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1 - 2 4th International Conference on photo-excited processes and applications (4-ICPEPA) Lecce, Salento, South Italy, 5-9 September 2004 - Preface
Luches A, Peled A
3 - 7 Spectroscopic assessment of rare-earth activated planar waveguides and microcavities
Zampedri L, Tosello C, Portales H, Montagna M, Mattarelli M, Chiappini A, Righini GC, Pelli S, Conti GN, Martino M, Portal S, Marques AC, Almeida RM, Jestin Y, Ferrari M, Chiasera A
8 - 13 The electronic properties of carbon nanotubes studied by high resolution photoemission spectroscopy
Larciprete R, Goldoni A, Lizzit S, Petaccia L
14 - 18 Time transient investigation of photo-induced electron localization at atomic step edges of Si(111)
Ishii M, Hamilton B
19 - 23 Space and time resolved emission spectroscopy of Sr2FeMoO6 laser induced plasma
Santagata A, Di Trolio A, Parisi GP, Larciprete R
24 - 27 Nonlinear-optical diagnostics for laser ablation and photo-heating of biotissue
Lalayan AA
28 - 31 UV-vis spectroscopy for on-line monitoring of Au nanoparticles size during growth
Salvati R, Longo A, Carotenuto G, De Nicola S, Pepe GP, Nicolais L, Barone A
32 - 35 Measurement of the electrical size of a laser-induced plasma in a uniform field
Robledo-Martinez A, Sobral H, Villagran-Muniz M
36 - 39 Characterisation of thin films of organic phosphorescent materials using synchrotron radiation
Thompson J, Arima V, Matino F, Cingolani R, Blyth RIR
40 - 44 Characterization of functionalised porphyrin films using synchrotron radiation
Arima V, Matino F, Thompson J, Del Sole R, Mele G, Vasapollo G, Cingolani R, Rinaldi R, Blyth RIR
45 - 49 Characterization of LaMnO3 laser ablation in oxygen by ion probe and optical emission spectroscopy
Amoruso S, Bruzzese R, Velotta R, Spinelli N, Vitiello A, Wang X
50 - 55 Photoexcitation-induced processes in amorphous semiconductors
Singh J
56 - 61 Photoswitches operating upon ns pulsed laser irradiation
Athanassiou A, Lakiotaki K, Kalyva M, Georgiou S, Fotakis C
62 - 65 Study of hot-carrier-induced photon emission from 90 nm Si MOSFETs
Gurfinkel M, Borenshtein M, Margulis A, Sade S, Fefer Y, Weizman Y, Shapira Y
66 - 70 Electron excitation in glasses followed by time- and space-measuring tools
Kreutz EW, Horn A, Poprawe R
71 - 74 Studying atomic-resolution by X-ray fluorescence holography
Gao HY, Chen JW, Xie HL, Zhu HF, Li RX, Xu ZZ
75 - 78 Recent progress in femtosecond holography
Zhu HF, Chen JW, Gao HY, Xie HL, Li RX, Xu ZZ
79 - 85 Time of flight transients analysis in photo-excited molecular doped polymers
Mirchin N, Peled A
86 - 90 Kinetics of UV-induced darkening of titanium-oxide gels
Bityurin N, Kuznetsov AI, Kanaev A
91 - 96 Photo-bleaching response in chlorophyll solutions
Mirchin N, Peled A
97 - 102 Writing single-mode waveguides in lithium niobate by ultra-low intensity solitons
Fazio E, Ramadan W, Petris A, Chauvet M, Bosco A, Vlad VI, Bertolotti M
103 - 107 Electron and phonon dynamics in laser short pulses-heated metals
Pietanza LD, Colonna G, Capitelli M
108 - 112 Influence of the substrate temperature on the structure of Ge containing thin films produced by ArF laser induced chemical vapour deposition
Lopez E, Chiussi S, Gonzalez P, Serra J, Leon B
113 - 117 Compositional, structural and optical properties of Si-rich a-SiC : H thin films deposited by ArF-LCVD
Lopez E, Chiussi S, Kosch U, Gonzalez P, Serra J, Serra C, Leon B
118 - 122 Epitaxial growth of tin oxide films on (001)TiO2 substrates by KrF and XeCl excimer laser annealing
Tsuchiya T, Watanabe A, Kumagai T, Mizuta S
123 - 128 Nanotechnological applications of nonlinear surface acoustic waves: Mechanism of brittle fracture
Hess P, Lomonosov AM
129 - 137 Point defect production by ultrafast laser irradiation of alkali-containing silica glasses and alkali halide single crystals
Avanesyan SM, Orlando S, Langford SC, Dickinson JT
138 - 146 Combining resonant/non-resonant processes: Nanometer-scale iron-based material preparation via CO2 laser pyrolysis
Alexandrescu R, Morjan I, Voicu I, Dumitrache F, Albu L, Soare I, Prodan G
147 - 150 Growth of Al doped ZnO thin films by a synchronized two laser system
Gyorgy E, Santiso J, Giannoudakos A, Kompitsas M, Mihailescu IN, Pantelica D
151 - 156 Phase transitions induced by femtosecond laser pulse irradiation of indium phosphide
Bonse J, Wiggins SM, Solis J
157 - 162 Femtosecond laser-induced decomposition in triazenepolymer thin films
Bonse J, Wiggins SM, Solis J, Lippert T, Sturm H
163 - 166 The emission of atoms and nanoparticles during femtosecond laser ablation of gold
Vitiello M, Amoruso S, Altucci C, de Lisio C, Wang X
167 - 171 Laser controlled nanodeposition of neutral atoms
Arimondo E
172 - 176 Microfabrication of 3D hollow structures embedded in glass by femtosecond laser for Lab-on-a-chip applications
Cheng Y, Sugioka K, Midorikawa K
177 - 180 Time-resolved photoresponse of nanometer-thick Nb/NiCu bilayers
Parlato L, Pepe GP, Latempa R, De Lisio C, Altucci C, D'Acunto P, Peluso G, Barone A, Taneda T, Sobolewski R
181 - 184 UV-initiated growth of gold nanoparticles in PMMA matrix
Alexandrov A, Smirnova L, Yakimovich N, Sapogova N, Soustov L, Kirsanov A, Bityurin N
185 - 189 Kinetic control of periodic surface patterning by laser photochemical deposition
Hugonnot E, Delville JP
190 - 195 Laser patterning of SiOx-layers for the fabrication of UV diffractive phase elements
Schulz-Ruhtenberg M, Ihlemann J, Heber J
196 - 199 Atomic lithography with barium atoms
Fioretti A, Camposeo A, Tantussi F, Arimondo E, Gozzini S, Gabbanini C
200 - 203 Near-field optical lithography method for fabrication of the nanodimensional objects
Dryakhlushin VF, Klimov AY, Rogov VV, Vostokov NV
204 - 208 Growth of patterned thin metal oxide films on glass substrates from metallic bulk sources using a Q-switched YAG laser
Mir-Hosseini N, Schmidt MJJ, Li L
209 - 212 Formation of colloidal GaAs and US quantum dots by laser ablation in liquid media
Lalayan AA
213 - 217 Femtosecond laser micro-structuring of alumina ceramic
Perrie W, Rushton A, Gill M, Fox P, O'Neill W
218 - 223 A support of restoration intervention of the bust of St. Gregory the Armenian: Compositional investigations by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy
Acquaviva S, De Giorgi ML, Marini C, Poso R
224 - 230 Photo-excited desorption of multi-component systems: Application to chalcogenide glasses
Mihesan C, Gurlui S, Ziskind M, Chazallon B, Martinelli G, Zeghlache H, Guignard M, Nazabal V, Smektala F, Focsa C
231 - 237 Laser-induced modification of glass-ceramics microstructure and applications
Veiko VP, Kieu QK, Nikonorov NV, Shur VY, Luches A, Rho S
238 - 242 Formation of large water clusters by IR laser resonant desorption of ice
Mihesan C, Ziskind M, Chazallon B, Focsa C, Destombes JL
243 - 247 Polymerization of C-60 fullerene thin films by UV pulsed laser irradiation
Alvarez-Zauco E, Sobral H, Basiuk EV, Saniger-Blesa JM, Villagran-Muniz M
248 - 253 Self assembled structures on fluoro-polymers induced with laser light at 157 nm
Kollia Z, Sarantopoulou E, Cefalas AC, Kobe S, Argitis P, Missiakos K
254 - 258 Influence of polymer molecular weight on the UV ablation of doped poly(methyl methacrylate)
Rebollar E, Bounos G, Oujja M, Domingo C, Georgiou S, Castillejo M
259 - 263 Pulsed laser-induced phase transformations in CdTe single crystals
Gatskevich E, Ivlev G, Prikryl P, Cerny R, Chab V, Cibulka O
264 - 269 Nd : YAG laser double wavelength ablation of pollution encrustation on marble and bonding glues on duplicated painting canvas
Batishche S, Englezis A, Gorovets T, Kouzmouk A, Pilipenka U, Pouli P, Tatur H, Totou G, Ukhau V
270 - 275 Excimer pulsed laser deposition and annealing of YSZ nanometric films on Si substrates
Caricato AP, Barucca G, Di Cristoforo A, Leggieri G, Luches A, Majni G, Martino M, Mengucci P
276 - 280 Double-pulse irradiation by laser-induced plasma-assisted ablation (LIPAA) and mechanisms study
Hanada Y, Sugioka K, Miyamoto I, Midorikawa K
281 - 285 Shadowgraphy of pulsed CO2 laser ablation of polymers
Siew WO, Tou TY, Wong KH
286 - 290 Transfer of stoichiometry during pulsed laser ablation of multicomponent magnetic targets
Acquaviva S, D'Anna E, De Giorgi ML, Fernandez M, Luches A, Majni G, Luby S, Majkova E
291 - 294 Microstructural modification of LiNbO3 crystals induced by femtosecond laser irradiation
Galinetto P, Ballarini D, Grando D, Samoggia G
295 - 298 Characterisation of ultrashort pulse laser ablation of SmBaCuO
D'Alessio L, De Bonis A, Galasso A, Morone A, Santagata A, Teghil R, Villani P, Zaccagnino M
299 - 303 Ultra-fast laser ablation applied to deep-drilling of metals
Bruneau S, Hermann J, Dumitru G, Sentis M, Axente E
304 - 308 Ultrashort pulsed laser vaporisation of icosahedral Al-Pd-Mn
Teghil R, D'Alessio L, De Bonis A, Galasso A, Villani P, Zaccagnino M, Santagata A, Sordelet DJ
309 - 312 Interaction of a femtosecond laser-produced plasma plume with a time delayed pulse
Scuderi D, Moreau D, Albert O, Pronko PP, Etchepare J
313 - 315 Nonlinear absorption mechanism in ablation of transparent materials by high power and ultrashort laser pulses
Eliseev PG, Krokhin ON, Zavestovskaya IN
316 - 322 Tailoring of multilayer interfaces by pulsed laser irradiation
Luby S, Majkova E
323 - 328 Broadening and attenuation of UV laser ablation plumes in background gases
Amoruso S, Toftmann B, Schou J
329 - 333 Structural and electrical characterization of PLZT 22/20/80 relaxor films obtained by PLD and RF-PLD
Craciun F, Dinescu M, Verardi P, Scarisoreanu N, Moldovan A, Purice A, Galassi C
334 - 339 Pulsed laser deposition of nano-glassy carbon films
Ossi PM, Bottani CE, Miotello A
340 - 343 Diamond-like carbon formation for various positions by pulsed laser deposition
Yap SS, Tou TY
344 - 348 Calcium phosphate thin films synthesized by pulsed laser deposition: Physico-chemical characterization and in vitro cell response
Mihailescu IN, Torricelli P, Bigi A, Mayer I, Iliescu M, Werckmann J, Socol G, Miroiu F, Cuisinier F, Elkaim R, Hildebrand G
349 - 354 Nanocrystalline Sm-Fe composites fabricated by pulse laser deposition at 157 nm
Kobe S, Zuzek K, Sarantopoulou E, Samardzija Z, Kollia Z, Cefalas AC
355 - 359 Pulsed laser deposition of hydroxylapatite thin films on biomorphic silicon carbide ceramics
Borrajo JP, Serra J, Liste S, Gonzalez R, Chiussi S, Leon B, Perez-Amor M
360 - 364 Plasma assisted pulsed laser deposition of hydroxylapatite thin films
Solla EL, Borrajo JP, Gonzalez P, Serra J, Liste S, Chiussi S, Leon B, Perez-Amor M
365 - 368 Poly-crystallized hydroxyapatite coating deposited by pulsed laser deposition method at room temperature
Katto M, Kurosawa K, Yokotani A, Kubodera S, Kameyama A, Higashiguchi T, Nakayama T, Tsukamoto M
369 - 375 Pulsed laser deposition of bioactive glass films in ammonia and disilane atmospheres
Borrajo JP, Gonzalez P, Liste S, Serra J, Chiussi S, Leon B, Perez-Amor M
376 - 380 Rare-earth doped chalcogenide thin films fabricated by pulsed laser deposition
Dwivedi PK, Sun YW, Tsui YY, Tonchev D, Munzar A, Koughia K, Haugen CJ, DeCorby RG, McMullin JN, Kasap SO
381 - 387 Glass and glass ceramic materials obtained by pulsed laser deposition in the BaO-TiO2-B2O3 system
Boroica L, Medianu R, Dinescu M, Boroica I
388 - 391 Pulsed laser deposition of tin-doped indium oxide (ITO) on polycarbonate
Yong TK, Tou TY, Teo BS
392 - 396 Dense and porous ZnO thin films produced by pulsed laser deposition
Sun YW, Gospodyn J, Kursa P, Sit J, DeCorby RG, Tsui YY
397 - 401 Pulsed laser deposition of Mg thin films on Cu substrates for photocathode applications
Cultrera L, Pereira A, Ristoscu C, Clozza A, Tazzioji F, Vicario C
402 - 405 Absorption and photoconductivity properties of ZnTe thin films formed by pulsed-laser deposition on glass
Erlacher A, Ambrico A, Perna G, Schiavulli L, Ligonzo T, Jaeger H, Ulrich B
406 - 410 Structural and compositional analysis of transition-metal-doped ZnO and GaNPLD thin films
Dorneles LS, O'Mahony D, Fitzgerald CB, McGee F, Venkatesan M, Stanca I, Lunney JG, Coey JMD
411 - 415 Structural and optical characterization of AlN films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Ristoscu C, Ducu C, Socol G, Craciunoiu F, Mihailescu IN
416 - 421 Processing of mussel-adhesive protein analog copolymer thin films by matrix-assisted pulsed laser evaporation
Patz T, Cristescu R, Narayan R, Menegazzo N, Mizaikoff B, Messersmith PB, Stamatin I, Mihailescu L, Chrisey DB
422 - 427 Laser deposition of fibrinogen blood proteins thin films by matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation
Stamatin L, Cristescu R, Socol G, Moldovan A, Mihalescu D, Stamatin I, Mihailescu IN, Chrisey DB
428 - 432 Deposition of ITO films on SiO2 substrates
Ngaffo FF, Caricato AP, Fazzi A, Fernandez M, Lattante S, Martino M, Romano F
433 - 439 Channels of energy redistribution in short-pulse laser interactions with metal targets
Zhigilei LV, Ivanov DS
440 - 445 A computer program for determination of thin films thickness and optical constants
Caricato AP, Fazzi A, Leggieri G
446 - 449 Modelling the influence of pore size on the response of materials to infrared lasers - An application to human enamel
Verde AV, Ramos MMD
450 - 454 Quantum modelling of photo-excited processes
Ramos MMD, Correia HMG
455 - 460 Analytical and numerical calculations of the temperature distribution in Si and Ge targets irradiated by excimer lasers
Conde JC, Gonzalez P, Lusquinos F, Chiussi S, Serra J, Leon B
461 - 465 Finite elements analysis of heteroepitaxial SiGe layers grown by excimer laser
Conde JC, Gonzalez P, Lusquinos F, Chiussi S, Serra J, Leon B
466 - 469 Particles interaction with obstacles in a pulsed laser deposition system
Marcu A, Grigoriu C, Yatsui K
470 - 474 Dissymmetrization of micro-particle surface by laser-induced photochemical deposition
Hugonnot E, Delville MH, Delville JP
475 - 478 Laser photodeposition of thin semiconductor films from iron carbonyl vapors
Mulenko SA, Izvekov A, Petrov YN, Mygashko VP, Ovechko VS
479 - 483 Influence of the sub strate/photo-active solution interaction in patterning and adhesion of photo-deposited films
Hugonnot E, Delville MH, Delville JP
484 - 491 Laser generated soliton waveguides in photorefractive crystals
Vlad VI, Fazio E, Bertolotti A, Bosco A, Petris A
492 - 498 Analyses of regenerative bone matrix of rat tibia after laser photo-excitation by SEM and AFM
Baranauskas V, Garavello I, Zhao JG, da Cruz-Hofling MA
499 - 502 Design of double-clad ytterbium-doped microstructured fibre laser
D'Orazio A, De Sario M, Mescia L, Petruzzelli V, Prudenzano F
503 - 508 Design, analysis and fabrication of a new MEMS scanning device actuator
Ehahou-Niv S
509 - 513 Photodeposited diffractive optical elements of computer generated masks
Mirchin N, Peled A, Baal-Zedaka I, Margolin R, Zagon A, Lapsker I, Verdyan A, Azoulay J
514 - 517 Thin films of silica-carbon nanocomposites for selective solar absorbers
Katzen D, Levy E, Mastai Y
518 - 524 Effects of wire feeding direction and location in multiple layer diode laser direct metal deposition
Syed WUH, Li L