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Applied Surface Science, Vol.244, No.1-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 1 The 12th International conference on Solid Films and Surfaces (ICSFS-12) - Preface
Temmyo J, Tabe M, Nakanishi Y, Fukuda Y
2 - 7 Hydrogen and helium interactions in Si: phenomena obscure and not-so-obscure
Ashok S
8 - 11 A new crystallization technique of Si films on glass substrate using thermal plasma jet
Kaku H, Higashi S, Taniguchi H, Murakami H, Miyazaki S
12 - 15 Formation of microcrystalline germanium (mu c-Ge : H) films from inductively coupled plasma CVD
Okamoto Y, Makihara K, Higashi S, Miyazaki S
16 - 20 Crystallization process of high-k gate dielectrics studied by surface X-ray diffraction
Terasawa N, Akimoto K, Mizuno Y, Ichimiya A, Sumitani K, Takahashi T, Zhang XW, Sugiyama H, Kawata H, Nabatame T, Toriumi A
21 - 25 Influence of thickness of Hf buffer layer on the interfacial structures of sputtered HfO2 on SiO2/Si
Tan RQ, Azuma Y, Kojima I
26 - 29 Enhancement of donor ionization in phosphorus-doped n-diamond
Koide Y
30 - 33 Tight-binding quantum chemical molecular dynamics simulation of boron activation process in crystalline silicon
Masuda T, Sasata K, Elanany M, Koyama M, Kubo M, Miyamoto A
34 - 38 Tight-binding quantum chemical molecular dynamics simulation of mechano-chemical reactions during chemical-mechanical polishing process of SiO2 surface by CeO2 particle
Rajendran A, Takahashi Y, Koyama M, Kubo M, Miyamoto A
39 - 42 Influence of substrate do bias on crystallinity of silicon films grown at a high rate from inductively-coupled plasma CVD
Kosku N, Murakami H, Higashi S, Miyazaki S
43 - 46 Thermal redistribution of hydrogen and boron in SiO2 in SiN-capped p-type MOSFET structures
Kawashima Y, Aoyagi S, Kudo M
47 - 50 Electrical and mechanical properties of surfactant-templated mesoporous silica thin films using Brij-76 surfactant
Jung SB, Han CK, Park HH
51 - 54 Evidence of refractive index change in glass substrates induced by high-density reactive ion plating deposition of SiO2 films
Mistrik J, Ohlidal I, Antos R, Aoyama M, Yamaguchi T
55 - 60 Strain relaxation near high-k/Si interface by post-deposition annealing
Emoto T, Akimoto K, Yoshida Y, Ichimiya A, Nabatame T, Toriumi A
61 - 64 Diffusion of Li in the silicon oxide films and evaluation of Li-induced surface potential
Maeda M, Watanabe T, Imai Y, Ishikawa Y, Tabe M
65 - 70 Surface elemental segregation and the Stranski-Krastanow epitaxial islanding transition
Cullis AG, Norris DJ, Migliorato MA, Hopkinson M
71 - 74 Surface-related reduction of photoluminescence in GaAs quantum wires and its recovery by new passivation
Shiozaki N, Anantathanasarn S, Sato T, Hashizume T, Hasegawa H
75 - 78 Control of the nucleation density of Si quantum dots by remote hydrogen plasma treatment
Makihara K, Deki H, Murakami H, Higashi S, Miyazaki S
79 - 83 Optical effects in silica glass implantation of 60 keV Cu- during ions
Plaksin OA, Takeda Y, Kono K, Amekura H, Umeda N, Kishimoto N
84 - 87 Study on ECR dry etching and selective MBE growth of AlGaN/GaN for fabrication of quantum nanostructures on GaN (0001) substrates
Oikawa T, Ishikawa F, Sato T, Hashizume T, Hasegawa H
88 - 91 Control of photoluminescence wavelength from uniform InAs quantum dots by annealing
Kobayashi Y, Yamaguchi K
92 - 95 Changes in the electronic energy structure of CdSe nanocrystals of close-packed array by in situ anneal
Choi HJ, Yang JK, Yoon S, Park HH
96 - 100 Growth of ZnS nanocombs with ZnO sheath by thermal evaporation
Lu MY, Su PY, Chueh YL, Chen LJ, Chou LJ
101 - 106 Growth of In2O3 nanocrystal chains by a vapor transport and condensation method
Hsin CL, He JH, Chen LJ
107 - 110 Nano-scale Cu metal patterning by using an atomic force microscope
Tomita Y, Hasegawa Y, Kobayashi K
111 - 114 Characterization of amorphous carbon film-coated nanotubes as electron field emission material
Nagatsu M, Yoshida T, Kurita S, Murakami K
115 - 119 Vacancy ordering in self-assembled erbium silicide nanowires on atomically clean Si(001)
Tsai WC, Hsu HC, Hsu HF, Chen LJ
120 - 123 2D lattice formation by YAG : Nd laser on the surface of Ge single crystal
Medvid A, Fukuda Y, Michko A, Onufrievs P, Anma Y
124 - 128 Carbon nanotube adsorbed on hydrogenated Si(001) surfaces
Miwa RH, Orellana W, Fazzio A
129 - 136 Atomic-scale theoretical investigations of compound semiconductor surfaces
Srivastava GP
137 - 140 Sb adsorption onto In nanocluster array structure formed on a Si(111)-(7 x 7)
Saito M, Takeuchi C, Mori M, Tambo T, Tatsuyama C
141 - 144 Inclined N-2 desorption in N2O decomposition on Rh(110)
Matsushima T, Imamura K, Horino H, Hiratsuka A, Ma YS, Rzeznicka II, Nakagoe O
145 - 148 Reflection high-energy positron diffraction study of a Si(001) surface
Hayashi K, Fukaya Y, Kawasuso A, Ichimiya A
149 - 152 Positron diffraction study of SiC(0001) surface
Kawasuso A, Maekawa M, Yoshikawa M, Ichimiya A
153 - 156 Surface structure and electronic states of sulfur-treated InP(111)A studied by LEED, AES, STM, and IPES
Shimomura M, Sano Y, Sanada N, Cao LL, Fukuda Y
157 - 160 The geometry of Bi nanolines on Si(001)
Miwa RH, MacLeod JM, Srivastava GP, McLean AB
161 - 165 STM observation of Bi line structures on the Si(100) surface with Ag deposition
Itoh T, Kashirajima S, Naitoh M, Nishigaki S, Shoji F
166 - 169 Observation of Si(111)-root 3 x root 3-Ag surface at room temperature by reflection high-energy positron diffraction
Fukaya Y, Kawasuso A, Hayashi K, Ichimiya A
170 - 173 An empirical potential approach to structural stability of GaNxAs1-x thin films on GaAS(111)
Ito T, Suda T, Akiyama T, Nakamura K
174 - 177 Photoemission spectroscopy study of the oxidation of HfC(100)
Edamoto K, Shirotori Y, Sato T, Ozawa K
178 - 181 An ab initio-based approach to Ga adatom migration on GaAs(n 1 1)A-(001) non-planar surfaces
Ito T, Asano K, Akiyama T, Nakamura K, Shiraishi K, Taguchi A
182 - 185 An empirical potential approach to dislocation formation and structural stability in GaNxAs1-x
Kawamoto K, Suda T, Akiyama T, Nakamura K, Ito T
186 - 189 Theoretical investigation of phase transition on GaAs(001)-c(4 x 4) surface
Ishizaki H, Akiyama T, Nakamura K, Shiraishi K, Taguchi A, Ito T
190 - 194 Theoretical study on hydrogen reaction processes on H/Si(001) surface
Takahashi N, Nara J, Uda T, Nakamura Y, Tateyama Y, Ohno T
195 - 198 Theoretical study on the electronic and molecular properties of ground and excited states of ethylenedioxythiophene and styrenesulphonic acid
Agalya G, Lv C, Wang XJ, Koyama M, Kubo M, Miyamoto A
199 - 202 Measurements of critical micelle concentration (CMC) using optical fiber covered with porous sol-gel cladding
Isobe H, Singh CD, Katsumata H, Suzuki H, Fujinami T, Ogita M
203 - 208 Formation of pores in Ge single crystal by laser radiation
Medvid A, Mychko A, Krivich A, Onufrijevs P
209 - 212 Obliquely deposited metal films for polarizers
Takeda Y, Takeuchi N, Fukano T, Motohiro T
213 - 216 Modelling of columnar growth in continuum ballistic deposition
Enomoto Y, Taguchi M
217 - 220 Preparation and characterization of Rhodamine B and Alq3 thin films deposited by solution jet beam method
Okabayashi Y, Mitarai T, Yamazaki S, Matsuyama R, Kanai K, Ouchi Y, Seki K
221 - 224 Spectroscopic ellipsometry on sinusoidal surface-relief gratings
Antos R, Ohlidal I, Franta D, Klapetek P, Mistrik J, Yamaguchi T, Visnovsky S
225 - 229 Spectroscopic ellipsometry on lamellar gratings
Antos R, Ohlidal I, Mistrik J, Murakami K, Yamaguchi T, Pistora J, Horie M, Visnovsky S
230 - 234 Depth profiling of the strain distribution in the surface layer using X-ray diffraction at small glancing angle of incidence
Fujii Y, Yanase E, Arai K
235 - 239 Determination of interface roughness of Gd films deposited on Si surface using improved wavelet transform of X-ray reflectivity data
Starykov O, Sakurai K
240 - 243 Preparation of pure boron coating film and its characterization by XPS and TDS
Oyaidzu M, Yoshikawa A, Kodama H, Oya Y, Sagara A, Noda N, Okuno K
244 - 247 Influence of reacting nitrogen gas consistence on the properties of TiN films prepared by rf. magnetron sputtering
Pihosh Y, Goto M, Kasahara A, Oishi T, Tosa M
248 - 251 Microstructures and mechanical properties evaluation of hard chromized austenitic Fe-Mn-Al alloys
Lee JW
252 - 256 Corrosion and cell adhesion behavior of TiN-coated and ion-nitrided titanium for dental applications
Huang HH, Hsu CH, Pan SJ, He JL, Chen CC, Lee TL
257 - 263 Local electronic and chemical structure at GaN, AlGaN and SiC heterointerfaces
Brillson LJ, Bradley ST, Tumakha SH, Goss SH, Sun XLL, Okojie RS, Hwang J, Schaff WJ
264 - 268 Characterisation of amorphous GaN films
Metson JB, Ruck BJ, Budde F, Trodahl HJ, Bittar A, Prince KE
269 - 272 Effect of treatments of sapphire substrate on growth of GaN film
Sumiya M, Fuke S
273 - 276 Pt Schottky diode gas sensors formed on GaN and AlGaN/GaN heterostructure
Matsuo K, Negoro N, Kotani J, Hashizume T, Hasegawa H
277 - 280 Photoemission study on interfacial reaction of Ti/n-type GaN
Naono T, Okabayashi J, Toyoda S, Fujioka H, Oshima M, Hamamatsu H
281 - 284 In situ X-ray diffraction study of crystallization process of GeSbTe thin films durin heat treatment
Kato N, Konomi I, Seno Y, Motohiro T
285 - 288 High-resolution TEM characterization of MOVPE-grown (111)-BP layer on hexagonal 6H (0001)-SiC
Udagawa T, Odawara A, Shimaoka G
289 - 292 Morphological investigation of double positioning growth of (111)-boron phosphide (BP) on the (0001)-GaN
Odawara M, Udagawa T, Shimaoka G
293 - 296 Incorporation of SiO2 for the band alignment control of Gd2O3/n-GaAs(001) structure
Yang JK, Park HH
297 - 300 Influence of Si3N4 and ZnS films on transmittance of InAsSb/InAsPSb hetero structures
Gao YZ, Gong XY, Fang WZ, Deng HY, Hu GJ, Aoyama M, Yamaguchi T, Dai N
301 - 304 Oxidization process of CVD diamond (100): H 2 x 1 surfaces
Nakamura J, Ito T
305 - 309 Growth and characterization of P-doped CVD diamond (111) thin films homoepitaxially grown using trimethylphosphine
Wada H, Teraji T, Ito T
310 - 313 Electrical properties of diamond p-i-p structures at high electric fields
Yamamoto M, Watanabe T, Hamada M, Teraji T, Ito T
314 - 317 Formation of wide and narrow optical-band-gap amorphous-CNx : H films using i-C4H10/N-2 supermagnetron plasma
Kinoshita H, Ikuta R, Sakurai K
318 - 321 Optical and structural properties of CVD-grown single crystal SiO2 using optically detected XAS
Nakamura T, Takahashi N, Poolton NRJ, Malins AER
322 - 325 Structural defects in SiO2/SiC interface probed by a slow positron beam
Maekawa M, Kawasuso A, Chen ZQ, Yoshikawa M, Suzuki R, Ohdaira T
326 - 329 Growth and morphological properties of beta-FeSi2 layers
Tanaka S, Yamamoto A, Makiuchi S, Matsuyama T, Rebien M, Henrion W, Tatsuoka H, Tanaka M, Liu ZQ, Kuwabara H
330 - 333 Growth and structural properties of Mg2Si and Ca2Si bulk crystals
Takagi N, Sato Y, Matsuyama T, Tatsuoka H, Tanaka M, Fengmin C, Kuwabara H
334 - 337 Chemical properties of an oxide nanoskin on a polymeric surface
Hozumi A, Shirahata N
338 - 342 Optical characterization of sol-gel deposited PZT thin films by spectroscopic ellipsometry and reflectometry in near-UV and visible regions
Franta D, Ohlidal I, Mistrik J, Yamaguchi T, Hu GJ, Dai N
343 - 346 Zn3N2 compensated ZnTe films and ZnTe-ZnSe superlattices grown by hot wall epitaxy
Sakakibara S, Inoue Y, Mimura H, Ishino K, Ishida A, Fujiyasu H
347 - 350 Control of Zn composition (0 < x < 1) in Cd1-xZnxTe epitaxial layers on GaAs substrates grown by MOVPE
Yasuda K, Niraula M, Kusama H, Yamamoto Y, Tominaga A, Takagi K, Aagata Y
351 - 354 Improvement in the light emission characteristics of CdS : Cu/CdS diodes
Murai H, Abe T, Matsuda J, Sato H, Chiba S, Kashiwaba Y
355 - 358 Transport and magnetic properties of Ce-doped LaMnO3 thin films
Yanagida T, Kanki T, Vilquin B, Tanaka H, Kawai T
359 - 364 HRTEM observation of interface states between ZnO epitaxial film and Si(111) substrate
Nakanishi Y, Miyake A, Tatsuoka H, Kominami H, Kuwabara H, Hatanaka Y
365 - 368 Deposition and structural properties of piezoelectric ZnO epitaxial film on p-InP (100) substrate for FBAR
Lee JJ, Kim YB, Yoon YS
369 - 372 Sb excimer-laser doping in ZnO films prepared by oxidation of sulfide on Si
Ohara K, Seino T, Nakamura A, Aoki T, Kominami H, Nakanishi Y, Hatanaka Y
373 - 376 Homoepitaxial growth of ZnO films on ZnO (11(2)over-bar0) substrates
Kashiwaba Y, Kato H, Kikuchi T, Niikura I, Matsushita K, Kashiwaba Y
377 - 380 Characterization of homoepitaxial and heteroepitaxial ZnO films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Chen ZQ, Yamamoto S, Kawasuso A, Xu Y, Sekiguchi T
381 - 384 Growth and characterization of Zn1-xCdxO films using remote plasma MOCVD
Ishihara J, Nakamura A, Shigemori S, Aoki T, Temmyo J
385 - 388 Growth of MgxZn1-xO films using remote plasma MOCVD
Nakamura A, Ishihara J, Shigemori S, Aoki T, Temmyo J
389 - 393 Nano-photocatalytic decomposition of a stearic acid film deposited on the TiO2 by an atomic force microscope
Kobayashi K, Tomita Y, Matsuhisa K, Doi Y
394 - 398 Impact ionization phenomenon in single-crystalline rutile TiO2
Hashimoto H, Teraji T, Ito T
399 - 402 Titanium dioxide surface stoichiometry and ordering studied by resonant photoemission spectroscopy
Bourgeois S, Domenichini B, Li Z, Moller PJ
403 - 407 Reactivity between molybdenum and TiO2 (110) surfaces: evidence of a sub-monolayer mode and a multilayer mode
Domenichini B, Kruger P, Brevet A, Bourgeois S, Li Z, Moller PJ
408 - 411 Photocatalytic chemisorption of water on titanium dioxide thin films obtained by radio frequency magnetron deposition
Sirghi L, Hatanaka Y, Aoki T
412 - 417 Structural and compositional characterization of N-2-H-2 plasma surface-treated TiO2 thin films
Miao L, Tanemura S, Watanabe H, Toh S, Kaneko K
418 - 421 Effect of Mn coating materials of the nano-powders on phase transition of the nano-grained BaTiO3 ceramics
Park MB, Cho NH
422 - 425 Control of chemical and electrical features near the grain boundary of the semiconducting BaTiO3 oxides
Park MB, Cho NH
426 - 430 Optical properties of NiO thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition technique
Franta D, Negulescu B, Thomas L, Dahoo PR, Guyot M, Ohlidal I, Mistrik J, Yamaguchi T
431 - 434 Optical properties of rough LaNiO3 thin films studied by spectroscopic ellipsometry and reflectometry
Mistrik J, Yamaguchi T, Franta D, Ohlidal I, Hu GJ, Dai N
435 - 438 Ultraviolet enhanced Si-photodetector using p-NiO films
Choi JM, Im S
439 - 443 Inverted top-emitting organic light-emitting diodes using transparent conductive NiO electrode
Park SW, Choi JM, Kim E, Im S
444 - 448 Electrical characteristics of V2O5 thin films formed on p-Si by sputter-deposition and rapid thermal annealing
Yoon MH, Im S
449 - 452 Thickness dependence of optical properties of VO2 thin films epitaxially grown on sapphire (0001)
Xu G, Jin P, Tazawa M, Yoshimura K
453 - 457 Nanocrystalline WO3 films prepared by two-step annealing
Jayatissa AH, Dadi A, Aoki T
458 - 460 Effect of La and Zn addition on Y2O3 : Eu phosphors
Sakuma S, Kominami H, Neo Y, Aoki T, Nakanishi Y, Mimura H
461 - 464 Study of active surface centers in electroluminescent ZnS : Cu,Cl phosphors
Sychov MM, Mjakin SV, Nakanishi Y, Korsakov VG, Vasiljeva IV, Bakhmetjev V, Solovjeva O, Komarov EV
465 - 468 Characterization on thermal stability of ZnS : Mn2+/MpS/SiO2 nano-phosphor film
Kubo H, Isobe T, Takahashi H, Itoh S
469 - 472 Preparation of CaS : Cu,F thin-film electroluminescent devices with an emission including purple region
Hakamata S, Ehara M, Kominami H, Nakanishi Y, Hatanaka Y
473 - 476 Luminescent properties of SrGa2S4 : Eu thin film phosphors deposited by two electron beam evaporation
Arai Y, Kominami H, Nakanishi Y, Hatanaka Y
477 - 480 Magnetic properties of Fe70-xCo30-N-y(x+y) thin films
Li CY, Duh JG
481 - 484 Investigation on transport properties of strained La0.85Ba0.15MnO3 thin films using hall measurement
Kanki T, Yanagida T, Vilquin B, Tanaka H, Kawai T
485 - 488 Magnetic domain wall structures in free-standing Fe(110) monolayers
Takeda Y, Nakamura K, Akiyama T, Ito T
489 - 493 Domain structures of nanocrystalline Fe78Si10B12 thin films
Sun ZG, Kuramochi H, Akinaga H
494 - 497 Effect of Sr doping on LaTiO3 thin films
Vilquin B, Kanki T, Yanagida T, Tanaka H, Kawai T
498 - 503 Emission characteristics and application of semiconductor field emitters
Mimura H, Neo Y, Shimawaki H, Matsumoto T, Yokoo K
504 - 510 Growth of ZnO and device applications
Iwata K, Tampo H, Yamada A, Fons P, Matsubara K, Sakurai K, Ishizuka S, Niki S
511 - 516 Atomic layer deposition in porous structures: 3D photonic crystals
King JS, Heineman D, Graugnard E, Summers CJ
517 - 523 Microcavity effects and the outcoupling of light in displays and lighting applications based on thin emitting films
Neyts K
524 - 527 Novel green thin-film electroluminescent devices utilizing ZnS nanocrystals doped with Tb compounds
Toyama T, Yoshimura K, Fujii A, Haze H, Okamoto H
528 - 532 Metal-semiconductor interfaces in CdTe crystals and modification of their properties by laser pulses
Gnatyuk VA, Aoki T, Hatanaka Y, Vlasenko OI
533 - 536 Effects of Zn-doping on red-luminescence in Eu-doped (Mg,Ca)S phosphor films
Tokunaga S, Mikami A
537 - 540 Effect of ITO surface state to the aging characteristics of thin film OLED
Fukushi Y, Kominami H, Nakanishi Y, Hatanaka Y
541 - 545 Photocatalytic oxidation dynamics of acetone on TiO2: tight-binding quantum chemical molecular dynamics study
Lv C, Wang XJ, Agalya G, Koyama M, Kubo M, Miyamoto A
546 - 549 Spectroscopic ellipsometry study on TiO2 thin films modified by N-2-H-2 plasma surface treatment
Tanemura S, Miao L, Watanabe H, Mori Y
550 - 553 Photoresponse of surface oxygen defects on TiO2(110)
Komiyama M, Li YJ
554 - 557 Photocatalytic characteristics of hydro-oxygenated amorphous titanium oxide films prepared using remote plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Hatanaka Y, Naito H, Itou S, Kando M
558 - 562 Separation of nitrogen removal pathways in a steady-state NO plus CO reaction on Pd(110): an angle-resolved desorption study
Ma YS, Rzeznicka II, Matsushima T
563 - 567 Chlorine gas sensors with high sensitivity using Mg-phthalocyanine thin films
Miyata T, Minami T
568 - 572 Effect of AZO film deposition conditions on the photovoltaic properties of AZO-Cu2O heterojunctions
Tanaka H, Shimakawa T, Miyata T, Sato H, Minami T
573 - 577 Unoccupied electronic band structure of conjugated molecular films interfacing polycrystalline gold surface
Komolov A, Moller PJ
578 - 583 Structure of mercaptoalcohol self-assembled monolayers on Au(111)
Tsukamoto K, Kubo T, Nozoye H
584 - 587 Chain length dependence of adsorption structure of COOH-terminated alkanethiol SAMs on Au(111)
Ito E, Konno K, Noh J, Kanai K, Ouchi Y, Seki K, Hara M
588 - 592 Study of thin films of carrier-doped strontium titanate with emphasis on their interfaces with organic thin films
Sato N, Harada Y, Terashima T, Kanda R, Takano M
593 - 597 Energy level alignment at interfaces with pentacene: metals versus conducting polymers
Koch N, Elschner A, Johnson RL, Rabe JP
598 - 602 Large-scale calculations of solid oxide fuel cell cermet anode by tight-binding quantum chemistry method
Koyama M, Kubo M, Miyamoto A
603 - 606 Fabrication of organic static induction transistors with higher order structures
Mathew JC, Hirashima N, Nakamura M, Iizuka M, Kudo K
607 - 610 Infrared spectroscopy of pentacene thin film on SiO2 surface
Hosoi Y, Okamura K, Kimura Y, Ishii H, Niwano M
611 - 614 Preparation and properties of bovine serum albumin thin films by pulsed laser deposition
Sagawa J, Nagare S, Senna M
615 - 618 Structural and optical properties of 6,13-pentacenequinone film
Hwang DK, Kim K, Kim JH, Jung DY, Kim E, Im S
619 - 622 Transparent ultra water-repellent poly(ethylene terephthalate) substrates fabricated by oxygen plasma treatment and subsequent hydrophobic coating
Teshima K, Sugimura H, Inoue Y, Takai O, Takano A
623 - 626 The secondary structure control of silk fibroin thin films by post treatment
Taketani I, Nakayama S, Nagare S, Senna M
627 - 630 Electronic-state control of amino acids on semiconductor surfaces
Oda M, Nakayama T
631 - 635 Density functional theory studies on decomposition of ethyl-palladium complexes: an important role of cationic species
Raharintsalama R, Munakata H, Koyama M, Kubo M, Miyamoto A
636 - 639 Development of new kinetic Monte Carlo simulator for hydrogen diffusion process in palladium-silver alloys
Kurokawa H, Bada K, Koyama M, Kubo M, Miyamoto A
640 - 643 Computational chemistry study of solid and aqueous solution interface
Mart U, Jung CH, Koyama M, Kubo M, Miyamoto A
644 - 647 Periodic density functional and tight-binding quantum chemical molecular dynamics study of surface hydroxyl groups on ZrO2(111)-supported Pt catalyst
Jung CH, Koyama M, Kubo M, Imamura A, Miyamoto A