Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.240, No.1-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 "Polaronic states in II-VI quantum dot" (vol 238, pg 213, 2004)
Triki M, Jaziri S
7 - 12 Nanosized titania encapsulated silica particles using an aqueous TiCl4 solution
Choi HH, Park J, Singh RK
13 - 18 Self-organization of surfactant molecules on solid surface: an STM study of sodium alkyl sulfonates
Yin XL, Wan LJ, Yang ZY, Yu JY
19 - 23 Estimating the extent of surface oxidation by measuring the porosity dependent dielectrics of oxygenated porous silicon
Pan LK, Sun CQ, Li CM
24 - 27 Fabrication of patterned gold microstructure by selective electroless plating
Guan F, Chen MA, Yang W, Wang JQ, Yong SR, Xue QJ
28 - 33 Microstructure evolution of electroless Ni-B film during its depositing process
Rao QL, Bi G, Lu QH, Wang HW, Fan XI
34 - 41 Influence of different deposition potentials on morphology and stfucture of CdSe films
Shen CM, Zhang XG, Li HL
42 - 47 Interface behavior study of WC92-Co8 coating produced by electrospark deposition
Wang RJ, Qian YY, Liu J
48 - 62 Pillar effects in MOS2 catalysts supported on Al and Zr pillared clays in a hydrotreatment reaction - A preliminary study
Colin JA, de los Reyes JA, Vazquez A, Montoya A
63 - 70 Effect of carbon content on the microstructure and the crackina susceptibility of Fe-based laser-clad layer
Li S, Hu QW, Zeng XY, Ji SQ
71 - 76 Structural characteristics of 2024 aluminum alloy plasma-based ion implanted with nitrogen then titanium
Liao JX, Xia LF, Sun MR, Liu WM, Xu T, Yang CR, Chen HW, Fu CL, Leng WJ
77 - 84 Structure and NO reactivity of Zr-deposited Pd surfaces
Nakamura I, Hamada H, Fujitani T
85 - 104 The effect of air exposure on palladium-copper composite membranes
Roa F, Way JD
105 - 111 Growth and characterization of MOMBE grown HfO2
Moon TH, Ham MH, Kim MS, Yun I, Myoung JM
112 - 119 Performance of different crystal structures of PbO2 on electrochemical degradation of phenol in aqueous solution
Abaci S, Tamer U, Pekmez K, Yildiz A
120 - 130 Deposition and characterization of carbon nitride films from hexamethylenetetramine/N-2 by microwave plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Uddin MN, Fouad OA, Yamazato M, Nagano M
131 - 139 Characterization and performances of an Algerian diatomite-based gas chromatography support
Hadjadj-Aoul O, Belabbes R, Belkadi M, Guermouche MH
140 - 145 Crystallographically-dependent ripple formation on Sn surface irradiated with focused ion beam
Qian HX, Zhou W, Fu YQ, Ngoi BKA, Lim GC
146 - 154 The study of the influence of uniaxial stress on impurity complexes in silicon
Tessema G, Vianden R
155 - 160 Nickel induced lateral crystallization behavior of amorphous silicon films
Li JF, Sun XW, Yu MB, Qi GJ, Zeng XT
161 - 174 Effects of surface treatments and annealincy on carbon-based molecular sieve membranes for gas separation
Wang LJ, Hong FCN
175 - 179 Synthesis and Raman analysis of 1D-ZnO nanostructure via vapor phase growth
Liao L, Liu DH, Li JC, Liu C, Fu Q, Ye MS
180 - 188 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy characterization of composite TiO2-poly(vinylidenefluoride) films synthesised for applications in pesticide photocatalytic degradation
Losito I, Amorisco A, Palmisano F, Zambonin PG
189 - 196 Determination of growth modes via spectroscopy: new simple analytical models
Fu QA, Wagner T
197 - 203 Effects of oxygen flow rate on the properties of HfO2 layers grown by metalorganic molecular beam epitaxy
Moon TH, Myoung JM
204 - 213 Detergency of stainless steel surface soiled with human brain homogenate: an XPS study
Richard A, Le Mogne T, Perret-Liaudet A, Rauwel G, Criquelion J, De Barros MI, Cetre JC, Martin JM
214 - 221 Study of the multilayer metallic films topography modified by laser interference irradiation
Lasagni A, Mucklich F
222 - 235 Structural and energetic heterogeneities of pyrocarbon/silica gel systems and their adsorption properties
Seledets O, Gun'ko VM, Skubiszewska-Zieba J, Leboda R, Musiatowicz M, Podkoscielny P, Dabrowski A
236 - 243 Passivation of TiO2 by ultra-thin Al-oxide
Dittrich T, Muffler HJ, Vogel M, Gurninskaya T, Ogacho A, Belaidi A, Strub E, Bohne W, Rohrich J, Hilt O, Lux-Steiner MC
244 - 250 Variation in surface fractal of graphite due to the adsorption of polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate
Hou QF, Lu XC, Liu XD, Hu BX, Lu ZJ, Shen J
251 - 259 Ultrathin multilayer of Fe and Ge: structure and magnetic properties
Singh S, Basu S, Vedpathak M, Kodama RH, Chitra R, Goud Y
260 - 267 A simple method for the preparation of ultrahigh sensitivity surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) active substrate
Wei G, Zhou HL, Liu ZG, Li Z
268 - 274 Adhesion strength study between plasma treated polyester fibres and a rubber matrix
Krump H, Simor M, Hudec I, Jasso M, Luyt AS
275 - 279 Effect of excess Pb on crystallinity and ferroelectnic properties of PZT(40/60) films on LaNiO3 coated Si substrates by MOD technique
Ma JH, Meng XJ, Sun JL, Lin T, Shi FW, Wang GS, Chu JH
280 - 285 The fabrication and characterization of ZnOUV detector
Moon TH, Jeong MC, Lee W, Myoung JM
286 - 295 Fine grain growth of nickel electrodeposit: effect of applied magnetic field during deposition
Ganesh V, Vijayaraghavan D, Lakshminarayanan V
296 - 304 Sub-micron scale patterning using femtosecond laser and self-assembled monolayers interaction
Chang W, Choi M, Kim J, Cho S, Whang K
305 - 311 Surface structure of low-coveraged Cs on Si(001)-(2 x 1) system
Park JY, Seo JH, Kim JY, Whang CN, Kim SS, Choi DS, Chae KH
312 - 317 Microthermal machining using scanning thermal microscopy
Fang TH, Chang WJ
318 - 326 Influence of surface roughness on water- and oil-repellent surfaces coated with nanoparticles
Hsieh CT, Chen JM, Kuo RR, Lin TS, Wu CF
327 - 340 Investigation of the inhibiting action of O-, S- and N-dithiocarbamato(1,4,8,11-tetraazacyclotetradecane)cobalt(III) 1 complexes on the corrosion of iron in HClO4 acid
Babic-Samardzija K, Khaled KF, Hackerman N
341 - 348 Pyridine-pyrazole compound as inhibitor for steel in 1 M HC1
Bouklah M, Attayibat A, Hammouti B, Ramdani A, Radi S, Benkaddour M
349 - 354 The stability of SiC coating and SiO2/SiC multilayer on the surface of graphite for HTGRs at normal senlice condition
Fu ZQ, Liang TX, Robin JC, Tano CH
355 - 365 Evolution of morphologic properties on the preparation of Ir/Al2O3 catalysts with high metallic contents
Neto TGS, Cobo AJG, Cruz GM
366 - 374 Characteristic responses of a semiconductor gas sensor depending on the frequency of a periodic temperature change
Nakata S, Okunishi H
375 - 380 Dependence of the electronic parameters on the In gamma Ga1-As quantum well width in modulation-doped AlxGa1-xAs/In-y Ga1-yAs/GaAs strained single quantum wells
Lee DU, Kim TW, Yoo KH
381 - 387 A study on the reaction between chlorine trifluoride gas and glass-like carbon
Saito Y, Nishizawa T, Hamaguchi M
388 - 395 Variations of work function and corrosion behaviors of deformed copper surfaces
Li W, Li DY
396 - 404 Inhibition of steel pitting corrosion in HCl by some inorganic anions
Refaey SAM
405 - 413 Kinetic interface roughening and magneto resistance of sputter-deposited Fe/Ni75B25 multilayers
Oksuzoglu RM, Miehe G, Fuess H
414 - 423 Eutectic alloy microstructure: atomic force microscopy analysis
Costa CAR, Batista WW, Rios CT, Milenkovic S, Goncalves MC, Caram R
424 - 431 Microstructured silicon surfaces for field emission devices
Sotgiu G, Schirone L
432 - 440 Reciprocating sliding wear behavior of laser-clad small amplitude Mo2Ni3Si/NiSi metal silicide composite coatings
Lu XD, Wang HM, Zhou ZR
441 - 451 Surface free energies of electroless Ni-P based composite coatings
Zhao Q, Liu Y, Abel EW
452 - 455 Interband Stark effects in InGa1-xAs/InyAl1-yAs coupled step quantum wells
Kim JH, Kim TW, Yoo KH