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1 - 1 Proceedings of the Seventh International Symposium on atomically controlled surfaces, interfaces and nanostructures - Nara, Japan, November 16-20, 2003 - Preface
Oura K
2 - 12 Design of electron correlation effects in interfaces and nanostructures
Aoki H
13 - 20 Understanding adsorbate bonding through quantitative surface structure determination
Woodruff DP
21 - 28 Structural phase transition and thermal vibration of surface atoms studied by reflection high-energy electron dAiffraction
Shigeta Y, Fukaya Y
29 - 33 Precise determination of surface Debye-temperature of Si(111)-7 x 7 surface by reflection high-energy positron diffraction
Fukaya Y, Kawasuso A, Hayashi K, Ichimiya A
34 - 39 Kinematical and dynamical analyses of reflection high-energy positron diffraction (RHEPD) patterns from Si(111) 7 x 7 surfaces
Hayashi K, Fukaya Y, Kawasuso A, Ichimiya A
40 - 44 Structure of the Si(113) surface studied by surface X-ray diffraction
Mizuno Y, Akimoto K, Aoyama T, Suzuki H, Nakahara H, Ichimiya A, Sumitani K, Takahashi T, Zhang XW, Sugiyama H, Kawata H
45 - 50 Comparative analysis of the Si dangling bonds saturation by H or D in gas and liquid phases
Chikalova-Luzina O, Matsumoto T
51 - 57 Structural and morphological changes on surfaces with multiple phases studied by low-energy electron microscopy
Hibino H, Homma Y, Hu CW, Uwaha M, Ogino T, Tsong IST
58 - 62 Dihydride chain formation on a Si(100)-2 x 1-H surface
Fujimori M, Suwa Y, Heike S, Terada Y, Hashizume T
63 - 67 Evolution of surface morphology of Si-trench sidewalls during hydrogen annealing
Hiruta R, Kuribayashi H, Shimizu S, Sudoh K, Iwasaki H
68 - 74 Selective formation of Ge nanostructures on Si(111) surface with patterned steps
Sumitomo K, Lin F, Homma Y, Ogino T
75 - 79 Adsorption of thiophene on a Si(001)-2 x 1 surface studied by photoelectron spectroscopy and diffraction
Shimomura A, Ikejima Y, Yajima K, Yagi T, Goto T, Gunnella R, Abukawa T, Fukuda Y, Kono S
80 - 85 Magic layer thickness in Bi ultrathin films on Si(111) surface
Saito M, Ohno T, Miyazaki T
86 - 92 Phonon dynamics of the Sn/Ge(111)-(3 x 3) surface
Farias D, Kaminski W, Lobo J, Ortega J, Hulpke E, Perez R, Flores F, Michel EG
93 - 98 The evolution of the Sb/Si interface at room temperature on the Si(111)-(7 x 7) and the Si(100)-(2 x 1) reconstructed surfaces
Shivaprasad SM, Paliwal VK, Chaudhuri A
99 - 104 Modification of Sb/Si(001) interface by incorporation of In(4 x 3) surface reconstruction
Gruznev D, Ohmura K, Mori M, Tambo T, Lifshits VG, Tatsuyama C
105 - 109 AES and STM investigations of room temperature Mn deposition onto Si(111) at different deposition rates
Azatyan S, Hirai A, Kusaka M, Iwami M
110 - 114 Tl overlayers on Si(100) and their self-assembly induced by STM tip
Kishida M, Saranin AA, Zotov A, Kotlyar VG, Nishida A, Murata Y, Okado H, Katayama M, Oura K
115 - 118 Hydrogen interaction with Si(111)root 3x root 3-B surfaces
Yoshimura M, Watanabe K, Ueda K
119 - 124 Stability and electric conductivity of reconstructions during amorphous Si-metal surface Si deposition
Ryjkov SV, Lavrinaitis MV, Tsukanov DA, Lifshits VG
125 - 133 SiO2/Si interface structure and its formation studied by large-scale molecular dynamics simulation
Watanabe T, Tatsumura K, Ohdomari I
134 - 138 Quality of SiO2 and of SiGe formed by oxidation of Si/Si0.7Ge0.3 heterostructure using atomic oxygen at 400 degrees C
Nohira H, Kuroiwa T, Nakamura A, Hirose Y, Hirose Y, Mitsui J, Sakai W, Nakajima K, Suzuki M, Kimura K, Sawano K, Nakagawa K, Shiraki Y, Hattori T
139 - 145 Strain relaxation of epitaxial CoSi2 and SiGe layers in cap-Si/Si0.83Ge0.17/Si(001) and epi-CoSi2/Si0.83Ge0.17/Si(001) structures
Shin DO, Sardela MR, Ban SH, Lee NE, Shim KH
146 - 149 Strain in beta-FeSi2 modulated by Ge segregation in solid-phase growth of [a-Si/a-FeSiGe], stacked structure
Sadoh T, Murakami Y, Kenjo A, Enokida T, Yoshitake T, Itakura M, Miyao M
150 - 155 Influence of C incorporation on the initial growth of epitaxial NiSi2 on Si(100)
Okada E, Nakatsuka O, Oida S, Sakai A, Zaima S, Yasuda Y
156 - 160 Effect of an Ag buffer layer on a Cu/Ag/Si system
Yukawa M, Kitagawa H, Iida S
161 - 164 The effect of electron bombardment on optical properties of n-type silicon
Sari AH, Osman F, Ghoranneviss M, Hora H, Hopfl R, Hantehzadeh MR
165 - 169 Energy level broadening of defects causing nonideality in nearly ideal Si Schottky barriers
Maeda K
170 - 175 High-resolution photoemission electron spectroscopy study on the oxynitridation of 6H-SiC(0001)-root 3 x root 3R30 degrees surface
Labis J, Oh J, Namatame H, Taniguchi M, Hirai M, Kusaka M, Iwami M
176 - 180 Structures of sub-monolayered silicon carbide films
Baba Y, Sekiguchi T, Shimoyama I, Nath KG
181 - 188 Atomically engineered interfaces for spin injection: ultrathin epitaxial Fe films grown on As- and Ga-terminated GaAs(001) substrates
Herfort J, Braun W, Trampert A, Schonherr HP, Ploog KH
189 - 193 First-principles investigations of GaAs(311)A surface reconstruction -failure of the electron counting model
Taguchi A, Shiraishi K
194 - 199 Systematic theoretical investigations of adsorption behavior on the GaAs(001)-c(4 x 4) surfaces
Ito T, Tsutsumida K, Nakamura K, Kangawa Y, Shiraishi K, Taguchi A, Kageshima H
200 - 205 Atomic geometry and theoretical scanning tunneling microscopy images of K chains on InAs(110)
Yi H, Lee S, Kim H
206 - 212 Theoretical investigations of adatom behavior on non-planar surfaces with GaAs(n 1 1)A
Asano K, Kangawa Y, Ishizaki H, Akiyama T, Nakamura K, Ito T
213 - 218 Computer simulation of current transport in GaN and AlGaN Schottky diodes based on thin surface barrier model
Kotani J, Hasegawa H, Hashizume T
219 - 223 X-ray diffraction study on GaAs(001)-2 x 4 surfaces under molecular-beam epitaxy conditions
Takahasi M, Yoneda Y, Mizuki J
224 - 229 Time-resolved core-level photoelectron spectroscopy and reflection high-energy electron diffraction study of surface phase transition on GaAs(001)
Maeda F, Watanabe Y
230 - 234 Surface structure of InGaAs/InP(001) ordered alloy during and after growth
Mori T, Hanada T, Morimura T, Shin K, Makino H, Yao T
235 - 241 Anisotropy of lateral growth rate in liquid phase epitaxy of InP and its association with kink-step structures on the surface
Kochiya T, Oyama Y, Suto K, Nishizawa J
242 - 245 Atomically-controlled GaSb-termination of GaAs surface and its properties
Miura T, Nakai T, Yamaguchi K
246 - 250 Effects of growth sequence on atomic level interfacial structures and characteristics of GaInP/GaAs/GaInP double heterostructures grown by low-pressure organometallic vapor phase epitaxy
Yoshikane T, Urakami A, Koizumi A, Hisadome S, Tabuchi M, Inoue K, Fujiwara Y, Takeda Y
251 - 255 Interfacial bonding distribution and energy band structure of (Gd2O3)(1-x)(SiO2)(x) (x=0.5)/GaAs (001) system
Yang JK, Kang MG, Kim WS, Park HH
256 - 260 Investigations on the blue-shift phenomena in argon plasma intermixed InGaAs/InGaAsP quantum well structures
Arokiaraj J, Djie HS, Mei T
261 - 265 Interface properties in ZnSe/ZnS based strained superlattices and quantum wells
Maia FF, Freire JAK, Freire VN, Farias GA, da Silva EF
266 - 269 Effects of interfacial profiles on quantum levels in InxGa1-xAs/GaAs graded spherical quantum dots
Oliveira CLN, Freire JAK, Freire VN, Farias GA
270 - 273 Fermi surface evolution and charge-density waves on In/Cu(001)
Hatta S, Okuyama H, Nishijima M, Aruga T
274 - 278 First-principles study on the strain effect of the Cu(001)-c(2 x 2)N self-organized structure
Yoshimoto Y, Tsuneyuki S
279 - 283 Optical second harmonic spectroscopy of a Au(100) 5 x 20 reconstructed surface
Iwai T, Mizutani G
284 - 290 The growth of Fe, Ni and Co on vicinal Au(111) surfaces
Shiraki S, Fujisawa H, Nantoh M, Kawai M
291 - 295 Angle-resolved photoemission study of Co nanostructures on vicinal Au(111) surfaces
Fujisawa H, Shiraki S, Nantoh M, Kawai M
296 - 300 Spike structure in the very low energy photoelectron spectra of Ag(001)
Hayashi K, Arafune R, Ueda S, Ushioda S
301 - 305 Decay of nano-islands on Au(100) electrode in sulfuric acid solution with Cl- anions
Kubo K, Hirai N, Hara S
306 - 310 Alloy formation of Ni ultrathin films on Pt(111) with Ag buffer layers
Ho HY, Su CW, Chu YW, Shern CS
311 - 315 Atomic structure of Fe thin-films on Cu(001) studied with stereoscopic photography
Hattori AN, Fujikado M, Uchida T, Okamoto S, Fukumoto K, Guo FZ, Matsui F, Nakatani K, Matsushita T, Hattori K, Daimon H
316 - 320 Surface structures of Fe on Mo(110) surface investigated by RHEED
Maehara Y, Yamada A, Kawanowa H, Gotoh Y
321 - 325 Etching of polycrystalline copper by oblique injection of argon ion
Taguchi T, Yamauchi Y, Hirohata Y, Hino T, Nishikawa M
326 - 331 Nitrogen implantation and heat treatment effect on the hardness improvement of the chromium film surface deposited on Si(111) substrate
Ghoranneviss M, Sari AH, Esmaeelpour M, Hantehzadeh MR, Savaloni H
332 - 335 Comparison of experimental and theoretical results of nitrogen implantation in AISI 304 stainless steel
Gazestani SHHH, Shahraki MG, Hantehzadeh MR, Ghoranneviss M, Shokouhy A
336 - 342 Atomic-scale properties of low-index ZnO surfaces
Diebold U, Koplitz LV, Dulub O
343 - 347 Valence band structure of the ZnO(10(1)over-bar0) surface studied by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
Sawada K, Shirotori Y, Ozawa K, Edamoto K, Nakatake M
348 - 351 Control of chemical bonding of the ZnO surface grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Ogata K, Komuro T, Hama K, Koike K, Sasa S, Inoue M, Yano M
352 - 357 Room temperature adsorption of NH3 on Zn-terminated ZnO(0001)
Hasegawa T, Shirotori Y, Ozawa K, Edamoto K, Takahashi K
358 - 362 Luminescence in Cu-implanted ZnO thin films
Sakaguchi I, Hishita S, Haneda H
363 - 368 Surface study and thickness control of thin Al2O3 film on Cu-9%Al(111) single crystal
Yamauchi Y, Yoshitake M, Song WJ
369 - 373 Investigation of formation processes of an anodic porous alumina film on a silicon substrate
Shiraki H, Kimura Y, Ishii H, Ono S, Itaya K, Niwano M
374 - 379 Local structural change caused by light irradiation on TiO2(110) surface observed by scanning tunneling microscopy
Li YJ, Matsumoto T, Gu N, Komiyama M
380 - 386 Pore structure characterization of large-pore periodic mesoporous organosilicas synthesized with varying SiO2/template ratios
Bao XY, Zhao XS, Li X, Li J
387 - 392 Doping of europium in the pores of surface-modified SBA-15
Gu CW, Chia PA, Zhao XS
393 - 397 Efficient adsorption and photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants diluted in water using fluoride-modified hydrophobic mesoporous silica
Yamashita H, Maekawa K, Nakao H, Anpo M
398 - 404 Functionalized nanoporous silicas for the immobilization of penicillin acylase
Chong ASM, Zhao XS
405 - 410 Effects of tetraethoxysilane vapor treatment on the cetyltrimethylammonium bromide-templated silica mesoporous low-k thin film with 3D close-packed array of spherical pores
Han CK, Jung SB, Park HH
411 - 415 Application of XPS time-dependent measurement to the analysis of charge trapping phenomena in HfAlOx films
Hirose K, Yamawaki M, Torii K, Kawahara T, Kawashiri S, Hattori T
416 - 420 Characterization of HfO2/Si(001) interface with high-resolution Rutherford backscattering spectroscopy
Nakajima K, Joumori S, Suzuki M, Kimura K, Osipowicz T, Tok KL, Zheng JZ, See A, Zhang BC
421 - 426 THz time domain spectroscopy of pulsed laser deposited BaTiO3 thin films
Misra M, Kotani K, Kiwa T, Kawayama I, Murakami H, Tonouchi M
427 - 432 Stacking effect on the ferroelectric properties of PZT/PLZT multilayer thin films formed by photochemical metal-organic deposition
Park HH, Park HH, Hill RH
433 - 438 Adsorption structure of benzenethiol on Au(111): first-principles study
Nara J, Higai S, Morikawa Y, Ohno T
439 - 443 Adsorption of cata-condensed aromatics on a Si(100)-2 x 1 surface investigated by infrared absorption spectroscopy
Okamura K, Hosoi Y, Kimura Y, Ishii H, Niwano M
444 - 449 Molecule orientation in self-assembled monolayers determined by infrared-visible sum-frequency generation spectroscopy
Mani AA, Schultz ZD, Champagne B, Humbert C, Dreesen L, Gewirth AA, White JO, Thiry PA, Peremans A, Caudano Y
450 - 455 Comparative study between poly(p-phenylenevinylene) (PPV) and PPV/SiO2 nano-composite for interface with aluminum electrode
Yoon S, Choi HJ, Yang JK, Park HH
456 - 461 Influence of wet chemical treatments on the evolution of epoxy polymer layer surface roughness for use as a build-up layer
Siau S, Vervaet A, Van Calster A, Swennen I, Schacht E
462 - 468 Self-assembled organic and fullerene monolayers characterisation by two-colour SFG spectroscopy: a pathway to meet doubly resonant SFG process
Humbert C, Caudano Y, Dreesen L, Sartenaer Y, Mani AA, Silien C, Lemaire JJ, Thiry PA, Peremans A
469 - 476 Interfacial charge transfer and hole injection in alpha-NPD organic overlayer-CVD diamond substrate system
Chun MS, Teraji T, Ito T
477 - 481 Surface composition of K3C60 multilayers and C-60(3-) monolayers investigated by high-resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy
Silien C, Thiry PA, Caudano Y
482 - 487 Ab initio study of field emission from hydrogen defects in diamond subsurfaces
Araidai M, Watanabe K
488 - 493 Fabrication of nano-sized platinum particles self-assembled on and in CVD diamond films
Tsujimoto K, Mitani S, Teraji T, Ito T
494 - 497 Metal induced gap states at alkali halide/metal interface
Kiguchi M, Yoshikawa G, Ikeda S, Saiki K
498 - 502 Oxidation process of Mo2C(0001) studied by photoelectron spectroscopy
Edamoto K, Sugihara M, Ozawa K, Otani S
503 - 508 In situ observations of tetraamineplatinum(II) hydroxide adsorption from its aqueous solution on heulandite (010) surface by atomic force microscopy
Komiyama M, Li YJ, Gu N
509 - 513 Hydration of the HCl and NH3 molecules adsorbed on amorphous water-ice surface
Kondo M, Kawanowa H, Gotoh Y, Souda R
514 - 518 Solvation of C2H5OH, CH3CHO, and CH3COCH3 molecules on D2O and CD3OD-ice surfaces
Kawanowa H, Kondo M, Shibata T, Gotoh Y, Souda R
519 - 527 Nanowire formation without surface steps
Heinz K, Hammer L, Klein A, Schmidt A
528 - 531 Fabrication of Cu nanowires along atomic step edge lines on Si(111) substrates
Tokuda N, Watanabe H, Hojo D, Yamasaki S, Miki K, Yamabe K
532 - 536 Scratch induced nano-wires acting as a macro-pattern for formation of well-ordered step structures on H-terminated Si(111) by chemical etching
Nagai T, Imanishi A, Nakato Y
537 - 542 Femtosecond dynamic final-state effect in photoemission of surface-passivated metallic nanoparticles on graphite substrates
Tanaka A, Takeda Y, Imamura M, Sato S
543 - 547 Ultra-water-repellent surface: fabrication of complicated structure Of SiO2 nanoparticles by electrostatic self-assembled films
Soeno T, Inokuchi K, Shiratori S
548 - 552 Differences of Stark shift behavior in Si/SiO2 quantum wells and quantum dots
de Sousa JS, Freire JAK, Freire VN, da Silva EF
553 - 558 Conduction band anisotropy effects on the confined electron states of SiC/SiO2 quantum dots
de Sousa JS, Freire VN, da Silva EF
559 - 564 Investigation of furan on vicinal Pd(111) by scanning tunneling microscopy
Loui A, Chiang S
565 - 571 Elementary processes of vibrationally mediated motions of single adsorbed molecules
Ueba H
572 - 575 First-principles calculation of field emission from adsorbed atom on metallic electrode
Kobayashi N, Hirose K, Tsukada M
576 - 580 Kondo effect and surface-state electrons
Limot L, Berndt R
581 - 586 Nano-scale patterning on sulfur terminated GaAs (001) surface by scanning tunneling microscope
Yagishita Y, Toda Y, Hirai M, Fujishiro HI
587 - 592 Local tunneling barrier height imaging of a reconstructed Pt(100) surface
Sinsarp A, Yamada Y, Sasaki M, Yamamoto S
593 - 599 Characterization of the electrical and magnetic properties of sub-micron MTJ cells using scanning probe microscope interfaced with an external magnetic field generator
Heo J, Kim D, Park S, Kim T, Chung S
600 - 605 Hydrogen and oxygen behaviors on Porous-Si surfaces observed using a scanning ESD ion microscope
Itoh Y, Ueda K
606 - 610 Monte Carlo study of secondary electron emission from SiO2 induced by focused gallium ion beams
Ohya K, Ishitani T
611 - 615 Surface analyses of Zr (film)/4H-SiC (substrate) by synchrotron radiation induced-PEEM
Kamezawa C, Hirai A, Kusaka M, Iwami M, Labis J
616 - 620 Stereoscopic photographs of atomic arrangements in MoS2 single-crystal
Guo FZ, Matsui F, Fujikado M, Matsushita T, Daimon H
621 - 626 A new method to characterize dopant profiles in NMOSFETs using conventional transmission electron microscopy
Kawamura K, Ikeda K, Terauchi M
627 - 630 AES and XPS studies of a GaP(001) surface treated by S2Cl2 and P2S5/(NH4)(2)S-x
Liu KZ, Suzuki Y, Fukuda Y
631 - 635 Characterization of TiN thin films subjected to nanoindentation using focused ion beam milling
Ma LW, Cairney JM, Hoffman MJ, Munroe PR
636 - 640 Development of new X-ray microscopy using a low-energy electron beam
Ueda K
641 - 644 Recent progress in energy-filtered high energy X-ray photoemission electron microscopy using a Wien filter type energy analyzer
Niimi H, Tsutsumi T, Matsudaira H, Kawasaki T, Suzuki S, Chun WJ, Kato M, Kitajima Y, Iwasawa Y, Asakura K
645 - 648 Sample holder assembly covering a wide range of temperatures for surface X-ray diffraction
Tajiri H, Sumitani K, Nakatani S, Takahashi T, Akimoto K, Sugiyama H, Zhang X, Kawata H
649 - 653 Mechanical and piezoresistive properties of InAs/AlGaSb cantilevers
Yamaguchi H, Miyashita S, Hirayama Y
654 - 656 Phase detection method with positive-feedback control using a quartz resonator based atomic force microscope in a liquid environment
Nishi R, Kitano K, Yi I, Sugawara Y, Morita S