Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.247, No.1-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Production of gas phase zinc oxide nanoclusters by pulsed laser ablation
Ozerov I, Bulgakov AV, Nelson DK, Castell R, Marine W
8 - 17 Improving the photoluminescence of thin films by nanostructuring the rare-earth ion distribution
Serna R, Suarez-Garcia A, de Castro MJ, Afonso CN
18 - 24 Random lasing from surface modified films of zinc oxide nanoparticles
Stassinopoulos A, Das RN, Giannelis EP, Anastasiadis SH, Anglos D
25 - 31 Iron-iron oxide core-shell nanoparticles synthesized by laser pyrolysis followed by superficial oxidation
Dumitrache F, Morjan I, Alexandrescu R, Ciupina V, Prodan G, Voicu I, Fleaca C, Albu L, Savoiu M, Sandu I, Popovici E, Soare I
32 - 37 Structuring of metallic bi- and tri-nano-layer films by laser interference irradiation: control of the structure depth
Lasagni A, Mucklich F
38 - 44 Detailed studies of the plume deflection effect during sub-ps laser ablation of Si target
Dima A, Perrone A, Klini A
45 - 50 Number density and size distribution of droplets in KrF excimer laser deposited boron carbide films
Szorenyi T, Stuck R, Antoni F, Fogarassy E
51 - 56 Ferntosecond pulsed laser ablation of group 4 carbides
Teghil R, D'Alessio L, De Bonis A, Galasso A, Villani P, Zaccagnino M, Santagata A, Fetto D
57 - 63 Thermal properties characterization of conductive thin films and surfaces by pulsed lasers
Martan J, Semmar N, Leborgne C, Le Menn E, Mathias J
64 - 70 A correlated study of laser produced plume expansion dynamics and thin film growth of manganates
Amoruso S, Angeloni M, Balestrino G, Boggio N, Bruzzese R, Medaglia PG, Tebano A, Vitiello M, Wang X
71 - 75 Synthesis of nickel nanoparticles and nanoparticles magnetic films by feratosecond laser ablation in vacuum
Amoruso S, Ausanio G, de Lisio C, Lannotti V, Vitiello A, Wang X, Lanotte L
76 - 82 Magnetic domains in Co-cluster assembled films deposited by LECBD
Dumas-Bouchiat F, Nagaraja HS, Rossignol F, Champeaux C, Catherinot A
83 - 88 Pulsed laser deposition of pepsin thin films
Kecskemeti G, Kresz N, Smausz T, Hopp B, Nogradi A
89 - 94 Epitaxial growth of La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 thin films by KrF excimer laser assisted metal organic deposition process
Daoudi K, Tsuchiya T, Yamaguchi I, Manabe T, Mizuta S, Kumagai T
95 - 100 SnO2 nanostructured films obtained by pulsed laser ablation deposition
Ristoscu C, Cultrera L, Dima A, Perrone A, Cutting R, Du HL, Busiakiewicz A, Klusek Z, Datta PK, Rose SR
101 - 106 Wave front dislocations appearance under the laser beam self-action in liquid crystal
Subota S
107 - 114 Spin dynamics and lifetime of exciton polaritons in CuCl
Soleimani HR, Cronenberger S, Cregut O, Likforman JP, Gallart M, Ostatnicky T, Gilliot P, Honerlage B
115 - 122 Gravimetric and profilometric measurements of the ablation rates of photosensitive polymers at different wavelengths
Dumont T, Bischofberger R, Lippert T, Wokaun A
123 - 127 RF plasma reactive pulsed laser deposition of boron nitride thin films
Mitu B, Bilkova P, Marotta V, Orlando S, Santagata A
128 - 133 Pulsed laser deposition of HfO2 and PrxOy high-k films on Si(100)
Ratzke M, Wolfframm D, Kappa M, Kouteva-Arguirova S, Reif J
134 - 138 Behaviour of a planar Langmuir probe in a laser ablation plasma
Doggett B, Budtz-Joergensen C, Lunney JG, Sheerin P, Turner MM
139 - 144 PLD thin films obtained from CrO3 and Cr8O21 targets
Guinneton F, Monnereau O, Argeme L, Stanoi D, Socol G, Mihailescu IN, Zhang T, Grigorescu C, Trodahl HJ, Tortet L
145 - 150 Preparation of tin oxide films on various substrates by excimer laser metal organic deposition
Tsuchiya T, Daoudi K, Yamaguchi I, Manabe T, Kumagai T, Mizuta S
151 - 156 Pulsed laser deposition of thin films of various full Heusler alloys CO2MnX (X = Si, Ga, Ge, Sn, SbSn) at moderate temperature
Valerio E, Grigorescu C, Manea SA, Guinneton F, Branford WR, Autric M
157 - 162 Double-pulse LIBS in bulk water and on submerged bronze samples
De Giacomo A, Dell'Aglio M, Colao F, Fantoni R, Lazic V
163 - 168 Influence of ambient medium on feratosecond laser processing of silicon
Besner S, Degorce JY, Kabashin A, Meunier M
169 - 174 (Zr, Sn)TiO4 thin films for application in electronics
Nistor M, Gherendi F, Magureanu M, Mandache NB, Ioachim A, Banciu MG, Nedelcu L, Popescu M, Sava F, Alexandru HV
175 - 181 Multiple-layer laser deposition of steel components using gas- and water-atomised powders: the differences and the mechanisms leading to them
Pinkerton AJ, Li L
182 - 187 Thickness distribution of carbon nitride films grown by inverse-pulsed laser deposition
Egerhazi L, Geretovszky Z, Szorenyi T
188 - 196 In situ studies of complex PLD-grown films using hard X-ray surface diffraction
Willmott PR, Schleputz CM, Patterson BD, Herger R, Lange A, Meister D, Maden D, Bronnimann C, Eikenberry EF, Hulsen G, Al-Adwan A
197 - 203 Can thin perovskite film materials be applied as model systems for battery applications?
Montenegro MJ, Dobeli M, Lippert T, Muller S, Weidenkaff A, Willmott PR, Wokaun A
204 - 210 Real-time analysis of UV laser-induced growth of ultrathin oxide films on silicon by spectroscopic ellipsometry
Patzner P, Osipov AV, Hess P
211 - 216 High laser-fluence deposition of organic materials in water ice matrices by "MAPLE"
Toftmann B, Rodrigo K, Schou J, Pedrys R
217 - 224 Processing of mussel adhesive protein analog thin films by matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation
Cristescu R, Patz T, Narayan RJ, Menegazzo N, Mizaikoff B, Mihaiescu DE, Messersmith PB, Stamatin I, Mihailescu IN, Chrisey DB
225 - 231 Mechanical and tribological characterization of tetrahedral diamond-like carbon deposited by femtosecond pulsed laser deposition on pre-treated orthopaedic biomaterials
Loir AS, Garrelie F, Donnet C, Subtil JL, Belin M, Forest B, Rogemond F, Laporte P
232 - 237 Ferntosecond laser induced X-ray emission from metal alloys, polymers and color filters
Hatanaka K, Yomogihata K, Ono H, Fukumura H
238 - 242 2D calculations of the thermal effects due to femtosecond laser-metal interaction
Valette S, Le Harzic R, Huot N, Audouard E, Fortunier R
243 - 248 Mechanism of ultrashort laser ablation of metals: molecular dynamics simulation
Nedialkov NN, Imamova SE, Atanasov PA, Berger P, Dausinger F
249 - 255 Femtosecond laser ionization mass spectrometric analysis of layers grown by pulsed laser deposition
Costache F, Ratzke M, Wolfframm D, Reif H
256 - 261 The influence of the laser spot size and the pulse number on laser-induced backside wet etching
Bohme R, Zimmer K
262 - 267 Tungsten oxide nanoparticles synthesised by laser assisted homogeneous gas-phase nucleation
Alm O, Landstrom L, Boman M, Granqvist CG, Heszler P
268 - 276 A comparative study of wire feeding and powder feeding in direct diode laser deposition for rapid prototyping
Syed WUH, Pinkerton AJ, Li L
277 - 284 An analytical model for striation formation in laser cutting
Wee LM, Li L
285 - 293 Multiple-layer laser direct writing metal deposition in electrolyte solution
Wee LM, Li L
294 - 299 Corrosion mechanism of laser-melted AA 2014 and AA 2024 alloys
Liu Z, Chong PH, Butt AN, Skeldon P, Thompson GE
300 - 306 CO2 and diode laser welding of AZ31 magnesium alloy
Zhu JH, Li L, Liu Z
307 - 312 Free-electron laser surface processing of titanium in nitrogen atmosphere
Carpene E, Shinn M, Schaaf P
313 - 319 Surface laser-glazing of plasma-sprayed thermal barrier coatings
Batista C, Portinha A, Ribeiro RM, Teixeira V, Costa MF, Oliveira CR
320 - 327 Microstructure characterisation and process optimization of laser assisted rapid fabrication of 316L stainless steel
Majumdar JD, Pinkerton A, Liu Z, Manna I, Li L
328 - 332 Alloying the X40CrMoV5-1 steel surface layer with tungsten carbide by the use of a high power diode laser
Dobrzanski LA, Bonek M, Hajduczek E, Klimpel A
333 - 339 Laser cleaning: an alternative method for removing oil-spill fuel residues
Mateo MP, Nicolas G, Pinon V, Ramil A, Yanez A
340 - 346 Femtosecond laser fabrication of micro spike-arrays on tungsten surface
Sano T, Yanai M, Ohmura E, Nomura Y, Miyamoto I, Hirose A, Kobayashi KF
347 - 353 Corrosion behaviour of laser-melted magnesium alloys
Abbas G, Liu Z, Skeldon P
354 - 361 Boundary conditions for 3D dynamic models of ablation of ceramics by pulsed mid-infrared lasers
Verde AV, Ramos MMD
362 - 368 Characterisation and corrosion performance of laser-melted 3CR12 steel
Chong PH, Liu Z, Skeldon P, Crouse P
369 - 372 Laser cleaning of ancient textiles
Belli R, Miotello A, Mosaner P, Toniutti L
373 - 377 Mechanical and electrochemical properties of multiple-layer diode laser cladding of 316L stainless steel
Majumdar JD, Pinkerton A, Liu Z, Manna I, Li L
378 - 383 Laser densification of TiO2 films prepared by aerosol assisted vapour deposition
Wu YQ, Choy KL, Hench LL
384 - 389 Pulsed laser deposition of crystalline LaB6 thin films
Craciun V, Craciun D
390 - 395 Fast third-order optical nonlinearities in metal alloy nanocluster composite glass: negative sign of the nonlinear refractive index
Cattaruzza E, Battaglin G, Gonella F, Mattei G, Mazzoldi P, Polloni R, Scremin BF
396 - 400 Laser-induced epitaxial recrystallization after alkali-ion implantion into alpha-quartz
Gasiorek S, Dhar S, Lieb KP, Schaaf P
401 - 405 Thin (001) tungsten trioxide films grown by laser deposition
Stankova NE, Atanasov PA, Stanimirova TJ, Dikovska AO, Eason RW
406 - 411 Femto- and nanosecond laser treatment of doped polymethylmethacrylate
Kruger J, Martin S, Madebach H, Urech L, Lippert T, Wokaun A, Kautek W
412 - 417 Photoluminescence characterization of pure and Sm3+-doped thin metaloxide films
Kiisk V, Sildos I, Lange S, Reedo V, Tatte T, Kirm M, Aarik J
418 - 422 Laser-induced modification of metal nanoparticles formed by laser ablation technique in liquids
Tarasenko NV, Butsen AV, Nevar EA
423 - 428 Morphological and structural characterization of CrO2/Cr2O3 films grown by laser-CVD
Sousa PM, Silvestre AJ, Popovici N, Conde O
429 - 433 Anatase phase TiO2 thin films obtained by pulsed laser deposition for gas sensing applications
Gyorgy E, Socol G, Axente E, Mihailescu IN, Ducu C, Ciuca S
434 - 439 Laser processing and characterization of ZnS-Cu thin films
Khomchenko V, Fedorenko L, Yusupov N, Rodionov V, Bacherikov Y, Svechnikov G, Zavyalova L, Roshchina N, Lytvyn P, Mukhlio M
440 - 446 Phase change dynamics in a polymer thin film upon femtosecond and picosecond laser irradiation
Bonse J, Wiggins SM, Solis J, Lippert T
447 - 452 Etching of CuInSe2 thin films-comparison of femtosecond and picosecond laser ablation
Ruthe D, Zimmer K, Hoche T
453 - 457 The wettability modification of bio-grade stainless steel in contact with simulated physiological liquids by the means of laser irradiation
Hao L, Lawrence J, Li L
458 - 465 Nanoscale evaluation of laser-based surface treated 12Ni maraging steel
Grum J, Slabe JM
466 - 470 Electrical and structural properties of La0.8Sr0.2Mn0.5Co0.5O3 +/-delta films produced by pulsed laser deposition
Pryds N, Toftmann B, Schou J, Hendriksen PV, Linderoth S
471 - 476 Crystallization of hydrogenated amorphous silicon-carbon films by means of laser treatments
Ambrosone G, Coscia U, Lettieri S, Maddalena P, Minarini C, Parisi V, Schutzmann S
477 - 485 Effect of sub-micrometer polymer gratings generated by two-beam interference on surface plasmon resonance
Csete M, Vass C, Kokavecz J, Goncalves M, Megyesi V, Bor Z, Pietralla M, Marti O
486 - 492 Main characteristics of calcium phosphate coatings obtained by laser cladding
Lusquinos F, Pou J, Boutinguiza A, Quintero F, Soto R, Leon B, Perez-Amor M
493 - 496 Cobalt-doped ZnO - a room temperature dilute magnetic semiconductor
Fitzgerald CB, Venkatesan M, Lunney JG, Dorneles LS, Coey JMD
497 - 503 UV laser-induced ordered surface nanostructures in congruent lithium niobate single crystals
Mailis S, Sones CL, Scott JG, Eason RW
504 - 512 Laser interaction in sol-gel based materials - 3-D lithography for photonic applications
Houbertz R
513 - 517 Laser induced local and periodic phase transformations in iron oxide thin films obtained by chemical vapour deposition
Sivakov V, Petersen C, Daniel C, Shen H, Mucklich F, Mathur S
518 - 525 Properties of ZnO thin films prepared by radio-frequency plasma beam assisted laser ablation
Scarisoreanu N, Matei DG, Dinescu G, Epurescu G, Ghica C, Nistor LC, Dinescu M
526 - 536 Influence of cerium on the pulsed UV nanosecond laser processing of photostructurable glass ceramic materials
Livingston FE, Adams PM, Helvajian H
537 - 544 Laser doping for microelectronics and microtechnology
Sarnet T, Kerrien G, Yaakoubi N, Bosseboeuf A, Dufour-Gergam E, Debarre D, Boulmer J, Kakushima K, Laviron C, Hernandez M, Venturini J, Bourouina T
545 - 549 Study of laser crystallization and recording properties of oxygen doped Ge : Sb : Te films
Rivera-Rodriguez C, Prokhorov E, Kovalenko Y, Morales-Sanchez E, Gonzalez-Hernandez J
550 - 555 Combinatorial experiment in Ni-Ti thin films by laser interference structuring
Liu KW, Gachot C, Leibenguth P, Mucklich F
556 - 560 Electron-hole relaxation through optical-phonon emission in CdTe/ZnTe quantum dots
Cronenberger S, Viale Y, Cregut O, Gallart M, Honerlage B, Gilliot P
561 - 570 Novel applications of short and ultra-short pulses
Strassl M, Kopecek H, Weinrotter A, Backer A, Al-Janabi AH, Wieger V, Wintner E
571 - 576 Femtosecond laser driven shock synthesis of the high-pressure phase of iron
Sano T, Mori H, Sakata O, Ohmura E, Miyamoto I, Hirose A, Kobayashi KF
577 - 583 Current trends in 157 nm dry lithography
Cefalas AC
584 - 589 Time resolved schlieren study of sub-pecosecond and nanosecond laser transfer of biomaterials
Zergioti I, Karaiskou A, Papazoglou DG, Fotakis C, Kapsetaki M, Kafetzopoulos D
590 - 601 Laser manipulation of clusters, structural defects and nanoaggregates in barrier structures on silicon and binary semi-conductors
Vorobets GI, Vorobets OI, Strebegev VN
602 - 606 Manipulation of the osteoblast response to a Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy using a high power diode laser
Hao L, Lawrence J, Li L
607 - 615 Reactive laser synthesis of carbides and nitrides
Schaaf P, Kahle M, Carpene E
616 - 622 Laser-assisted structuring of ceramic and steel surfaces for improving tribological properties
Schreck S, Zum Gahr KH
623 - 630 Preliminary study into the effects of YAG laser processing of titanium 6Al-4V alloy for potential aerospace component cleaning application
Turner MW, Schmidt MJJ, Li L
631 - 635 Laser synthesis of amorphous Si-Al oxide nanowires under atmospheric conditions
Quintero F, Pou J, Lusquinos F, Boutinguiza M, Soto R, Perez-Amor M