Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.243, No.1-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Energy analysis for (111) twist grain boundary in noble metals
Zhang JM, Wei XM, Xin H
7 - 10 Chromophore binding to in vitro engineered bio-mimetic surfaces
Kinsella JM, Ivanisevic A
11 - 18 A theoretical study of Cs adsorption at tips of single-wall carbon nanotubes: field emission properties
Duan XF, Brahim B, Pachter R
19 - 23 Ion bombardment in a normal-gate FED
Gao YB, Zhang XB, Lei W, Liu M, Zhang YN, den Engelsen D
24 - 29 Growth and characteristics of ZnO thin film on CaF2 (11-21) substrate by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy
Ma Y, Du GT, Wang X, Li WC, Yin JZ, Qiu DL, Song B, Zhang X, Zhang YT, Liu DL
30 - 35 Raman scattering characterization of macro- and nanoporous silicon
Korsunska N, Bulakh B, Jumayev B, Khomenkova L, Yukhymchuk V, Torchynska T
36 - 39 Research on optical property of phase transition PcNi/VO2 films
Yuan HT, Feng KC, Wang XJ, He CJ, Li DH, Nie YX, Feng KA
40 - 54 Interaction of hydrogen sulfide with Zr0.92Y0.08O2-delta/40% Ni cermet
Siriwardane RV, Poston JA, Fisher EP
55 - 61 Characterization and conductive coating of phosphors for improved brightness
Chang CH, Chiou BS, Chen KS, Ho JC
62 - 67 Giant magnetoreistance in evaporated nanometer scale Fe/W and Co/W multilayers
Chushkin Y, Jergel M, Luby S, Majkova E, Ozvold M, Kuwasawa Y, Okayasu S, D'Anna E, Luches A, Martino M
68 - 75 Plume dynamics of laser-produced aluminum plasma in ambient nitrogen
Sharma AK, Thareja RK
76 - 81 Surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) spectra of sodium benzoate and 4-picoline in Ag colloids prepared by gamma-irradiation
Choi SH, Park HG
82 - 88 The current fluctuations and accumulated pitting damage of mild steel in NaNO2-NaCl solution
Tang YM, Zuo Y, Zhao H
89 - 95 Formation of silicon on plasma synthesized SiOxNy and reaction mechanism
Zhu M, Shi XJ, Chen P, Liu WL, Wong M, Lin CL, Chu PK
96 - 105 Micro-Raman study of photoexcited plasma in GaAs bevelled structures
Srnanek R, Irmer G, Geurts J, Lentze M, Donoval D, Sciana B, Radziewicz D, Tlaczala M, Florovic A, Novotny I
106 - 112 Activation of binary Zr-V non-evaporable getters: synchrotron radiation photoemission study
Matolin V, Dudr V, Fabik S, Chab V, Masek K, Matolinova I, Prince KC, Skala T, Sutara F, Tsud N, Veltruska K
113 - 124 Effects of adhesion layer (Ti or Zr) and Pt deposition temperature on the properties of PZT thin films deposited by RF magnetron sputtering
Mardare CC, Joanni E, Mardare AI, Femandes JRA, de Sa CPM, Tavares PB
125 - 128 Conversion of a solid surface from super-hydrophobic to super-hydrophilic by photocatalytic remote oxidation and photocatalytic lithography
Kubo W, Tatsuma T
129 - 137 Wavelength dependence of the single pulse femtosecond laser ablation threshold of indium phosphide in the 400-2050 nm range
Borowiec A, Tiedje HF, Haugen HK
138 - 142 The deepness enhancing of an AFM-tip induced surface nanomodification
Sheglov DV, Latyshev AV, Aseev AL
143 - 147 Microstructural and interband transition properties in CdTe quantum dots grown on ZnTe buffer layers by using atomic layer epitaxy
No YS, Kim TW, Lee HS, Park HL
148 - 150 Electron beam induced surface modification of amorphous Sb2S3 chalcogenide films
Debnath RK, Fitzgerald AG
151 - 157 Preparation of carbon nanotubes at the surface of Fe/SBA-15 mesoporous molecular sieve
Wang XQ, Wang M, Jin HX, Li ZH, He PM
158 - 165 Macro and microthermal analysis of plant wax/surfactant interactions: plasticizing effects of two alcohol ethoxylated surfactants on an isolated cuticular wax and leaf model
Perkins MC, Roberts CJ, Briggs D, Davies MC, Friedmann A, Hart C, Bell G
166 - 177 Charging effects on electron-stimulated desorption of cations from gadolinia-doped ceria surfaces
Chen HY, Chen YF, Aleksandrova A, Dong J, Liu ML, Orlando TM
178 - 182 Growth of thick AlGaN by mixed-source hydride vapor phase epitaxy
Ahn HS, Kim KH, Yang M, Yi JY, Lee HJ, Cho CR, Cho HK, Kim SW, Narita T, Honda Y, Yamaguchi M, Sawaki N
183 - 198 Characterisation of nanosize thin films of electrografted N-vinylcarbazole copolymers (P[NVCz-co-VBSA] and P[NVCz-co-3-MeTh]) onto carbon fibre AFM, XPS, and Raman spectroscopy
Sarac AS, Serantoni M, Tofail SAM, Henry J, Cunnane V, McMonagle JB
199 - 203 Formation of Si nanodot arrays on the oxidized Si(100) surface
Saranin AA, Zotov A, Kodyar VG, Utas OA, Ignatovich KV, Kasyanova TV, Park YS, Park WJ
204 - 213 Microhardness and toughness of the TiN coating prepared by reactive plasma spraying
Feng WR, Yan DR, He JN, Zhang GL, Chen GL, Gu WC, Yang S
214 - 219 Laser ablation of cobalt and cobalt oxides in liquids: influence of solvent on composition of prepared nanoparticles
Tsuji T, Hamagami T, Kawamura T, Yamaki J, Tsuji M
220 - 227 Surface and electrical-transport studies of Ag/Al bilayer-structures grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Debnath AK, Joshi N, Muthe KP, Vyas JC, Aswal DK, Gupta SK, Yakhmi JV
228 - 231 Electron beam induced chemical modification of amorphous chalcogenide-metal bilayers and its application
Debnath RK, Nusbar N, Fitzgerald AG
232 - 237 High laser-induced damage threshold HfO2 films prepared by ion-assisted electron beam evaporation
Zhang DW, Fan SH, Zhao YN, Gao WD, Shao JD, Fan RY, Wang YJ, Fan ZX
238 - 244 Grazing angle infrared micro spectroscopy of micropatterned self-assembled monolayers
Bensebaa F, L'Ecuyer P, Faid K, Py C, Tague TJ, Jackson RS
245 - 250 Effect of heat-treatment temperature on the luminescent properties of LU2O3 : Eu film prepared by Pechini sol-gel method
Guo H, Yin M, Dong N, Xu M, Lou LR, Zhang WP
251 - 258 Deposition behaviour and morphology of Ni-SiC electro-composites under triangular waveform
Hu F, Chan KC
259 - 264 Interfacial reactions of electroless nickel thin films on silicon
Liu CM, Liu WL, Hsieh SH, Tsai TK, Chen WJ
265 - 277 TEM anti ellipsometry studies of nanolaminate oxide films prepared using atomic layer deposition
Mitchell DRG, Attard DJ, Finnie KS, Triani G, Barbe CJ, Depagne C, Bartlett JR
278 - 286 Microstructure and wear properties of laser clad TiCo/Ti2CO intermetallic coatings on titanium alloy
Xue Y, Wang HM
287 - 295 Radiation and storage-induced ageing of polypyrrole doped with dodecylbenzene sulfonic acid
Kappen P, Brack N, Hale PS, Prissanaroon W, Welter E, Pigram PJ
296 - 303 Interfacial studies for improving the adhesion of diamond-like carbon films on steel
Chen CC, Hong FCN
304 - 318 Effects of different laser and plasma treatments on the interface and adherence between evaporated aluminium and polyethylene terephthalate films: X-ray photoemission, and adhesion studies
Ardelean H, Petit S, Laurens P, Marcus P, Arefi-Khonsari F
319 - 328 Surfactant-controlled synthesis of Pd/Ce0.6Zr0.4O2 catalyst for NO reduction by CO with excess oxygen
Chen LF, Gonzalez G, Wang JA, Norena LE, Toledo A, Castillo S, Moran-Pineda M
329 - 334 Percolation characters of sputtered and vaporized semi-continuous silver island films
Wang QQ, Hun JB, Ding S, Xiong GG, Tian DC
335 - 344 Synchrotron radiation photoemission study of indium oxide surface prepared by spray pyrolysis method
Brinzari V, Korotcenkov G, Matolin V
345 - 354 Influence of the growth-surface on the incorporation of phosphorus in SiC
Rauls E, Gerstmann U, Frauenheim T
355 - 359 Enhancement of electroplex emission by using multi-layer device structure
Wang YM, Teng F, Xu Z, Hou YB, Wang YS, Xu XR
360 - 375 Reducibility of Co3+ in perovskite-type LaCoO3 and promotion of copper on the reduction of Co3+ in perovskite-type oxides
Huang L, Bassir M, Kaliaguine S
376 - 393 Structural modifications of carbon-carbon composites under high temperature and ion irradiation
Paulmier T, Balat-Pichelin M, Le Queau D
394 - 400 Influence of thickness on field emission characteristics of AlN thin films
Wang YX, Li YA, Feng W, Li WQ, Zhao CH, Liu LH, Feng KC, Zhao YN
401 - 408 Annealing and deposition effects of the chemical composition of silicon-rich nitride
Andersen KN, Svendsen WE, Stimpel-Lindner T, Sulima T, Baumgartner H
409 - 414 Nitrogen ion implantation on stainless steel: AFM study of surface modification
Chico B, Martinez L, Perez FJ
415 - 420 Precise etching of fused silica for micro-optical applications
Zimmer K, Bohme R
421 - 428 The study of the effect of Ba coverage through the accelerations lifetime of activated BaO/SrO cathodes
Hashim AA, Ray AK, Hassan AK, Barratt DS
429 - 436 Effect of boron paste thickness on the growth kinetics of Fe2B boride layers during the boriding process
Campos I, Bautista O, Ramirez G, Islas M, De La Parra J, Zuniga L
437 - 442 Annealing characteristics of the vanadium oxide films prepared by modified ion beam enhanced deposition
Li JH, Yuan NY, Xie JS