Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.236, No.1-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 5 Infrared spectroscopic studies on Mg intercalated crystalline MoO3 thin films
Sian TS, Reddy GB
6 - 12 Effects of the pressure on growth of carbon nanotubes by plasma-enhanced hot filament CVD at low substrate temperature
Wang BB, Lee S, Xu XZ, Choi SH, Yan H, Zhang B, Hao W
13 - 17 The electrochemical behavior and surface structure of titanium electrodes modified by ion beams
Huang GF, Xie Z, Huang WQ, Yang SB, Zhao LH
18 - 24 Direct patterning of rhodamine 6G molecules on mica by dip-pen nanolithography
Zhou HL, Li Z, Wu AG, Wei G, Liu ZG
25 - 30 Electron irradiation effects on DES/Ge(100) at 90 K
Lozano J, Early D, Petrany P, Craig JH, Wang P, Kimberlin KR
31 - 41 Determination of the refractive index depth profile of an UV-laser generated waveguide in a planar polymer chip
Shams-el-Din MA, Wochnowski C, Metev S, Hamza AA, Juptner W
42 - 49 Comparison of electrical and optical parameters of Au/n-Si and Ag/n-Si Schottky barrier photodiodes
Keffous A, Siad A, Cheriet A, Benrekaa N, Belkacem Y, Menari H, Chergui W, Dahmani A
50 - 56 Deposition of yttrium-based thin films on TA6V alloy substrates
Siab R, Bonnet G, Brossard JM, Dinhut JF
57 - 62 Nanometer size recrystallization grain induced by applied electric field
Dou JY, Shang WJ, Chen ZW
63 - 70 Niobium zirconium nitride sputter-deposited protective coatings
Debessai M, Filip P, Aouadi SM
71 - 76 An XPS study of laser-fabricated polyimide/titanium interfaces
Georgiev DG, Baird RJ, Newaz G, Auner G, Witte R, Herfurth H
77 - 97 The influence of inhibitors molecular structure and steel microstructure on corrosion layers in CO2 corrosion - An XPS and SEM characterization
Lopez DA, Schreiner WH, de Sanchez SR, Simison SN
98 - 105 Microstructure and properties of borocarburized 15CrNi6 steel after laser surface modification
Kulka M, Pertek A
106 - 113 On nanophase stability in eutectoid Zn-Al based alloy films
Zhu YH, Lee WB, Chung CY, To S
114 - 119 Polarisation-independence of femtosecond laser machining of fused silica
Zheng HY, Zhou W, Qian HX, Tan TT, Lim GC
120 - 130 Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) anisotropy in sapphire
Zhu HL, Tessaroto LA, Sabia R, Greenhut VA, Smith M, Niesz DE
131 - 140 Effects of molecular weight, solvent and substrate on the dewetting morphology of polystyrene films
Zhao JC, Jiang SC, Wang Q, Liu XB, Ji ML, Jiang BZ
141 - 154 Surface structure and topology in surface stabilized Co-nanoparticles with a thin Al2O3 amorphous layer
Rana S, Ram S, Seal S, Roy SK
155 - 164 Organic sulphur-containing compounds as corrosion inhibitors for mild steel in acidic media: correlation between inhibition efficiency and chemical structure
Ozcan M, Dehri I, Erbil M
165 - 174 Influence of surface additives iodine and indium on the initial growth in copper chemical vapor deposition
Chang TY, Tze JJ, Tsai DS
175 - 185 Inhibition of stainless steel pitting corrosion in acidic medium by 2-mercaptobenzoxazole
Refaey SAM, Taha F, Abd El-Malak AM
186 - 191 Structure and scintillation properties of CsI(Tl) epitaxial layers
Ananenko A, Fedorov A, Mateychenko P, Tarasov V, Vidaj Y
192 - 197 Preparation of GaN films on ZnO buffer layers by rf magnetron sputtering
Kim HW, Kim NH
198 - 207 Quantitative analysis and thickness dependence study of Langmuir-Blodgett films of functionalized platinum nanoparticles by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Raynal F, Etcheberry A, Reynaud C, Perez H
208 - 216 Band line-up at the 4H-SiC/Ni interface determined with photoemission spectroscopy
Beerbom MM, Bednarova Z, Gargagliano R, Emirov Y, Schlaf R
217 - 222 gamma-MrO(2) nano-sieve membrane: preparation, characterization and reaction studies
Zhao LL, Wang RS
223 - 230 Effect of chemisorbed surface species on the photocatalytic activity of TiO2 nanoparticulate films
Cao Y, Yang WS, Chen YM, Du H, Yue P
231 - 235 Low-macroscopic field emission from fibrous ZnO thin film prepared by catalyst-free solution route
Maity R, Banerjee AN, Chattopadhyay KK
236 - 240 The oxidation behavior of Ce-implanted ZrN coating
Zhou QG, Bai XD, Xue XY, Ling YH, Chen XW, Xu J, Wang DR
241 - 250 Effect of benzotriazole derivatives on the corrosion of brass in NaCl solutions
Ravichandran R, Nanjundan S, Rajendran N
251 - 255 White emission via electroplex formation at poly(N-vinylcarbazole)/2,9-dimethyl-4,7-diphenyl-1,10-phenanthroline interface
Wang YM, Teng F, Xu Z, Hou YB, Yang SY, Qian L, Zhang T, Liu DA
256 - 269 Synthesis and characterisation of pack cemented aluminide coatings on metals
Houngninou C, Chevalier S, Larpin JP
270 - 277 Study of chemical dissolution of the barrier oxide layer of porous alumina films formed in oxalic acid using a re-anodizing technique
Vrublevsky I, Parkoun V, Sokol V, Schreckenbach J
278 - 284 Plasma surface modification of polystyrene and polyethylene
Guruvenket S, Rao GM, Komath M, Raichur AM
285 - 291 Friction and wear study of diamond-like carbon gradient coatings on Ti6Al4V substrate prepared by plasma source ion implant-ion beam enhanced deposition
Jiang SW, Jiang B, Li Y, Li YR, Yin GF, Zheng CQ
292 - 305 Electrochemical synthesis of polyaniline on mild steel in acetonitrile-LiClO4 and corrosion performance
Tuken T, Ozyilmaz AT, Yazici B, Erbil M
306 - 312 Effect of pH on electrical and optical properties of sol-gel derived microcrystalline Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3 thin films
Roy SC, Sharma GL, Bhatnagar MC, Manchanda R, Balakrishnan VR, Samanta SB
313 - 320 Study of adsorption from binary liquid mixtures on thermally treated activated carbon
Swiatkowski A, Derylo-Marczewska A, Goworek J, Blazewicz S
321 - 327 Electrical and optical properties of sol-gel derived La modified PbTiO3 thin films
Chopra S, Sharma S, Goel TC, Mendiratta RG
328 - 335 Study of structure, tribological properties and growth mechanism of DLC and nitrogen-doped DLC films deposited by electrochemical technique
Yan XB, Xu T, Chen G, Yang SR, Liu HW
336 - 341 Synthesis of ammonium silicon fluoride cryptocrystals on silicon by dry etching
Kalem S
342 - 355 A novel dynamic kinetic model of oxygen isotopic exchange on a supported metal catalyst
Galdikas A, Duprez D, Descorme C
356 - 365 Morphological analysis of pits formed on Al 2024-T3 in chloride aqueous solution
Silva JWJ, Bustamante AG, Codaro EN, Nakazato RZ, Hein LRO
366 - 376 Correlation between series resistance and parameters of Al/n-Si and Al/p-Si Schottky barrier diodes
Siad M, Keffous A, Mamma S, Belkacem Y, Menari H
377 - 386 Influence of the cation nature of high sulfur content oxysulfide thin films MOySz (M=W, Ti) studied by XPS
Martinez H, Benayad A, Gonbeau D, Vinatier P, Pecquenard B, Levasseur A
387 - 393 Effect of ozone cleaning on Pt/Au and W/Pt/Au Schottky contacts to n-type ZnO
Ip K, Gila BP, Onstine AH, Lambers ES, Heo YW, Baik KH, Norton DP, Pearton SJ, Kim S, LaRoche JR, Ren F
394 - 405 Benzene and carbon monoxide co-adsorption on Pt(111): a theoretical study
Jasen PV, Brizuela G, Padin Z, Gonzalez EA, Juan A
406 - 415 The electrochemical behavior of thermally oxidized CrN coatings deposited on steel by cathodic arc plasma deposition
Chang KL, Chung SC, Lai SH, Shih HC
416 - 425 Poly(ethylene terephthalate) surface modification by deep UV (172 nm) irradiation
Zhu ZM, Kelley MJ
426 - 434 Field emission characteristics of diamond-like carbon films synthesized by electrodeposition technique
Gupta S, Chowdhury MP, Pal AK
435 - 443 Reactivities of some thiol collectors and their interactions with Ag (+1) ion by molecular modeling
Yekeler H, Yekeler M
444 - 450 Spectroscopic study of chemically stabilized dichroic thin crystal films
Birgerson J, Lindsjo A, Selo MM, Grehk M, Skarp K
451 - 455 A kinetic model for the borided layers by the paste-boriding process
Keddam M
456 - 460 AFM and ESEM characterisation of functionally nanostructured fibres
Wei QF, Wang XQ, Gao WD
461 - 466 Electrochemically induced switching in SmHx thin films
Kumar P, Malhotra LK
467 - 472 Step melting of crystalline and amorphous lead foils due to irradiation by UV laser pulses
Fule M, Horn H, Nanai L, George TF
473 - 478 Photoelectron spectroscopy study of oxygen vacancy on vanadium oxides surface
Wu QH, Thissen A, Jaegermann W, Liu ML