 3480 Microstructure and anti-oxidation property of CrSi2-SiC coating for carbon/carbon composites
Fu QG, Li HJ, Shi XH, Liao XL, Li KZ, Huang M
3481 - 3487 Investigation of surface cleaning procedure of InP : S (100) substrates by high resolution XPS
Adamiec M, Talik E, Gladki A
3488 - 3501 Chromium localization in plant tissues of Lycopersicum esculentum Mill using ICP-MS and ion microscopy (SIMS)
Mangabeira PA, Gavrilov KL, de Almeida AAF, Oliveira AH, Severo MI, Rosa TS, Silva DD, Labejof L, Escaig F, Levi-Setti R, Mielke MS, Loustalot FG, Galle P
3502 - 3508 Effects of O-2/Ar flow ratio on the alcohol sensitivity of tin oxide film
Lee HC, Hwang WS, Lee GB, Lu YM
3509 - 3513 Direct observation of room temperature magnetism in (In,Mn)As thin films by magnetic force microscopy
May SJ, Blattner AJ, Eam DP, Wessels BW
3514 - 3519 Surface morphologies of anthracene single crystals grown from vapor phase
Jo S, Yoshikawa H, Fujii A, Takenaga M
3520 - 3524 Synergistic inhibitive effect of tartarate and tungstate in preventing steel corrosion in aqueous media
Jabeera B, Shibli SMA, Anirudhan TS
3525 - 3531 Structure and electrical transport properties of bismuth thin films prepared by RF magnetron sputtering
Kim DH, Lee SH, Kim JK, Lee GH
3532 - 3540 Self-assembled monolayer growth on chemically modified polymer surfaces
Pimanpang S, Wang PI, Wang GC, Lu TM
3541 - 3546 Investigation of laminar plasma remelting/cladding processing
Ma W, Fei QX, Pan WX, Wu CK
3547 - 3552 Production and characterization of polymer nanocomposite with aligned single wall carbon nanotubes
Chen W, Tao XM
3553 - 3560 Quantitative evaluation about property of thin-film formation
Chen HW, Hagiwara I, Huang TA, Zhang DW
3561 - 3573 Electrodeposition of Pb-free Sn alloys in pulsed current
Neveu B, Lallemand F, Poupon G, Mekhalif Z
3574 - 3579 Preparation of poly (2-chloroaniline) membrane and plasma surface modification
Kir E, Oksuz L, Helhel S
3580 - 3584 Novel transparent Yb-based cathodes for top-emitting organic light emitting devices with high performance
Ma GL, Ran GZ, Xu AG, Qiao YP, Zhao WQ, Zhang BR, Wu SK, Qin GG
3585 - 3590 Room temperature electrodeposition and characterization of bismuth ferric oxide (BFO) thin films from aqueous nitrate bath
Gujar TP, Shinde VR, Kulkarni SS, Pathan HM, Lokhande CD
3591 - 3599 Mechanical properties and wear and corrosion resistance of electrodeposited Ni-Co/SiC nanocomposite coating
Shi L, Sun CF, Gao P, Zhou F, Liu WM
3600 - 3608 The photocatalytic application and regeneration of anatase thin films with embedded commercial TiO2 particles deposited on glass microrods
Medina-Valtierra J, Garcia-Servin J, Frausto-Reyes C, Calixto S
3609 - 3615 Characterization of bicrystalline epitaxial LaNiO3 films fabricated on MgO (100) substrates by pulsed laser deposition
Zheng LA, Zhu J, Zhanor Y, Jiang SW, Li YR, Xian HW, Li JL
3616 - 3624 Windowless argon excimer source for surface modification
Elsner C, Lenk M, Prager L, Mehnert R
3625 - 3631 Kinetics of residual gas adsorption on Ge(111) surface in low-energy electron backscattering
Shpenik OB, Popik TY, Feyer VM, Popik YV
3632 - 3641 X-ray photoelectron study of Sn1-xMnxTe semimagnetic semiconductors
Iwanowski RJ, Heinonen MH, Paszkowicz W, Minikaev R, Story T, Witkowska B
3642 - 3646 Study on anti-emission materials for non-emitting grid applications in microwave power tubes
Jiang J, Jiang BY, Ren CX, Zhang FM, Feng T, Wang X, Liu XH, Zou SC
3647 - 3657 Vibrational EELS and DFT study of propionic acid and pyruvic acid on Ni(100): Effects of keto group substitution on room-temperature adsorption and thermal chemistry
Yang X, He ZH, Zhou XJ, Xu SH, Leung KT
3658 - 3666 Inhibition of metal dusting of Alloy 800H by laser surface melting
Voisey KT, Liu Z, Stott FH
3667 - 3672 The inhibition effect of some amino acids towards Pb-Sb-Se-As alloy corrosion in sulfuric acid solution
Ghasemi Z, Tizpar A
3673 - 3685 Design parameters for measurements of local catalytic activity on surfaces
Johansson A, Johannessen T, Jorgensen JH, Chorkendorff I
3686 - 3691 Single-atom coherent field electron emitters for practical application to electron microscopy: Buildup controllability, self-repairing function and demountable characteristic
Rokuta E, Itagaki T, Ishikawa T, Cho BL, Kuo HS, Tsong TT, Oshima C
3692 - 3696 Temperature-dependent carbon incorporation into the Si1-yCy film during gas-source molecular beam epitaxy using monomethylsilane
Konno A, Senthil K, Murata T, Suemitsu M
3697 - 3706 The influence of implanted yttrium on the cyclic oxidation behaviour of 304 stainless steel
Riffard F, Buscail H, Caudron E, Cueff R, Issartel C, Perrier S
3707 - 3713 Copper sulfide coated polysulfone films
Kunita MH, Rinaldi AW, Girotto EM, Radovanovic E, Muniz EC, Rubira AF
3714 - 3728 Adhesion studies of latex film surfaces on the meso- and nanoscale
Olah A, Hernpenius MA, Zou S, Vancso GJ
3729 - 3736 Effect of N-2 ion flux on the photocatalysis of nitrogen-doped titanium oxide films by electron-beam evaporation
Yang TS, Yang MC, Shiu CB, Chang WK, Wong MS
3737 - 3743 Effect of [Cu]/[In] ratio on properties of CuInS2 thin films prepared by successive ionic layer absorption and reaction method
Shi Y, Jin ZG, Li CY, An HS, Qiu JJ
3744 - 3750 Wetting behavior of magnesite and dolomite surfaces
Gence N
3751 - 3759 Extent of coverage of surfaces treated with hydrophobizing microemulsions: A mass spectrometry and contact angle study
Nagy A, Kennedy JP, Wang P, Wesdemiotis C, Hanton SD
3760 - 3766 Analysis of prosthetic knee wear debris extracted from synovial fluid
Stojilovic N, Ehrman JD, Bender ET, Tokash JC, Ramsier RD, Kovacik MW
3767 - 3773 Sorption of selenium(IV) and selenium(VI) onto magnetite
Martinez M, Gimenez J, de Pablo J, Rovira M, Duro L
3774 - 3782 Polymerization of butadiene on nanoparticles' surfaces and formation of metal/polymer nanocomposites
Abdelsayed V, Ibrahim Y, El-Shall MS, Deevi S
3783 - 3788 Pulsed laser deposition process of PLZT thin films using an infrared Nd : YAG laser
Garcia T, de Posada E, Bartolo-Perez P, Pena JL, Diamant R, Calderon F, Pelaiz A
3789 - 3798 Chemical alteration of poly(vinyl fluoride) Tedlar (R) induced by exposure to vacuum ultraviolet radiation
Everett ML, Hoflund GB
3799 - 3805 Asymmetric surface modification of poly(ethylene terephthalate) film by CF4 plasma immersion
Wen CH, Chuang MJ, Hsiue GH
3806 - 3811 Ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy investigation of interface formation in an indium-tin oxide/fluorocarbon/organic semiconductor contact
Tong SW, Lau KM, Sun HY, Fung MK, Lee CS, Lifshitz Y, Lee ST
3812 - 3817 Effect of the dispersibility of ZrO2 nanoparticles in Ni-ZrO2 electroplated nanocomposite coatings on the mechanical properties of nanocomposite coatings
Hou FY, Wang W, Guo HT
3818 - 3827 Self-assembled monolayers on magnesium alloy surfaces from carboxylate ions
Liu YL, Yu ZF, Zhou SX, Wu LM
3828 - 3832 Electrical screening of ternary NiO-Mn2O3-Co3O4 composition spreads
Kukuruznyak DA, Ahmet P, Chikyow T, Yamamoto A, Ohuchi FS
3833 - 3836 Wear-out of Al-Ta2O5/SiO2-Si structures under dynamic stress
Novkovski N, Atanassova E
3837 - 3842 Silane overpressure post-implant annealing of Al dopants in SiC: Cold wall CVD apparatus
Rao S, Bergamini F, Nipoti R, Saddow SE
3843 - 3854 Adsorption and desorption of Ca and PO4 species from SBFs on RF-sputtered calcium phosphate thin films
van der Wal E, Oldenburg SJ, Heij T, van der Gon AWD, Brongersma HH, Wolke JGC, Jansen JA, Vredenberg AM
3855 - 3860 Theoretical analysis of optical properties of dielectric coatings dependence on substrate subsurface defects
Shen J, Liu SH, Shen ZC, Shao JD, Fan ZX
3861 - 3870 Dry etching of ITO by magnetic pole enhanced inductively coupled plasma for display and biosensing devices
Meziani T, Colpo P, Lambertini V, Ceccone G, Rossi F
3871 - 3877 Surface state of TiO2 treated with low ion energy plasma
Jun J, Shin JH, Dhayal M
3878 - 3883 Structural and tribological responses of phenolphthalein poly(ether sulfone) on electron irradiation
Pei XQ, Wang QH, Chen JM
3884 - 3893 Immobilization of pyrene via diethylenetriamine on quartz plate surface for recognition of dicarboxylic acids
Gao LN, Fang Y, Lu FT, Cao MW, Ding LP
3894 - 3902 Cr-Ni-Mo-Co surface alloying layer formed by plasma surface alloying in pure iron
Liu XP, Gao Y, Li ZH, Xu Z, Tian WH, Tang B
3903 - 3911 Electronic properties of nanoporous TiO2 films investigated in real space by means of scanning tunnelling spectroscopy
Jacobsen V, Durr M, Wendling B, Yasuda A, Nelles G, Knoll W, Kreiter M
3912 - 3919 Plasma-polymerized thiophene films for enhanced rubber-steel bonding
Delattre JL, d'Agostino R, Fracassi F