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1 - 2 Special Issue - Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry SIMS XIV - Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Conference on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry and Related Topics - San Diego, California, USA, September 14-19, 2003 - Preface
Hunter J, Schueler BW, Stevie FA
3 - 12 Challenges in localized high precision isotope analysis by SIMS
Slodzian G
13 - 21 Collisions of organic ions at surfaces
Cooks RG, Jo SC, Green J
22 - 28 Sputtering simulations of organic overlayers on metal substrates by monoatomic and clusters projectiles
Postawa Z
29 - 38 Molecular dynamics simulation of silicon sputtering: sensitivity to the choice of potential
Thijsse BJ, Klaver TPC, Haddeman EFC
39 - 43 A comparison of molecular dynamic simulations and experimental observations: the sputtering of gold {100} by 20 keV argon
McQuaw CM, Smiley EJ, Garrison BJ, Winograd N
44 - 47 Molecular dynamics simulations to explore the role of mass matching in the keV bombardment of organic films with polyatomic projectiles
Harper S, Krantzman KD
48 - 53 Sputtering of a polycyclic hydrocarbon molecule: TOF-SIMS experiments and molecular dynamic simulations
Solomko V, Delcorte A, Garrison BJ, Bertrand P
54 - 58 Cluster secondary ion mass spectrometry: an insight into super-efficient" collision cascades
Rickman RD, Verkhoturov SV, Schweikert EA
59 - 63 Energetic cluster induced desorption from a graphite surface
Webb R
64 - 67 Sputtering of ag under C60(+) and Ga+ projectile bombardment
Sun S, Szakal C, Smiley EJ, Postawa Z, Wucher A, Garrison BJ, Winograd N
68 - 71 Molecular depth profiling in ice matrices Using C-60 projectiles
Wucher A, Sun S, Szakal C, Winograd N
72 - 77 Emission of ionic water clusters from water ice films bombarded by energetic projectiles
Wojciechowski IA, Kutliev U, Sun SX, Szakal C, Winograd N, Garrison BJ
78 - 81 Non-additive effects in secondary-ion emission from V, Nb and Ta under gold-cluster bombardment
Morozov SN, Rasulev UK
82 - 85 Detection of the diatomic dications SiH2+ and AM(2+)
Franzreb K, Sobers RC, Lorincik J, Williams P
86 - 89 Secondary ion emission from polycrystalline Al under Cs+ irradiation
van der Heide PAW
90 - 93 Factors affecting the retention of Cs+ primary ions in Si
van der Heide PAW, Lupu C, Kutana A, Rabalais JW
94 - 96 Positive ionization probabilities of sputtered Ag and Ta clusters
Ferleger VK
97 - 100 Secondary ion emission and work function measurements over the transient region from n and p type Si under Cs+ irradiation
van der Heide PAW
101 - 105 On the trends in kinetic energies of secondary ions produced by polyatomic ion bombardment
Veryovkin IV, Belykh SF, Adriaens A, Zinovev AV, Adams F
106 - 112 Characterization of surface structure by cluster coincidental ion mass spectrometry
Rickman RD, Verkhoturov SV, Balderas S, Bestaoui N, Clearfield A, Schweikert EA
113 - 116 Nanodomain analysis via coincidence ion mass spectrometry
Verkhoturov SV, Rickman RD, Balderas S, Schweikert EA
117 - 121 Detection of sputtered molecular doubly charged anions: a comparison of secondary-ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) and accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS)
Gnaser H, Golser R, Kutschera W, Priller A, Steier P, Vockenhuber C
122 - 126 Emission processes of molecule-metal cluster ions from self-assembled monolayers of octanethiols on gold and silver
Arezki B, Delcorte A, Bertrand P
127 - 130 Positive secondary ion yield enhancement of metal elements using trichlorotrifluoroethane and tetrachloroethene backfilling
Chi PH, Gillen G
131 - 135 Desorption/ionization of molecular nanoclusters: SIMS versus MALDI
Delcorte A, Hermans S, Devillers M, Lourette N, Aubriet F, Muller JF, Bertrand P
136 - 140 Imaging by atomic force microscopy of the electrical properties difference of the facets of oxygen-ion-induced ripple topography in silicon
Gautier B, Fares B, Prudon G, Dupuy JC
141 - 145 Laboratory teaching of SIMS to university undergraduates
Chater RJ, McPhail DS
146 - 152 C-60 cluster ion bombardment of organic surfaces
Weibel DE, Lockyer N, Vickerman JC
153 - 158 Cluster primary ion bombardment of organic materials
Kollmer F
159 - 163 ToF-SIMS imaging with cluster ion beams
Xu J, Ostrowski S, Szakal C, Ewing AG, Winograd N
164 - 168 Investigation of secondary cluster ion emission from self-assembled monolayers of alkanethiols on gold with ToF-SIMS
Schroder M, Sohn S, Arlinghaus HF
169 - 173 Impact energy dependence of SF5+ ion beam damage of poly(methyl methacrylate) studied by time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry
Wagner MS, Gillen G
174 - 178 Dynamic SIMS utilizing SF5+ polyatomic primary ion beams for drug delivery applications
Mahoney CM, Roberson S, Gillen G
179 - 182 Depth profiling studies of multilayer films with a C-60(+) ion source
Sostarecz AG, Sun S, Szakal C, Wucher A, Winograd N
183 - 185 C-60 molecular depth profiling of a model polymer
Szakal C, Sun S, Wucher A, Winograd N
186 - 190 Automated analysis of organic particles using cluster SIMS
Gillen G, Zeissler C, Mahoney C, Lindstrom A, Fletcher R, Chi P, Verkouteren J, Bright D, Lareau RT, Boldman M
191 - 195 Sputtering of indium using polyatomic projectiles
Samartsev AV, Wucher A
196 - 200 Polyatomic primary ion bombardment of organic materials: experiences in routine analysis
Hagenhoff B, Pfitzer K, Tallarek E, Kock R, Kersting R
201 - 206 Evaluation of a gold LMIG for detecting small molecules in a polymer matrix by ToF-SIMS
Bryan SR, Belu AM, Hoshi T, Oiwa R
207 - 216 Re-discovering surface mass spectrometry: chemical mapping from micro to macro
Lloyd KG, O'Keefe DP
217 - 223 Enhancing and automating TOF-SIMS data interpretation using principal component analysis
Pachuta SJ
224 - 229 Organic molecule characterization - G-SIMS
Gilmore IS, Seah MP
230 - 234 Multivariate statistical analysis of time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry images using AXSIA
Ohlhausen JAT, Keenan MR, Kotula PG, Peebles DE
235 - 239 Principal component analysis of TOF-SIMS spectra, images and depth profiles: an industrial perspective
Pacholski ML
240 - 244 Optimal scaling of TOF-SIMS spectrum-images prior to multivariate statistical analysis
Keenan MR, Kotula PG
245 - 249 Multivariate statistical analysis of time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry images-looking beyond the obvious
Smentkowski VS, Ohlhausen JA, Kotula PG, Keenan MR
250 - 255 Interest of silver and gold metallization for molecular SIMS and SIMS imaging
Delcorte A, Bertrand P
256 - 260 Organic SIMS: the influence of time on the ion yield enhancement by silver and gold deposition
Adriaensen L, Vangaever F, Gijbels R
261 - 264 Influence of primary ion bombardment conditions on the emission of molecular secondary ions
Kersting R, Hagenhoff B, Kollmer F, Mollers R, Niehuis E
265 - 268 Optimized conditions for selective gold flotation by ToF-SIMS and ToF-LIMS
Chryssoulis SL, Dimov SS
269 - 273 Additive quantification on polymer thin films by ToF-SIMS: aging sample effects
Poleunis C, Medard N, Bertrand P
274 - 277 Characterization of poly(p-phenylene vinylene)/methanofullerene blends of polymer solar cells by time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry
Bulle-Lieuwma CWT, van Duren JKJ, Yang X, Loos J, Sieval AB, Hummelen JC, Janssen RAJ
278 - 282 TOF-SIMS study of modified polymer surfaces
Lee Y, Han S, Kwon MH
283 - 288 Determination of oligomeric chain length distributions at surfaces using ToF-SIMS: segregation effects and polymer properties
Gardella JA, Mahoney CM
289 - 295 ToF-SIMS molecular characterization and nano-SIMS imaging of submicron domain formation at the surface of PS/PMMA blend and copolymer thin films
Kailas L, Audinot JN, Migeon HN, Bertrand P
296 - 301 Molecular weight evaluation of poly-dimethylsiloxane on solid surfaces using silver deposition/TOF-SIMS
Inoue M, Murase A
302 - 308 Effect of deep UV (172 nm) irradiation on PET: ToF/SIMS analysis
Zhu ZM, Kelley MJ
309 - 313 Additive behavior in ultrathin polymer films investigated by ToF-SIMS
Medard N, Bertrand P
314 - 317 ToF-SIMS investigation of functional mixed aromatic thiol monolayers on gold
Auditore A, Tuccitto N, Quici S, Marzanni G, Puntoriero F, Campagna S, Licciardello A
318 - 322 Static SIMS study of the behavior of K atoms on -CH3, -CO2H and-CO2CH3 terminated self-assembled monolayers
Zhu Z, Haynie BC, Winograd N
323 - 327 Aldehydes react with scribed silicon to form alkyl monolayers -Characterization by ToF-SIMS suggests an even-odd effect
Lua YY, Fillmore WJJ, Linford MR
328 - 331 Layer-by-layer characterization of ultrathin films with secondary ion mass spectrometry
Li Z, Rickman RD, Verkhoturov SV, Schweikert EA
332 - 335 Investigation of fomblin Z-Dol end-groups on the magnetic recording disks by ToF-SIMS
Ishikawa M, Osawa Y, Ishiwata O
336 - 341 TOF-SIMS characterization of lubricants used in magnetic recording media
Zhang BC, Liu HK, Chang S
342 - 347 ToF-SIMS analysis of anti-fretting films generated on the surface of ball bearings containing dithiocarbamate and dithiophosphate grease additives
Duque RG, Wang ZY, Duell D, Fowler DE
348 - 352 A comparative study of carbocyanine dyes measured with TOF-SIMS and other mass spectrometric techniques
Adriaensen L, Vangaever F, Gijbels R
353 - 356 Depth profile analysis of chemically amplified resist by using TOF-SIMS with gradient shaving preparations
Man N, Okumura H, Oizumi H, Nagai N, Seki H, Nishiyama I
357 - 361 Ga+ TOF-SIMS lineshape analysis for resolution enhancement of MALDI MS spectra of a peptide mixture
Malyarenko DI, Chen H, Wilkerson AL, Tracy ER, Cooke WE, Manos DM, Sasinowski M, Semmes OJ
362 - 365 A ToF-SIMS study of linseed oil bonded to mercapto silane treated aluminium
Bexell U, Olsson M, Sundell PE, Johansson M, Carlsson P, Hellsing A
366 - 376 Analysis of adsorbed proteins by static time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry
Wagner MS, Castner DG
377 - 384 Progress in cellular analysis using ToF-SIMS
Lockyer NP, Vickerman JC
385 - 391 Quantitative TOF-SIMS imaging of DNA microarrays produced by bubble jet printing technique and the role of TOF-SIMS in life science industry
Hashimoto H, Nakamura K, Takase H, Okamoto T, Yamamoto N
392 - 396 Development of PNA microarrays for gene diagnostics with TOF-SIMS
Arlinghaus HF, Schroder M, Feldner JC, Brandt O, Hoheisel JD, Lipinsky D
397 - 401 ToF-SIMS characterization of hybridization onto self-assembled single-stranded DNA monolayers
Samuel NT, Castner DG
402 - 405 ToF-SIMS surface and interface characterization of the immobilized camel antibody (cAb) onto SAMs-COOH/Au substrates
Azioune A, Pireaux J, Houssiau L
406 - 410 Interpretation of static time-of-flight ion mass spectral images of adsorbed protein films on topographically complex surfaces
Rangarajan S, Tyler BJ
411 - 415 TOF-SIMS imaging of protein adsorption on dialysis membrane
Aoyagi S, Hayama M, Hasegawa U, Sakai K, Hoshi T, Kudo M
416 - 419 ToF-SIMS applied to probe bixin in Bixa orellana seeds
Houssiau L, Felicissimo M, Bittencourt C, Pireaux JJ
420 - 423 ToF-SIMS studies as a tool to discriminate between spores and vegetative cells of bacteria
Thompson CE, Jungnickel H, Lockyer NP, Stephens GM, Vickerman JC
424 - 427 Molecule-specific imaging analysis of carcinogens in breast cancer cells using time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry
Quong JN, Knize MG, Kulp KS, Wu KJ
428 - 431 Quantitative imaging of atomic and molecular species in cancer cultures with TOF-SIMS and Laser-SNMS
Fartmann M, Kriegeskotte C, Dambach S, Wittig A, Sauerwein W, Arlinghaus HF
432 - 436 Detection of protein immobilization on biosensor surfaces by TOF-SIMS
Aoyagi S, Oiw Y, Kudo M
437 - 441 Application of TOF-SIMS to monitor coating processes on biological and organic surfaces
Chatterjee R
442 - 446 Simultaneous determination of drug surface concentration and polymer degradation kinetics in biodegradable polymer/drug membranes: a model drug delivery system
Lee JW, Gardella JA
447 - 451 Rapid identification of phthalates in blood bags and food packaging using ToF-SIMS
Chen CY, Ghule AV, Chen WY, Wang CC, Chiang YS, Ling YC
452 - 456 Imaging ToF-SIMS and synchrotron-based FT-IR micro spectroscopic studies of prostate cancer cell lines
Gazi E, Lockyer NP, Vickerman JC, Gardner P, Dwyer J, Hart CA, Brown MD, Clarke NW, Miyan J
457 - 461 Subcellular SIMS imaging of gadolinium isotopes in human glioblastoma cells treated with a gadolinium containing MRI agent
Smith DR, Lorey DR, Chandra S
462 - 466 Subcellular SIMS imaging of isotopically labeled amino acids in cryogenically prepared cells
Chandra S
467 - 469 3D subcellular SIMS imaging in cryogenically prepared single cells
Chandra S
470 - 474 TOF-SIMS investigation of metallic material surface after culturing cells
Aoyagi S, Hiromoto S, Hanawa T, Kudo M
475 - 478 Subcellular localization of aluminum and indium in the rat kidney
Galle P, Levi-Setti R, Lamperti A, Bourahla K, Escaig F
479 - 484 Ion microprobe imaging of Ca-44-labeled mammalian chromosomes
Levi-Setti R, Gavrilov KL, Strissel PL, Strick R
485 - 489 Specific Mg2+ binding at human and Indian muntjac chromosomal Giemsa bands
Strissel PL, Strick R, Gavrilov KL, Levi-Setti R
490 - 496 Imaging of arsenic traces in human hair by nano-SIMS 50
Audinot JN, Schneider S, Yegles M, Hallegot P, Wennig R, Migeon HN
497 - 501 Accumulation of chromium in root tissues of Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms. in Cachoeira river - Brazil
Mangabeira PAO, Labejof L, Lamperti A, de Almeida AAF, Oliveira AH, Escaig F, Severo MIG, Silva DD, Saloes M, Mielke MS, Lucena ER, Martins MC, Santana KB, Gavrilov KL, Galle P, Levi-Setti R
502 - 505 Influence of hydrocarbons on element detection in ion images by SIMS microscopy
Takaya K, Okabe M, Sawataishi M, Yoshida T
506 - 509 Laser-SNMS analysis of apatite formation in vitro
Dambach S, Fartmann M, Kriegeskotte C, Bruning C, Wiesmann HP, Lipinsky D, Arlinghaus F
510 - 514 Room temperature corrosion of museum glass: an investigation using low-energy SIMS
Fearn S, McPhail DS, Oakley V
515 - 519 TOF-SIMS measurement for the complex particulate matter in urban air environment
Tomiyasu B, Suzuki K, Gotoh T, Owari M, Nihei Y
520 - 523 TOF-SIMS analysis of sea salt particles: imaging and depth profiling in the discovery of an unrecognized mechanism for pH buffering
Gaspar DJ, Laskin A, Wang W, Hunt SW, Finlayson-Pitts BJ
524 - 527 ToF-SIMS analysis of atmospherically relevant sulphuric acid hydrate films and reactions thereof
Fletcher JS, Vickerman JC
528 - 532 A comparative study on detection of organic surface modifiers on mineral grains by TOF-SIMS, VUVSALI TOF-SIMS and VUVSALI with laser desorption
Dimov SS, Chryssoulis SL
533 - 537 ToF-SIMS as an alternative tool for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of polar herbicides
Botreau M, Guignard U, Hoffmann L, Migeon HN
538 - 542 Application of a cryo-stage in the TOF-SIMS analysis of atmospheric aerosol surfaces
Nair AP, Tyler BJ, Peterson RE
543 - 551 Challenges for the characterization and integration of high-kappa dielectrics
Wallace RM
552 - 555 The influence of oxygen on the Hf signal intensity in the characterization of HfO2/Si stacks
Huyghebaert C, Conard T, Vandervorst W
556 - 560 Analysis of high-k hfO(2) and HfSiO4 dielectric films
Nieveen W, Schueler BW, Goodman G, Schnabel P, Moskito J, Mowat I, Chao G
561 - 564 Quantification of nitrogen profiles in HfSiON films for gate dielectrics
Yamamoto T, Miyamoto T, Karen A
565 - 568 Sputter rate variations in silicon under high-k dielectric films
Bennett J, Beebe M, Sparks C, Gondran C, Vandervorst W
569 - 573 On the reliability of SIMS depth profiles through HfO2-stacks
Vandervorst W, Bennett J, Huyghebaert C, Conard T, Gondran C, De Witte H
574 - 580 ToF-SIMS profiling of HfO2/Si stacks: influence of sputtering condition of profile shape
Conard T, Huyghebaert C, Vandervorst W
581 - 584 Nitrogen analysis in high-k stack layers: a challenge
Conard T, Vandervorst W, De Witte H, Van Elshocht S
585 - 589 ToF-SIMS depth profiling of Hf and Al composition variations in ultrathin mixed HfO2/Al2O3 oxides
Houssiau L, Vitchev RG, Conard T, Vandervorst W, Bender H
590 - 593 SIMS study on N diffusion in hafnium oxynitride
Gui D, Kang JF, Yu HY, Lim HF
594 - 597 Backside-SIMS profiling of dopants in thin Hf silicate film
Hongo C, Takenaka M, Kamimuta Y, Suzuki M, Koyama M
598 - 602 High resolution depth profiling of thin STO in high-k oxide material
Ehrke U, Sears A, Alff L, Reisinger D
603 - 608 Depth profiling of ZrO2/SiO2/Si stacks - a TOF-SIMS and computer simulation study
Ignatova VA, Conard T, Moller W, Vandervorst W, Gijbels R
609 - 613 Characterization of high-k dielectrics with ToF-SIMS
Ferrari S
614 - 617 Depth profiles of boron and nitrogen in SiON films by backside SIMS
Sameshima J, Maeda R, Yamada K, Karen A, Yamada S
618 - 631 Errors in near-surface and interfacial profiling of boron and arsenic
Vandervorst W, Janssens T, Brijs B, Conard T, Huyghebaert C, Fruhauf J, Bergmaier A, Dollinger G, Buyuklimanli T, VandenBerg JA, Kimura K
632 - 635 Arsenic shallow depth profiling: accurate quantification inSiO(2)/Si stack
Barozzi M, Giubertoni D, Anderle M, Bersani A
636 - 639 Improved near surface characterization of shallow arsenic distribution by SIMS depth profiling
Buyuklimanli TH, Marino JW, Novak SW
640 - 644 Toward accurate in-depth profiling of As and P ultra-shallow implants by SIMS
Merkulov A, de Chambost E, Schuhmacher M, Peres P
645 - 648 Ultra-shallow arsenic implant depth profiling using low-energy nitrogen beams
Fearn S, Chater R, McPhail D
649 - 652 Evaluation of BN-delta-doped multilayer reference materials for shallow depth profiling in SIMS: round-robin test
Toujou F, Yoshikawa S, Homma Y, Takano A, Takenaka H, Tomita M, Li Z, Hasegawa T, Sasakawa K, Schuhmacher M, Merkulov A, Kim HK, Moon DW, Hong T, Won JY
653 - 657 Sub-keV secondary ion mass spectrometry depth profiling: comparison of sample rotation and oxygen flooding
Liu R, Wee ATS
658 - 662 a-Si capping SIMS for shallow dopant profiles
Miwa S
663 - 667 Site-specific SIMS backside analysis
Gu C, Garcia R, Pivovarov A, Stevie F, Griffis D
668 - 672 Backside and frontside depth profiling of B delta doping, at low energy, using new and previous magnetic SIMS instruments
Laugier F, Hartmann JM, Moriceau H, Holliger P, Truche R, Dupuy JC
673 - 677 Accurate depth profiling for ultra-shallow implants using backside-SIMS
Hongo C, Tomita M, Takenaka M
678 - 683 Influence of surface orientation on the formation of sputtering-induced ripple topography in silicon
Fares B, Gautier B, Baboux N, Prudon G, Holliger P, Dupuy JC
684 - 687 O-2(+) versus Cs+ for high depth resolution depth profiling of III-V nitride-based semiconductor devices
Kachan M, Hunter J, Kouzminov D, Pivovarov A, Gu J, Stevie F, Griffis D
688 - 692 Effects of crystalline regrowth on dopant profiles in prearnorphized silicon
Hopstaken MJP, Tamminga Y, Verheijen MA, Duffy R, Venezia VC, Heringa A
693 - 697 Energy and angular dependence of the sputter yield and ionization yield of Ge bombarded by O-2(+)
Huyghebaert C, Conard T, Vandervorst W
698 - 703 SIMS depth profiling of SiGe : C structures in test pattern areas using low energy cesium with a Cameca IMS Wf
Juhel M, Laugier F
704 - 707 Matrix effects in SIMS depth profiles of SiGe relaxed buffer layers
Sanchez-Almazan F, Napolitani E, Carnera A, Drigo AV, Isella G, von Kanel H, Berti M
708 - 712 Impact of the Ge concentration on the Ge-ionisation probability and the matrix sputter yield for a, SiGe matrix under oxygen irradiation
Huyghebaert C, Conard T, Brijs B, Vandervorst W
713 - 715 Use of SIMS in SiGe process control
Maul JL, Chou PF, Lu YH
716 - 719 Quantifying residual and surface carbon using polyencapsulation SIMS
Beebe M, Bennett J, Barnett J, Berlin A, Yoshinaka T
720 - 724 Quantification issues of trace metal contaminants on silicon wafers by means of TOF-SIMS, ICP-MS, and TXRF
Rostam-Khani P, Hopstaken MJP, Vullings P, Noij G, O'Halloran O, Claassen W
725 - 728 Study on change in SIMS intensities near the interface between silicon-nitride film and silicon substrate
Hasegawa T, Date T, Karen A, Masuda A
729 - 733 Quantitative measurement of O/Si ratios in oxygen- sputtered silicon using O-18 implant standards
Sobers RC, Franzreb K, Williams P
734 - 737 Application of TXRF for ion implanter dose matching experiments
Frost MR, French M, Harris W
738 - 742 Secondary ion mass spectrometry characterization of indium-implanted silicon wafers
Blackmer-Krasinski C, Morinville WR
743 - 748 Optimization of SIMS analyses performed in the MCsx(+) mode by using an in situ deposition of Cs
Wirtz T, Migeon HN
749 - 753 Cesium/xenon dual beam depth profiling with TOF-SIMS: measurement and modeling of M+, MCs+, and (MCS2)-C-2 (+) yields
Brison J, Conard T, Vandervorst W, Houssiau L
754 - 757 Cation Mass Spectrometer (CMS): recent developments for quantitative analyses of positive and negative secondary ions
Philipp P, Wirtz T, Migeon HN, Scherrer H
758 - 761 Hydrogen redistribution in CVD SiO2 during post-oxidation annealing investigated by SIMS
Kawashima Y, Kawano H, Terashima K, Hamada K, Aoyagi S, Kudo M
762 - 767 Sputtered depth scales of multi-layered samples with in situ laser interferometry: arsenic diffusion in Si/SiGe layers
Ronsheim PA, Loesing R, Madan A
768 - 771 Short-term and long-term RSF repeatability for CAMECA SC-Ultra SIMS measurements
Barozzi M, Giubertoni D, Anderle A, Bersani A
772 - 775 Front- and back-end process characterization by SIMS to achieve electrically matched devices
Budri T, Kouzminov D
776 - 780 Effects of contamination on selective epitaxial growth
MacDonald BJ, Paton E, Adem E, En B
781 - 785 Utilization of electron impact ionization of gaseous and sputtered species in the secondary ion acceleration region of a magnetic sector SIMS instrument
Pivovarov A, Gu C, Stevie F, Griffis D
786 - 790 Improved charge neutralization method for depth profiling of bulk insulators using O-2(+) primary beam on a magnetic sector SIMS instrument
Pivovarov AL, Stevie FA, Griffis DP
791 - 795 SIMS study of Cu trapping and migration in low-k dielectric films
Li YP, Hunter J, Tate TJ
796 - 799 Optimization of SIMS analysis conditions for Na, S, P and N in Cu films
800 - 803 Deconvolution analysis of dopant depth profile of Si at AlGaAs/GaAs interface using Al composition profile as reference
Kawashima Y, Ide T, Aoyagi S, Kudo M
804 - 807 Copper-indium-gallium-diselenide/molybdenum layers analyzed by corrected SIMS depth profiles
Bilger G, Grabitz PO, Strohm A
808 - 812 Characterization of light element impurities in gallium-nitride-phosphide by SIMS analysis
Reedy RC, Geisz JF, Ptak AJ, Keyes BM, Metzger WK
813 - 816 Characterization of silicon nanocrystals embedded in thin oxide layers by TOF-SIMS
Perego M, Ferrari S, Fanciulli M, Ben Assayag G, Bonafos C, Carrada M, Claverie A
817 - 820 Cluster ion emission from nitrogen-doped GaAs and optimization of SIMS conditions for nitrogen analysis
Guryanov GM
821 - 825 Ti diffusion in chalcogenides: a ToF-SIMS depth profile characterization approach
Alberici SG, Zonca R, Pashmakov B
826 - 828 Zinc determination in A(3)B(5) semiconductors
Yu KD, Kovarsky AP
829 - 833 The role of dynamic SIMS in process development for high-temperature superconducting wire
Ericson RE
834 - 839 Oxygen isotopic tracer measurements in ceramics and ceramic composites with a fine focus gallium primary ion gun
Chater RJ, McPhail DS
840 - 844 TOF-SIMS study of pyridine intercalated nanorods of bismuth molybdate
Ghule AV, Chen CY, Mei FD, Ling YC
845 - 849 Reaction monitoring of polyaniline film formation on carbon nanotubes with TOF-SIMS
Chen WY, Chen CY, Hsu KY, Wang CC, Ling YC
850 - 853 ToF-SIMS depth profiling of alumina scales formed on a FeCrAl high-temperature alloy
Engkvist J, Bexell U, Grehk TM, Olsson M
854 - 858 Effect of low level contamination on TiAl alloys studied by SIMS
Teodoro OMND, Barbosa J, Naia MD, Moutinho AMC
859 - 863 SIMS analyses on Co : ns-C thin films
Lamperti A, Garvilov KL, Levi-Setti R, Bongiorno G, Blomqvist M, Ossi PM, Bottani CE
864 - 867 Evaluation of oxygen in oxide materials by SIMS using O-18(2) gas
Takeda S
868 - 873 Characterization of nickel phosphorus surface by ToF-SIMS
Zhang BC, Barth G, Liu HK, Chang S
874 - 877 QSA influences on isotopic ratio measurements
Slodzian G, Hillion F, Stadermann FJ, Zinner E
878 - 882 Achieving high reproducibility isotope ratios with the Cameca IMS 1270 in the multicollection mode
Schuhmacher M, Fernandes F, de Chambost E
883 - 887 Multi-correlation analyses of TOF-SIMS spectra for mineralogical studies
Engrand C, Lespagnol J, Martin P, Thirkell L, Thomas R
888 - 892 Cryogenic SIMS and its applications in the earth sciences
Wiedenbeck M, Rhede D, Lieckefett R, Witzki H
893 - 898 FIB-SIMS analysis of micro-particle impacts on spacecraft materials returned from low-earth orbit
Kettle S, Chater RJ, Graham GA, McPhail DS, Kearsley AT
899 - 902 SIMS analyses of Mg, Cr, and Ni isotopes in primitive meteorites and short-lived radionuclides in the early solar system
Guan Y, Huss GR, Leshin LA
903 - 906 SIMS study of self-consisted fractionation of iron and titanium isotopes in ilmenites
Didenko PI, Efremov AA
907 - 911 Silicon isotopic zoning in silicon crystals caused by the isotopic fractionation at the crystal-melt interface
Morishita Y, Satoh H
912 - 916 Peak fitting to resolve CN- isotope ratios in biological and environmental samples using TOF-SIMS
Cliff JB, Gaspar DJ, Bottomley PJ, Myrold DD
917 - 920 Using SIMS to diagnose color changes in heat treated gem sapphires
Novak SW, Magee CW, Moses T, Wang WY
921 - 925 SIMION modeling of ion optical effects in Cameca ion microanalyzers: simulation of ion transmission losses
Lorincik J, Franzreb K, Williams P
926 - 929 High-resolution primary ion beam probe for SIMS
Guharay SK, Douglass S, Orloff J
930 - 935 Evaluation of the nano-beam SIMS apparatus
Nojima M, Toi M, Maekawa A, Tomiyasu B, Sakamoto T, Owari M, Nihei Y
936 - 939 The development of C-60 and gold cluster ion guns for static SIMS analysis
Hill R, Blenkinsopp PWM
940 - 944 Development of a column delivering a collimated stream of Cs-0 for SIMS purposes
Wirtz T, Migeon HN
945 - 948 Development of compact cluster ion sources using metal cluster complexes - Ionization properties of metal cluster complexes
Mizota T, Nonaka H, Fujimoto T, Kurokawa A, Ichimura S
949 - 953 Latest developments for the CAMECA ULE-SIMS instruments: IMS Wf and SC-Ultra
de Chambost E, Merkulov A, Peres P, Rasser B, Schuhmacher M
954 - 958 Accurate on-line depth calibration with a laser interferometer during SIMS profiling on the Cameca IMS WF instrument
Merkulov A, Merkulova O, de Chambost E, Schuhmacher M
959 - 961 Sample holder implement for very small samples on SC-ultra SIMS instrument
Barozzi M, Giubertoni D, Sbetti M, Anderle M, Bersani M
962 - 966 A new horizon in secondary neutral mass spectrometry: post-ionization using a VUV free electron laser
Veryovkin IV, Calaway WF, Moore JF, Pellin MJ, Lewellen JW, Li YL, Milton SV, King BV, Petravic M
967 - 971 Rapid characterisation of surface modifications and treatments using a benchtop SIMS instrument
McPhail DS, Sokhan M, Rees EE, Cliff B, Eccles AJ, Chater RJ
972 - 975 High mass resolution SIMS
Maharrey S, Bastasz R, Behrens R, Highley A, Hoffer S, Kruppa G, Whaley J
976 - 980 Development of an instrument for simultaneous detection of positive and negative scanning ion images
Seki S, Tamura H, Kanoh T, Satoh T