Applied Surface Science

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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 2 13th applied surface analysis workshop (AOFA 13)
Wetzig K
3 - 10 Depth profile and interface analysis in the nm-range
Oswald S, Reiche R, Zier M, Baunack S, Wetzig K
11 - 17 Phase analysis of TaN/Ta barrier layers in sub-micrometer trench structures for Cu interconnects
Traving M, Zienert I, Zschech E, Schindler G, Steinhogl W, Engelhardt A
18 - 23 New physical techniques for IC functional analysis of on-chip devices and interconnects
Boit C
24 - 30 Visible-light attachment of Si-C linked functionalized organic monolayers on silicon surfaces
de Smet LCPM, Pukin AV, Sun QY, Eves BJ, Lopinski GP, Visser GM, Zuilhof H, Sudholter EJR
31 - 42 Elementary processes at semiconductor/electrolyte interfaces: Perspectives and limits of electron spectroscopy
Mayer T, Lebedev M, Hunger R, Jaegermann W
43 - 48 Morphological and elemental characterisation with the high-energy ion-nanoprobe LIPSION
Butz T, Meinecke C, Morawski M, Reinert T, Schwertner M, Spemann D
49 - 52 Comparison of reference-free X-ray fluorescence analysis and X-ray reflectometry for thickness determination in the nanometer range
Kolbe M, Beckhoff B, Krumrey M, Ulm G
53 - 56 Determination of layer thickness with mu XRF
Vogt C, Dargel R
57 - 60 Laboratory LPP EUV reflectorneter working with non-polarized radiation
van Loyen L, Bottger T, Schadlich S, Braun S, Foltyn T, Leson A, Scholze F, Mullender S
61 - 65 Quantitative XPS imaging - new possibilities with the delay-line detector
Vohrer U, Blomfield C, Page S, Roberts A
66 - 76 A combined SNMS and EFTEM/EELS study on focused ion beam prepared vanadium nitride thin films
Kothleitner G, Rogers M, Berendes A, Bock W, Kolbesen BO
77 - 80 Chemisorption at interfaces between organic semiconductors and metals: role of the electron affinity
Knupfer M, Schwieger T
81 - 84 IR and SFM study of PTCDA thin films on different substrates
Berger S, Heimer K, Mack HG, Ziegler C
85 - 88 Photoelectron spectroscopy of nanocrystalline anatase TiO2 films
Orendorz A, Wusten J, Ziegler C, Gnaser H
89 - 93 Characterization of thin Ta-Si-N-x layers of different nitrogen content using XPS, UPS and STM
Zahn W, Hildebrand D, Menzel S, Oswald S, Heuer H
94 - 97 Nm-scale resolution studies of the bond interface between ultrasonically welded Al-alloys by an analytical TEM: a path to comprehend bonding phenomena?
Brodyanski A, Bom C, Kopnarski M
98 - 103 On the cleaning of monocrystalline metallic samples from impurities
Arabczyk W, Narkiewicz U
104 - 107 Post deposition purification of PTCDA thin films
Wusten J, Ertl T, Lach S, Ziegler C
108 - 112 Corrosion of aluminium components studied with MIES, UPS and XPS
Frerichs M, Voigts F, Hollunder S, Masendorf R, Esderts A, Maus-Friedrichs W
113 - 116 Analytical methods for the characterisation of leaf surfaces: a contribution to understand the processes of biomineralization
Hinke S, Marx G, Fehlhaber R, Wienhaus O
117 - 122 Initial bioadhesion on surfaces in the oral cavity investigated by scanning force microscopy
Schwender N, Huber K, Al Marrawi F, Hannig M, Ziegler C
123 - 126 Low energy RBS and SIMS analysis of the SiGe quantum well
Krecar D, Rosner M, Draxler M, Bauer P, Hutter H
127 - 132 Quantitative element mapping of Mg alloys by laser ablation ICP-MS and EPMA
Latkoczy C, Muller Y, Schmutz P, Gunther D
133 - 138 Investigations of corrosion phenomena. on gold coins with SIMS
Mayerhofer KE, Piplits K, Traum R, Griesser M, Hutter H
139 - 142 Alkyl chain effects in thin films of substituted phthalocyanines studied using infrared spectroscopy
Haug A, Harbeck S, Dini D, Hanack M, Cook MJ, Peisert H, Chasse T
143 - 147 Electronic properties of the organic semiconductor hetero-interface CUPc/C-60
Molodtsova OV, Schwieger T, Knupfer M
148 - 153 XPS investigation of the PTFE induced hydrophobic properties of electrodes for low temperature fuel cells
Schulze M, Christenn C
154 - 157 Protein adsorption on solid-liquid interfaces monitored by laser-ellipsometry
Seitz R, Brings R, Geiger R
158 - 161 Investigation of organic impurities adsorbed on and incorporated into electroplated copper layers
Stangl M, Dittel V, Acker J, Hoffmann V, Gruner W, Strehle S, Wetzig K
162 - 166 Characterization of oxide layers on amorphous Zr-based alloys by Auger electron spectroscopy with sputter depth profiling
Baunack S, Mudali UK, Gebert A
167 - 171 Analysis of Mg-B compounds by means of Auger electron microprobe
Baunack S, Perner O, Fischer C
172 - 176 Surface characterisation and interface studies of high-k materials by XPS and TOF-SIMS
Besmehn A, Scholl A, Rije E, Breuer U
177 - 184 Comparing the chemical properties of evaporated and sputtered niobium films on oxidized Si(100) wafers - preparation of oxynitride films
Brunkahl O, Bock W, Thoma K, Kolbesen BO
185 - 188 Investigation of ultrathin tantalum based diffusion barrier films using AES and TEM
Dittmar K, Engelmann HJ, Peikert M, Wieser E, Borany JV
189 - 195 First nucleation steps of vanadium oxide thin films studied by XPS inelastic peak shape analysis
Gracia F, Yubero F, Espinos JP, Gonzalez-Elipe AR
196 - 199 Electronic structure and topography of annealed SrTiO3(111) surfaces studied with MIES and STM
Gomann A, Gomann K, Frerichs M, Kempter V, Borchardt G, Maus-Friedrichs W
200 - 204 Mechanical stress in ALD-Al2O3 films
Krautheim G, Hecht T, Jakschik S, Schroder U, Zahn W
205 - 210 Formation of niobium oxynitrides by rapid thermal processing (RTP)
Matylitskaya VA, Bock W, Thoma K, Kolbesen BO
211 - 214 Effect of Ag-alloying addition on the stress-temperature behavior of electroplated copper thin films
Menzel S, Strehle S, Wendrock H, Wetzig K
215 - 217 Material transport in Al-metallizations of power-loaded SAW structures
Menzel S, Pekarcikova M, Hofmann M, Gemming T, Wetzig K
218 - 222 XPS and AES investigations, of hard magnetic Nd-Fe-B films
Oswald S, Fahler S, Baunack S
223 - 226 Characterization of PECVD boron carbonitride layers
Thamm T, Korner KU, Bohne W, Strub E, Rohrich J, Stockel S, Marx G
227 - 233 Analysis of chemical dissolution of the barrier layer of porous oxide on aluminum thin films using a re-anodizing technique
Vrublevsky I, Parkoun V, Sokol V, Schreckenbach J
234 - 239 XPS and ARXPS investigations of ultra thin TaN films deposited on SiO2 and Si
Zier M, Oswald S, Reiche R, Wetzig K
240 - 244 Advances in X-ray excitation of Kossel patterns by a focusing polycapillary lens
Langer E, Dabritz S, Hauffe W, Haschke M
245 - 251 Shells on nanowires detected by analytical TEM
Thomas J, Gemming T
252 - 256 Multivariate data analysis for depth resolved chemical classification and quantification of sulfur in SNMS
Sommer M, Goschnick J
257 - 260 SNMS investigations of platinum-doped nanogranular tin dioxide layers
Schneider T, Sommer M, Goschnick J
261 - 265 Analysis of new electrical signals in respect to quantification of radio frequency glow discharge emission spectrometry
Wilken L, Hoffmann V, Wetzig K
266 - 270 Characterisation of molybdenum intermediate layers in Cu-C system with SIMS method
Mayerhofer KE, Schrank C, Eisenmenger-Sittner C, Hutter H
271 - 277 Range evaluation in SIMS depth profiles of Er-implantations in silicon
Mayerhofer K, Foisner H, Piplits K, Hobler G, Palmetshofer L, Hutter H
278 - 281 SIMS investigation of gettering centres produced by phosphorus MeV ion implantation
Krecar D, Fuchs M, Kogler R, Hutter H
282 - 285 2D and 3D SIMS investigations on sintered steels
Krecar D, Zwanziger J, Vassileva V, Danninger H, Hutter H