Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.233, No.1-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 4 The effect of Ag and Cu underlayer on the L1(0) ordering FePt thin films
Xu XH, Wu HS, Wang F, Li XL
5 - 13 Substrate temperature dependence of series resistance in A1/SnO2/p-Si (111) Schottky diodes prepared by spray deposition method
Karadeniz S, Tugluoglu N, Serin T
14 - 19 Luminescent multilayer film based on mixed-addenda polyoxometalates and polyethyleneimine by layer-by-layer assembly
Ma HY, Peng J, Zhou BB, Han ZG, Feng YH
20 - 23 Effects of adsorbates on the field emission current from carbon nanotubes
Yeong KS, Thong JTL
24 - 28 Low temperature deposition of crystalline chromium phosphide films using dual-source atmospheric pressure chemical vapour deposition
Blackman CS, Carmalt CJ, Manning TD, Parkin IP, Apostolico L, Molloy KC
29 - 34 Atomic force microscopy analysis of different surface treatments of Ti dental implant surfaces
Bathomarco RV, Solorzano G, Elias CN, Prioli R
35 - 41 Nitridation effects on the oxidation mechanisms of an ods Fe-Al intermetallic alloy
Pedraza F, Grosseau-Poussard JL, Dinhut JF
42 - 50 Pulsed laser deposition of InP thin films on sapphire(1000) and GaAs(100)
Hafez MA, Elamrawi KA, Elsayed-Ali HE
51 - 57 Conductive line preparation on resin surfaces by laser micro-cladding conductive pastes
Li XY, Li HL, Liu JW, Qi XJ, Zeng XY
58 - 68 Surface properties of a coke-free Sn doped nickel catalyst for the CO2 reforming of methane
Hou ZY, Yokota O, Tanaka T, Yashima T
69 - 79 Investigation of the PECVD TiO2-Si(100) interface
McCurdy PR, Sturgess LJ, Kohli S, Fisher ER
80 - 90 Effects of oxidizing agent and hydrodynamic condition on copper dissolution in chemical mechanical polishing electrolytes
Chen JC, Lin SR, Tsai WT
91 - 98 Growth and characteristics of La2O3 gate dielectric prepared by low pressure metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Cheng JB, Li AD, Shao QY, Ling HQ, Wu D, Wang Y, Bao YJ, Wang M, Liu ZG, Ming NB
99 - 104 Use of effective medium theory to model the effect of the microstructure on dc conductivity of nano-titanium films
Du H, Chen H, Gong J, Wang TG, Sun C, Lee SW, Wen LS
105 - 114 A study on the quantitative determination of through-coating porosity in PVD-grown coatings
Ahn SH, Lee JH, Kim HG, Kim JG
115 - 122 AES, EELS and XPS characterization of Ti(C, N, O) films prepared by PLD using a Ti target in N-2, CH4,O-2 and CO as reactive gases
Soto G
123 - 128 Single-crystalline growth of COSi2 by refractory-interlayer-mediated epitaxy
Akhavan O, Moshfegh AZ, Hashemifar SJ, Azimirad R
129 - 134 Absorption kinetics of thin Al films on quasicrystalline Al-Pd-Mn
Luscher R, Erbudak M, Fluckiger T, Weisskopf Y
135 - 140 Formation of silver nanoparticles in an acid-catalyzed silica colloidal solution
Jiang ZJ, Liu CY, Liu Y
141 - 154 Kinetics of dissociative hydrogen adsorption on the (100) nickel single crystal face: a statistical rate theory approach
Panczyk T, Rudzinski W
155 - 162 Investigation on dispersion of optical constants of Gd2O3 films by phase modulated spectroscopic ellipsometry
Bhattacharyya D, Biswas A, Sahoo NK
163 - 171 Electrocodeposition behavior of Ni-SiC composite under different shaped waveforms
Hu F, Chan KC
172 - 179 Influence of surface roughness on space charge limited emission
Nijkerk MD, Kruit P
180 - 190 The growth morphology and crystallinity of electroless NiP deposition on silicon
Tsai TK, Chao CG
191 - 196 Epitaxial growth of YSZ films prepared by pulsed injection MOCVD
Garcia G, Santiso J, Pardo JA, Figueras A
197 - 203 Role of island comer rounding in the morphology transition of the submonolayers grown on metal (110) surfaces
Liu Z, Shen YG
204 - 212 Effects of the shape properties of talc and quartz particles on the wettability based separation processes
Hicyilmaz C, Ulusoy U, Yekeler M
213 - 218 Studies of surface resistance of copper(II) phthalocyanine thin films by using a near-field scanning microwave microscope
Park M, Yoo H, Yun S, Lim E, Lee K, Chang CH, Joo MK, Lee IJ, Kim J, Friedman B
219 - 226 The use of non-contact AFM with nanoindentation techniques for measuring mechanical properties of carbon nitride thin films
Chowdhury S, Laugier MT
227 - 233 Significant improvement of adhesion between gold thin films and a polymer
Li WT, Charters RB, Luther-Davies B, Mar L
234 - 243 The influence of the Q-switched and free-running Er : YAG laser beam characteristics on the ablation of root canal dentine
Papagiakoumou E, Papadopoulos DN, Khabbaz MG, Makropoulou MI, Serafetinides AA
244 - 251 CO2 laser-induced structure changes on an alumina-mullite-zirconia refractory
Wang AH, Wang WY, Xie CS, Song WL, Zeng DW, Hu JH
252 - 257 Temperature sensitivity of resistance of VO2 polycrystalline films formed by modified ion beam enhanced deposition
Li JH, Yuan NY
258 - 267 Growth, microstructure and mechanical properties of microarc oxidation coatings on titanium alloy in phosphate-containing solution
Wang YM, Lei TQ, Jiang BL, Guo LX
268 - 274 Activation of wood surfaces for glue bonds by mechanical pre-treatment and its effects on some properties of veneer surfaces and plywood panels
Aydin I
275 - 287 The effect of damage accumulation behaviour on ablation thresholds and damage morphology in ultrafast laser micro-machining of common metals in air
Mannion PT, Magee J, Coyne E, O'Connor GM, Glynn TJ
288 - 293 The defect-related photoluminescence from Si ion-beam-mixed SiO2/Si/SiO2 films
Son JH, Kim HB, Whang CN, Chae KH
294 - 298 Formation of amorphous and crystalline gallium oxide nanowires by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Kim HW, Kim NH
299 - 306 Preparation of surface bound silver nanoparticles on polyimide by surface modification method and its application on electroless metal deposition
Li Y, Lu QH, Qian XF, Zhu ZK, Yin J
307 - 319 Optical properties of crystalline and non-crystalline iron oxide thin films deposited by spray pyrolysis
Akl AA
320 - 327 Temperature dependence of current-voltage characteristics of Ag/p-SnSe Schottky diodes
Tugluoglu N, Karadeniz S, Sahin M, Safak H
328 - 335 Tribological rutile-TiO2 coating on aluminium alloy
Sun Y
336 - 342 Adsorption of polyelectrolyte multilayers on plasma-modified porous polyethylene
Greene G, Tannenbaum R
343 - 351 Photoluminescence properties of morin and lysozyme molecules absorbed on anodic porous alumina membrane
Jia RP, Shen Y, Luo HQ, Chen XG, Hu ZD, Xue DS
352 - 359 Analysis of amine contamination on silicon oxide surfaces using ToF-SIMS
Lu D, Mo ZQ, Xing ZX, Gui D
360 - 365 Polarity dependent Al-Ti contacts to 6H-SiC
Veisz B, Pecz B
366 - 372 Structural and optical characterization of Zn doped CdSe films
Perna G, Capozzi V, Ambrico M, Augelli V, Ligonzo T, Minafra A, Schiavulli L, Pallara M
373 - 381 Gaussian distribution of inhomogeneous barrier height in Ag/p-Si (100) Schottky barrier diodes
Acar S, Karadeniz S, Tugluoglu N, Selcuk AB, Kasap M
382 - 391 Magnesium alloys (WE43 and ZE41) characterisation for laser applications
Ignat S, Sallamand P, Grevey D, Lambertin M
392 - 401 Gas phase analysis of CO interactions with solid surfaces at high temperatures
Anghel C, Hornlund E, Hultquist G, Limback M
402 - 410 Comparison of planar inductively coupled plasma etching of GaAs in BCl3, BCl3/Ar, and BCl3/Ne
Lee JW, Lim YT, Baek IK, Yoo SY, Cho GS, Jeoin MH, Leem JY, Pearton SJ
411 - 418 Co/Si(111) and Co/Si(111)-H interfaces: a comparative core-level photoemission study
Flammini R, Wiame F, Belkhou R, Taleb-Ibrahimi A