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1 - 1 The Ninth International Conference on the formation of Semiconductor Interfaces - ICFSI-9 - Madrid, ETSII, Spain, September 15-19, 2003 -Foreword
Flores F, de Seqovia JL
2 - 10 STM patterning of SnO2 nanocrystalline surfaces
Maffeis TGG, Owen GT, Penny M, Ferkel HS, Wilks SP
11 - 15 Evolution mechanism of heterointerface cross-section during growth of GaAs ridge quantum wires by selective molecular beam epitaxy
Sato T, Tamai I, Yoshida S, Hasegawa H
16 - 21 MnAs nanoclusters embedded in GaAs: synthesis and properties
Moreno M, Trampert A, Daweritz L, Ploog KH
22 - 27 Organic-GaAs heterostructure diodes for microwave applications
Ginev G, Riedl T, Parashkov R, Johannes HH, Kowalsky W
28 - 32 TEM study of GaAs/GaSb QD heterostructures
Sitnikova AA, Lublinskaya OG, Toropov AA, Rykhova O, Konnikov SG, Ivanov SV
33 - 37 Electronic spectra of GaAs/GaxAl1-xAs superlattice with impurities arranged according to a Fibonacci sequence
Vasconcelos MS, Mauriz PW, Albuquerque EL, da Silva EF, Freire VN
38 - 44 Inhomogeneous broadening arising from interface fluctuations in strained InxGa1-xAs/GaAs and (InuGa1-uAs)(v)(InP)(1-v)/InP quantum wells
Oliveira CLN, Freire JAK, Freire VN, Farias GA
45 - 49 Optical phonons in InAs and AlAs quantum dot structures
Milekhin AG, Toropova AI, Bakarov AK, Ladanov MY, Zanelatto G, Galzerani JC, Schulze S, Zahn DRT
50 - 53 Optical properties of zincblende GaN/BN cylindrical nanowires
Caetano EWS, Freire VN, Farias GA, da Silva EF
54 - 59 Electrical behaviour of Al/SiGe/Si heterostructures: effect of surface treatment and dislocations
Horvath ZJ, Adam M, Szabo I, Orlov LK, Potapov A, Tolomasov VA
60 - 66 Investigation of the morphology and electrical characteristics of FeSi2 quantum dots on silicon
Dozsa L, Molnar G, Horvath ZJ, Toth AL, Gyulai J, Raineri V, Giannazzo F
67 - 71 Electrical behaviour of Al/SiO2/Si structures with SiC nanocrystals
Horvath ZJ, Dozsa L, Krafcsik OH, Mohacsy T, Vida G
72 - 77 Selective growth of carbon nanostructures on nickel implanted nanopyramid array
Ferrer D, Shinada T, Tanii T, Kurosawa J, Zhong G, Kubo Y, Okamoto S, Kawarada H, Ohdomari I
78 - 81 Effect of rare earth ions-doping on the chemical and optical features of nano-crystalline (Er, Tb :) Si thin films
Park MB, Han KH, Shim JH, Namgung C, Cho NH
82 - 85 Macroscopic and microscopic investigations of the effect of gas exposure on nanocrystalline SnO2 at elevated temperature
Maffeis TGG, Penny A, Teng KS, Wilks SP, Ferkel HS, Owen GT
86 - 92 Total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy - a powerful tool to study single quantum dots
Kobitski AY, Heyes CD, Nienhaus GU
93 - 101 Mono- and multilayered opalline superlattices: application to nanotechnology of 2D ordered array of nanoobjects and 3D metalattices
Bozhko SI, Chaika AN, Emelchenko GA, Masalov VM, Ionov AM, Gruzintsev AN, Mikhailov GM, Medvedev BK
102 - 106 Preferential immobilization of biomolecules on silicon microstructure array by means of electron beam lithography on organosilane self-assembled monolayer resist
Tanii T, Hosaka T, Miyake T, Zhang GJ, Zako T, Funatsu T, Ohdomari I
107 - 112 Barrier formation at metal-organic interfaces: dipole formation and the charge neutrality level
Vazquez H, Flores F, Oszwaldowski R, Ortega J, Perez R, Kahn A
113 - 119 Metal deposition onto biomolecular layers on silicon surfaces: a study of interface formation using Raman spectroscopy
Silaghi SD, Scholz R, Salvan G, Suzuki YJ, Friedrich M, Kampen TU, Zahn DRT
120 - 125 Interaction of caesium with poly(p-phenylene vinylene)E surfaces
van Elsbergen V, Weijtens C, Zaumseil J
126 - 130 Changes in the electronic structure of DiMePTCDI films on S-GaAs(100) upon exposure to oxygen
Gavrila G, Mendez H, Kampen TU, Zahn DRT
131 - 137 Growth and morphology of SnPc films on the S-GaAs(001) surface: a combined XPS, AFM and NEXAFS study
Vearey-Roberts AR, Steiner HJ, Evans S, Cerrillo I, Mendez J, Cabailh G, O'Brien S, Wells JW, McGovern IT, Evans DA
138 - 143 Thickness dependence of the LUMO position for phthalocyanines on hydrogen passivated silicon (111)
Gorgoi M, Michaelis W, Kampen TU, Schlettwein D, Zahn DRT
144 - 148 Synchrotron radiation studies of the growth and beam damage of tin-phthalocyanine on GaAs(001)-1x6 substrates
Cabailh G, Wells JW, McGovern IT, Vearey-Roberts AR, Bushell A, Evans DA
149 - 154 Impedance spectroscopy study of metal-organic-metal structures
Bekkali A, Thurzo I, Kampen TU, Zahn DRT
155 - 161 Methylchloride adsorbed on Si(001): an ab initio study
Preuss M, Schmidt WG, Seino K, Bechstedt F
162 - 167 Structural and chemical property of unsaturated cyclic-hydrocarbon molecules regularly chemisorbed on Si(001) surface
Akagi K, Tsuneyuki S, Yamashita Y, Hamaguchi K, Yoshinobu J
168 - 172 Monitoring of In and Ag growth on PTCDA and DiMe-PTCDI thin films
Paez BA, Salvan G, Silaghi S, Scholz R, Kampen TU, Zahn DRT
173 - 177 Theoretical study of the adsorption of a PTCDA monolayer on S-passivated GaAs(100)
Szucs B, Hajnal Z, Scholz R, Sanna S, Frauenheim T
178 - 184 Modification of GaAs(100) surfaces upon adsorption of perylene derivatives
Salvan G, Silaghi S, Paez B, Kampen TU, Zahn DRT
185 - 189 Adsorption and decomposition of acetone on Si(001)
Ferraz AC, Miotto R
190 - 196 Atomistic model structure of the Si(100)-SiO2 interface from a synthesis of experimental data
Bongiorno A, Pasquarello A
197 - 201 Dependence of SiO2/Si interface structure on low-temperature oxidation process
Hattori T, Azuma K, Nakata Y, Shioji M, Shiraishi T, Yoshida T, Takahashi K, Nohira H, Takata Y, Shin S, Kobayashi K
202 - 206 XPS analysis of carrier trapping phenomena in ultrathin SiO2 film formed on Si substrate
Hirose K, Kawashiri S, Hattori I
207 - 213 Improved interatomic potential for stressed Si, O mixed systems
Watanabe T, Yamasaki D, Tatsumura K, Ohdomari I
214 - 217 Cathodoluminescence study of Si/SiO2 interface structure
Zamoryarskaya MV, Sokolov VI, Plotnikov V
218 - 221 delta(r) type model for interface defects in Si/SiO2 nanocrystals
de Sousa JS, Freire VN, da Silva EF
222 - 227 Field effect of fixed negative charges on oxidized silicon induced by AlF3 layers with fluorine deficiency
Konig D, Zahn DRT, Ebest G
228 - 233 Shallow boron dopant on silicon - An MD study
Perez-Martin AMC, Jimenez-Rodriguez JJ, Jimenez-Saez JC
234 - 239 Study of the oxidation for Si nanostructures using synchrotron radiation photoemission spectroscopy
Nath KG, Shimoyama I, Sekiguchi T, Baba Y
240 - 245 Enhanced tunneling in stacked gate dielectrics with ultra-thin HfO2 layers sandwiched between thicker SiO2 layers
Hinkle CL, Fulton C, Nemanich RJ, Lucovsky G
246 - 250 Electronic structures of ultra-thin silicon carbides deposited on graphite
Baba Y, Sekiguchi T, Shimoyama I, Nath KG
251 - 255 Structural reorganisation of vicinal surfaces on 6H-SiC(0001) induced by hot hydrogen etching
Wulfhekel W, Sander D, Nitsche S, Dulot F, Leycuras A, Hanbucken M
256 - 261 PL and EL features of p-type porous silicon prepared by electrochemical anodic etching
Kim DA, Shim JH, Cho NH
262 - 267 Mechanism of hydrogen, oxygen and humidity sensing by Cu/Pd-porous silicon-silicon structures
Litovchenko VG, Gorbanyuk TI, Solntsev VS, Evtukh AA
268 - 273 Nanostructural features of nc-Si : H thin films prepared by PECVD
Shim JH, Im S, Cho NH
274 - 285 Surface phase transitions at metal-semiconductor interfaces: a revisit is needed
Davila ME, Avila J, Ascolani H, Le Lay G, Gothelid M, Karlsson UO, Asensio MC
286 - 291 Si-substitutional defects on the alpha-Sn/Si(111)-(root 3 x root 3) surface
Kaminski W, Jelinek P, Perez R, Flores F, Ortega J
292 - 296 Ag/Si(111)root 3 x root 3 surface phase transition at low temperature studied by RHEED
Nakahara H, Suzuki T, Ichimiya A
297 - 301 The formation of Si(111)5x2-Au single-domain surface phase by a surface diffusion
Tsukanov DA, Ryjkov SV, Utas OA, Lifshits VG
302 - 306 Atomic indium nanowires on Si(111): the (4x1)-(8x2) phase transition studied with reflectance anisotropy spectroscopy
Fleischer K, Chandola S, Esser N, Richter W, McGilp JF, Schmidt WG, Wang S, Lu W, Bernholc J
307 - 312 Comparison of structural re-organisations observed on pre-patterned vicinal Si(111) and Si(100) surfaces during heat treatment
Kraus A, Neddermeyer H, Wulfhekel W, Sander D, Maroutian T, Dulot F, Martinez-Gil A, Hanbucken M
313 - 320 Barrier heights of organic modified Schottky contacts: theory and experiment
Kampen T, Bekkali A, Thurzo I, Zahn DRT, Bolognesi A, Ziller T, Di Carlo A, Lugli P
321 - 327 High-resolution photoemission study of the Si(111)/Au interface and its modification by a GaSe van der Waals termination layer
Fritsche R, Jaeckel B, Klein A, Jaegermann W
328 - 332 Effects of oxygen plasma treatments on the formation of ohmic contacts to GaN
Yan J, Kappers MJ, Barber ZH, Humphreys CJ
333 - 340 Relation between morphology and work function of metals deposited on organic substrates
Kampen TU, Das A, Park S, Hoyer W, Zahn DRT
341 - 348 Schottky contacts on passivated GaAs(100) surfaces: barrier height and reactivity
Kampen T, Schuller A, Zahn DRT, Biel B, Ortega J, Perez R, Flores F
349 - 354 Theoretical study of the temperature dependence of electrical characteristics of Schottky diodes with an inverse near-surface layer
Osvald J, Horvath ZJ
355 - 361 Electrical resistance evolution of Fe thin films during their sulphuration process
Pascual A, Ares JR, Ferrer IJ, Sanchez CR
362 - 368 Investigation on the barrier height and phase transformation of nickel silicide Schottky contact
Huang SH, Tian Y, Lu F
369 - 373 A transmission electron microscope study of metal/chalcogenide amorphous thin films
Romero JS, Fitzgerald AG, Rose M
374 - 386 Optical nanospectroscopy applications in material science
Cricenti A, Longo G, Ustione A, Mussi V, Generosi R, Luce M, Rinaldi M, Perfetti P, Vobornik D, Margaritondo G, Sanghera JS, Thielen P, Aggarwal ID, Ivanov B, Miller JK, Haglund R, Tolk NH, Congiu-Castellano A, Rizzo MA, Piston DW, Somma F, Baldacchini G, Bonfigli F, Marolo T, Flora F, Montereali RM, Faenov A, Pikuz T
387 - 394 Effects of nitrogen deficiency on electronic properties of AlGaN surfaces subjected to thermal and plasma processes
Hashizume T, Hasegawa H
395 - 402 A molecular device based on light controlled charge carrier mobility
Nespurek S, Sworakowski J, Combellas C, Wang G, Weiter M
403 - 408 Surface X-ray diffraction in transmission geometry
Tajiri H, Sakata O, Takahashi T
409 - 414 Lattice distortion due to surface treatment of bias sputtering revealed by extremely asymmetric X-ray diffraction
Yoshida Y, Akimoto K, Emoto T, Kikuchi S, Itagaki K, Namita H
415 - 421 Features of coherent laser beams interaction with condensed matter
Semchuk OY, Bila RV, Willander A, Karlsteen A
422 - 428 Growth and modification of thin SiGeC films at low substrate temperatures through UV laser assisted processing
Lopez E, Chiussi S, Serra J, Gonzalez P, Serra C, Kosch U, Leon B, Fabbri F, Fornarini L, Martelli S
429 - 433 A spectroscopic study distinguishing between chemical phase separation with different degrees of crystallinity in Hf(Zr) silicate alloys
Lucovsky G, Rayner GB, Kang D, Hinkle CL, Hong JG
434 - 438 Study of dual-valley transport across a multiquantum barrier to enhance carrier confinement
Brown MR, Teng KS, Kestle A, Smowton P, Blood P, Mawby PA, Wilks SP
439 - 444 Wet treatment for preparing atomically smooth Si(100) wafer surface
Sakaue H, Taniguchi Y, Okamura Y, Shingubara S, Takahagi T
445 - 450 Kinetic roughening during gas-source molecular-beam epitaxy of gallium nitride
Vezian S, Natali F, Semond F, Massies J
451 - 456 Auger electronic spectroscopy and electrical characterisation of InP(100) surfaces passivated by N-2 plasma
Petit A, Robert-Goumet C, Bideux L, Gruzza B, Benamara Z, Bouiadjra NB, Matolin V
457 - 461 Photoluminescence characteristics of rare earth-doped nanoporous aluminum oxide
de Azevedo WM, de Carvalho DD, de Vasconcelos EA, da Silva EF
462 - 467 Polarization anisotropy in the photoluminescence from InGaP layers grown by liquid phase epitaxy
Prutskij T, Diaz-Arencibia P, Brito-Orta RA, Mintairov A, Kosel T, Merz J
468 - 474 Influence of the substrate surface termination on the properties of bcc-cobalt films: GaAs(110) versus Sb/GaAs(110)
Izquierdo M, Davila ME, Teodorescu CM, Chrost J, Ascolani H, Avila J, Asensio MC
475 - 479 Reductions in interface defects, D-it, by post-oxidation plasma-assisted nitridation of GaN-SiO2 interfaces in MOS devices
Bae C, Lucovsky G
480 - 486 Initial stages of MBE growth and formation of CaF2/Si(001) high-temperature interface
Sokolov NS, Suturin SM, Ulin VP, Pasquali L, Selvaggi G, Nannarone S
487 - 492 Effect of sintering time on the chemical and electrical features of the grain boundary of the semiconducting SrTiO3 ceramics synthesized from surface-coated powders
Park MB, Cho NH
493 - 496 Atomic-scale depth profiling of composition, chemical structure and electronic band structure of La2O3/Si(100) interfacial transition layer
Nohira H, Shiraishi T, Takahashi K, Hattori T, Kashiwagi I, Ohshima C, Ohmi S, Iwai H, Joumori S, Nakajima K, Suzuki M, Kimura K
497 - 502 Growth of subnanometer-thin Si overlayer on TiO2(110)-(1x2) surface
Abad J, Rogero C, Mendez J, Lopez MF, Martin-Gago JA, Roman E