Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.229, No.1-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 1 Copper chemical vapour deposition on organosilane-treated SiO2 surfaces (vol 222, pg 102, 2004)
Semaltianos NG, Pastol JL, Doppelt P
2 - 8 Nano-structured films formed on the AISI 329 stainless steel by Nd-YAG pulsed laser irradiation
Yang J, Lian JS, Dong QZ, Guo ZX
9 - 12 Fabrication of large-scale alpha-Si3N4 nanotubes on Si(111) by hot-wall chernical-vapor-deposition with the assistance of Ga2O3
Wei QQ, Xue CS, Sun ZC, Zhuang HZ, Cao WT, Wang SY, Dong ZH
13 - 18 Morphological and spectroscopic analyses of poly [N-vinylcarbazole-co-vinylbenzenesulfonic acid] copolymer electrografted on carbon fiber: the effect of current density
Sarac AS, Serantoni M, Tofail SAM, Cunnane VJ
19 - 23 Kinetics of bulk point defects in the growth of nanocavities in crystalline Ge
Kim JC, Kim YW
24 - 29 Effect of fluorine doping on the properties of tin oxide based powders prepared via Pechini's method
Esteves MC, Gouvea D, Sumodjo PTA
30 - 33 Nanometer silicon thin films prepared by HF sputtering at low temperature
Zhao ZX, Cui RQ, Meng FY, Zhao BC, Yu HC, Zhou ZB
34 - 42 Calculation of the surface energy of FCC metals with modified embedded-atom method
Zhang JM, Ma F, Xu KW
43 - 50 Adsorption and decomposition of Mo(CO)(6) on thin Al2O3 films: fabrication of metallic molybdenum model catalyst
Jiang ZQ, Huang WX, Jiao J, Zhao H, Tan DL, Zhai RS, Bao XH
51 - 55 Emission ability of La-Sc-Mo cathode
Yang JC, Nie ZR, Xi XL, Wang YM
56 - 62 Investigation of graded Ni-Cu-P-PTFE composite coatings with antiscaling properties
Zhao Q, Liu Y
63 - 66 Direct hydrogen production from alcohol using pulse-electron emission in an unsymmetrical electric field
Matsuura H, Tanikawa T, Takaba H, Fujiwara Y
67 - 80 Elastic electron backscattering from surfaces in selected angular ranges
Jablonski A, Zemek J, Jiricek P
81 - 86 Wear resistance of laser clad Ti2Ni3Si reinforced intermetallic composite coatings on titanium alloy
Wang Y, Wang HM
87 - 96 Spectroscopic and electrochemical characterisation of thin cathodic plasma polymer films on iron
Barranco V, Thiemann P, Yasuda HK, Stratmann M, Grundmeier G
97 - 104 Orthorhombic-phase GaAs nanoparticles prepared by an electrochemical technique
Nayak J, Sahu SN
105 - 111 Studies on polycrystalline ZnS thin films grown by atomic layer deposition for electroluminescent applications
Kim YS, Yun SJ
112 - 123 Effect of alloying elements (Ti, Nb, Mn and P) and the water vapour content in the annealing atmosphere on the surface composition of interstitial-free steels at the galvanising temperature
Feliu S, Perez-Revenga ML
124 - 131 Enzyme-mediated radical initiation of AM graft onto the HDPE film
Zhao JC, Xie ZH, Guo Z, Liang GZ, Wang JL
132 - 139 Stabilisation of tetragonal zirconia in oxidised Zr-Si-N nanocomposite coatings
Pilloud D, Pierson JF, de Lucas MCM, Alnot M
140 - 147 Microstructural evolution and phase development of Nb and Y doped TiO2 films prepared by RF magnetron sputtering
Wang SF, Hsu YF, Lee RL, Lee YS
148 - 160 Characterisation of laser ablation of silicon using a Gaussian wavefront and computer generated wavefront reconstruction
Coyne E, Magee JP, Mannion P, O'Connor GM, Glynn TJ
161 - 166 A study of Cs adsorption on Se-covered Si(100) 2x1 surfaces
Sotiropoulos AK, Kamaratos M
167 - 174 Electrochemical characterization of copper chemical mechanical planarization in KIO3 slurry
Du TB, Tamboli D, Luo Y, Desai V
175 - 182 Surface tension measurement of fuels and alkanes at high pressure under different atmospheres
Dechoz J, Roze C
183 - 189 Study of molecular orientational order in the Lagmuir monolayer -Experiment and model calculation
Vajda J, Weis M, Barancok D, Cirak J, Tomcik P
190 - 196 Carbon induced metal dusting of iron-nickel-chromium alloy surfaces: a scanning auger microscopy study
Palasantzas G, Kooij HJ, DeHosson JTM
197 - 213 Influence of organic solvents on interfacial water at surfaces of silica gel and partially silylated fumed silica
Turov VV, Gun'ko VM, Tsapko MD, Bogatyrev VM, Skubiszewska-Zieba J, Leboda R, Ryczkowski J
214 - 225 Corrosion inhibition of copper by new triazole phosphonate derivatives
Ramesh S, Rajeswari S, Maruthamuthu S
226 - 232 Synchrotron photoemission spectroscopy study of ammonium hydroxide etching to prepare well-ordered GaAs(100) surfaces
Lebedev MV, Ensling D, Hunger R, Mayer T, Jaegermann W
233 - 241 Effect of reactive element oxide coating on the high temperature oxidation behaviour of FeCrAl alloys
Cueff R, Buscail H, Caudron E, Riffard F, Issartel C, El Messki S
242 - 248 Charge compensation of composite materials using Os coating in X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Mori Y, Tanemura S
249 - 253 Tribological properties changes of H13 steel induced by MEVVA Ta ion implantation
Yang JH, Zhang TH
254 - 262 Enhanced nucleation and post-growth investigations on HFCVD diamond films grown on silicon single crystals pretreated with Zr : diamond mixed slurry
Dua AK, Roy M, Nuwad J, George VC, Sawant SN
263 - 267 High-resolution X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of AlxGa1-xSb
Ramelan AH, Butcher KSA, Goldys EM, Tansley TL
268 - 274 Femtosecond pulsed laser ablation of metal alloy and semiconductor targets
Trelenberg TW, Dinh LN, Stuart BC, Balooch M
275 - 281 Synthesis and optical properties of ZnO nanocluster porous films deposited by modified SILAR method
Gao XD, Li XM, Yu WD
282 - 300 The effects of stabilizers on the bath stability of electroless Ni deposition and the deposit
Cheong WJ, Luan BL, Shoesmith DW
301 - 310 Electron induced reduction on AlF3 thin films
Vergara LI, Vidal R, Ferron J
311 - 315 High-quality ZnO thin films prepared by low temperature oxidation of metallic Zn
Zhao J, Hu LZ, Wang ZY, Zhao Y, Liang XP, Wang MT
316 - 323 A computational analysis of the carbon-nanotube-based resonant-circuit sensors
Grujicic M, Cao G, Roy WN
324 - 332 Valence bands offset between depleted semiconductors measured by photoelectron spectroscopy
Kumar S, Jha SN, Jagannath, Ganguli T, Rao SVNB, Das NC
333 - 337 The morphology of an InP wetting layer on GaAs
Mattila M, Sopanen M, Lipsanen H
338 - 345 Indium concentration influence on PL spatial inhomogeneity in InGaN single quantum well structures detected by original low-cost near-field probes
Micheletto R, Yoshimatsu N, Kaneta A, Kawakami Y, Fujita S
346 - 351 Reactivity of TiO2 with hydrogen and deuterium
Yang Y, Sushchikh M, Mills G, Metiu H, McFarland E
352 - 364 Surface oxygenation of polypropylene using an air dielectric barrier discharge: the effect of different electrode-platen combinations
Upadhyay DJ, Cui NY, Anderson CA, Brown NMD
365 - 371 Microsecond-resolved imaging of laser ablation at solid-liquid interface: investigation of formation process of nano-size metal colloids
Tsuji T, Tsuboi Y, Kitamura N, Tsuji M
372 - 376 Polymerization and redox behavior of polypyrrole (PPy) films by in situ EQCM and PT techniques
Zhao CJ, Jiang ZY
377 - 386 Self-assembled monolayers of 3-MPT and its mixed-monolayers with alkanethiol on silver: studies by XPS and electrochemical methods
Wang YH, Yu Q, Zhang Y, Guo ZR, Gu N, Wesche KD
387 - 394 Characterization of titanium chromium nitride nanocomposite protective coatings
Aouadi SM, Wong KC, Mitchell KAR, Namavar F, Tobin E, Mihut DM, Rohde SL
395 - 401 Surface properties of polyaniline/nano-TiO2 composites
Li XW, Wang GC, Li XX, Lu DM
402 - 408 Formation of intermetallic phases during ageing of Zn electroplate on the Cu substrate
Juskenas R, Pakstas V, Sudavicius A, Kapocius V, Karpaviciene V