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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 2 Special issue - APHYS-2003 - Badajoz, Spain, 15-18 October, 2003 -Preface
Mendez-Vilas A, Gonzalez-Martin ML
3 - 8 Scanning probe microscopy experiments in microgravity
Drobek T, Reiter M, Heckl WM
9 - 13 Some geometrical considerations about the influence of topography on the adhesion force as measured by AFM on curved surfaces
Mendez-Vilas A, Gonzalez-Martin ML, Nuevo MJ
14 - 17 Determination of uptake rate of sensitive diffusion sampler for formaldehyde in air
Sekine Y, Oikawa D, Butsugan M
18 - 23 Surface characterisation of two strains of Staphylococcus epidermidis with different slime-production by AFM
Mendez-Vilas A, Gallardo-Moreno AM, Gonzalez-Martin ML, Calzado-Montero R, Nuevo MJ, Bruque JM, Perez-Giraldo C
24 - 28 Topography induced by sputtering in a magnetic sector instrument: an AFM and SEM study
Iacob E, Bersani M, Lui A, Giubertoni D, Barozzi M, Anderle M
29 - 35 Scanning tunneling microscopy of titanium silicide nanoislands
Goldfarb I, Grossman S, Cohen-Taguri G, Levinshtein M
36 - 41 Missing dimer defect on beta-SiC(001)-c(2 x 2) surface - numerical analysis of the structure and STM profiles
Stankiewicz B, Kaminski W, Jurczyszyn L
42 - 46 Artifacts in AFM images revealed using friction maps
Mendez-Vilas A, Gonzalez-Martin ML, Labajos-Broncano L, Nuevo MJ
47 - 50 Force spectroscopy of covalent bond rupture versus protein extraction
Afrin R, Okazaki S, Ikai A
51 - 63 Direct surface probing of cell wall-defective mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisiae by atomic force microscopy
Mendez-Vilas A, Corbacho I, Gonzalez-Martin ML, Nuevo MJ
64 - 72 Domain size effects on the thermal properties of PS/PMMA blends
Silva GG, Rocha PMD, de Oliveira PS, Neves BRA
73 - 76 The dynamics of H-2 and N-2 sorption in carbon nanotubes
Otvos Z, Onyestyak G, Valyon J, Kiricsi I, Konya Z, Rees LVC
77 - 81 The effect of promoters on the electronic structure of ruthenium catalysts supported on carbon
Guraya M, Sprenger S, Rarog-Pilecka W, Szmigiel D, Kowalczyk Z, Muhler M
82 - 85 Adsorption of Pd atoms on gamma-Al2O3: a density functional study of metal-support interactions
Marquez AM, Sanz JF
86 - 90 Ethanol pretreatment effect and particle diameter issues on the adsorption of Candida rugosa lipase onto polypropylene powder
Foresti ML, Ferreira ML
91 - 96 An intermittent temperature-programmed desorption method for studying kinetics of desorption from heterogeneous surfaces
Gaillard F, Abdat M, Joly JP, Perrard A
97 - 100 The effect of ultrasound on the catalytic activity of alkaline carbons: preparation of N-alkyl imidazoles
Duran-Valle CJ, Ferrera-Escudero S, Calvino-Casilda V, Diaz-Teran J, Martin-Aranda RM
101 - 107 Adsorbtion of polyelectrolyte multilayers on plasma-modified porous polyethylene
Greene G, Tannenbaum R
108 - 112 Analyses of thin films and surfaces by cold neutron depth profiling
Lamaze GP, Chen-Mayer HH, Soni KK
113 - 116 Ion beam processing of magnesium oxide thin films for PDP application
Nomura H, Murakami S, Ide-Ektessabi A, Tanaka Y, Tsukuda Y
117 - 120 Erbium-doped thin amorphous carbon films prepared by mixed CVD sputtering
Speranza G, Calliari L, Ferrari M, Chiasera A, Ngoc KT, Baranov AM, Sleptsov VV, Nefedov AA, Varfolomeev AE, Fanchenko SS
121 - 124 Dry laser cleaning of mechanically thin films
Bloisi F, Barone AC, Vicari L
125 - 131 Microstructure and bactericidal ability of photocatalytic TiO2 thin films prepared by rf helicon magnetron sputtering
Lei M, Tanemura S, Kondo Y, Iwata M, Toh S, Kaneko K
132 - 137 Silver nanoparticle formation in thin oxide layer on silicon by silver-negative-ion implantation for Coulomb blockade at room temperature
Tsuji H, Arai N, Matsumoto T, Ueno K, Gotoh Y, Adachi K, Kotaki H, Ishikawa J
138 - 142 Spectromicroscopy of ultrathin Pd films on W(110): interplay of morphology and electronic structure
Aballe L, Barinov A, Locatelli A, Heun S, Cherifi S, Kiskinova M
143 - 146 Equilibrium and non-equilibrium 1/f noise in AlGaN/GaN TLM structures
Vitusevich SA, Danylyuk SV, Petrychuk MV, Antoniuk OA, Klein N, Belyaev AE
147 - 150 Study of GaNxAs1-x semiconducting films grown by laser pulsed deposition on crystalline and amorphous substrates
Cardona-Bedoya JA, Cruz-Orea A, Mendoza-Alvarez JG, Gomez-Herrera ML, Farias MH, Diaz JA
151 - 154 Electron inelastic mean free paths and surface excitation parameters for GaAs
Kwei CM, Li YC
155 - 158 Ni-Mn-Ga films on Si, GaAs and Ni-Mn-Ga single crystals by pulsed laser deposition
Hakola A, Heczko O, Jaakola A, Kajava T, Ullakko K
159 - 164 Ion beam synthesis of 3C-SiC layers in Si and its application in buffer layer for GaN epitaxial growth
Ito Y, Yamauchi T, Yamamoto A, Sasase M, Nishio S, Yasuda K, Ishigami Y
165 - 168 Crystallization kinetics of hydrogenated amorphous silicon thick films grown by plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition
Farjas J, Rath C, Roura P, Cabarrocas PR
169 - 174 SEM and HRTEM study of porous silicon - relationship between fabrication, morphology and optical properties
Dian J, Macek A, Niznansky D, Nemec I, Vrkoslav V, Chvojka T, Jelinek I
175 - 179 Heating-sol-gel template process for the growth of TiO2 nanorods with rutile and anatase structure
Miao L, Tanemura S, Toh S, Kaneko K, Tanemura M
180 - 183 Structural and morphological properties of Cu(In, Ga)Se-2 thin films on Mo substrate
Caballero R, Guillen C
184 - 188 Characterization of copper selenide thin films deposited by chemical bath deposition technique
Al-Mamum, Islam ABMO
189 - 192 Homo-epitaxial growth of rutile TiO2 film on step and terrace structured substrate
Yamamoto Y, Matsumoto Y, Koinuma H
193 - 198 Effect of UV irradiations on the structural and optical features of porous silicon: application in silicon solar cells
Aouida S, Saadoun M, Boujmil MF, Ben Rabha M, Bessais B
199 - 203 Silicon dissolution regimes from chemical vapour etching: from porous structures to silicon grooving
Ben Jaballah A, Saadoun M, Hajji A, Ezzaouia H, Bessais B
204 - 208 Quantum Hall effect devices based on AlGaAs/GaAs structures studied by photoreflectance spectroscopy
Zamora-Peredo L, Lopez-Lopez M, Rivera Z, Guillen A, Rodriguez-Vaquez AG, Ramirez-Flores G, Lastras-Martinez A, Mendez-Garcia VH
209 - 212 Energy transfer in PbS quantum dots assemblies measured by means of spatially resolved photoluminescence
Dantas NO, Monte AFG, Qu FY, Silva RS, Morais PC
213 - 217 Polaronic states in II-VI quantum dot
Triki M, Jaziri S
218 - 222 Deposition of phospholipid layers on SiO2 surface modified alkyl-SAM islands
Tero R, Takizawa M, Li YJ, Yamazaki M, Urisu T
223 - 227 Molecular dynamics simulation of Cu cluster deposition on Au(001) surfaces
Jimenez-Saez JC, Perez-Martin AMC, Jimenez-Rodriguez JJ
228 - 232 First principles simulations of Cu and Au deposition on alpha-Al2O3 (0001) surface
Hernandez NC, Sanz JF
233 - 237 In situ GISAXS study of the growth of Pd on MgO(001)
Leroy F, Revenant C, Renaud G, Lazzari R
238 - 241 Deposition of 10-undecenoic acid self-assembled layers on H-Si(111) surfaces studied with AFM and FT-IR
Li Y, Tero R, Nagasawa T, Nagata T, Urisu T
242 - 248 Numerical simulation of surface deformation and residual stresses fields in laser shock processing experiments
Ocana JL, Morales M, Molpeceres C, Torres J
249 - 253 Deformation behaviour induced by point defects near a Cu(001) surface
Said-Ettaoussi A, Jimenez-Saez JC, Perez-Martin AMC, Jimenez-Rodriguez JJ
254 - 261 Study of interfacial properties and its effect on magnetization behaviour of Fe/Ni multilayer structure
Gupta R, Gupta A, Chaudhari SM, Gupta M, Allenspach P
262 - 268 Structure and interface properties of Mo/B4C/Si multilayers deposited by rf-magnetron sputtering
Patelli A, Ravagnan J, Rigato V, Salmaso G, Silvestrini D, Bontempi E, Depero LE
269 - 272 Membrane surface modification and characterization by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy and contact angle measurements
Khayet M
273 - 277 Variability between chitosan membrane surface characteristics as function of its composition and environmental conditions
Larena A, Caceres DA
278 - 281 Advanced generation of green conversion coatings for aluminium alloys
Bethencourt M, Botana FJ, Cano MJ, Marcos M
282 - 287 Organization of copper-phthalocyanine molecules on mono-molecular organic buffer layers
Takajo D, Nemoto T, Ozaki H, Mazaki Y, Isoda S
288 - 294 Microstructure and mechanical properties of ceramic coatings on Ti and Ti-based alloy
Surowska B, Bienias J, Walczak M, Sangwal K, Stoch A
295 - 298 Molecular-scale structure fabrication at liquid/solid interfaces
Takajo D, Nemoto T, Kurata H, Isoda S
299 - 303 Spontaneous aggregation of lipids in supported membranes with geometrical barriers
Yoon TY, Jeong CY, Kim JH, Choi MC, Kim MW, Lee SD
304 - 308 High value carbon materials from PET recycling
Parra JB, Ania CO, Arenillas A, Rubiera F, Pis JJ
309 - 313 Porous texture of activated carbons prepared by phosphoric acid activation of woods
Diaz-Diez MA, Gomez-Serrano V, Gonzalez CF, Cuerda-Correa EM, Macias-Garcia A
314 - 319 Synthesis and application of hydroxyapatite/polylactide composite biomaterial
Ignjatovic N, Uskokovic D
320 - 323 Synthesis and characterization of lanthanum incorporated mesoporous molecular sieves
Pesquera C, Gonzalez F, Blanco C, Sanchez L
324 - 330 3D imprint technology using substrate voltage change
Taniguchi J, Iida M, Miyazawa T, Miyamoto I, Shinoda K
331 - 335 Polycrystalline SiC growth and characterization
Ricciardi C, Boota EA, Giorgis F, Mandraccia P, Meotto UM, Barucca G
336 - 340 Plasma-assisted SiC oxidation for power device fabrication
Mandracci P, Ferrero S, Porro S, Ricciardi C, Richieri G, Scaltrito L
341 - 346 Evaluation and quantification of reprocessing modification in single-use devices in interventional cardiology
Tessarolo F, Ferrari P, Silvia B, Motta A, Migliaresi C, Zennaro L, Rigo A, Guarrera GM, Nollo G
347 - 354 Preparation of activated carbons from bituminous coal pitches
Ganan J, Gonzalez-Garcia CM, Gonzalez JF, Sabio E, Macias-Garcia A, Diaz-Diez MA
355 - 359 Well-aligned Co-filled carbon nanotubes: preparation and magnetic properties
Kozhuharova R, Ritschel M, Elefant D, Graff A, Leonhardt A, Monch I, Muhl T, Groudeva-Zotova S, Schneider CM
360 - 366 Optical properties of metal and semiconductor SmS thin films fabricated by rf/dc dual magnetron sputtering
Tanemura S, Miao L, Koide S, Mori Y, Jin P, Terai A, Nabatova-Gabain N
367 - 374 Optical and structural properties of amorphous silicon-carbon films for optoelectronic applications
Stapinski T, Swatowska B, Kluska S, Walasek E
375 - 379 Comparison between optical techniques and confocal microscopy for defect detection on thin wires
Siegmann P, Sanchez-Brea LM, Martinez-Anton JC, Bernabeu E
380 - 384 Optical characterization of surfaces by robust reflectance determination based on air-gap interference
Martinez-Anton JC, Quiroga JA, Gonzalez-Moreno R, Bentabeu E
385 - 389 Determination of surface anchoring energies of liquid crystals by optical diffraction
Yu CJ, Park JH, Lee SD
390 - 394 Isomeric states of polar molecules on ionic surfaces: electrostatic model and FTIR studies
Storozhev PY, Yanko VS, Tsyganenko AA, Palomino GT, Delgado MR, Arean CO
395 - 399 Infrared characterization of strontium titanate thin films
Almeida BG, Pietka A, Mendes JA
400 - 404 Photoluminescence studies in highly Te-doped Ga1-xInxAsySb1-y epitaxial layers grown on GaSb by liquid phase epitaxy
Diaz-Reyes J, Herrera-Perez JL, Gomez-Herrera ML, Cardona-Bedoya JA, Mendoza-Alvarez JG
405 - 409 Physical characteristics and photoluminescence properties of phosphorous-implanted ZnO thin films
Lin CC, Chen SY, Cheng SY
410 - 414 Mesoscopic modelling of the interaction of infrared lasers with composite materials: an application to human dental enamel
Verde AV, Ramos MMD, Stoneham M, Ribeiro RM
415 - 422 Effect of radiation and thermal treatment on structural and transport parameters for cellulose regenerated membranes
Vaquez MI, Galan P, Casado J, Ariza MJ, Benavente J
423 - 428 Registration of heavy metal ions and pesticides with ATR planar waveguide enzyme sensors
Nabok A, Haron S, Ray A
429 - 432 Interfacial microstructure and electrical properties of PT/Al2O3/Si annealed at high temperatures
Chen SY, Hsiao CS, Hsu JJ
433 - 437 Characterization of pulsed plasma-ion streams emitted from RPI-type devices applied for material engineering
Sadowski MJ, Baranowski J, Skladnik-Sadowska E, Borisko VN, Byrka OV, Tereshin VI, Tsarenko AV
438 - 443 Effect of molecular properties on the performance of polymer light-emitting diodes
Ramos MMD, Almeida AM, Correia HMG, Ribeiro RM, Stoneham AM
444 - 448 Morphological change of polycrystalline copper after ion irradiation followed by annealing
Hino T, Taguchi T, Yamauchi Y, Hirohata Y, Nishikawa M
449 - 456 Singular points of electrochemical impedance function
Garcia-Jareno JJ, Gimenez-Romero D, Vicente F
457 - 463 Ab initio calculations of the LaMnO3 surface properties
Evarestov RA, Kotomin EA, Fuks D, Felsteiner J, Maier J
464 - 468 Surface segregation phenomena of solute elements in Al-Pb and Al-Fe dilute binary alloys
Tsubakino H, Nogami A, Yamamoto Y, Yamamoto A, Terasawa M, Mitamura T, Kinomura A, Horino Y
469 - 474 Characterisation of YAG : Ce powders thermal treated at different temperatures
Del Rosario G, Ohara S, Mancic L, Milosevic O
475 - 479 Physical and rheological properties of petroleum fluids under the radio-frequency electromagnetic field effect and perspectives of technological solutions
Kovalyova LA, Khaydar AM
480 - 484 A new drop-shape methodology for surface tension measurement
Cabezas MG, Bateni A, Montanero JM, Neumann AW
485 - 489 Characterization of silicon-YBCO buffered multilayers grown by sputtering
Chiodoni A, Ballarini V, Botta D, Camerlingo C, Fabbri F, Ferrari S, Gerbaldo R, Ghigo G, Gozzelino L, Laviano F, Minetti B, Pirri CF, Tallarida G, Tresso E, Mezzetti E
490 - 494 Manipulation and conductivity measurements of gold nanowires
Wilms M, Conrad J, Vasilev K, Kreiter M, Wegner G
495 - 500 Characterization of a new sensing device based on hydrocarbon groups (CHx) coated porous silicon
Cheraga H, Belhousse S, Gabouze N
501 - 505 Experimental assessment of the influence of irradiation parameters on surface deformation and residual stresses in laser shock processed metallic alloys
Ocana JL, Molpeceres C, Porro JA, Gomez G, Morales M
506 - 512 Metal-ceramic interfaces: joining silicon nitride-stainless steel
Polanco R, De Pablos A, Miranzo P, Osendi MI
513 - 517 Multifractal analysis of growing surfaces
Chaudhari A, Yan CCS, Lee SL
518 - 522 Release of a chitosan-hydroxyapatite composite loaded with ibuprofen and acetyl-salicylic acid submitted to different sterilization treatments
Larena A, Caceres DA, Vicario C, Fuentes A
523 - 529 Interfacial interactions of structural adhesive components with cement pastes - Studies by inverse gas chromatography (IGC)
Neves IB, Chabut M, Perruchot C, Chehimi MM, Benzarti K
530 - 537 Use of different surface analysis techniques for the study of the photo-degradation of a polymeric matrix composite
Larena A, de Ochoa SJ