Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.249, No.1-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 A novel emulsion route to sub-micrometer polyaniline/nano-ZnO composite fibers
7 - 11 Replacement of adsorbed alkanethiolate on Au with carboxyl-terminated thiol in solution: effect of alkyl chain length
Kim YK, Koo JP, Ha JS
12 - 15 Enhanced peak separation in XPS with external biasing
Ertas G, Demirok UK, Suzer S
16 - 22 Interfacial conditions and electrical properties of the SrBi2Ta2O9/ZrO2/Si (MFIS) structure according to the heat treatment of the ZrO2 buffer layer
Park CH, Kim JH, Kim MC, Son YG, Won MS
23 - 30 Influence of the morphology of ferroelectric SrBi2Ta2O9 thin films deposited by metal organic decomposition on its electrical characteristics
Moert M, Schindler G, Mikolajick T, Nagel N, Hartner W, Dehm C, Kohlstedt H, Waser R
31 - 37 Role of Pb for Ag growth on H-passivated Si(100) surfaces
Mathew S, Satpati B, Joseph B, Dev BN
38 - 44 Imaging low-dimensional magnetism with slow electrons
Zdyb R, Pavlovska A, Locatelli A, Heun S, Cherifi S, Belkhou R, Bauer E
45 - 53 Excimer laser modification of thin AlN films
Georgiev DG, Rosenberger LW, Danylyuk YV, Baird RJ, Newaz G, Shreve G, Auner G
54 - 59 Evaluation of the diffusion coefficient of nitrogen in Fe4N1-x nitride layers during microwave post-discharge nitriding
Campos I, Torres R, Bautista O, Ramirez G, Zuniga L
60 - 64 Transparent oxygen impermeable AlOx thin films on polycarbonate deposited by reactive ion beam sputtering
Seong JW, Kim SM, Choi D, Yoon KH
65 - 70 Dopant effect on in situ doped metal-induced lateral crystallization of amorphous silicon films
Hwang JD, Chang JY, Wu CY
71 - 75 Hydrothermal growth of perpendicularly oriented ZnO nanorod array film and its photoelectrochemical properties
Guo M, Diao P, Cai SM
76 - 84 Hydrophilic modification of poly(ether sulfone) ultrafiltration membrane surface by self-assembly of TiO2 nanoparticles
Luo ML, Zhao JQ, Tang W, Pu CS
85 - 90 Simulation of growth process of thin film on non-planar substrate
Qi HJ, Shao JD, Zhang DP, Yi K, Fan ZX
91 - 96 A comparative study of the electrical characteristics of metal-semiconductor-metal (MSM) photodiodes based on GaN grown on silicon
Lee YC, Hassan Z, Yam FK, Abdullah MJ, Ibrahim K, Barmawi M, Sugianto, Budiman M, Arifin P
97 - 109 Modeling of Fe growth on Mo(110)
Canzian A, Mosca HO, Bozzolo G
110 - 114 Electron induced deposition and in situ etching of CrOxCly films
Wang S, Sun YM, White JM
115 - 126 Water adsorption on plasma sprayed transition metal oxides
Harju M, Mantyla T, Vaha-Heikkila K, Lehto VP
127 - 138 Evolution of near-surface concentration profiles of Cr during annealing of Fe-15Cr polycrystalline alloy
Park E, Huning B, Spiegel M
139 - 144 Nucleation and growth modes of ZnO deposited on 6H-SiC substrates
Ashrafi ABMA, Segawa Y, Shin K, Yoo J, Yao T
145 - 150 Control of carbon nanotube growth using cobalt nanoparticles as catalyst
Huh Y, Green MLH, Kim YH, Lee JY, Lee CJ
151 - 156 Thick and macroporous anodic alumina membranes for self-lubricating surface composites
Wang H, Wang HW
157 - 161 High-reflectance 193 nm Al2O3/MgF2 mirrors
Shang SZ, Shao JD, Liao CY, Yi K, Fan ZX, Chen L
162 - 175 In situ and ex situ characterisation of the passive film on a ferritic stainless steel in molten sodium hydroxide
Kolchakov J, Tzvetkoff T, Bojinov M
176 - 182 New telechelic compounds as corrosion inhibitors for steel in 1 M HCl
Elayyachy M, Hammouti B, El Idrissi A
183 - 196 A study on low cost-high conducting fluorine and antimony-doped tin oxide thin films
Elangovan E, Ramamurthi K
197 - 202 The origin of faceting of ultraflat gold films epitaxially grown on mica
Lussem B, Karthauser S, Haselier H, Waser R
203 - 207 Effects of Al content on properties of Al-N codoped ZnO films
Zeng YJ, Ye ZZ, Lu JG, Zhu LP, Li DY, Zhao BH, Huang JY
208 - 215 Study on cord/rubber interface at elevated temperatures by H-pull test method
Jamshidi A, Afshar F, Mohammadi N, Pourmahdian S
216 - 221 Effects of dry etching processes on optical properties of ZnTe surface layers in ultraviolet region
Wu S, Ren ZQ, Shen WZ, Ogawa H, Guo QX
222 - 230 Sputter cleaning and annealing of zinc-blende MnTe surface - XPS study
Iwanowski RJ, Heinonen MH, Janik E
231 - 237 Evolution of oxidation states in vanadium-based catalysts under conventional XPS conditions
Suchorski Y, Rihko-Struckmann L, Klose F, Ye Y, Alandjiyska M, Sundmacher K, Weiss H
238 - 245 Thermionic contrast between the mean work functions effective for thermal positive-ionic and electronic emissions from polycrystalline tungsten surfaces heated in vacuum: comparison between theory and experiment
Kawano H
246 - 256 Diamond-like carbon coatings on microdrill using an ECR-CVD system
Ueng HY, Guo CT
257 - 265 Friction behaviors of hydrogenated diamond-like carbon film in different environment sliding against steel ball
Li HX, Xu T, Wang CB, Chen JM, Zhou HD, Liu HW
266 - 270 Fibrillar polyaniline/diatomite composite synthesized by one-step in situ polymerization method
Li XW, Li XX, Wang GC
271 - 276 Surface properties of treated ITO anodes for organic light-emitting devices
You ZZ, Dong JY
277 - 294 Ion-, photoelectron- and laser-assisted analytical investigation of nano-structured mixed HfO2-SiO2 and ZrO2-SiO2 thin films
Armelao L, Bleiner D, Di Noto V, Gross S, Sada C, Schubert U, Tondello E, Vonmont H, Zattin A
295 - 302 XPS study of the ultrathin a-C : H films deposited onto ion beam nitrided AISI 316 steel
Meskinis S, Andrulevicius M, Kopustinskas V, Tamulevicius S
303 - 314 Surface properties and conductivity of bis(2-ethylhexyl) sulfosuccinate-containing polypyrrole
Boukerma K, Omastova M, Fedorko P, Chehimi MM
315 - 321 Conducting atomic force microscopy for nanoscale electron emissions from various diamond-like carbon films
Liu DP, Benstetter G
322 - 331 Pulse width and energy influence on laser micromachining of metals in a range of 100 fs to 5 ps
Le Harzic R, Breitling D, Weikert M, Sommer S, Fohl C, Valette S, Donnet C, Audouard E, Dausinger F
332 - 339 Interaction of anti-adhesive silicone films with UV embossing resin
Yan YH, Chan-Park MB, Ching WC, Yue CY
340 - 345 Photoemission study of chemisorption and Fermi-level pinning at K/GaAs(100) interface with synchrotron radiation
Sun MH, Zhao TX, Jia CY, Xu PS, Lu ED, Hsu CC, Ji H
346 - 353 Preparation of silver nanopatterns on DNA templates
Dai SX, Zhang XT, Li TF, Du ZL, Dang HX
354 - 361 Impact of laser scribing for efficient device separation of LED components
Illy EK, Knowles M, Gu E, Dawson MD
362 - 366 Interface study of transition metal (Fe, Zr) on 4H-SiC(0001)Si face: photoemission electron microscopy and soft X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy
Hirai M, Kamezawa C, Azatyan S, An Z, Shinagawa T, Fujisawa T, Kusaka M, Iwami M
367 - 374 Effect of substrate temperature on electrochromic properties of spray-deposited Ir-oxide thin films
Patil PS, Kawar RK, Sadale SB
375 - 385 Inhibitive action of bipyrazolic type organic compounds towards corrosion of pure iron in acidic media
Chetouani A, Hammouti B, Benhadda T, Daoudi M
386 - 392 Effect of Ar+ ion implantation on the nano-mechanical properties and microstructure of single crystal silicon
Sun R, Xu T, Xue QJ
393 - 407 ToF-SIMS imaging: a valuable chemical microscopy technique for paper and paper coatings
Fardim P, Holmbom B
408 - 418 The inhibition effect of some amino acids towards the corrosion of aluminum in 1 M HCl+1 M H2SO4 solution
Ashassi-Sorkhabi H, Ghasemi Z, Seifzadeh D
419 - 424 Growth of SrTiO3 films on Si(001)-Sr(2 x 1) surfaces
Bhuiyan NK, Kimura H, Tambo T, Tatsuyama C
425 - 432 Modification of PS films by combined treatment of ozone aeration and UV irradiation in aqueous ammonia solution for the introduction of amine and amide groups on their surface
Murakami TN, Fukushima Y, Hirano Y, Tokuoka Y, Takahashi M, Kawashima N
433 - 433 Time resolved schlieren study of sub-picosecond and nanosecond laser transfer of biomaterials (vol 247, pg 584, 2005)
Zergioti I, Karaiskou A, Papazoglou DG, Fotakis C, Kapsetaki M, Kafetzopoulos D