Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.230, No.1-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Structural characterization of ultrathin Cr and Sc films for soft X-ray mirrors
Gorelik T, Kaiser U, Kuhlmann T, Yulin S, Richter W
8 - 11 Synthesis and electron storage characteristics of isolated silver nanodots on/embedded in Al2O3 gate dielectric
Wang Q, Song ZT, Liu WL, Lin CL, Wang TH
12 - 17 Analysis on surface charging of insulator prior to flashover in vacuum
Liu YS, Zhang GJ, Zhao WB, Yan Z
18 - 23 Gallium and oxygen accumulations on gallium nitride surfaces following argon ion milling in ultra-high vacuum conditions
Butcher KSA, Afifuddin, Tansley TL, Brack N, Pigram PJ, Timmers H, Prince KE, Elliman RG
24 - 33 Synthesis and properties of the nanocomposite of zink oxide and poly(amic acid)
Levine KL, Iroh JO, Kosel PB
34 - 43 Rietveld refinement and activity of CO oxidation over Pd/Ce0.8Zr0.2O2 catalyst prepared via a surfactant-assisted route
Wang JA, Chen LF, Valenzuela MA, Montoya A, Salmones J, Del Angel P
44 - 49 Study of the pulsed laser vapor doping of Si(100) with KrF excimer laser and BCl3 gas
Shi WL, Ma XY
50 - 59 Femtosecond laser micro-structuring of aluminium under helium
Perrie W, Gill M, Robinson G, Fox P, O'Neill W
60 - 72 RIMAPS and variogram analysis of the surface topography induced by laser interference micropatterning
Favret E, Fuentes NO, Yu F
73 - 80 Role of chromium ion implantation on the corrosion behavior of zirconium in 1N H2SO4
Peng DQ, Bai XD, Yu RH, Chen XW, Zhou QG, Liu XY, Deng PY
81 - 87 Surface diffusion of dysprosium on the W(111) facet
Biernat T, Blaszczyszyn R
88 - 93 Annealing effects on zirconium nitride films
Bhuvaneswari HB, Reddy VR, Chandramani R, Rao GM
94 - 105 Studies of sol-gel TiO2 and Pt/TiO2 catalysts for NO reduction by CO in an oxygen-rich condition
Wang JA, Cuan A, Salmones J, Nava N, Castillo S, Moran-Pineda M, Rojas F
106 - 114 Drying methods for XPS analysis of PureVision (TM), Focus (R) Night & Day &(TM) and conventional hydrogel contact lenses
Karlgard CCS, Sarkar DK, Jones LW, Moresoli C, Leung KT
115 - 124 Annealing effects on the surface morphologies of thin PS/PMMA blend films with different film thickness
Li X, Han YC, An LJ
125 - 130 Structural and optical features of nanoporous silicon prepared by electrochemical anodic etching
Kim DA, Im SI, Whang CM, Cho WS, Yoo YC, Cho NH, Kim JG, Kwon YJ
131 - 137 Fabrication of patterned polyaniline microstructure through microcontact printing and electrochemistry
Guan F, Chen M, Yang W, Wang JQ, Zhang R, Yang SR, Xue QJ
138 - 150 Self-ordered sub-micron structures in Fe-doped LiNbO3 formed by light-induced frustration of etching
Scott JG, Boyland AJ, Mailis S, Grivas C, Wagner O, Lagoutte S, Eason RW
151 - 157 Structural investigation of reconstituted high density lipoproteins by scanning tunnelling microscopy
Culot C, Durant F, Lazarescu S, Thiry PA, Vanloo B, Rosseneu MY, Lins L, Brasseur R
158 - 162 Study of the photoexcited carrier dynamics in InP : Fe using time-resolved reflection and photoluminescence spectra
Huang SH, Li X, Lu F
163 - 171 Plasma treatment of the Mg : Ag/tris-(8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminum interface in OLEDs: effects on adhesion and performance
Grandin HM, Griffiths K, Norton PR
172 - 178 Structural, mechanical and hydrophobic properties of fluorine-doped diamond-like carbon films synthesized by plasma immersion ion implantation and deposition (PIII-D)
Yao ZQ, Yang P, Huang N, Sun H, Wang J
179 - 190 Investigation of the local structure variance of water molecules in laser-induced thermal desorption process
Ju SP, Weng CI
191 - 200 An evaluation of surface properties and frictional forces generated from Al-Mo-Ni coating on piston ring
Karamis MB, Yildizli K, Cakirer H
201 - 206 Microstructure and wear resistance of laser clad cobalt-based alloy multi-layer coatings
Li MX, He YZ, Sun GX
207 - 214 Effect of annealing temperature on microstructure of chemically deposited calcium modified lead titanate thin films
Chopra S, Sharma S, Goel TC, Mendiratta RG
215 - 221 Structure and optical properties of sol-gel derived Gd2O3 waveguide films
Guo H, Yang XD, Xiao T, Zhang WP, Lou LR, Mugnier J
222 - 231 Electrical and XPS studies of 100 MeV Si7+ ion irradiated Pd/n-GaAs devices
Sinha OP, Shripathi T, Lalla NP, Srivastava PC
232 - 240 Alkylsilane self-assembled monolayers: modeling their wetting characteristics
Kulinich SA, Farzaneh M
241 - 248 Plasma irradiation effects in phthalocyanine films
Pakhomov GL, Drozdov MN, Vostokov NV
249 - 253 Preparation of tantalum oxide thin films by photo-assisted atomic layer deposition
Kwak JC, Lee YH, Choi BH
254 - 259 Spectroscopic characterization of TiCx films produced by pulsed laser deposition in CH4 environments
Soto G
260 - 271 Inhibition of the reduction of Cr(VI) at the magnetite-water interface by calcium carbonate coatings
Doyle CS, Kendelewicz T, Brown GE
272 - 282 Dynamic surface behaviour of VPO catalysts under reactive and non-reactive gas compositions: an in situ XAS study
Havecker M, Knop-Gericke A, Bluhm H, Kleimenov E, Mayer RW, Fait M, Schlogl R
283 - 291 Natural convection mass transfer behavior of serially connected cylindrical electrodes
Atabek B, Sarac H, Lacin O, Korkut O
292 - 300 Effects of precursors on nucleation in atomic layer deposition of HfO2
Aarik J, Aidla A, Kikas A, Kaambre T, Rammula R, Ritslaid P, Uustare T, Sammelselg V
301 - 306 Annealing effects on the properties of Ga2O3 thin films grown on sapphire by the metal organic chemical vapor deposition
Kim HW, Kim NH
307 - 318 An electrochemical study for corrosion inhibition of iron by some organic phosphonium chloride derivatives in acid media
Khaled KF
319 - 326 Study on the silica hollow spheres by experiment and molecular simulation
Le Y, Chen JF, Wang WC
327 - 333 Effect of backscattered electrons on the analysis area in scanning Auger microscopy
Powell CJ
334 - 339 The dispersion properties of surface acoustic wave devices on AlN/LiNbO3 film/substrate structure
Kao KS, Cheng CC, Chen YC, Chen CH
340 - 344 Improving the resolution and the uniformity of AFM tip induced oxide patterns with pulsed voltages
Shen ZY, Sun H, Hou SM, Zhao XY, Xue ZQ
345 - 349 In situ atomic force microscopic observation of growth of islands of organic contaminants on an H-Si(111) surface
Fukuda A, Matsumura M
350 - 363 Chemical and structural modifications of laser treated iron surfaces: investigation of laser processing parameters
Thomann AL, Basillais A, Wegscheider M, Boulmer-Leborgne C, Pereira A, Delaporte P, Sentis M, Sauvage T
364 - 370 Low cost CBD ZnS antireflection coating on large area commercial mono-crystalline silicon solar cells
Gangopadhyay U, Kim KH, Mangalaraj D, Yi JS
371 - 378 Tailored surface free energy of membrane diffusers to minimize microbial adhesion
Zhao Q, Wang S, Muller-Steinhagen H
379 - 385 Study of delta-doped GaAs layers by micro-Raman spectroscopy on bevelled samples
Srnanek R, Geurts J, Lentze M, Irmer G, Donoval D, Brdecka P, Kordos P, Forster A, Sciana B, Radziewicz D, Tlaczala M
386 - 392 Experimental and theoretical study of the electronic properties Of COSi2 and NiSi2
Garcia-Mendez M, Galvan DH, Posada-Amarillas A, Farias MH
393 - 397 Nanoscale islands and color centers in porous anodic alumina on silicon fabricated by oxalic acid
Mei YF, Siu GG, Huang GS, Wu XL
398 - 403 Vapour and plasma ignition thresholds for visible pulsed-laser ablation of metallic targets
Gupta GP, Suri BM
404 - 410 The effects of the ageing on the characteristic parameters of polyaniline/p-type Si/Al structure
Saglam M, Biber M, Cakar M, Turut A
411 - 417 Laser processing of silicon at submicron scale using photochromic films
Chen QY, Nikumb SW
418 - 424 Hydroxyapatite coating on porous silicon substrate obtained by precipitation process
Chen SQ, Zhu ZQ, Zhu JZ, Zhang JA, Shi YL, Ke Y, Wang WM, Wang XH, Feng XA, Luo LQ, Li S
425 - 430 Nanoscale morphology dependent hydrogen coverage of meso-porous silicon
Lysenko V, Vitiello J, Remaki B, Barbier D, Skryshevsky V