Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.245, No.1-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 5 A combinatorial analysis of deposition parameters and substrates on performance of mu c-Si : H thin films by VHF-PECVD
Zhang XD, Zhao Y, Zhu F, Wei CC, Wu CY, Gao YT, Sun H, Hou GF, Geng XH, Xiong SZ
6 - 10 Correlation between the growth-per-cycle and the surface hydroxyl group concentration in the atomic layer deposition of aluminum oxide from trimethylaluminum and water
Puurunen RL
11 - 15 The study on the interface adhesion comparison of the MgF2, Al2O3, SiO2 and Ag thin films
Xu XK, Tang ZS, Shao JD, Fan ZX
16 - 20 Surface modification of polymer nanofibres by plasma treatment
Wei QF, Gao WD, Hou DY, Wang XQ
21 - 25 Study on the mechanism of self-organized carbon nanotips without catalyst by plasma-enhanced hot filament chemical vapor deposition
Wang BB, Lee S, Yan H, Gu CZ, Wang B
26 - 38 Surface confined self-assembled fullerene nanoclusters: a microscopic study
Sahoo RR, Patnaik A
39 - 44 Positive magnetoresistance of Co-Cu film prepared by ion beam assisted deposition
Zeng F, Gen QW, Gao Y, Pan F
45 - 50 Effect of dc negative-bias and silicon introduction on performance of Si-B-N composite film by RF-PECD technique
Meng H, Yu X, Yu JF, Wang CB
51 - 64 Non-isothermal preform infiltration during the vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM) process
Grujicic M, Chittajallu KM, Walsh S
65 - 72 Characterization and catalytic activity of Cu-Co spinel thin films catalysts
Stefanov P, Avramova I, Stoichev D, Radic N, Grbic B, Marinova T
73 - 78 Deposition of indium nitride films by activated reactive evaporation process - a feasibility study
Patil SJ, Bodas DS, Mandale AB, Gangal SA
79 - 86 Interdiffusion coefficients of various cobalt base alloy coatings for Cu/Au system
Siu CL, Man HC, Yeung CH
87 - 93 XPS, TDS and static SIMS studies of binary Pd/Al system properties: correlation between Pd-Al bimetallic interaction and CO adsorption
Matolinova I, Johanek V, Skala T, Veltruska K, Matolin V
94 - 101 Growth of SnO2 thin films on self-assembled layers of the short-chain alkoxysilane
Zhang JL, Li W, Zhai Y, Yang H, Wang YP
102 - 108 Evolution of silicon surface microstructures by picosecond and femtosecond laser irradiations
Zhu JT, Yin G, Zhao M, Chen DY, Zhao L
109 - 113 Dependence of properties of N-Al codoped p-type ZnO thin films on growth temperature
Lu JG, Zhu LP, Ye ZZ, Zhuge F, Zeng YJ, Zhao BH, Ma DW
114 - 127 Reactive electron beam evaporated gadolinia films at ambient substrate temperature: optical properties and morphology studies
Senthilkumar A, Sahoo NK, Thakur S, Tokas RB
128 - 134 Relationship between the C KVV Auger line shape and layered structure of graphite
Dementjev AP, Maslakova KI, Naumkin AV
135 - 140 Dispersive surface properties of glass-ionomer cements determined by inverse gas chromatography
Andrzejewska E, Voelkel A, Andrzejewski M, Limanowska-Shaw H
141 - 148 Effect of Au overlayer on PtSi ohmic contacts with n-InP
Huang WC
149 - 154 Acid-base surface properties of glass-ionomers determined by IGC
Voelkel A, Andrzejewska E, Limanowska-Shaw H, Andrzejewski M
155 - 161 CO2 laser direct writing of silver lines on epoxy resin from solid film
Liu JG, Chen CH, Zheng JS, Huang JY
162 - 171 Influence of the oxidative/reductive treatments on the activity of Pt/Ce0.67Zr0.33O2 catalyst
Fan J, Wu XD, Ran R, Weng DA
172 - 178 Nitrogen ion implanted nanostructured titania films used in dye-sensitised solar cells and photocatalyst
Tesfamichael T, Will G, Bell J
179 - 185 Effect of nickel-rich barrier layer on improvement of hot-dip zinc coating
Shibli SMA, Manu R, Dilimon VS
186 - 190 Deposition of plasma-polymerized hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA) on silicon in presence of argon plasma
Bodas DS, Desai SM, Gangal SA
191 - 195 Laser-evoked coloration in polymers
Zheng HY, Rosseinsky D, Lim GC
196 - 201 Phosphorous passivation of In0.53Ga0.47As using MOVPE and characterization of Au-Ga2O3 (Gd2O3)-In0.53Ga0.47As MIS capacitor
Pal S, Shivaprasad SM, Aparna Y, Chakraborty BR
202 - 207 Deposition of PTFE thin films by RF plasma sputtering on < 100 > silicon substrates
Bodas DS, Mandale AB, Gangal SA
208 - 214 Epitaxial growth of tetracene on the Ag(110) surface
Lu B, Zhang HJ, Huang H, Mao HY, Chen Q, Li HY, He P, Bao SN
215 - 222 Corrosion behavior of carbon-implanted M5 alloy in 1 M H2SO4
Peng DQ, Bai XD, Chen BS
223 - 233 Characterization of PNIPAAm photografted on PET and PS surfaces
Curti PS, de Moura MR, Veiga W, Radovanovic E, Rubira AF, Muniz EC
234 - 239 Optically variable imaging using nanoimprint technique
Grigaliunas V, Jucius D, Tamulevicius S, Guobiene A, Kopustinskas V
240 - 251 Pressure dependence of radical densities in various gas discharges
Kim MT
252 - 259 Dispersion of nonaqueous CO(2)Z ferrite powders with titanate coupling agent and poly(vinyl butyral)
Hsiang HI, Chen CC, Tsai JY
260 - 272 Surface analysis of the proton exchange membranes prepared by pre-irradiation induced grafting of styrene/divinylbenzene into crosslinked thin PTFE membranes
Li JY, Ichizuri S, Asano S, Mutou F, Ikeda S, Iida M, Miura T, Oshima A, Tabata Y, Washio M
273 - 280 The effect of the oxygen concentration and the rf power on the zinc oxide films properties deposited by magnetron sputtering
Sayago I, Aleixandre M, Ares L, Fernandez MJ, Santos JP, Gutierrez J, Horrillo MC
281 - 289 Growth mode during initial stage of chemical vapor deposition
Kajikawa Y, Noda S
290 - 303 Design and development of artificial neural networks for depositing powders in coating treatment
Jean MD, Liu CD, Wang JT
304 - 309 Mesoporous silica thin films prepared by argon plasma treatment of sol-gel-derived precursor
Zhang J, Palaniappan A, Su XD, Tay FEH
310 - 315 Thickness dependence of properties of ZnO : Ga films deposited by rf magnetron sputtering
Yu XH, Ma J, Ji F, Wang YH, Cheng CF, Ma HL
316 - 321 Laser surface modified ductile iron by pulsed Nd : YAG laser beam with two-dimensional array distribution
Chen Y, Gan CH, Wang LX, Yu G, Kaplan A
322 - 327 CdO thin films: a study of their electronic structure by electron spin resonance spectroscopy
Gulino A, Tabbi G
328 - 334 Chemical deposition and characterization of copper indium diselenide (CISe) thin films
Pathan HM, Lokhande CD
335 - 339 Laser conditioning and multi-shot laser damage accumulation effects of HfO2/SiO2 antireflective coatings
Zhao YN, Wang T, Zhang DW, Shao JD, Fan ZX
340 - 345 Influence of sulfidation ambience on the properties of nanocrystalline ZnS films prepared by sulfurizing the as-sputtered ZnO films
Zhang RG, Wang BY, Zhang H, Wei L
346 - 352 Corrosive sliding wear behavior of laser clad Mo2Ni3Si/NiSi intermetallic coating
Lu XD, Wang HM
353 - 368 Dip coating of dielectric and solder mask epoxy polymer layers for build-up purposes
Siau S, Vervaet A, Degrande S, Schacht E, Van Calster A
369 - 375 X-ray study of structural reorganization in phthalocyanine containing Langmuir-Blodgett heterostructures
Erokhin V, Carrara S, Paternolli C, Valkova L, Bernstorff S, Nicolini C
376 - 383 Effects of Cr and Nb doping on the ferroelectricity of chemical-solution-deposited Bi3.5Nd0.5Ti3O12 films
Chang TL, Lin WT
384 - 390 Effect of thermal annealing on the optical and electronic properties of ZnO thin films grown on p-Si substrates
Han WG, Kang SG, Kim TW, Kim DW, Cho WJ
391 - 399 Photoluminescence and characteristics of terbium-doped AlN film prepared by magnetron sputtering
Liu FS, Ma WJ, Liu QL, Liang JK, Luo J, Yang LT, Song GB, Zhang Y, Rao GH
400 - 406 Calculation of the emission performance of the carbon nanotube array
Zhang YN, Lei W, Zhang XB, Wang BP
407 - 413 Hydrophobic and textured ZnO films deposited by chemical bath deposition: annealing effect
Shinde VR, Lokhande CD, Mane RS, Han SH
414 - 419 Characteristics and luminescence of Ge doped ZnO films prepared by alternate radio frequency magnetron sputtering
Fan DH, Ning ZY, Jiang MF
420 - 430 Laser processing of diamond-like carbon-metal composites
Narayan RJ